Fatah Reconciles With Hamas; US Now Officially Funding Islamic Terrorism; How Will Obama Proceed?

Photo by: REUTERS/Abd Alhalim Abu Aska

The One was suddenly put into another sticky foreign policy “distraction” today. Poor Barry. Does he abandon his fringe base and cut off funding now that the reconciliation of Fatah (kinda-sorta terror group) and Hamas (super-duper terror group) is official? Or does he continue the trend of befriending America’s enemies while bus-tossing our allies. For the sake of consistency, I think the latter is the most likely scenario.

The Jerusalem Post reported:

Following a series of secret meetings in Cairo and Damascus over the past few weeks, Hamas and Fatah announced on Wednesday that they have struck a deal to form a “national unity” government and hold elections after one year.

The agreement, which has been hailed by both sides as “historic,” was reached under the auspices of the Egypt’s Foreign Ministry and General Intelligence Force.

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UPDATE: Via zip from Elliot Abrams

This deal, if it is real, will be interpreted in Israel as a choice by Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas to make peace with Hamas rather than with Israel. It is hard to see how Israel could negotiate with a Palestinian government half or more of which represents a terrorist group dedicated to attacking the Jewish State. Formally, it is not the Palestinian Authority but the PLO that negotiates with Israel, but that formality will hold little political weight. As this deal does not appear to require Hamas to change one word of its violently anti-Semitic Charter, the new Palestinian government would hardly be a peace partner.

Other questions arise. Will Salam Fayyad, the current prime minister, maintain his post? If not, how will Congress and other donors feel about continuing the aid flow to the PA? Even if Fayyad remains, will Congress vote aid funds for this new half-Hamas government? What will lawyers at the Treasury and State Departments say about the participation of a terrorist group in the PA government? Will it even be legal to give funds to the PA?

We’ll all know more in the coming days, but this move by President Abbas vastly complicates U.S. efforts in the region and the Obama Administration’s current negotiations with Prime Minister Netanyahu. How can he be expected to lean far forward in seeking a deal with the Palestinian leadership just when it is leaning away from Israel and toward

UPDATE: Via Israel Matzav

Danielle Pletka points out that if this story is correct, the United States is required by law to cut off all aid to the ‘Palestinian Authority,’ because Hamas is considered a terror organization under US law.

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  • toongoon

    As soon as he’s done filming the Oprah show, he wants to right on the important stuff, no more carnival side shows. Well, maybe after a couple of campaign stops… well, after he does another fundraiser too. Wow, he’s REALLY serious now. Where are gas prices today? Any white people been beaten this week? Any new wars this month?

  • BHO will come down on the same side he always comes down on … the wrong side for America.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • #2 me:

    Oh, and the wrong side of Israel as well. Sorry, I’m kind of Real Politick self-interested that way.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  • Big L

    Ruh-Roh…I wonder if thsoe two will join all the Palis that Hillary Clintoon and Obama brought in for asylum..120,000. Oh yes. Better check out Larry Grathwohl on you tube . He wore a wire for the FBI in and amongst the SDSers and Weathermen.
    just the beginning. Like Jack Nicholson as Joker said:”we’ve been ratted out,boys!”

  • Susan

    The Professional Left does not recognize US Law, they have their own Social Justice.

    Social Justice is the EVIL Torturer and We Are People are the Tortured.

  • The US is already financing Hamas through the Palestinian Authority, because Hamas’ leadership and police in Gaza are paid by the Palestinian Authority which is funded by the United States.

  • mikeSilver

    Assuming Obama, praise be his name, follows the law and cuts off the the $500M to $1B of aid the PA recieves directly from us or through the UNRWA, the Mahmoud Abbas will have reduced spending MORE than the Republicans in the recent budget deal.

    Reduce Spending – Vote for Mahmoud Abbas for President.

  • Fed up

    Obama and holder will force it through going against the law.

    Surprised? Not after watching this INEPT BUFFOON for 2 years.

  • Baracky H. Obama

    Let me make this perfectly clear, as I’ve always said, we will never cease to oppose those who, in their understandable rage, mistakenly resort to causing man made disasters. That being said, this news is confirmation that our policies are bearing fruit in the Mid-east. Therefore, we must be resolved to continue our humanitarian support for the Palestinian people and their aspirations.

    Thank you, and God bless AmeriKKKa.

  • SandyfromChesterfield

    This is the same as the unions and the communists marching together in Wisconsin and other states. “The ends justifies the means”. They want to destroy Israel and this is the only way they can get it done.

  • codekeyguy

    He will follow his normal course of supporting muslim jihadists, and muslim states, to the detriment of both Israel and the United States. I no longer consider him a fool. He is a communist provociteur.

  • indccc

    What could someone do to keep this sort of news low key? Release a Birth Certificate? Anything else going on they don’t want to get much news play?

    Just sayin’!

  • AuntieMadder

    #12 April 27, 2011 at 6:58 pm
    indccc commented:

    What could someone do to keep this sort of news low key? Release a Birth Certificate? Anything else going on they don’t want to get much news play?

    Just sayin’!

    Bingo! I’m starting to think that Abbas and the Dancing Queen have more to do with the presentation of the recreated abstract birth certificate today than Trump or anyone else on this side of the pond. The irony, if that’s true, is that the real issue that the politicians have called a “distraction” for the last three years was the distraction Barky needed today.

  • P. Aaron

    HAMAS & FATAH = Crips & The Bloods. Cheap ass gangsters all it seems, influenced by Chicago politics.


    Odumbo doesn’t care about US law…he will continue to destroy america from the inside out…I hope people wake up because 2012 is just around the corner

  • indccc commented:

    What could someone do to keep this sort of news low key? Release a Birth Certificate? Anything else going on they don’t want to get much news play?


    Exactly! Typically Obama WH strategy.

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