Nothing but class…
Far left union-supporting thugs disrupted a Special Olympics Ceremony in Wisconsin today.

They came dressed as zombies and disrupted Governor Scott Walker’s speech.
The MacIver Institute reported:

Hat Tip Tim

Ann Althouse has more.




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  1. pure scum. Fine, you don’t like the governor? that’s fine.

    to protest in front of the special olympians? so their view is blocked?
    they truely have no problem giving the middle finger to the special olympians.

  2. Union scum, like their lord and master WTF, it’s all about them and to he!! with anyone else. So much for that faulted lie it is for the children.

  3. …..and one more group of folks turn against the unions. I don’t get it. Do these people really believe such behavior gains them support from the masses?

  4. Is it just me, or does the balding thug in glasses and the blue plaid shirt holding the sign look awfully familiar. . . .

  5. In their minds Special Olympians are not real people, after all they should all have been aborted.

  6. They could care less about the masses, just like their concern for the youth at the event. As long as WTF has their back they will continue to be the sniveling dirt bags they are.

  7. Granny,, I think you are right I do believe we have seen that union thug before. Going though my bookmarks looking for him. Seems he was in someones face if memory serves me. Possibly a young lady.

  8. right up their alley….zero class just like odumbo

  9. “Nothing be class…?”

  10. Keep feeding ‘em rope.

  11. Maybe they will show up at the bowling venue in honor of Obambi’s mention of the sport some months ago.

  12. a bunch of college students. our future.

  13. Loved the raised fists at the end. At least they’re showing us in another way that they are Socialists/Communists/Marxists.

  14. Show us what Demonocracy looks like!!!!
    This is what Demonocracy looks like!!!
    Selfish petty little Socialist Children.

  15. Sally, I think the fists were in honor of the SAFE SCHOOLS CZAR Kevin Jennings.

    Come on baby, lets do the fist. Lets fist again, like we did last summer!

  16. Well Brown Shirts never mind “dealing with the handi-capped and infirmed.” They didn’t object the first time around to treating these people as untermenshen. Why should their type care now 80 something years later.

  17. They expect the media to hide their disgusting behavior from the general public.

  18. Just shows the mentality of these friggin’ union idiots. They obviously have no heart what so ever, to interrupt an event like this. It’s all about them, what a bunch of selfish bastards!

  19. This nonsense will cease upon passage of a right-to-work law.

    A right-to-work law does not outlaw unions. It makes union membership (and payment of union dues) voluntary. It confines union activity to things that actually benefit the members, and lets the members decide whether the benefits they get are worth the dues.

  20. They weren’t protesting, they were participants who got lost and started crying.

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