Code Pink Marxists Urge Obama to Dump Israel at Protest (Video)

The anti-American Marxists from Code Pink urged Barack Obama to dump Israel this week.
Obama’s pal Medea Benjamin led the chants against Israel outside the White House.

Apparently, Obama agreed.

Canada Free Press

Unofficial Obama adviser Medea Benjamin, founder of Code Pink, organized a small demonstration in Washington, D.C. this week to demand that the U.S. terminate military aid to Israel. “Not one nickel. Not one dime. We won’t pay for Israel’s crimes,” Benjamin led the demonstration in the anti-Israel chants. One protester from the Washington, D.C. Green Party said the U.S. and Israel were terrorist governments.

Benjamin, a member of the International Solidarity Movement which is allied with enemies of the U.S. and Israel, is known for her pink outfits. She announced in 2009 that she was going to deliver a letter to Obama from the deputy foreign minister of Hamas. “In the letter,” reported Benjamin, “Hamas urged Obama to visit ‘our ground Zero’ in Gaza and bring about a ‘paradigm shift’ in the Israel-Palestine conflict based on enlightened world opinion and international law.”

This appears to be what Obama did in his Thursday speech urging Israel to return to its vulnerable 1967 borders with the Arab states.

The occasion of the protest was the launching of an advertising campaign on the Washington, D.C. subway system calling for an end to aid for Israel, a development that would lead to the demise of the Jewish state. The ads are being posted inside Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) Metrorail trains for the next 4 weeks. The demonstration took place on May 16, just a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol, and attracted several television cameras.

Code Pink and Bill Ayers were sponsors of the terrorist Gaza Flotilla.

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  • Just one more reason I know I’m on the side of the angels, supporting Israel. Thanks for the clarity, Medea.

  • Valerie

    Could somebody make a potato stamp of a pig, and stamp pink pigs over the advertising?

  • Rick013

    As goes Israel so goes the US. Wake up America. We have an individual who together with his czars and stooges in the House and Senate desire the destruction of the Constitution and Republic.

    The thin skinned, narcissistic child is throwing our last ally under the same bus he previously tossed the rest of the free world.

  • ditto

    I am stunned at the men in this video. Its like watching a bunch of sissies, under their wives pink skirts, chanting the lamest rhymes, and thinking they look manly?

    Seriously, someone give them some testicles, and some big boy pants!

  • Joe College

    At the bottom of it if you don’t like Israel you won’t like America and if you don’t like America you won’t like Israel.

  • Big L

    Sometimes I think we are too nice to survive…

  • greenfairie

    If Medea Benjamin were serious, she would throw herself in front of a bulldozer just like St. Pancake.

  • f**k codepinkos

  • Old One

    Code Pink is another Georgy Schwartz(alias Soros) funded marxist financed pack of useful idiots seeking the destruction of representtive government & free markets by teaming up with the islamofascists who share their hatred of the US & Israel.
    Guess the Code Pink cows & useful idiots do not know what the islamofascists did to the 100,000 strong communist party in Iran after they took over in 1979 with the help of Jimmah the Dimmah. Benjamin needs to familiarize herself with the most bloody & ruthless definition of liquidation.

  • Joanne

    Code Pink are a bunch of stupid b*tches. They are utterly brain dead, and as muslims would refer to them – useful idiots. At least with muslims you know they are people who follow the evil teachings of the Quran, but these dumb dames – what is their excuse.

  • RedBeard

    Code Pink’s America-hating and freedom-hating lunatics make it really easy to know what position to take on any given issue. If they’re against it, sane people should be for it.

  • ohiochili

    Now we know where the support group for people who have had lobotomies meet.

    Code Stink.

  • Marybel

    Obama doesn’t need encouragement to throw Israel under the bus. He is openly anti-Israel. Once again, he knows exactly his agenda and is surprised only at Americans not being as naive as he thinks.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    What should frighten everyone, including the Code Pinkos and Nazi-Assistant-Exterminator George Soros, is that Israel is unlikely to quietly march to the gas chambers en masse this time. I’m sure that’s what Soros and OpieAllhuAkbar hope for (after all, Soros was there the last time). Remember, Israel is in possession of hundreds of advanced nuclear warheads mounted on tactical missiles. No truck bombs made in someone’s basement, no dirty suitcase junk that may or may not work. They have the good stuff.

    Do any of these Moronic Marxists think they can get far enough away to avoid the fallout (literal and figurative) of the US declaring “open season” on Israel? Do they think the Jews will hand over their nukes to El Baradei, and commit mass suicide? Or is it more likely they will fight to the last man-woman-child to save their homeland?

  • Ali

    Hilarious. A dozen whackos putting on a show. Reminds me of the mental patients from Cuckoo’s nest who went on the fishing trip.
    Where’s their keeper?

  • billypaintbrush

    My God. Pray for us. The lefties have abandoned Israel, which says so much about where we are. That any jew could remain a democrat is simply mind-bogglling

    Israel is the canary in the mineshaft that is this world.

  • Valerie

    I wonder what the members of the real Solidarity movement (from Poland) think of Benjamin’s confusing misappropriation of their name. It looks like trademark infringement, to me.

  • Andreas K.

    Can we please ship them to Iran or Saudi-Arabia?

    A little sharia would do them good.

    I mean, watching that video I must note that those women are all not veiled! This absolutely outrageous.

  • Regarding that ‘lovely ladies club’ above, um…… er…… yeah.

    I’m still unable to comment on ‘that speech’ from Thursday with anything that wouldn’t instantly get me (at best) hauled off in cuffs.

    As for what PM Netanyahu said in response…… Sorry, not nearly strong enough. Not even close.

    Would have been better if Bibi simply didn’t show up, but sent a text simply saying “Sod off”.

    But I did go to “The 100-Yard Stress-Relief Center” and run through about $500 of amm……er…… ‘supplies’ in about 15 minutes.


  • Stuart

    What did they have there about fifteen people? What a massive show of rage LOL.

    Kenny #18 Half a K worth of ammo? I do envy you. Being unemployed means I have to sit on my ammo lest I be out when the SHTF moment arrives.
    Really, I sometimes miss the days when Uncle Sugar was providing my supplies. I could burn a thousand rounds of .50 BMG in about 15 minutes; (or faster if I didn’t mind the barrel getting that dull red glow).

  • Valerie

    “#12 May 21, 2011 at 11:17 am
    Marybel commented:

    … He is openly anti-Israel. …

    Well, it depends on WHERE he is speaking, and when. When he was campaigning for President, and talking to Jewish donors, he said something entirely different.

    I sense a campaign commercial theme arising. It should include clips of BO contradicting himself on any number of issues – military, economic, and diplomatic. It could end with the tag line “Ignorant? Naiive? Dishonest? Does it matter?”

  • #1AMERICAn

    send all those code pink commies to IRAN…they stone women to death there

  • Carbon Pootprint

    So how much money did the whores raises while working that corner for Obama?

  • Patriot Act

    Do you suppose that any of those protesters feel the least bit embarrassed standing there chanting mindless little slogans over and over? “Not one nickel, not one dime…” Heck, I get embarrassed just watching them. You couldn’t pay me to do that.

  • chuck in st paul

    Where the hell have these scrunts been for the last two years!!??!! We’ve got toture ongoing at Guantanamo. We’ve got THREE wars now instead of two – wars for oil! We’ve got military kill squads invading sovereign nations to execute people we don’t like.


    [oh wait… it’s a Dimocrat President]
    Never mind.

  • Big L

    Medea was ove in Egypt destabilizing the Mubarak govt (my phrase, it’s true). Se was snatched by the “democrat kids” who stuffed them selves into her cab. Probably she was going to gethe Lara logan treatment or worse,untilshe was rescued by some of then-Pres Mubarak’s army and some shopkeepers. She is such a Beeyatch,I can’t believe she can travel aound on her US passport and not have it yanked or be put on a ‘no-fly” list.
    Shows how ‘in-the-tank’ TSA and the State Dept is for these lefties. Don’t wonder why a Yemenie cockpit-attacker or an Ethiopian christmas bomber get on planes with NO docs. Symathizers are passing them thru. You or I could never do what is allowed for Code-Pinkos to do around the world.

  • If this president ever goes down for treason, he’ll take half liberal population with him, these freaks included.

  • Rose

    “I fell the earth… move…under their feet I feel the walls come tumble-ing down!’..

    Korah – Numbers 16

  • Rose

    #6 – AMEN!

    Suicidally polite to the suicidally stupid.

  • Redwine

    Here is a story that you can use to spell out precisely why there will never be any peace between Israel and the “Palestinians”, which is the jihad of Islam against the West, in other words, barbarism against civilization. Anyone who says that this is a struggle over land is completely clueless, and here’s the story that proves it:

  • Civilized

    So funny to hear such heathens claim to be the civilized ones, what a joke. How embarassing to Jews to hear the warmongers, the haters you have become claim to have the Lord on your side speaking such filth and untruths. You seem to have brainwashed yourselves. “You” are civilized? Not evident from this page, get out of the cave and join the world before you talk yourself into destroying the world.

  • Chisum


    You are absolutely right! They are uncivilized!