Dems Disconnected From Economic Reality – 2.5 Million Jobs Lost During Obama’s Presidency (Video)

The Republican Senate Conference highlighted the failed economic policies of the Obama Administration including the fact that the country has lost 2.5 million jobs since he moved into the White House.

From the video:
Despite 9.1 percent unemployment and the clear disapproval of the American people, Democrats and the president are continuing to push for their favorite tax-and-spend economic policies, which have completely failed to bring about an economic recovery and only made the situation worse. Republicans believe it is high time for the president and congressional Democrats to get serious about the economy and work with Republicans to develop real solutions to our nation’s economic challenges.

The Democrat Economic Policies Are Making Things Worse

The Republican Senate Conference:

The agenda being pushed by Democrats in Washington is making it worse:

On jobs:

  • “… Private-sector job growth slowed, and the unemployment rate ticked up for a second straight month, to 9.1%.” (Editorial, “Our view: Focus on national debt, not another stimulus,” USA Today, 06/07/11)
  • “President Obama has been talking for two and a half years about creating jobs, particularly family-wage manufacturing jobs. Really a president does not create manufacturing jobs. He creates policies that may encourage companies to create jobs — companies like Boeing, which has now had the creation of 1,000 jobs in South Carolina second-guessed by Obama’s National Labor Relations Board … In its complaint, the NLRB is attempting to reverse a U.S. investment by the nation’s No. 1 exporter 17 months after the company decided to make it — after the money has been spent, after the equipment is set up and after 1,000 workers have been hired.” (Editorial, “NLRB complaint against Boeing needs critical look,” Seattle Times, 06/14/11)
  • When Obama signed the stimulus, the most recent unemployment statistics (for January 2009) showed a national unemployment rate of 7.8 percent. Obama’s economic advisers had predicted the stimulus would keep the national unemployment rate below 8 percent. Yet, today, the national unemployment rate is 9.1 percent.” (Terence P. Jeffrey, “28 Months Later, Obama Says: Recovery’s ‘Going to Take Time,’” CNS News, 06/12/11)
  • “The lowered growth rates and the weak 54,000 jobs created in May have many observers describing the current period as a ‘jobless recovery.’” (Ben White, “Economists Say Recovery to Stay Sluggish,” Politico, 06/08/11)

On debt:

  • “The national debt has increased from $10.4 trillion to $14.3 trillion since Obama took office in 2009.” (Erik Wasson, “Obama economy guru: Fiscal imbalance ‘not materially worse,’” The Hill, 06/10/11)
  • “When adding in all of the money owed to cover future liabilities in entitlement programs the US is actually in worse financial shape than Greece and other debt-laden European countries, Pimco’s Bill Gross told CNBC Monday.” (Jeff Cox, “US Is in Even Worse Shape Financially Than Greece: Gross,” CNBC, 06/13/11)

On economic recovery:

  • “‘We were able to, under President Obama’s leadership, turn this economy around,’ Wasserman-Schultz said. That may come as news to voters. In a recent CBS News poll, 79 percent said they thought the economy was bad, and isn’t going to get better anytime soon. Only 37 percent approve of how the President is handling it.” (Jan Crawford, “GOP’s economic focus may make Obama vulnerable,” CBS News, 06/13/11)
  • “The policies of the Obama administration have led to the weak condition of the American economy. Growth during the coming year will be subpar at best, leaving high or rising levels of unemployment and underemployment.” (Martin Feldstein, “The Economy is Worse Than You Think,” Wall Street Journal, 06/08/11)
  • By mid-2011, it was clear that Obama had done little to address the nation’s fundamental economic problems.” (Harold Meyerson, “How will history judge Obama’s economic policy?” Washington Post, 06/07/11
  • “A consensus is growing that President Obama’s economic policies are not getting us out of this mess, and never will.” (Mary Kate Cary, “Unemployment Rate Highlights Obama’s Failed Economic Policies,” U.S. News, 06/03/11)
  • “In the United States, a rash of sluggish indicators — especially related to the job market, manufacturing, consumer confidence and home sales — has economists worried about a stalled recovery.” (Christine Hauser, “Stocks Plunge Amid Fears That Global Economy Is Slowing,” New York Times, 06/10/11)

On home values:

  • “The road to economic recovery has developed some major potholes recently. First came housing data showing that prices had dropped to levels not seen since 2002.” (Editorial, “Our view: Focus on national debt, not another stimulus,” USA Today, 06/07/11)
  • The Obama administration’s inability to stem the foreclosure crisis ricocheted dramatically on Friday, as the Labor Department released unexpectedly low job-growth numbers that pushed the unemployment rate back over 9 percent.” (Zach Carter & Jennifer Bendery, “How Failed Obama Foreclosure Relief Plan Contributes to Jobs Crisis,” Huffington Post, 06/03/11 )

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  • FurryGuyJeans

    Barry and the Dems in Congress would rather burn the country down around their ears than cooperate with Republicans.

  • KR

    Just want to comment on BO’s concern about ATMs and other automations killing jobs.

    During the Healthcare hoopla, Barry was stating that streamlining medical records by computerizing them would save money.

    Not very consistent now is he?

  • gus

    Barry saved over 300,000,000 million jobs. Thank you Barry!!! Your work is done. Enjoy retirement.

  • TIP: Down Jones surges morning after GOP Debate


  • Callipygian1

    I have said it many times; the man America elected in 2008 is inept and totally unprepared for the job he was handed. Anyone that voted for him should swallow hard, raise their hand and promise never to cast a vote without thoroughly examining the credentials of the candidate.

    We will likely survive this test, but we need to put safegaurds in place to ensure this type of national disaster never occurs again.

    In a nutshell, we are witnessing the worst President of the United States that will ever hold office. Why? Because future generations will avoid this calamity because of the lessons we are learning.

  • kato

    The level of irresponsibility and outright corruption by Blowhard, Pelosi and Reid should be criminal offenses.

    Please, America, no more jiveass grifters for president.

  • big L

    these are his winning street creds.Obama has seen the middleclass destroyed. As a Comm oragnizer ,imo, I am sure he saw that blacks had no IRAs or 401Ks.Hence thedestruction of that.
    the people of the ‘hood had no homes so sink the Housing. They take busses, so block the cars except encourage pitiful shopping carts with electric buzzers. and on and on

  • Freddy

    “… push for their favorite tax-and-spend economic policies… ”

    We need to correct the wording of this message. The Democrats, since Pelosi rose to power, have move to a spend, spend, spend then tax everyone punatively policy.

    Todays Democratic plan is to spend until they can finally tax everyone at 100%. Then they will finally realize their dream of true equality in the poverty of the non-politically connected masses.

    This is why they continue to lie to the people while building a currency destroying Federal debt!

  • Ipso Facto

    The most significant number in that video is that 41% of the people approve of Obama’s handling of the economy.

    How the heck do 41% of our people approve of:

    2.5 million people losing their jobs since Obama was elected
    2011 projected federal budget deficit at $1.5 Trillion
    Total national debt is over $14 Trillion
    Unemployment is over 9% across the board
    We’re now in 4 wars: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen
    The Democrats haven’t submitted a budge in over 750 days
    Gas is an average price of $3.80/gal
    Illegal immigration is out of control
    The real estate market has all but collapsed

    This is a national disgrace, and 41% of the people approve of this? This is a tribute to the decline of America that so many people approve of this horrendus disaster. Lets find some of these people. I’d like to hear some of them explain why they approve of this!

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    “The lowered growth rates and the weak 54,000 jobs created in May have many observers describing the current period as a ‘jobless recovery.’”

    Let me know when those “observers” include the Old Media a-holes that used that phrase very liberally when Bush was in office.

  • tommy mc donnell

    the only economic recovery that has taken place in this country in the last two and a-half years is in the minds of the liberals.

    the economy was bad when obama took over, it has gotten worse under his stewardship. yet the liberals want to continue with these ruinous policies. it makes me question their motivation.

  • Swifty

    Hope & Change

    I hope Obama is “unexpectedly” voted out of office in November 2012 and that all Americans get the change they need.

  • Scott

    Obozo’s recklessness knows no bounds…By all estimates we are in Great Depression 2. Yet, frustrated by his failure to push Cap n Trade, Obama lets his EPA push stealth Cap n Trade with their recent regulations regarding coal fired power plants. He doesn’t no mind one bit making the job of survival for manufacturers, businesses, and American citizens even more difficult in the midst of a 100 year economic crisis. Remember, when he took office the Big three auto-makers were teetering on bankruptcy. One of his first official acts was to raise mileage standards, thereby, requiring auto-makers to spend billions redesigning cars to new standards. We are witnessing the temper tantrums of a child. He will have his way and damn everyone else…

  • SSBN 627(B)

    All we need to do is invest another trillion or three in shovel-ready infrastructure.

    How far away are we from CCC camps? Of course, those would be reserved for those of us who used to have real jobs until Bammy shut everything down. The remainder, the chosen, the loyal minions will continue with their welfare/section eight/food stamps as long as they tout the party line and vote accordingly.

  • Jerry C

    @ #10 Blacque Jacques Shellacque-” “The lowered growth rates and the weak 54,000 jobs created in May have many observers describing the current period as a ‘jobless recovery.’”

    Let me know when those “observers” include the Old Media a-holes that used that phrase very liberally when Bush was in office.”

    Can you get the hell over Bush already? America is being destroyed right in front of your face and all you can do is go back to the previous administration? Wake the hell up! Every administration since J.F. Kennedy has been subverting the Constitution. Now it’s come to full steam. Do something now to change our course or STFU.

    Seriously? It’s all Bush’s fault? Grow the freaking hell up.

  • BINGO!

  • dunce

    These articles will be filed under horror stories.

  • David R. Graham

    The Senate Republicans are swinging at air. The job losses and other economic spiritual woes are features to this Democratic crowd, not bugs. Successes, not problems. They call them problems to gull the electorate, like the female in a previous post Punish America by making her miserable, taking her down. That is the program. Why do most think this guy and his entourage are failing? Stupidos. The Dem crowd is succeeding beyond their fondest hopes, just as UBL did at the Twin Towers. The motivation of UBS and the Dem crowd is the same: punish the evil USA, bring chaos upon her and then command and control her, simple misogyny. Yet, “conservative” continue to offer advice for how Dems can do better at making the USA work properly. As if that is Dem’s goal! Dems are stopping the USA from working properly, deliberately, as punishment for its being “mean,” and ruling it absolutely. Our “conservatives” are stupidos. They are blind and insensitive.