Busted… AFL-CIO Official Admits to “Intercepting” Emails of Political Opponents (Video)

Former Republican Congressional candidate and friend Ari David sent in this investigative report on Golden State Democratic corruption.

Union Leader Admits to Intercepting Emails at State Democrat Convention

A recurring theme at the California Democrat Convention in Sacramento two weeks ago was the idea that the full weight of the state’s organized labor apparatus must come together to battle “Union Busting Wisconsin” tactics in the small Orange County City of Costa Mesa. You see, the Costa Mesa City Council has put labor on notice it intends to outsource city functions in an effort to dig out of their $221 million CalPERS pension deficit and avoid insolvency due to historic bloated pensions & benefits. Bloomberg News has even called Costa Mesa “Ground Zero on Costs of Pensions.”


Enter Nick Berardino, the AFL-CIO’s General Manager of the Orange County Employees Union; the stereotypical “thug” that speaks of his Italian heritage and jokes about showing up at Orange County Republican Party Chairman Scott Baugh’s home’s when upset with him, “and I don’t want to go there to deliver cannoli and a little bit of wine.”

Mr. Berardino it seems, not only likes to joke about these physical taunts but apparently likes to “intercept” other people’s email in an effort to know all the covert moves of his opponents. That’s what he told an audience recently – “We have intercepted their emails.” (audience applauds) Also on the video below Art Pulaski, an Officer with the California Labor Federation, says “I have seen the memos from the leaders of Costa Mesa to the leaders of Orange County and beyond.” It appears Nick the thug and Art keep in communication.

These AFL-CIO officials admitted this at the California Democratic Convention.

Costa Mesa, like many municipalities in America, is going through difficult fiscal times and hard decisions by elected officials must be made to prevent insolvency. What the citizens of Costa Mesa don’t need, and I dare say, the city workers of Costa Mesa don’t need, is Nick Berardino and Art Pulaski doing things that would make Nixon blush.

When asked about the “intercepted” emails comment made on video, Costa Mesa City Councilman Jim Righeimer said, “Someone gave me a copy of the video and I immediately gave it to the Orange County District Attorney’s office for investigation. People have a right to privacy that we need to ensure is not being violated here.”

My guess is the next move of the Democrat Party/Union (let’s face it they are the same entity now) is to call in THE PLUMBERS. Maybe they should flush Nick Berardino out of the system first.

And for those who argue that the video was “selectively edited”, here is the full length uncut video of Nick Berardino admitting to “intercepting their emails” in a panel discussion at the California Democratic Convention last month.

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  • Nate Whilk

    Time to start encrypting email.

  • Another one:

    “This battle won’t be won in the offices of these right-wing pigs. It will be won by framing these political questions in the streets.”
    -Mike Imbrogno, executive board member of AFSCME at his International Socialist Organization blog

    AFSCME = American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees

  • RonT

    It’s obvious to me that this guy had no prepared remarks and makes a claim – “intercepting” – that would only be functionally true in the days of the Pony Express or perhaps, the Telegraph. (Or also on any given Sunday in the NFL).

    Did he get copied by a recipient or someone sympathetic to his cause? Probably. Did he or his organization pay money to “intercept” any particular e mail message, probably not.


  • As an American of Italian descent I take strong exception to people speaking of their Italian background as though it somehow aligns them with the Mafia or otherwise makes them prone towards illicit behavior. I am well aware that this is a common practice, however, I also believe that the reason so many Americans of Italian descent have become people of accomplishment in America is because the vast majority of them have totally rejected any type of alignment with the Mafia, organized crime or other stereotypical traits often attributed to Italian immigrants.

    I abhor any type of patronage to organized crime, the Jersey Shore and people like Nick Berardino who brag about being tough guys and union thugs because they simply perpetuate antiquated vulgar stereotypes of Italians. Those who know how to intercept emails, knock heads, etc, are trash – period. Its too bad some Americans of Italian descent still embrace these ethics, however, let it be known that there are plenty of us who speak out – quite vocally – against this scourge and totally reject these gutter snipes who engage in hoodlum worship.

    The reason so many of us came so far is precisely because we completely reject trash like Nick Berardino. I think this is a good lesson for all ethnic groups, immigrants and any other cultures – VOCALLY REJECT the trash within your own group so as not to allow your people to be maligned and denigrated by them. When you hear people using gutter language, making vulgar gestures, patronizing illicit behavior on behalf of your group – SPEAK OUT AGAINST THEM as I am now doing here right now. If you don’t do it, their behaviors will come to be commonly associated with your group and no good will become of it.

  • wodun

    The question is, were the emails leaked or were they hacked?

  • Render

    Email is insecure. Unless you’re doing something out of the ordinary, it can be intercepted, copied/forwarded, or spoofed in a variety of ways.

    The Internet has been in public use for over a generation. This insecurity has been public knowledge for long enough that if you don’t know it, you simply haven’t been paying attention. If you are a private citizen, are not aware of this, and are not encrypting your email (and ensuring your ISP is not passing cleartext POP3 passwords, etc.), you are doing the equivalent of leaving your front door unlocked and a life-size picture of your scantily-clad teenage daughter in the window.

    If you are a business, political agency, or some other entity whose carelessness can cause harm to the public, you are really too ignorant and/or careless to be given the responsibility you probably want.

  • tommy mc donnell

    don’t these union guys know their action violate all the liberal privacy laws.

  • SSBN 627(B)

    “Gentlemen do not read each others mail.” Henry L Stimson, Secretary of State, 1929.

    We’ve come so far.

  • Ben

    Even if you encrypt emails, they just need to pay off one person to leak the emails to them.

  • Render

    Ben, all someone needs to do to open your front door is pick or bump the lock, but I bet you lock the thing anyway. Why is that?

  • silentcal_rox

    Adopt a thug! join a union!! A good union is a busted union!!

  • Banjo

    Can we agree that the phrase “person of accomplishment” should be squashed like a bug except in communication between bureaucrats? Also, Henry Stimson changed his mind about gentlemen not reading other people’s mail when he became Secretary of War.

  • Lazarus Long

    Isn’t that a Federal crime?

  • chsw

    I would like to know how many other AFL-CIO locals have the ability to hack or intercept e-mail and whose e-mail is being purloined.

  • Bob Roberts

    Anybody should be able to get the kinds of documents this guy says he has (intercepted). All you have to do it go to the city clerk and ask for them. What was illegal? Communications from city official regarding city business are public documents. What would be illegal would be for the city officials to keep these documents secret if they were requested. I must be missing something.

  • Jaek Muran

    Let me guess, the OC and Costa Mesa IT folks are union members! Duh!!!

  • These a-holes should all be in prison for treason.