Leftist ‘Guru” Deepak Chopra Mocks Sarah Palin in Angry Rant

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Deepak Chopra puts on a great show that he’s some kind of spiritual guru, but at heart, he’s really just your typical angry conservative-hating leftist.
This comes from the Deepok Chopra website, via Free Republic:

It will be a devastating loss if Sarah Palin peddles enough books and visits enough gun shows that she has no incentive to run for President. There would be many chances for unique moments in the White House if she won. How about Sarah on horseback, riding through the Potomac basin like Paul Revere, ringing bells like he did and shouting, “The Democrats are coming!” That would give folks ample warning to quickly cling to their guns and religion before the left wing snatches them away.

I know that she suffered ridicule for her version of Paul Revere’s ride, but from a Hollywood standpoint, she actually improved the story. Movies have soundtracks, in case anyone didn’t notice, and bells are a lot more cinematic than one lantern hanging in a church steeple. Or even two. (You can hear her defense of her version on Fox News, or as my friends call it, the F Channel.)

Since Wall Street’s recklessness plunged us into a national nightmare from which we are trying to awaken, it’s hurtful to say, as some do, that Sarah is the national nightmare. Not true. She is historically inevitable. First there was Teddy Roosevelt’s Bull Moose Party, now there is Sarah’s Shoot Moose Party. And she’s amazingly cheerful about this recession (of course, her own checkbook has fattened, but she has spread the wealth by buying a free shotgun shell reloader for every voter in Alaska).

I have some personal atonement to perform, because in the 2008 election I posted an article saying that Sarah Palin stood for our collective shadow, the pent-up bigotry, hatred, and anger that was suddenly being vented. She was Joe the Plumber’s calendar girl. She was the secret hero of Alcoholics Anonymous, whose slogan is that you can’t recover until you hit rock bottom. President Palin would show us that we haven’t remotely hit bottom yet.

The mistake was mine, though. Sarah would smile her way into the Presidency and then show pointy-head critics the error of their ways. Not that she would ask Americans to turn on one another in vicious divisiveness — been there, done that. With 70% of the public so misguided as to consider her unqualified to be President, she has a bigger job to do than fomenting discord and calling anyone who disagrees with the Tea Party a socialist…

Of course, this isn’t the first time the far left crank attacked Sarah Palin.

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  • I heard this idiot on the O’Relly Factor with his equally idiotic son. Why anyone would take this twink seriously is an indication that a degree can paper over stupidity. The only person less qualified to share his viewpoint is that Fareed moron.

  • http://bcarr.com Brendon Carr

    We conservatives should all be very, very careful of crossing Deepak Chopra. Last year Chopra caused a magnitude 7.2 earthquake in southern California just by meditating carelessly.


    do these lunatics ever listen to their own words and how stupid they really are…he is un-american ship his A$$ out of the USA

  • mg4us

    I think Deepak is hurting from a down Obama economy and the fact that real American’s with spiritual values don’t need him and his liberal, all-about-me ways. . .

    The left is loosing it ’cause their boy Obama is incompetent, Inept, Inexperienced and a radical too. . .like fareed zakaria. . these “phoney-Americans” love our money but hate our country. . . Time to make em go broke and ship them back home penniless. . .

    Sarah is the solution to restoring our America way. . . so all I can say is
    Run Sarah Run!

  • Meep

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qySx8tSs8BQ (0:37)

    There’s your liberal guru for ya.

  • Steve

    Interesting coming from a guy who wrote, among other titles, “The Path to Love” & “Peace is the Way.” Maybe he needs to revisit his own “Quantum Healing.” Physician heal thyself!

  • Conservative to the Core

    Brace yourself, Deepak! You will shortly be in receipt of a white hot, deeply lacerating, 140 character Tweet from Sarah Palin’s Twitter account.

  • Jayms Dalton

    Thought the spiritual guru’s were all about peace and unity. WHAT A FRAUD.

  • a former dem

    The man is a hustler. He is absolutely reviled in India. Why? All his books, speeches are based off of Indian books that already exist, like the Gita, yet those are spiritual books that no one in India makes money off of. Yet the fool comes over here to America, most Americans (drone liberals), go ooooh, ahhhh, spirituality, not realising Chopra used all Indian texts, spirituality books essentially plagerizing.

    A comparable example would be a Christian man going to a nonchristian country, plagarizing the Bible and then making a profit of it.

    Deepak Chopra is absolutely reviled in India.

  • Amjean

    I think one of the unintended consequences of Paling Derangement Syndrom is the
    “outing” of public figures. Those that some looked up to turn out to be “not so nice”.

  • srhoades

    I was writing better satire in sixth grade than this so called “guru”. Of course that’s assuming that he’s attempting satire, for all I know he may just have a juvenile mind.

    I’m giving him too much credit, aren’t I?

  • nell

    I bought one of his earliest books when he was starting out. Sold it in a garage sale. Didn’t keep it long enough to learn how to pull off the delicate balance between ethereal spiritual guru and sly character assassin.

  • Terry Moss

    This moron years ago on Mahr’s show actually said “I don’t really believe anything that I preach”.

    He’s an idiot of the highest degree…

  • http://iopian.blogspot.com IOpian

    If that was an attempt at humor then he failed.

  • dnb

    Perfect case study of passive aggressiveness. Should be published in Psychology Today.

  • http://doublenickelfarm.blogspot.com jennifer

    Ok, I couldn’t read past her visiting gun shows…kind of like Obama on golf courses. hmm

  • big L

    Yeah Deepak has adapted Indian tomes…next one out will be the “Bagman-Gavita”.
    I find it hard to believe that he talked thru this screed of the top of his head.No, he wrote this one out ahead.

  • JudithNYC

    Do these guys ever look in a mirror before they pontificate their hate? Palin hawking books, yeah, all two of them that preached American exceptionalism,…how many psycho books has this pseudo evangelist snake peddler sold to gullible masses? As for the Revere thing, give it a rest, Palin was historically correct…Deepak only looks more the fool when he decries her based on his faulty knowledge of American history.

    And just to get this off my chest, that day Palin was asked about Paul Revere, when she was casually visiting a Boston bakery & the press were hounding her, was after the press milked her w/ over a dozen interviews which she graciously & spontaneously gave…after all the substantive material she gave them, the press again punches her in the stomach by coming away w/ some frivolous story based on Palin’s quick off the cuff remark…hope Palin denies them any more interviews as their ratings plunge w/o her.

  • driguana

    For someone who is supposed to be peaceful, loving and spiritual, Chopra is a sham and a disgrace. In my humble opinion, Ms. Palin is far more peaceful, loving and spiritual than Chopra could ever hope to be….and she does not sell it as some guritic (yes, I make up words like Palin does, too) path to eternal hapiness.

  • vityaz

    “It will be a devastating loss to world sanity if Deepak Chopra peddles enough books and visits enough Oprah shows that he has no incentive to STFU.”