AFGHAN WOMEN Fear Obama’s Peace Talks & Return of the Taliban

For some reason women in Afghanistan fear the return of the Taliban.

The women in Afghanistan fear the return of the despotic, mysogynous fundamentalists after the US withdrawal.
Asia Sentinel reported:

They fear despotic, misogynous Islamic fundamentalists likely to return them to the dark ages.

The report Wednesday from Washington, DC that US President Barack Obama has set in motion a substantial withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan is hardly good news for Afghanistan’s women. Withdrawal of 10,000 NATO troops is expected by the end of the year. Women in the country are hearing rumors that talks with the Taliban are already taking place in secret.

This is alarming. Without the representation and participation of women there can be no assurance that their rights will be upheld after the peace process and that could spell disaster. Women risk losing liberty, education and employment if the fundamentalist Taliban were to win a significant place in the Afghan government.

The presence of foreign troops has caused significant issues, too. For example, a recent errant NATO strike killed at least nine women and children. But women say this tragedy should not be used as a reason for a troop withdrawal. The Taliban are responsible for the majority of civilian deaths during the war and intolerable abuse of women.

In May, Safia Siddiqi, a women’s activist and former member of the Afghan National Economy Committee, said on a national radio broadcast that nothing had improved for women in rural areas and that women need each other and the international forces to attain peace and security.
Female activists recall that in 1948 Afghanistan was a signatory to the Declaration of Universal Human Rights and in 1953 ratification of the Convention on the Political Rights of Women afforded them all the political rights – including the right to vote in elections and to hold public office – that men enjoyed.

Women’s rights are not a recent western import but freedoms taken away by successive regimes that waged war with foreign interference, they say. Even with these rights, in the past educated women were the elite few and the majority lived enclosed within the confines of the home, often uneducated. This is true today, too, but with a key difference: Most women now know precisely what they should still have.

Before Sept. 11, 2001, Afghan women begged the international community to help them. I interviewed many myself in 2000 and 2001 while reporting on aid programs for a UK-based non-governmental organization. Educated or not, rich or poor, all the women appealed to me to ask my government to save them from the Taliban.

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  • chuck in st paul

    This is shaping up to be Laos/Cambodia all over again.

  • Lurvelymomma

    The Messiah careth not.

  • patman

    the taliban are going to come down on these people like a ton of bricks.

    did you see the recent video of the young boy hung from his feet and mercilessly beaten by a number of adults??? It’s hard to watch.

    But this is the mindset of the middle easterners. Add women and the taliban to the equation and figure it out for yourselves…

  • gus

    How’s that HOPE and CHANGE working out???

  • Stuart

    I could seriously get behind the idea that before the US leaves AFPAK it distribute a handgun to each and every woman in the theatre of operations. Oh yes, and a box of hollow points as well.
    Cal. .357 mag would do nicely.

  • john03

    Hey, nothing to worry about here. The left and ACLU are both supportive of Sharia law. Surely they will protect them.

  • chocolate jesus

    They can’t vote for me.


    no problem odumbass will let them come to the USA to continue the mooslime infiltration

  • raybojabo

    Why does Odumbo hate women?

  • chocolate jesus

    Wtf, I don’t even care about Americans, why would I give a fiddlers fart about these broads?
    I’m out of here, I’m going to the golf course.

  • BurmaShave

    I bet the Afghan women and getting just tons of help from NOW. NOT!

  • tommy mc donnell

    if the afgan people want freedom they are going to have to fight for it themselves. we can’t bestow freedom on them. you either want to be a free people or you don’t. obviously not enough of them do.

  • chocolate jesus

    Yes Tommy. You’re a bright boy. Tommy? Where did Al Qaeda have refuge and plan that attacks that killed 3000 of us?? You’re really smart Tommy Boy.

  • saveus

    but obumma has been engaged in muslim outreach night and day

    how could they not be persuaded by his charms?

    wait — he decried the USA for not giving them enoguh freedom and didn’t say anything about the mistreatment of muslim women around the world so he’ll be silent again

  • bart

    What’s sad is that women had many, many more rights under the commies before the US helped drive the Soviets out of Afghanistan 30 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, it’s easy to say that leaving the communists in power would have been better than opening the door for the Taliban knuckleheads that moved into the vacuum they left, but who can say?

    One thing is certain – if you’re a woman in Afghanistan today, you better resign yourself to a life of ignorance, beatings, and disappointment. Unless you opt for the alternative: death. I’ll never understand how anyone can misconstrue the abomination that is Islam as a “religion of peace.”

  • George

    It is sad, but the truth is no body cares about them- not even…them.

    They better get used to no education, covering up, amputations…it is Ala’s will-and NOW’s, and de Democrat party’s, and…the world’s ?

  • bg




  • FurryGuyJeans

    And Barry honestly believes abandoning the country and its citizens will make Afghanis like the U.S. and Americans more?

  • southernsue

    what a horrible situation and to think blacks in the US think that they are being mistreated and denied, whatever, i can’t keep count. it makes me sick to think how part of my spoiled brat country can’t see what is going to happen to these women and children, because they are the weakest and the easiest to conquer.

    may our GOD have mercy on these poor people. they probably can’t even defend themselves because they have nothing to defend themselves with, such as guns and such. the only ones that have those are the enemy.

    GOD please help them. imho

  • ogee

    What a horrible affirmative action usurper. Boot the bum out now.

  • Colint

    The West cannot indefinatly protect one group or class of Afghans against another. In one way or another we become aware of major human rights abuses. We should state in advance that there will be consequences for abuses. eg Taliban destroy a girls school =a Taliban mosque is bombed (preferably when occupied mostly my males)

    Sooner or later Muslim extremists will do something causing 100s of thousands of deaths and $Bs in damage. We should announce in advance that Mecca and other sites of value to Islam will be destroyed (which is easy to do) The purpose of forwarning is to give peacefull muslims an incentive to look for those who commit these crimes. This is far easier for local muslims to do than for Western intelligence agents.

  • sara

    Why are we negotiating w/ the Taliban? (sounds like Powell redux when he spoe about the “moderate” Taliban…there is no moderate Taliban.) How do you spell defeat. After this latest betrayal, what country would want to align w/ the US?

  • Old One

    Obahammed is going to give us a on steroids replay of Jimmah the Dimmah’s masacres in Angola, Ethiopia, & Cambodia. Ozero worse is doing his surrender number purposefully. The Dimmah’s antics were simply blundering stupidity.

  • 8675309

    Obama doesn’t care about any of these people. They’re not him.

  • kay

    run to dagobah…i mean india to the east if you can get through the top end of pakistan or north to russia. good luck.

    seriously though – what to do? if they all commit suicide, then no children for the taliban/afghanistan males to dominate and send out on suicide missions.

    do we do a south vietnam style withdrawal and take all the women via helicopters OUT with their female children and relocate them to California as it is a desert state with similar climate?

    women always bear the brunt of male religious idiocy – jim jones, taliban, sharia law, goofy nut job in waco tx, etc.

  • John F.

    What does it really matter, anyway? Before long there won’t even be any Afghan men left in the country to abuse Afghan women — they’ll all be camping out near Calais in an attempt to sneak across the Channel into the Land of Milk & Bennies.