Body Language Expert: Obama Has “Contempt In His Eyes” For Netanyahu (Video)

Body language expert Tanya Reiman told Bill O’Reilly tonight that Obama lied and was no friend of Netanyahu. Reiman said that Obama has “contempt in his eyes” and displays it with his body language when he is with Benjamin Netanyahu.
It was obvious.

Narcissists don’t like being challenged.

Body language expert Tanya Reiman:

“No, I would say that is a very big lie, when they talk about being friends… They don’t like each other. I’m adamantly convinced that they don’t like each other.

When you look at two people who are friends you don’t see contempt in the eyes of one. So, President Obama is looking and as you see him he starts to grab his chin really hard and he’s staring and he gets that glare in his eye and he’s squeezing his chin as he does this.”

The Wall Street Journal added, “What would we do without experts?”

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  • tommy mc donnell

    he has the same comtempt for the american people, our country, our institutions, our form of government and our economic system. did i miss anything.

  • Jenny

    It does not take a ‘body language’ expert to observe Obama’s contempt for not only Netanyaho, but the rest of us here in the heartland of America.

  • Faye

    The look from O toward Netanyahu is pure undiluted hatred as well as contempt.
    Israel, never trust this man and pray that he does not get re elected or he will do everything in his power to destroy your nation also.

  • jimg

    #2 – my thoughts exactly.

    Contempt, disdain and dismissive to anyone who dares to disagree with President McArrogant.

  • Ginger

    That’s the kind of look that I have on my face when I have to hear or see that f..n kenyan fraud! Also the demo-rats and liberal morons who betray our country! May I add the FBI and CIA too? I am ashamed of them because they are to protect us against him! They know that he is a fraud!

  • DINORight

    Interesting. I didn’t notice the throbbing blood vessels in Obama’s forehead and neck. That’s her job, so I’m not surprised she did, though.

    Hate. Daggers. Trying to intimidate and tear down. That’s what I saw in that glare.

    Lord help us – both the US and Israel. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem, and the rescue of our nation. Come on, 2012! Can’t get here soon enough!

  • jainphx

    The contorted way he sat there starring at Netanyahu It looked like he was trying to twist that skinny body into a swastika. He held the arm of the chair like he was trying for sawdust. The hatred I feel for this big eared, purple gummed, blue lipped schmuck, is something I never felt before.

  • Redwine

    I’ve noticed that Barack Hussein’s facial expression shows hatred quite a lot toward many people, not just toward Netanyahu. He’s a very angry and vindictive person. This hatred and anger shows up in other ways: the childish extension of his middle finger while he pretends to scratch his head, his cold, vacant-eyed stare, the glowering look of contempt, the short, clipped sound of his voice, which is often unpleasant, sibilant and harsh. His physical and vocal expressions often show his holier-than-thou attitude. He is a very cold, closed, calculating, immature and combative person.

  • donh

    Obama has the kind of deadly look people wear amulets of protection to ward off the Evil Eye. ..

  • martha

    That’s pure unadulterated hatred of the man,compounded by the fact that he is being very justifiably schooled. Everyone talks about how BiBi was disrespectful, however Obama set the tone for this relationship and BiBi decided he was’nt going to just lay down and give Obama his throat.

  • John03

    Wow. Great observation captain obvious.

  • Old One

    Let us all call earnestly for divine aid to secure Ohbahammed’s defeat in Nov. 2012.

  • donh

    #7 I do think Obama at the 1:00 mark is giving the ancient Egyptian pose ” Isis in Mourning ” which is the archeological origin of the Swastika symbol. It is discussed in the works of Aliester Crowley . The muslim brotherhood uses these same alphabet of old Egyptian hand signals to cast curses, invoke spirits, and send messages to their brothers watching on Al Jazeera…

  • The only good part of Bill’s show is when he has Tanya on to school Obama.

  • ruready?

    He has his father’s eyes

  • save us

    He hates the USA and all of its friends.

    What fools supported him?

  • JenBee

    Wow, what a cold, dead stare.

    I don’t think I’ve ever hated ANYONE so much in my entire 40 years on the planet.

  • Pamela BakerI

    It was so obvious you could see the contempt on his face and yes pure hatred. But I agree with the others he feels the same way for Americans even those that voted for him, he has an agenda and it is not in the Americans favor, but in the Arab’s favor

  • SandyfromChesterfield

    If you don’t give obama what he wants and make him a hero he doesn’t like you so much. Way to go, Prime Minister Netanyahu!

  • Not Always Right

    I could not fail to notice that Obama did not have the courage to lift his middle finger to Netanyahu. I am sure he realized the Prime Minister would have cleaned his clock before the Secret Service could have saved him.

  • KOW

    Chicago Bulls go down in 5. LMAO at Obama. His magic tough to our economy and America as a whole is about as well as his picks and sports team fair.

  • thingamajig

    He’s a punk.
    2012 can’t get here fast enough.

  • jetstream

    Tanya Reiman missed one other teensy little sign…Obama looked stoned.

    Ask someone in law enforcement or the medical field who deals with drug addicts, to watch the video clip. See what they tell you about the eyelids slowly drooping then slowly opening and the hand propping up the head. I asked, and “stoned” was the immediate answer.

  • jainphx

    This guy is very dangerous and those that can’t see it are blind. How can a sane man write 2008, or toast the Queen without finding protocol. The complete stupid things he has done and said scare the he?? out of me. LORD keep us till 2012. I’m really afraid he’s going to do something really stupid and start a shooting War, before we can replace him.

  • gus

    Imagine Netanyahu doing a Chuck Norris on O’Douchebag.

  • madtntaxpayer

    Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu vs Barack “Baby” Obamayahoo. Statecraft vs stagecraft. Warrior vs wimp. Leader vs lame. Experience vs excuses. Class vs crass. Diplomatic vs deceiver. Articulate vs actor. Decision vs dither. Visionary vs vacationer. Serious vs slacker.

  • StrangernFiction

    And in other news the sky is blue.

  • gus

    jainphx. He has already started a shooting war. Libya.

  • jainphx

    Gus I’m thinking more on a world scale.

  • jainphx

    Putin takes back power in Russia, all the middle east will be in the hands of Iran and it’s puppets. Israel is being pressed on all sides, and this jackass is said to have misspoke. I’m afraid he and his handlers know exactly what they are doing, really afraid.

  • jomojava the infidel

    Netanyahu was not the least bit intimidated. He is faced on a daily basis with far more intimidating characters than a skinny, pinko, two-bit street agitator from Chicago.

  • gus

    Obama has hung around with anti-Semites and Marxists his entire life. Both of his LOSER DADDY’S were Muzztards, and he is DESPERATELY seeking their approval from beyond the grave.

    Obama is sick.

  • StrangernFiction

    That’s the kind of look that I have on my face when I have to hear or see that f..n kenyan fraud! Also the demo-rats and liberal morons who betray our country!

    F*cking righteouss Ginger. 🙂

  • Left Coast Conservative

    I’m not sure that N was scared so much as totally ticked – righteously ticked in fact. And rightfully so – the statements by the president were, I wager, unrivaled in American history for poor statesmanship.
    Prayers for Israel, our country and the President.

  • KOW

    Just talking out loud here

    Israel gets a lot of aide from US, think it is in the $3-4 billion range. I am sure it is hard for Netanyahu to be tough knowing that could get cut. Saying that, US has to worry about cutting it, because I would think the Jewish communities and Jewish business owners would just not invest their money here, but move it back overseas. Also, Israel has a top notch economy.

    I would also think that to Netanyahu, he is willing to cut off the aide if it means he can speak his mind and Israel does not have to give in to the 1967 borders.

  • Big L

    Or he could have fixed O’s tie by sliding up the knot, saying” my brother died
    liberating Iraelis and European Jews from a dictator. Figure out the rest,genius.
    Also not covered but in a response to a question on Sat, Obama said, well I sure hope the Israelis take these issues to heart,and listen. Otherwise they are going to find themselves isolated.
    That is a threat, folks.And that is what I heard on the radio

  • Redwine

    About the “sweat beads” on Bibi’s forehead. I read somewhere that Barry likes the heat turned way up. (He maintains a massive carbon footprint – LOL.) The room was probably sweltering. Barry is such a cold fish, he has no problem withstanding heat.

  • Faye

    #23 jetstream, a stoned POTUS? Just who really is calling the shots from the oval office when O is high? No wonder he has voted “present” so many times.

  • neverends

    #38 Without a shadow of a doubt it is the evil George “New World Order, Open Society” Soros. He wants to be the ruler of the world – in his own words – and he thinks he has the perfect puppet in the drug-addled maniac Marxists in the WH.

    Even if people are not religious, we had better get on our knees and pray as if your life depended upon it – because it does. Evil is in human form and both Soros & Obama are the real-life representatives.

  • bob loblaw

    To paraphrase a classic SNL skit, Netanyahu has chunks of guys like Obama in his stool. He will not be intimidated by this punk. His interaction with O indicates more of an indignation to have to enlighten this arrogant egotist on the basics of Israeli/Palestinian history and strategic defense. He’d sooner swat him away and get back to some real work than entertain this fool. Wish Netanyahu was our POTUS!!

  • jorgen

    No, Obozo is envious! He now knows what a real leader looks like, sounds like and smells like! Did you all notice that Obozo has serious problems in London whenever there were no teleprompter?

  • Ipso Facto

    That’s not the look of contempt – its jealousy!

    There couldn’t be a more stark comparison between the inexperienced and inept ideologue and the mature and experience statesman. Thank God this meeting was in front of the entire world!

    This is where we can all see that Obama has nothing more than impractical, radical, liberal progressive ideas in his head. Heretofore he has been able to sell them. John McCain, simply was NOT the best we could throw up against Obama. McCain, although an honorable veteran, didn’t do a damn thing after the war that wasn’t “expedited along” by his wife’s money and connections. In effect, McCain is yet another example of a man propelled into his job by factors quite other than his expertise and intelligence.

    This all noted, McCain and Bush and many other Republicans are nothing more than members of the good old white boy club, products of privilege and otherwise people who manipulated the system( or got it manipulated for them) to get into politics, Obama came in and spoke to the people like a bit more polished and political version of Flav-O’Flav and he thus entertained people into electing him against a poor dolt white boy. Obama thus won the popularity contest.

    The problem for Obama is that while it may be a popularity contest BEFORE the election, its quite a different matter afterwards. Obama the entertainer has never had the chops to even play in the band and now its even worse and more embarrassing for him and his troupe that he’s trying to lead it.

    In this meeting with Netanyahu, Obama is thus shown up BIGTIME as the elder statesman completely cleans his clock. Obama simply isn’t in the same league as Netanyahu. Too bad for us! This is why the GOP needs to clean out the trash and get someone to run against Obama that can hold their own against his significant entertainment skills. That’s why Trump got so far so fast – he’s an entertainer. If we can get a candidate that can whip up the crowd (instead of lull them in to complacency like McCain) we can put Obama back on the farm team where he belongs. My bet is that Sara Palin has the charisma, competence and energy level to get people fired up and do Obama in. I hope she goes for it!

    Team Obama cannot compete against Palin because she has an energy level equal or greater than his, and she also is a competent patriot. She can win the popularity contest and then effectively lead the country thereafter because she has the chops. Run Sara run!

  • annie p

    And Obama says: nana boo boo stick your head in doo doo. So HA. Take that Bibi! The Kenyan is beyond contemptible. Maybe he likes the heat high because he is the Devil! That scar on his head is where he had the 666 removed.

  • Susan

    Lord help me, but I totally despise this man. I’m not a hateful person, but this idiot just pushes my buttons. If the MSM had done it’s job (like they’re supposed to do), he would have been exposed a long time ago. The problem is that they are still covering for him. If you’ll notice, O’Reilly objects when Ms. Reiman calls Obambi a liar. Way to stick by your guns, Ms. Reiman! Calling a spade a spade. Ooops, is that racist?


    odumbass has contempt for anyone who disagrees with his policys to destroy america

  • Jack

    Obama is the world’s friend. His only enemies are American citizens who refuse to vote for him.

  • Mrs. X

    Lets hope our 2012 candidate follows Bibi’s lead and goes after 0bama with the same vigor.

    0bama got a talkin’ to. Something I suspect has not happened very often in his pathetic life.

  • daryl

    His whole demeanor shows his contempt for the guy when he’s in Netanyahu’s presence. The eyes show it the most but it’s as if his whole body tenses up no matter how much he tries not to show it.

  • JKH

    They do not like each other? What is that? Netanyahu was “arrogant” or “condescending”? There a moral equivalency going here and worse, it is forced. Netanyahu was not in the least “condescending” or “arrogant.” He was honest, truthful, and I almost thought he was pleading for understanding and some common sense and he did that with dignity.

    There is no moral equivalence here. Obama hates Netanyahu and Israel. Netanyahu wants and has every right to expect his friends to act in what is clearly Israel’s best existential interest.

    I don’t appreciate the passive anti Israel sentiment Reiman and O’Reilly display at all.

  • Jerry C

    @ #15 ruready-“He has his father’s eyes”

    That would be haSatan.

  • Aliveritas

    Netanyahu was disappointed he had to give a grown man history lessons.

    We all know how frustrating it is when giving common sense to the brainwashed.

    As Yuri Bezmenov said, the Russians would infiltrate so well… the next generation wouldn’t believe the truth if they saw, heard, experienced it themselves.

    So it is.

  • Pat the First

    Netanyahu has good reason to dislike Obama. Have you ever been in the presence of someone that you know just does not respect you? You know it immediately. Remember, the last time Obama and Bibi were together Obama left Bibi sitting there while he went to dinner with his family. I am thinking that there is more to that meeting than we know. Maybe some day Bibi will write about it in some book.

  • mrt

    “Narcissists don’t like being challenged.”

    Although part of it, it’s not the narcissism,
    it’s his deep-seated hatred of Israel.

    From Aaron Goldstein’s AmSpec article, “Obama Parties Like It’s 1967”,

    This comment says it all:

    Timothy xxxxxxx| 5.20.11 @ 8:38AM
    • “To all of my USEFUL IDIOT, Jewish “Older Cousins”, I say: What did you THINK he was gonna do?
    Born to a Muslim/Marxist Father and an Atheist/Communist Mother. Raised in Muslim Indonesia, til the age of 11. Attended MUSLIM SCHOOLS. At Muslim Schools they ;teach’: “Look out! There’s a JEW behind that rock! KILL HIM! He attended MOSQUE. “Death to America! Death to Israel! He knelt on his Prayer Rug, facing Mecca, and prayed to a Muslim God of MURDER, RAPE, MUTILATION and CRUELTY, 5 times a day.
    He sat in the Pews of a Vicious RACIST, ANTI-SEMITE, for 20 Years. Had him perform his Marriage. Had him Baptize his children in to his Church of HATE. He attended the JEW HATING, Louis Farrakhan’s Rallies. His wife is FRIENDS with the JEW HATING, Louis Farrakhan’s wife. He started his Political Career, in the living room of Domestic Terrorists, and well known JEW HATERS – Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. They have already tried to get one “Aid Boat” past the Israeli Blockade, and are readying another. Skip Gates. The Black Panthers. PLO Recruiter Khalid Rashidi. The L.A. Times is still REFUSING to release the VIDEO, that they have, of Barack Hussein Obama, at his good friend, Khalid the Jew Killer’s Going Away Party. I wonder why they won’t release it? Don’t you?
    And, of course, who can forget, the Piasse de Resistance?
    If you’d like, you can go to the Official Web Site of HAMAS, and purchase for yourself, a Drinking Mug, emblazoned with the face of ABU HUSSAIN. aka Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro.
    HAMAS believes that Obama has been sent by Allah to DESTROY THE JEWS. They have given him the name: ABU HUSSAIN. His picture on the Mugs, has him in an ARAB Hat, with the Traditional Checkered Dish Rag around his neck.
    THEY BELIEVE that he is the DELIVERER!
    And with his SPEECH, yesterday, they just might be on to something.”

  • MamaGrizzly

    The (secret) son of Malcolm X thinks he’s a god, or G-d.

    Never, ever, ever underestimate a Malignant Narcissist. They are like those with anti-social personality disorder (sociopaths), but with a greater and more sustained focus and need for people to honor them.

    To Barack, his delusions ARE his reality. That’s why it’s so shocking to the rest of us, who are pro-social, that he doesn’t seem to care, to pay attention to the real needs of others, to be in touch with the American people–our (true) history, aspirations, values. He is essentially married to an ideology that serves his narcissism. He is NOT even IN the same world with the rest of us. Does that make sense? Stop being shocked and start analyzing him for what he is.

    Just remember–he’s a very smart shrewd calculating and determined malignant narcissist. So when he feels threatened, he will be worse. 2011-2012 should be interesting.

  • Rik

    Give Barry credit for noticing how frigging smug Bibi is. Still glad its Bibi playing this hand and not folk like Ehud Barak.

  • Video: Clueless Obama Chewing Gum (Nicorette) at the Joplin Memorial

  • Rathtyen

    The comments highlighting Obama’s contempt, not only for Netanyahu, but also for the “common” USA, are an interesting contrast to the film clips and pictures of Sarah Palin at Rolling Thunder. There is Palin with the “common” folk, clearly having a ball and loving it.

    Obama is an elitist, and like most elitists, he is more image than substance.

    Unfortunately, and pretty much alone in the world, only Canada and its leadership have the moral courage to do the right thing and publicly stand up for Israel.

  • Travis

    Geez as the old saying goes “If looks could kill”.