Flashback: Obama & Biden Insist “Waterboarding Is Not Effective” (Video)

In October 2007 far left Senator Barack Obama spoke out against waterboarding and enhanced interrogation techniques…
“Torture is how you get bad information, not good intelligence.”

“The secret authorization of brutal interrogations is an outrageous betrayal of our core values, and a grave danger to our security. We must do whatever it takes to track down and capture or kill terrorists, but torture is not a part of the answer – it is a fundamental part of the problem with this administration’s approach. Torture is how you create enemies, not how you defeat them. Torture is how you get bad information, not good intelligence. Torture is how you set back America’s standing in the world, not how you strengthen it.”

Barack Obama wasn’t the only democrat who was wrong about waterboarding.

Just last year Joe Biden said waterboarding never worked.
Via HapBlog:

Biden on Waterboarding by hotairpundit

Schieffer: “Can you Mr. Vice President envision a time where waterboarding can ever be used on anyone?”

Biden: “No, no, it’s not effective”

Schieffer: “It’s not effective?”

Biden: “It’s not effective”

Today Rep. Peter King (R-NY) confirmed, “Through waterboarding we got vital information that directly led us to Bin Laden.”
Now we know that Obama and Biden were both wrong about this too.

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  • american patriot

    Don’t EVER, EVER vote for a Democrat.

    On EVERY single issue Democrats are on the wrong side of law and common sense.

  • Moderate Patriot

    I must say that while I DO think waterboarding can be effective— I agree with most moderate voices that it usually isn’t— I still don’t think it is right. Not that I am bleeding heart, but I feel certain odious behavior that is Nazi-esque makes its signature on a people/on a country. I believe that if I were told that UBL might not be caught otherwise then I might reconsider that notion. Meanwhile, shoddy intel can be derived from folks waterboarded or not waterboaded (see: Bush Admin reliance on Chalabi load of bull that helped justify invasion of Iraq)), and good intel can be derived for either type of detainee…

  • http://gatewaypundit cutlers bad knee

    Say it ai’nt so Joe….You just can’t fix stupid,Joe had to have waterboarded himself in his own shower countless times…They say turkeys are so stupid they will keep their heads up in a rain storm and drown themselves ,gobble, gobble Joe….

  • http://www.wadingacross.wordpress.com Wading Across

    As I recall, John McCain was against waterboarding too, both as a means of “interrogation” and as a means of extracting reliable information.

  • http://capitolcommentary.com Harrison

    Good thing not everybody was as “smart” as this crew.

  • uggy parfait

    I’m sure they still do, but heah, use the other guys’ stuff and take credit. Pelosi does, she thanks Barack as #1 on her list then thanks the seals as #6, so the prioritiesare wayyyy off and so we know Barak is insane. TV annoucement last night was supposed to be on killing of OBL, but it was all about ‘I’ =Obummer.

  • Speaking Clearly

    I think it is ironic how we keep hearing that “no electronic devices, or computers were allowed inside Osama Bin Laden’s compound”.

    …but we hear that our Military removed computers and hard-drives from the compound…

    ….must have sucked for the Osama household to use computers with no access to the Internet.

  • kate

    How many times is Obama right? He’s bound to get lucky once in a while, but for the most part, he’s usually wrong.

  • Speaking Clearly

    If I was a Republican candidate and Obama tried to claim he was tough on fighting the War on Terror….

    ….I would remind him that he can’t even single out radical Muslims in our Airport security….

    ….and yet the Obama Administration’s TSA targets children and little old ladies….

    ….He can’t stand up to Iran….he can’t properly trY convicted terrorists…..

    ….Fort Hood terrorist happened on his politically correct watch….

    …Obama could not even utter the word “ISLAMIC TERRORIST” OR “TERRORIST ATTACK”.

    ….and look at how the Obama Administration is protecting our southern border…


    …Obama might have got Osama Bin Laden on his watch….but we will not have a United States left to protect if we have 4 more years of this opportunistic dunce.

    There is no doubt in my mind that Obama went after Bin Laden for political gain….too many of Obama’s other actions shows that priorities are not the safety and prosperity of the United States. Think idependently.

  • dunce

    If it is true that they had no phone or internet connection then somebody else was providing these services near by. The odds are that it was the pakistan military that was all over that city.We gave them billions and they used the funds to arm the taliban resistance in afghanistan and provide communications and intelligence to our enemies. We will never get the money or lives back but we can make them pay for many years by supporting india and voting against their position in all international proceedings.

  • bigkahuna

    Speaking Clearly commented:
    I think it is ironic how we keep hearing that “no electronic devices, or computers were allowed inside Osama Bin Laden’s compound”.

    …but we hear that our Military removed computers and hard-drives from the compound…

    ….must have sucked for the Osama household to use computers with no access to the Internet.

    I think it was just that no phones or internet that would allow themselves to be hacked or tracked. Doesnt mean they couldnt use a computer to keep track of all their terrorist raghead buddies and possibly contacts in miltary, and other people who funded them or provided weapons etc.

  • http://calneocon.typepad.com/blog/ Barry Davis

    Republicans control the House (no RINO McCain or RINO Graham to screw things up) so why not pass legislation overturning Obama’s executive order banning “enhanced interrogation” and then lets see if the Dem senate will vote it down or Obama will veto!

  • Speaking Clearly

    Hypothetical debate between the GOP nominee and Obama:

    Obama: “Under my watch…we were able to kill Osama Bin Laden…and make America a safer place…so ya’ll can’t say that I’m not most qualified to keep America safe.”

    GOP Nominee: “You couldn’t even call the Fort Hood Terrorist…a Terrorist…and your politically correct Administration even renamed “Terrorist Attacks”: “Man Caused Disasters”…so do you really think the American people believe you are honest about fighting the War on Terror? ”

    Obama: Yes…let me be clear…it was under my watch…as President of the United States…that Osama Bin Laden was captured and killled…I didn’t see any of you Republicans up here on stage, that can claim that…so I think the record is clear.”

    GOP Nominee: “So answer the question Mr. President….Why wasn’t your politically correct Administration able to call the Ford Hood Terrorist a Terrorist…and why did your politically correct administration refer to Terrorist Attacks as Man Caused Disasters?…Answer the question….I’m not going to let you use an inconsistent record on the War on Terror, for political gain.”

    Obama: “I don’t believe the policy of the United States, should be that insensitive, to the International community…It does us no good, to single out one group over another. Our fight is against Al Quada…not Islam….and I believe the term Terrorist Attack singles out muslims unfairly.”

    GOP Nominee: “Under my leadership…I can guarantee the American people that we WILL call muslim terrorists: Terrorists…and if the terminology we use to keep the American people safe….offends the rest of the world….TOUGH…SO BE IT. We will NOT be sending money to anyone but our TRUE ALLIES under my administration…and we will NOT tolerate violence on our southern border with Mexico under my administration….and I haven’t even gotten to our fiscal policy yet.”

  • uggy parfait

    White House claimed it killed, took body to Afghanistan did DNA then flown to a ship and dumped at sea the body of Osama bin Laden. First DNA tests take two weeks to get anything definitive.

    Obama LIAR, pants on fire, Obama liar, always a disapointment.

  • uggy parfait

    bigkahuna, the claim that no internet or electronics were in compound came from ‘snitch’, the curriers’ statements after waterboarding. Not from the US admin.

    The currier was the only known person to be allowed in compound, not any Al Quada people, they had no idea where the bin Laden was hidden.

  • You need a new talking point

    Khalid Sheikh Mohammed did not reveal the courier while being waterboarded, former officials said. He identified him many months later under standard interrogation.


  • Speaking Clearly


    Do you believe everything that ABC reports??? I don’t. Peter King said otherwise…and common sense tells me that a harsher technique will most likely be more effective than a standard technique…or they wouldn’t have been using it.

    Did you believe Nancy Pelosi when she lied about the CIA did not briefing her on Waterboarding???

  • uggy parfait

    Why will it not let me post?

  • Uggy

    website broken
    #16 , the White House Conflicts your ABC Crapsh*t, so we know you are a retard.

    “Four years ago, we uncovered his identity, and for operational reasons, I can’t go into details about his name or how we identified him, but about two years ago, after months of persistent effort, we identified areas in Pakistan where the courier and his brother operated.”

    “….after months of persistent effort…” was the 140 waterboards given to the mastermindof 9/11, ( 9/11 commission)

    #16 spewed his garbadge: “Khalid Sheikh Mohammed did not reveal the courier while being waterboarded [and monkeys are flying out of my bumhole]”


  • Old Fan

    LOL !

    This says it all…

    “No Class: Obama snubs Bush, praises himself”

    It has gotten to the point Mr. Hoft, if Democrats want to try to sell everyone on the idea they are wonderful using the powerful GW Bush policies, we can suggest it would be better if we simply ask GW Bush to serve another term in the White House. Why bother with the flop of the Obama-Clinton ‘smart power’ when the strong policies of the Bush Administration continue to prove to be sound and successful.

    Let’s cut out the middle man – the dishonest Democratic Party – bring back GW.

    Democratic Partisans are now going to tell us they love Unilateral Military Assassinations on foreign soil within sovereign Nations?

    Oh my…

    If Obama had the guts to be honest, and apologize to the Bush Administration, maybe we could begin to try to take them seriously. But as it stands, the joke continues.