HOWARD DEAN Just As Nasty & Insulting As You Would Expect at Nutroots 2011 (Video)

The voice of the American left did not disappoint this weekend.
Story Balloon reported on Howard Dean’s speech at the Nutroots 2011 Convention in Minneapolis.

Here are a few of the insults from his speech:

Oh, yeah.. if you’re over 55.. white.. and/or a member of the Tea Party.. the country doesn’t belong to you!

Oh.. oh, yeah.. the Republican party is trying to roll us back to the 1850′s.

OhX3.. The Tea Party’s values are not the values of America. They are a shrinking minority.

OhX4.. Freedom doesn’t mean religious bigots telling us how to lead our lives.

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  • lyle

    The Republican Party is trying to roll us back to the 1850’s?

    You mean, before the Republican Party existed?

    When the Democratic Party was the pro-slavery party?

    Luckily Howard can count on his audience being as historically illiterate as he is.

  • Male Silverback

    I hear fear in his voice.

  • d_fitz


  • illiniguy

    Are critters from Vermont vermin or varmints?

  • Annaleesea

    I wouldn’t take my cat to that Doctor, let alone my kids. Roarrrrrr!!!

  • giggles

    @lyle – love your comment!!!!

  • Gt

    Typical freaking a-hole democrat.

  • tommy mc donnell

    howard dean is the racist. he is 100% in favor of discrimination againist whites as long as its not him and his rich leftist pals. that is how his party has bought the non-white vote for forty years.

    he is also one of the main architects of the racism colonization of the united states whose purpose is to make whites a minority. when those pesky whites are no longer the majority, leftist oppressors like dean will be able to make this a marxist country.

  • befuddled

    as long as it’s muslim bigots telling me what to do, i’m fine with that…. with a $50 minimum donation to the democrap party, you get a free burka of your choice in a variety of fashionable colors from onyx to charcoal.

    the big “D” stands for douchebag. it’s the big tent they keep alluding too.

  • Little David Puddy

    Oh, yeah.. if you’re over 55.. white.. and/or a member of the Tea Party.. the country doesn’t belong to you!

    Actually it does, seeing how this is the segment of society who pays most of the Taxes.

  • Keep talking, Howie. It’s like 2004 all over again.

  • vityaz

    Freedom doesn’t mean godless commies dictating to me how to live.

  • a former dem

    What America is he even talking about? This America he’s lying about doesn’t exist.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Man I hate rich white race baiting leftist people. I

  • Joe College

    Howard! Wake up!

    NATO: Airstrike Mistakenly Hit Libyan Rebels

    Howard, how many wars are you in favor of America starting at once?

  • Old One

    Dean is another phony blueblood leftist trying to rile the ignorant to keep the democorrupts & their crony capitalists in the White House playing the marxist dog-eared race card.

  • Tjexcite

    2012 Democrat primary winner and president contender.

    When it is hip for the left turns on O, Howie will be the one to jump in. And do it in a heart beat.

  • Slappy

    I can’t fathom being a 62-year-old public figure — much less a former governor and serious presidential candidate — and making a public speech at any time that was as sophomoric and embarrassing as this one. Dean might really believe what he said about Republicans, which indicates that he is mentally ill and/or is irrationally blinded by hate for his fellow Americans that simply disagree with him on public policy matters and the right path for our country. Or Dean might not really believe what he said but he’s trying to rile up and receive adulation from liberals, which indicates that he is a vile, pathetic, narcissistic individual willing to denigrate and destroy others simply to feed his ego. Personally I believe that Dean’s behavior is due to combination of these reasons.

    The fact that hate-filled human excrement like Dean has had power over the lives of other Americans in his various political positions should make us all sad and angry. This is not only due to his political positions but also in his one-time role as a medical practitioner.

  • a former dem

    and also Dr. Dean, you can spew all the hate you want…. YOUR DNC stole votes from Hillary supporters and GAVE them to Obama.

    YOUR DNC turned a blind eye to all the voter fraud recorded on video… so please STFU about repub when it was YOUR party that stole votes, there is nothing democratic about the Democratic Party, it is in fact the UNdemocratic party. has the documentary of all the voter fraud by Obama and his thugs… and oh yes, PUMAs have not forgotten, we saw Obama for the loser that he was in 2008, and we certainly aren’t surprised at this loser and his failures.

  • theBuckWheat

    In the end, what is on display is self-loathing. These people hate our prosperity and hate the people who historically have contributed the most to making it possible, the middle aged male Caucasian. When they scold us about “diversity”, it is not really to be inclusive, it is it be exclusive of middle aged male Caucasians.

    And yet, as several posters have pointed out, when people like Dean are free to set up their own offices and operations, it fails their own “diversity” standard.

    We used to be able to give in to the demands of people like Dean, but we no longer have the ability to borrow like we used to. The folks who cheer Dean are dangerous to our prosperity and to our safety, and they are busy securing our future in debt servitude.