Nutty Obama: Expensive Impractical Green Energy Jobs Are the "Jobs of the Future"

In his weekly address Barack Obama told the country that green energy jobs are “the jobs of the future.”

The president continued to push his green agenda this week.

At least 7 oil rigs moved out of the Gulf area to other parts of the world since President Obama initiated his oil moratorium last year. Obama’s energy plan includes blocking domestic drilling here at home.

According to international studies subsidizing renewable energy in the U.S. may destroy two jobs for every one created. A study by researchers at King Juan Carlos University in 2009 found that 2.2 jobs were destroyed for every green job manufactured through government mechanisms. Only one in ten of those green jobs will be permanent.

But facts don’t matter to our far left president. Not only has he killed tens of thousands of jobs in the energy sector he still insists that the expensive government dependent green sector will provide the “jobs of the future.”
Today he delivered his Weekly Address from another “green” company that received $62.8 million in stimulus cash.
The White House website reported:

Hi. I’m speaking with you today from the Allison Transmissions plant in Indianapolis, Indiana. I came here because this is a place where American workers are doing some big and impressive things.

The hybrid technology they manufacture here already powers nearly 4,000 buses all over the world – buses that have already saved 15 million gallons of fuel. Soon, they’ll expand this new technology to trucks as well. That means more vehicles using less oil, and that means jobs – more than 200 new workers at this plant alone.

That’s important because even as the economy is growing after one of the worst recessions in our history; even as we’ve added more than 2 million new private sector jobs over the past 14 months; I still meet and hear from Americans struggling to get out of their own personal recessions.

A lot of folks are still looking for work. And many folks who do have jobs are finding that their paychecks aren’t keeping up with the rising costs for everything from tuition to groceries to gas. In fact, in a lot of places across the country, like Indiana, gas is reaching all-time highs.

So although our economy hasn’t been the focus of the news this week, not a day that goes by that I’m not focused on your jobs, your hopes and your dreams. And that’s why I came here to Allison Transmissions.

The clean energy jobs at this plant are the jobs of the future – jobs that pay well right here in America. And in the years ahead, it’s clean energy companies like this one that will keep our economy growing, create new jobs, and make sure America remains the most prosperous nation in the world.

Allison Transmissions is also part of the ultimate solution to high gas prices. We know there are no quick fixes to this problem. In the short term, we’re doing everything we can to boost safe and responsible oil production here at home – in fact, last year, American oil production reached its highest level since 2003.

What lunacy.

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  • usamopatriot

    Lying sack of excrement.

  • Freeway

    Want to bring down the price of oil…. Our president should tell those oil countries, we are goin to drill in our own area. then watch prices fall..but we know thats not goin to happen…

  • kansas

    We should be excited that sometime in the next 100 years there might be a few green energy jobs. You know I’m glad bin Laden is dead and all, but this really shouldn’t give Odumbo any credibility on anything other than not getting in the way of the military, too much that is. Apparently his dithering didn’t matter. But if it had, we wouldn’t have been told about it. I hate this propaganda.

  • Freddy

    We are one major incident, in an oil exporting country, away from hearing the final presidential ending proclamation!

    “… turn down your thermostats, turn off your lights, and put on a sweater …” – J Carter

  • shibumi

    What is that saying? Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

    Look at Spain and their green jobs. End of story.

    Obama is intent on destroying this country. That’s the only logical conclusion.

  • chris

    DumBHO doesn’t understand that there are over 20 million of us who need a Job of the Present

  • aeroguy48

    So if gooberment subsidies of the grennies goes away where will be those jobs??

  • bg


    GREEN about covers everything as far the NWO goes anyways..

    [please scroll up/down & click on connecting links for more info, thanks]

    oh yeah, and to all who have been keeping an eye on the UNACORN vs
    the butterflies, this may ring so many bells, it may result in Tinnitus.. /s/


  • ∅butthead

    Winning th Future Translation: Funemploment for Life!

  • gus

    There is no such thing as a green job. The FREE MARKET will decide what advances are achieved and which ones aren’t. Government has NO PLACE in this. NONE.


    The commie moo slum is doing exactly what he intended to do from day 1…destroy AMERICA from the inside out…when is AMERICA and the world going to wake up and deport all slimy moo slums back to where they came from…they do not want to be part of any culture but their own ways and views…

  • retire05

    Let’s see, it is estimated that since Obama initiated his “off” shore moratorium my state of Texas has losty 25,000 jobs. The moratorium makes about as much sense as ending all highway traffic due to one accident or ruling that no big rig trucks can travel if one of them is involved in an accident.

    How many off shore rigs are in the Gulf operating quite safely? And when Obama’s dimwitted administration did grant one permit, who did they give it to? BP. BP has the worst safety history in the industry (check out the deaths at the BP plant in Texas City, not once but twice) yet this administration grants THEM a permit against American companies with perfect safety records.

    Now, again the Obama administration is blocking Texas from what we do best, provide the nation with oil, all due to their concern over a damn lizard. But have no fear, the lizard is in good beaks, since it is a favorite food of that wiley roadrunner.

    Spain is suffering because it wanted to go “green”. We are well on our way to becoming Spain, or maybe even Greece, if this administration is not stopped in its tracks. And while the idiot in the Oval Office decries the oil subsidities of $4 billion, not one word about how much we subsidize corn ethanol.

    So while I am all for allowing the free market to develope new forms of energy, I would like to ask Obama how much he thinks it will cost to charge up an electric car, what are we to do about the cost of new batteries for the thing and where do we dispose of the old batteries? And how the hell do I get a round bale into the back of a Prius?

  • ∅butthead

    Potemkin Green Manufacturing Plants™ coming soon!

  • mcc

    I’ll bet Barry was more impressed by this — the Commies – with a capital “C” – are out in the open now:

    A May Day rally in Los Angeles. Amazing pics, ending with old video of BO. (I couldn’t access the “Ringo” link for even more).

    “Smash Capitalism” is a slogan the SEIU apparently endorses — or at least doesn’t mind marching behind.

    In case you think the SEIU is some peripheral out-of-the-mainstream organization:

    The SEIU devoted $28 million to Obama’s campaign, making the SEIU “the organization that spent the most to help Barack Obama get elected president.” Furthermore, who is Obama’s favorite White House guest and one of his closest confidants?

    The individual who has visited the Obama White House the most: SEIU President Andy Stern, who has visited 53 times.

    Obama is closely linked with the SEIU.
    The SEIU is closely linked with communists.
    You do the math.

  • sandy

    Lying to get elected!

  • sandy

    The only green in the job market are the green backs you receive for working.

  • gus

    Andy Stern was just a guy in the neighborhood.

  • Joanne

    Obama subsidizes Brazilian oil development and recovery and makes George Soros even richer, but even allow the U.S. to drill for oil is a no-no. Why did Obama subsizide another country’s ability to drill oil and say he would purchase the Brazilian oil if he truly believes green energy is the energy of the future. The guy is an absolute liar, and one day, America is going to find itself at a standstill – no way to move food and no way to protect herself.

  • bg


    #1AMERICAN #11

    what do all Muslims have to do with it??

    we have ample homegrown IslaMarxists right here in the US of A.. the
    fundamental changes that have been & still are being implemented via
    Obama the “transitioner” were not imported, they are plans that have
    been & are slowly but surely being brought to fruition via the ELITISTS
    behind the teleprompter screen who are pulling his strings..


  • gus

    MCC!!! Who was Odimwits GREEN JOBS CZAR?? I am doing the MATH my friend.

  • Dewormer

    These hope and change Believers are a trip. We should help them in their faith and require them and their unions to pay for the unemployed. As our government has subsidized many of their “green” jobs at a supplemental $80K or more each (that’s in addition to all other government assistance, local and state tax exemptions, sales tax exemptions, fuel tax subsidies, SBA grants, etc.), we should require their unions to permit enrollment by unemployed persons interested in green jobs and provide full compensation during unemployment.

    It’s not fair to anyone in society to have one individual’s job costing $300K or more apiece, and the taxpayers have the right to demand these workers help provide a lift up to those in greater need.

  • Big L

    lets hear about Solyndra,again Obama. The Co got 500 million dollars from you thru tarp or STim. and they built a plant to make solar cells,iirc. Tehey were supposeto hire 1000 people in so Calif. even biden was there and Arnie was there at times. Green Jobs!.
    the the co moved to So Carolina.The so Calif plant closed- gee,no greeen jobs after all. The plant was built using $391,000,000 of the 500 million dollars,it was said. Hwsrd tobelieve, but there you are. It too stand devoid of green cells.Then the so Carolina plant closed.
    How bout that Mr Green jobs, Obama. You know the green/enviors are the refuge of he Commies in europe. That is where Gorbachev wenttowork. Why? Because there is no respect for private prperty law or rights in either environmental manuevers, or in Communist collectives.So is Obama a commie…if he keeps pushing Green jobs, sure looks like it.
    Oh, the owner of the plant was a bundler for Obamas campaign donations. I think green jobs are a shake-down scam.

  • Andreas K.

    During last winter, which was extremely cold especially in the UK, all the windfarms in Scotland produced effectively 0.0% of the needed energy, according to Lord Monckton.

    This stuff is nonsense. Utter nonsense.

    There was some overproduction of wind energy in Germany a couple of weeks back, due to the weather (usually they produce way below expected numbers.) But nobody wanted to buy that power. So Germany had to subsidise that power with roughly 2 million Euro, otherwise nobody would have bought it.

    If you want to ruin your economy, then wind and solar power is the way to go.

  • Andreas K.

    Also, the Spanish job destruction is far worse than those 2.2. Some papers speak of 4 jobs destroyed for 1 green energy job created.

  • ChillytheAlaskan

    The only thing green about the jobs he supports, the the taxpayer cash going to his democrat cronies. They are conspiring to destroy our economy by forcing us to pay these democrats, like Al Gore and Gorge Sorass, exorbitant amounts of our cash for energy and making them billionaires in the process. It’s the same kickback scheme, should be illegal, then these cronies kickback to the democrat campaigns keeping the thieves in power.

    They should all be put in prison, all green energy subsidies stopped, the excessive regulations placed on energies by the democrats overturned and removed, and let the free market determine our energy future.

    He who controls the energy of a country, controls the country.

    Republicans must fight like hell to refute this false idea that there is something wrong with fossil fuels, and that the energies being pushed by Obama and the envirocommunists are somehow “better”.

    What is best is that we use the most economical energy, use our own domestic oil, remain prosperous enough to continue to improve our standard of living and through experimentation and invention will lead to the energies of the future.

    If we don’t win this battle, our grandchildren will be communist serfs.

  • bg


    mcc #14

    ‘Sacrifice your retirement security to clean up our mess’

    SEIU Capital Stewardship – Europe

    [The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) is a leading voice
    in North America on responsible and sustainable investment. SEIU
    members participate in 48 public pension schemes and 19 private
    pension schemes
    with nearly $1 trillion in assets, representing over
    16% of all U.S. pension assets.

    SEIU has advocated greater shareholder rights, good corporate
    governance and transparency, alignment between executive
    compensation and shareholder interest, responsible banking and
    lending practices, regulatory oversight of hedge funds and private
    equity, and respect for internationally-recognized Conventions and
    Treaties in the investment process.

    In addition to the large schemes in which our members participate, the
    SEIU Master Trust manages $1.6 billion on behalf of 50,000 participants
    and beneficiaries. The SEIU Master Trust is an active owner of its equity
    investments through shareholder resolutions, the Council of Institutional
    Investors and the UN PRI.

    In 2009, the SEIU Master Trust filed the shareholder resolution which
    successfully separated the CEO and Chair at Bank of America Corporation.

    SEIU is the fastest growing trade union in North America, with 2 million
    public and private sector members in the United States and Canada. Our
    members work primarily in public service delivery, health care, long term
    care and property services.]

    more here..


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  • Joanne

    Big L and Andreas K. – after reading both your posts it seems very plausible that green energy is just a scam to render Western and European countries broke and without any adequate, sustainable energy sources to maintain the status quo or grow.

    It is pretty bizarre that the left have promoted GMO products to feed the poor, but they want to grow corn as an energy source instead of a food source. When there is no logic to be found, it usually means there are ulterior motives and lies abound.

  • Joanne

    #1American – don’t mind bg – she believes Islam can be reformed.

  • BurmaShave

    Maybe “green energy” jobs are the “Jobs of the Future;” but that would be the distant future, when they become economical, and certainly not now.

    The fact that Obama is promoting jobs that are manifestly uneconomical for energy that is manifestly uneconomical provides a pretty big hint as to why our nation’s economy is in the toilet and going down the drain.

  • Scott

    Wind energy is an expensive distraction…The costs per killowatt hour are three times that of current production methods like coal, oil, nuclear. As a result, the buy-in costs are never recovered as the turbines wear-out before they can pay for themselves. Obama and Congress are aware of the facts surrounding wind power. Yet, they will sell the American taxpayers expensive junk to satisfy the eco-fringe voters…Very stupid, very expensive, and very dangerous to the future of America.

  • bg


    ps re: #26 re: mcc #14 & #17

    re: [The individual who has visited the Obama White House the
    most: SEIU President Andy Stern, who has visited 53 times.]

    for those of you who haven’t got a clue..

    former cronies:

    [All the while, he’s building his own golden parachute from the burning wreckage he left, polishing up his WH insider portfolio — and then peddling his ass to fat cats and high hats everywhere who must enjoy having a pet labor leader who does tricks upon command — all for the same bastards who are actively destroying the American dream for the working stiffs and huddled masses this punk once claimed to speak for.]

    ht Kenny Solomon:

    [Executive Order– Optimizing the Security of Biological
    Select Agents and Toxins in the United States

    By the authority vested in me as President by the Constitution and the
    laws of the United States of America, it is hereby ordered as follows:

    Section 1. Policy. It is the policy of the United States that:

    (a) A robust and productive scientific enterprise that utilizes biological
    select agents and toxins (BSAT) is essential to national security;

    (b) BSAT shall be secured in a manner appropriate to their
    risk of misuse, theft, loss, and accidental release; and

    (c) Security measures shall be taken in a coordinated manner that
    balances their efficacy with the need to minimize the adverse impact
    on the legitimate use of BSAT.]

    [another flashback: GP link not found.. :-(]


  • Robert

    “2 million” jobs created in the last 14 months?

    Against how many destroyed by Democrat anti-American economic policies?

  • WHAT future… with the “progressives” in charge?

    Like Cap Wienberger said to appeasing European leaders re. nuclear detante in the 70s-
    “If this is progress, gentlemen we can’t afford any more progress”

  • whatif

    The Obama/Gore/Van Jones “green economy” is not a manufacturing economy, it is nothing but public works projects and green subsidy scams financed by carbon credits via cap & trade.

    The Obama green economy is more about using it as a vehicle to usher in political, economic and social changes that voters would normally not accept. It also seeks to solidify the power of a strong central government.

    The central pillar to the Obama green economy is the Chicago Climate Exchange and Carbon Credits. The US Government will issue carbon credits that are then sold on the exchange to companies & small businesses that manufacture products. These carbon taxes will be passed on to us in the end and will force many small businesses to close – you know the ones that are not unionized. This is how the lefties plan to extract wealth out of the economy and productive Americans in order to finance their socialist agenda. They want to hand out this wealth in the form of entitlements which creates permanent dependence, once in place there will be no vote to remove the carbon exchange scam that finances the new welfare state.

    Obama & Gore & Van Jones plan to use the money collected from carbon credits to pay Americans via FDR public works projects to install solar panels, charging stations, wind turbines etc. Notice these jobs are not long term sustainable and the funds to pay these salaries come from taxes, not from creating something of value. Also take note these jobs require dependence on the Federal Government for your very existence.

    Obama & Co. wants to build a central planning economy, they do not want tens of thousands of small businesses taking part in the green industry as this maintains a decentralized economy and an independent populace that is too difficult to unionize. This is why they want cap & trade and the carbon credit exchange – that is central control over the means of production. Want to bet Obama & Co will give their favored campaign contributors exemptions & free credits while forcing the companies they dislike to pay the max for each credit? This is why the Left wing green agenda must be stopped, it is more about central control than true green technology.

  • squeaky

    “This is how the lefties plan to extract wealth out of the economy and productive Americans..” we’ll wake up to the realization that the guys who once railed against the greedy rich are now the rich. the wealth transferred to them.

  • Scott

    Don’t believe me…But, believe T Boone Pickens, billionaire oilman, investor, and patriotic American. He said that at current gas prices somewhere around 700 billion dollars a year are leaving the United States and enriching oil exporting despots around the world. He said that it is the greatest wealth transfer in history…Democrat and weak Republcan leadership will take us from Superpower to a nation of beggars within a few years at this rate…Whether by design or criminal negligence Washington is bankrupting these United States at an astronomical rate!

  • bg


    Reaganite Republican #34

    oh i’m so cynical at this point, considering all the info i’ve delved into, i
    wouldn’t doubt that if the elitists should happenstance upon an agent
    that would wipe out enough of us “lesser people”, hence, lowering the
    population count down to their collective desires w/out a chance of any
    unintended consequential blowback befalling them, i don’t think they’d

    “If the upper class is able to give it’s children, grandchildren more and more
    genetic advantages, they will move away form the people who are naturally
    born..” ~ Lee Silver


  • bg


    Scott #37

    Thank A Rockefeller

    no seriously, thank them (scrol up/down for more at link)..

    “The social experiment in China under Chairman Moa‘s leadership
    is one of the most important and successful in human history.”

    ~ David Rockefeller

    perhaps Obama is a result of “genetic advantage”.. /s/


  • gus

    Liberals are too stupid to see what Obama is. They live in fairy land.

  • thegoldman

    Nutty Obama: Expensive Impractical Green Energy Jobs Are the “Jobs of the Future”

    Key word here Future Like in 3025….

  • squeaky

    “Future Like in 3025….” meanwhile back at the ranch – billionaires row will then be populated by the very same folks who lectured us on the real enemy – greedy rich folks. a future robin leach taking us on a visual tour of the palacial van jones estate and such. when the guys who warned us about the evil government are now the evil government.

  • Richard

    I have no problem with green jobs of the future – as long as they are not at the expense of real jobs right now. We need Americans at work today, leading the world in productivity and ingenuity. Pie in the sky in the sweet by-and-by is a swell sentiment, but I’d rather eat some cake today.

  • burt

    In 3025 you won’t be unemployed, you will be dead.

  • Redwine

    I lived in subtropical Israel for nearly 30 years. Nearly every residential building (homes, apartments, etc.) in every type of community (urban, suburban, country, village, farm, etc.), across all ethnic lines (Jewish, Arab, Druze, Circassian, etc.) has a solar water heater with electric backup. I can say from years of experience that in a hot, sunny climate like Israel, it’s very efficient to have just a simple, relatively inexpensive solar water heater (they come already installed in all new apartment buildings). In summer and during sunny days throughout the year, it can cut the electricity bill by 1/3 – and this is in a country where electricity is expensive. So, I’m not against this sort of thing for sunny places like the southern states. But for everywhere else, including the Pacific NW where I live, it’s utter nonsense.

    Israel has lived with solar water heaters for decades, and it’s a given that it exists. The difference here, is that it’s not a part of any government policy. It is not mandated.

    You can be sure that the crazy schemes being drawn up by the regime here will be much more expensive, more regulated and expect to cover more than just heating water. It;s just another government scheme to regulate your life.

  • Redwine

    Oh, and BTW – Solar water heater installers in Israel are just private businesses. They have nothing to do with the government.

  • bg


    Joanne #29

    wow, my own personal stalker troll strikes again, but alas i digress..

    ok, exactly what do ALL Muslims, or what
    i believe about Islam, have to do with it??


  • bg


    btw re: #47 re: Joanne #29

    i have never said Islam can be reformed (albeit is reforming), i’ve always
    ISLAM.. bet there were plenty of Joanne’s around back in the dark ages..


  • bg


    Redwine #45/46

    that was interesting and informative..

    thanks for sharing..


  • Redwine

    You are always welcome, bg!!

  • Joanne

    “#1AMERICAN #11

    what do all Muslims have to do with it??” by bg

    I take it the emphasis is on ‘all’…..enough said. I know exactly what this means. You just can’t get it through your head that practicing muslims believe the teachings of the Koran, not what Jasser is peddling.

    bg – you definitely think too highly of yourself to think I am your personal stalker troll. It is yourself who attacks anyone who doesn’t think like you do – I was just giving #1American a little support and reasoning behind your obsession with believing Islam can be reformed, just like you think that Christianity has been reformed. Maybe you should look into what the Protestant Reformation was actually about; although, you won’t believe it because the truth will hurt your sensibilities.

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  • bg


    Joanne #51

    [I take it the emphasis is on ‘all’…..enough said.]

    #1AMERICAN @11

    [eport all slimy moo slums back to where they came from]

    btw, ask me if i give a bats guano waht you personally think of me..

    oh, and try taking a good look in the mirror while you’re at it..


  • bg


    ps re: #53

    i sincerely hope & pray Islam can be reformed..

    however, i hold no hope that anti-Muslims can.. 🙁


  • Big L

    I am sure the GOP could speak out on this topic. but for years they have been mute.The GOP wivew want toeat lunch in this town again and tell Husb (or the reverse) to keep your head down and under your wing. do nothing or as little as possible, see if we can make it to Sept 2011
    when the Pres race starts and everyoneis focussed on NYC –10 yrs later.
    I just know that the savvy pols in the GOP would know how to put a monkey wrench in the wheels. but they don’t. The pres candidates let Palin twist in the wind as well.