“Reformer” Assad Sends in Army & Fires on Freedom Protesters

On Sunday Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said that the United States would would not intervene in Syria because President Assad was a “reformer.” Of course, the evidence that the Syrian dictator is a reformer is slim to none.

Later on Sunday President Assad sent his army into Latakio to quell the freedom protests. And today the regime opened fire on the protesters in Darwa.

So much for reform.

Reuters reported:

Syrian security forces opened fire on hundreds of demonstrators chanting against emergency laws in the southern city of Deraa on Monday, a witness said.

The demonstrators had converged on a main square in the city, chanting “We want dignity and freedom” and “No to emergency laws,” the witness said.

Two Reuters journalists are reported missing in Syria

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  • Blood for Oilbama

    Smart Power! Winning!

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  • Neo

    Assad knows how to negotiate

  • There is blood on “Her Thighness’s hands, as a result of the Reformer comment.

  • Blood for Oilbama

    Yes, Warlord, tis’ true. The Hilldebeast must be raging about like a heifer with mad cow disease due to the confusion caused by her master al-Bama and the Jihadis wanting to set up the Great Caliphate.

  • Ladue Pundit

    How did the Assad family ascend to power? Syria, like Lebanon, was once a Christian nation that respected religious minorities. Until the Christian leaders were assasinated.

    It’s now devolved into the repressed anarchy that results when Muslims overlords rule. These people don’t want “freedom and dignity.” They are Muslims, and Muslims want sharia, which is the opposite of those things.

    Translate the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers for them. That’s all the help they need. Oh, and a Bible. Good luck with that democracy thing, Islamists.

  • Somewhat Reasonable Voice

    Freedom protesters? I doubt it. Useful fools for the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Quada.

    All the Middle East uprisings are synchronized and engineered by the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • Andreas K.

    “We want dignity and freedom”

    Sorry folks, as long as you have islam you won’t get either.

  • Dave-O

    Has Chelsea enlisted yet?

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  • Ladue Pundit

    Dave-O commented:
    Has Chelsea enlisted yet?
    Great point. Bush’s daughters were always being asked that question. Do any of our “freedom loving” politicians have any skin in the game? And I mean quite literally–flesh and blood–like Sarah Palin’s son.

  • Mark1957

    Once they have their Great Caliphate in place, which they are doing with the help of Obama, they will be able to achieve the following;

    1) Control the worlds oil supply and use it as a weapon against the west by selling it to China & India at reduced rates while jacking the price to $200+ a barrel for the US and Europe.

    2) Wipe Israel off the map by joining forces to defend Hamas.

    Drill here, Drill now.

  • To criticise the government for not intervening in Syria, and criticise it for intervening in Libya is contradictory.

  • Finncrisp

    Let us try and process what is really happening here. It would seem that Al-Queda is changing tactics. They are throwing long standing governments under the bus to redefine Moslem main stream. Mubarak, Quadafi, now Assad. They want younger, more aggresive activists to push their terrorist agenda.

    So far we are facilitating this event. Can we have a do over?

  • No Man

    Shillary is being consistent.

    As co-president she ordered similar secret police actions in Waco, TX . . .

  • Rock

    Who honestly believes any of what is happening in this area of the world thinks its a coincident? Who is the big winner? Not us by any stretch of the imagination. So why are we wasting billions of dollars, using our resources, and putting our service members in harms way. There is no upside for us, we already know Al-Qaeda is involved, and Iran as well. In the end those seeking freedom will only trade one form of oppression for another.

    We are involved in saving our own nation from the same mindset that favors oppression over self rule. If we fail to win over the traitorous elements that now infect our own government we will never again be the bright light for those who seek freedom elsewhere.

    All of this is just another diversion to further divide our attention from the crises here at home. Nothing we do there will change the hate the populace in that part of the world holds for us, and will only fuel the rage of those within our own borders.

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  • pst314

    Why would Hillary Clinton see Assad as a “reformer”?

    Because Assad is a Ba’athist, which means he is a fascist.

    A leftist like Hillary will always feel an instinctive affinity for other leftists, no matter how tyrannical.

    Remember “it takes a village”? Everything within the state, nothing outside the state.

  • StrangernFiction

    #16 March 28, 2011 at 10:18 am
    Rock commented:

    And for all the blood and treasure that we have spent in Iraq and Afghanistan we are going to do nothing to move these people’s loyalties away from the cult of Islam.

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

  • dunce

    Hillary the hog said today that,”there is a difference between bombing and strafing your people and killing them with small arms”, with her nervous chuckle. Somehow the latter are not quite as dead or they deserved to be shot dead. Do not question the wisdom of the smartest woman in the world!

  • bg


    time for San Fran Nan to step in & calm the waters.. /s/


  • when did hillary ever tell the truth about anything?

  • pst314 the baath party was founded by MARXISTS.