Critics: Obama’s Latest Long-Form Birth Certificate Is a Fake …Update: More Expert Opinion

Long-form pdf link.

Photoshop expert and author of more than 17 books on computer graphics Mara Z. sent this in:
This is so maddening to listen to the media on this recent revelation… it’s such an obvious fake.

(Click on image for larger view)

Look at the attached JPG… (which shows what you will see when opening the PDF in Illustrator and how to get there)… but to recap… if you open the PDF in Illustrator (instead of Photoshop) – Select the entire document and go to the Object menu and choose Clipping Mask > Release. Repeat as necessary until all clipping masks are released. Also open the Layer and turn off the visibility of each clipping group and you can see all the numerous places in which information was added (edited) into the form.

Lastly, look at the attached 1961 sample image found on the Internet of a legitimate 1961 Hawaii Birth Certificate (which someone posted to show what a real certificate would look like from that year in Hawaii)… look at the marks on this Internet version and you can see this was the template for Obama’s BC handiwork. The handwriting is exactly the same between posted Internet image and Obama’s fake version — the placement of boxes and marks are in the exact same position, dates are where the modified clipping masks occur to adjust dates to fit for Obama, but the handwriting of dates match (except for the clipping mask changes). Even the Cert. number is only off by the last two digits (which…you guessed it… happens to be a clipping mask layer).

Finally, also wanted to make the point that regardless of where Obama is born, he’s still not a Natural Born Citizen since both parents were not born on U.S. soil but I won’t hold my breath waiting for the media to educate the public on this fact.

More doubt… Another graphics designer reported it was a fake.

UPDATE: Another expert John G. sent in these comments and this image:
(Click to Enlarge)

I have been using Adobe Illustrator since the original version (Illustrator 88) came out in 1988.
I have attached a few Illustrator files that I believe will provide evidence that I am indeed an illustrator expert. I can send out the original files if you wish.

The comments made by Mara Z are very interesting. The first question is – what was the source of this pdf file? If the pdf file came from Obama’s people, the claims that this document was “doctored” may indeed be of merit. The first question is, why are there any layers on this document at all? It was clearly created in Photoshop, which is always used for image processing.

The second question is, if you look at the file I have sent as Obama Certificate Actions 01, you can see in the actions palette that there were 24 actions performed on this file before it was made into a pdf. Many of the actions are not Illustrator functions, but are Photoshop actions. Thus, this file was created in Photoshop, and exported as Photoshop 5 (why, that’s a very old version?) and it was next saved for the web (a Photoshop action) three times.

Again, first, we need to ascertain where this file came from.

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  • Lisa G in NZ

    good post… this is maddening isn’t it!

  • aprilnovember811

    Pamela Geller will be on Fox Business with Eric Bolling at 10:00PM to talk about this.
    Obama Gaslights the American People

  • My Brain Hurts

    Much more to come… including the ultimate “TRUMP CARD” – BHO’s Connecticut SSN… 042-68-4425

    P.I. Susan Daniels predicted 2 weeks ago, that a B.C. would appear soon and it would be a fake – – today her prediction came true.

  • Marvin

    If it looks too good to be true…….

  • Justine

    So, consider this possibility: Obummer is born (to Dunham and Obama, Sr.) A birth certificate is filed. Obummer is adopted by Soetoro. The birth certificate is modified. Obummer is dumped by Soetoro by divorce. The birth certificate is modified. Obummer takes his first father’s name. The birth certificate is modified. In the meantime, the long-form birth certificate is lost.

    So, Obummer requests a copy of his birth certificate. The only document Hawaiii provides is the COLB, with such requests. The trouble with the first COLB is that it’s been modified numerous times. Perhaps, in order to provide a true and correct copy (today) of Obummer’s birth record, some adjustments needed to be made.

    Just a theory…

  • MsJake

    Why does the one cert have Honolulu, Oahu and BHO’s have Honolulu, Hawaii in box 7a?

  • toongoon

    Oh no. Just when Shepard Smith wanted all this to be over. Unfortunately, this is going to haunt zero until his destruction is stopped.




  • DRJ

    Comparing the Obama and the Nordyke birth certificates, why does the same hospital have different addresses?

  • DRJ

    Or is that the parents’ address?

  • tvlgds

    It’s clearly a fake. There is no state seal. There is no such race as “African.” In 1960, it would be been “Negro” or “Negroid.”

  • StrangernFiction

    Face it, when the State Department is considering asking people if they were circumcised at birth, nothing from this regime should be taken at face value.

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  • Josh

    Oh come on, guys. You’re chasing your tails. You’ve become the 9-11 truther movement of the right. The guy is a disaster, no doubt. Fight him on his actions, not on this silly nonsense. You’re embarassing the rest of us, and you’re making the right look foolish. We’re supposed to be the responsible party – let this go and start acting that way.

  • Joe

    Please know that NEITHER parent needs to be a US Citizen for a person to be considered a natural-born citizen. The person just needs to be born in the United States. That’s why so many are angry that illegal citizens from Mexico come here and have babies here, because those babies are automatically American citizens.

    More info here:

  • Andrew X

    I dunno, this is kinda dangerous, because if you don’thave your case down cold, and I mean COLD, you are just going to actually play the role that many say Obama has been trying to set up: that of demented and obsessed gadflys who cannot give it up, like the scummy, insectile “9/11 truthers”.

    I know nothing of photoshop. But I say this, and why I am going to find it hard to believe they would release a forgery–

    If Mara Zebest is right, then she will not be the only photoshop analyst who can confirm it. I assume that more than one crime has been solved by photoshop forensics, and that surely there are many such experts who are not members of the Democratic National Committee.

    If multiple people on multiple fronts start agreeing, then you have something. If not, then it’s time to let this one go, because at this point, without that, it really could start to harm the conservative effort.

    And if it were really in question by multiple experts…… hoo boy…..

  • Matt Cobb

    If it is fake you aren’t doing a very good job of showing it. Most of what you said is basically “it looks the same”, well duh it is a form. And the # would likely be close because they were born a day apart. Could be fake, but you def wouldn’t be the one to tell.

  • alan

    Why does Obama’s certificate on the 4th have a higher number than the one on the 5th?

  • Joe

    In addition, I’d like to add that the President’s people would have to be true idiots to put out a birth certificate that is clearly a fake. If true, then the President doesn’t deserve to be president to have chosen idiots to serve him. My take is that this certificate is true because there are way too many of us Photoshop experts out there that could prove a certificate to be false. As an expert myself, I can vouch that Mara is incorrect here.