Far Left Protesters Now Videotaping License Plates at Scott Walker Fundraisers

The “tolerant” far left protesters in Wisconsin are now videotaping the license plates of cars attending Scott Walker fundraisers and tagging their cars with protest signs.

The radical left held a rally last night outside a Scott Walker fundraiser in Washburn. They rambled incoherently to reporters about the rich corporations taking their last pennies. The usual commie stuff…
The leftists even videotaped the license plates of donors at the Scott Walker fundraiser.
The Duluth News Tribune reported:

People were definitely saying their piece, greeting each vehicle that arrived for the dinner with shouts of “Shame!” while waving protest signs and shaking their fists. One person videotaped the license plates of at least some of the vehicles that entered.

Protesters banged pots, shook tambourines at car windows and sounded horns. Most of the drivers and their passengers stared straight ahead. They had to navigate through a narrow tunnel formed by protesters on both sides, held back by Bayfield County sheriff’s deputies and rally organizers.

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  • Militant Conservative

    I have a fire extinguisher and insurance for the unthinkable.
    Some of you out there may wish to get your CHL for the same reason.
    At some point the left will get violent, and as we have seen. Even the cops won’t help you.

    YOUR the first responder. Powder is dry.

  • Missy8s

    Be forewarned!

    The radicals from the unionistas, Code Pinko, “ANSWER Coalition”, the greenies, socialists and anarchists are planning RIOTS for this next weekend!

    Info Here: http://www.answercoalition.org/national/index.html

    Forewarned is forearmed!

  • Ella

    It’s only a matter of time before we, the new majority, are going to put a stop to this. We outnumber them. These fools don’t realize it and are cruisin’ for a bruisin’. We won last November, and our numbers have only gotten greater since then.

  • Andreas K.

    This is why rubber bullets should be legal.

  • vityaz

    “We know who you are and we know where to find you”

  • Ron

    This is an attempt to provoke violence. They want to see someone lose their temper and react violently to give them the excuse they need to do: 1) use it as propaganda against conservatives, GOP, Walker, etc., and 2) use it as a reason to use violence themselves.

  • No Man

    Long past time for taxpayers to go on strike.

    Dozens of death threats, assaults, etc. Obama AWOL as usual. Just love the new “civility.”

  • Taqiyyotomist

    By the end of the day, there will be bricks through windows.

    Mark my words. That’s just what “these people” do. It’s all they know.

    OT, and… Damn.


    The U.N. Commission on the Status of Women (CSW) passed a resolution condemning Israel for its treatment of Palestinian women. Other action by the CSW? None!

    Satan, for now, and for not much longer, OWNS this world.

  • @No Man#7…you make a great point. Time for us to go on strike and see how long these douchbags will last without our tax money. They can’t throw us ALL in jail.

  • Buffalobob

    Students, do you know where your union thug is?

  • Ginger

    Do not buy union automobiles. The UAW is doomed! Do not buy UAW automobiles. Lets put a lot of those scums out of work! If you can afford it put your children in private schools or home school them! Save your state a lot of money by closing a lot of their schools so the scum teachers can be on the unemployment benefits. Let the 9 months a year spoiled scums find out what it is like to be unemployed.

    Ok! Who else can we teach a lesson that lives off of us? Lets Roll!

  • Joe College

    I would imagine every tactic has been approved by Team Obama.

  • lynched1

    Ready when they think they are.

  • Beachluver

    I am in much need of a new car…but Ginger you are sooooo right…wil NOT NOT NOT buy a union thug car….sooooo much wanted a Chevy Cruise but will look to A ford Focus….I will only buy American…..hope this WOO HOO! win with patriot Walker will sweep across the land…so Kasich, Christie etc…..STAY STRONG do NOT BACK DOWN from this slime!!!!!!!

  • BetterDeadthanRed

    They will take the video and if WI has as some states a law that allows the dtate to give you address of the lic holder, if not one of the commie cops will get the address for them.

    Those supporters need to invest in a good attack dog , feed him bloody meat and gun powder .:)

  • Betsy Ross

    Gov. Walker just proved his mettle and needs to run for POTUS.

    Walker/West 2012

  • Rock

    #9 March 13, 2011 at 6:07 pm
    Deekaman commented:

    @No Man#7…you make a great point. Time for us to go on strike .


    Sounds good, but they would only garnish your wadges. But we really do need and effective counter to the Socialist in D.C.

  • ditto

    Remember people, Ford took a secret bailout. Dont be fooled, Ford was the only one not taken over by the govt, because they are special..but they took taxpayer money big time. We should be helping the car companies bust the union, not destroying them! Google the Ford Foundation and see who used to work there! And heres the link to what got…15.9 BILLION.


  • ditto
  • Ginger

    Old story but a reminder of what the evil doers have been doing.


  • FrankR

    These people are weak pussies. they can’t make it on their own, so they need to be in a “gang’, other-wise known as a union.

  • Granny

    #14 March 13, 2011 at 6:30 pm
    Beachluver commented:

    I am in much need of a new car…but Ginger you are sooooo right…wil NOT NOT NOT buy a union thug car….sooooo much wanted a Chevy Cruise but will look to A ford Focus….I will only buy American…..hope this WOO HOO! win with patriot Walker will sweep across the land…so Kasich, Christie etc…..STAY STRONG do NOT BACK DOWN from this slime!!!!!!!

    If I was going to buy a car right this minute, I would buy Japanese. If anybody needs a helping hand right this very minute, Japan would be it and I don’t give the first red cent to the RedX.

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  • squeaky

    [Though Superior Bank collapsed years before the current sub-prime turmoil that is rocking the world’s financial markets – and pushing those millions of homeowners toward foreclosure – some banking experts say the Pritzkers and Superior hold a special place in the history of the sub-prime fiasco.
    “The [sub-prime] financial engineering that created the Wall Street meltdown was developed by the Pritzkers and Ernst and Young, working with Merrill Lynch to sell bonds securitized by sub-prime…..]
    and then there’s marilyn katz and bettylu saltzman

  • Ron

    What’s happening in the aftermath of Walker’s victory is clearly intimidation and these far-leftists would love nothing more than to becoming a modern and Americanized version of the NKVD. While they are seemingly weak at this moment in time they have the intentions of driving out anyone in politics and on the stage of political and cultural opinion that differs from themselves. A very fitting quote concerning these people, although an unorthodox use of the term, is “a watched pot never boils”. We need to pay attention to these people since their threats and threatening behavior is just not posturing.

    By watching i mean attending their protests in silence without revealing who we are while documenting as much as we can and doing the same throughout their online communities, blogs and various other internet ‘hangouts’.

    We too are workers but are the ones they disrespect and downright hate. But, at the same time, we are also the majority and far-leftists realize that. We too need to realize that but, unlike the left, not let our numbers go to our heads with arrogance. While they concentrate on their little tit-for-tat battles such as the collective bargaining ‘battle’ we need to think larger than that. We need to make ours a message that finds it way perfectly melding into society as a whole instead of being force-fed through flashiness like the American left believes can be done. We are the majority and have the responsibility of such a position to guarantee the future of this nation geographically, educationally, economically and beyond.

  • Ginger

    If the unions are using “Obama’s loot” then we are paying for their rallys. If the unions are footing the bill then I say rah rah rah. It just helps to drain their big piggy bank just a little faster. Remember the ACORN helpers who did the voter sign up drive and they did not get their paychecks in time or not enough money? Remember how loud they screamed for their money do you think the groups that they are hiring now are working for pennies on the dollar? I am shaking my head NO! 🙂

  • Ginger

    The rally they had yesterday did you see all those porta pottys lined up? Wonder how much that cost them?

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  • gin

    Neither side has a monopoly on bully tactics. At least the left doesn’t show up at funerals. You will not see liberals doing anything that you haven’t seen already… did they storm the Capitol? Liberals don’t like guns, remember!? You believe in the 2nd Amendment. We believe in the 1st. And if you haven’t noticed, your and my President has stayed out of the fray, allowing the people to speak for themselves. Fancy that!? Liberals don’t blindly follow their leaders…. 🙂

  • SturJen

    “We know who you are and we know where to find you”

    That’s great! I’ve got a shotgun AND a rifle. I’ll let you know which one I loaded when you get here!

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  • why don’t we start demonstrating?

  • paul

    I worked for Chrysler for 19 years – wife and I just purchased a Kia Spectre – first time ever that we have not bought either A Chrylser, Dodge or Plymouth – Dear UAW, thanks for getting me into an awesome car that I would not have even crossed my mind to consider until you pulled your stunts. Son puchased one as well – although, black is a sucky color for showing dirt. Tried to tell him, but guess he learned the hard way – next one will not be black

  • Pammy Faye

    Gin – The Westboro Baptist Church is not a conservative group. They aren’t even a church. Try as you might, you won’t find this type of behavior from any conservative groups. You guys are so desperate for thug behavior from the right, it’s killing you that you can’t find it.

    Tommy McDonnell – We don’t demonstrate like that because we have jobs to go to and no one (like the unions) to back us financially. Oh yeah, except those evil Koch brothers. And they are evil – they haven’t sent me ONE PENNY for all the rallies I’ve been to!

  • Why aren’t the people of Wisconsin embarrassed and outraged at this union thuggery?

  • Guy in Ohio

    Video taping license plates huh? That’s implied violence if I ever saw it … leftist thug tactics as usual. I wouldn’t let it scare me, but whatever happened to this new era of civility they keep talking about?

  • Radegunda

    Nice try at moral equivalancing, but the demonstrable fact is that any given left-wing protest is likely to have more venom and violence than all the thousands of Tea Parties combined. Tea Partiers were not hitting and shoving people around or biting fingers off or beating them up and sending them to the hospital with broken legs and such. Leftists and union goons have done all of the above to conservatives, without provocation.

    Conservatives never stormed government buildings and took them over in an effort to stop legislators from doing the business that the voters elected them to do. The death threats by leftists against conservatives have been far more numerous than vice versa.

    The way the leftists are ratcheting up the “incivility” and even talking of riots and revolution simply does not compare to the conservatives’ overwhelming well-behaved rallies. Saying they’re similar is a lie.

    Your side always has people bused in to your protests, often with mass-printed signage and matching T-shirts. Conservatives make their own signs and arrive on their own power.

    Your Community Organizer in Chief has made public pronouncements favoring the government union brats, besides using his “Organizing for America” agitating arm to ramp up the hostility. It’s very naive to think he’s not involved in any way.

  • Guy in Ohio

    Gin YOUR President hardly “stayed out” of this. He sent in his thugs to do his dirty work for him, and any fool knows it. We know whose side he’s on … the side that funnels him the most union dues money!

    Those Westboro people don’t speak for Conservatives, or any other sane people. Oh, and by the way, we believe in the ENTIRE Constitution, not just the first amendment. We know the difference between freedom of speech, and insurrection.

  • madisonguy

    Please note we are mad, but no body I know is planning violence or even to partake in a strike. We are working people, we have no interest in losing our jobs. I have seen some out of state protesters state this, but not from anyone I know. We were over 100,000 peaceful people last Saturday in shock to the callousness of Scott Walker and the republican senators. I don’t even promote leaving signs on others cars. I’m sorry you do not care about middle class, lower class, poor and sick people. You must be rich, because if you are not, then you are living a lie since this all about only helping a few very rich poeple. If you aare not one of them, then the attack is also on you. Wake up!

  • madison guy are you a taxpayer, if you are then its all about helping you. for public sector jobs the taxpayer foots the bill. in collective bargaining for public sector jobs the people footing the bill do not have a seat at the table. that seat was suppose to be filled by the politicans. but the politicans have abdicated that responsibility and now work in collusion with the unions to mutually fleece the taxpayers. something has to be done to stop the politicans from money laundering the tax dollars of the citizens thru the unions to finance their re-election. the unions launder the money in return for higher wages and better benefit packages. both parties, the unions workers and the RICH politicans benefit from the arrangement while the taxpayers are taking a bath. in case you haven’t notice your tax bill is greater than all you other bills put together. wake up we are broke, we can’t afford these policies anymore.

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  • alppuccino

    Ha! Madisonguy. Good one! Normally rich people sign the checks of working people. But in your instance it’s working people who sign your check, and you want automatic raises and Cadillac benefits. What happened to cause you to turn your back on working people Madisonguy? Why do you want your neighbors to be poor and unable to afford healthcare so that you can have your camper and motorcycle and boat? Why do you hate people Madisonguy?

  • SDN

    gin: all the Westboro gits are registered Democrats. Clean up your own mess.

  • alppuccino

    …..and why do you have your buddy punch you in so that you can go over to Tipsy McStaggers and drink all day on the taxpayers’ dime Madisonguy? Why do you take 3 hour naps in the broom closet and mark it down as overtime Madisonguy? Why are you so lazy Madisonguy?

  • oogum

    Pet peeve seen all over in comments on the internet:

    To be grammatically correct, YOUR is used as a possessive, such as “YOUR fried chicken is good” or “YOUR car is pretty” or “YOUR powder is dry.” Whatever.

    When using the verb “are” with “you” it is written as “you’re” In other words, to be correct it is “YOU’RE -you are- the first responder” and incorrectly as “YOUR the first responder.” OR “YOUR taking videos of my license plate?” which is stated correctly as, “YOU’RE – you are – taking videos of my license plate?”

    A grammar teacher failed somehow…

  • Jeannie

    Look it up – Fred Phelps ran for office as a Democrat!

  • Proud of Georgia

    This violence is backed by Obama. He wants to force a confrontation so he can order military law in this country. He is doing everything he can to desensitize US citizens to his new commie regime. Read your history folks, socialism is just the beginning. We have a large entitlement population, welfare population, who would welcome this form of government where all of us must take care of them while they sit on their asses and rake it in. Silly sheeple. Thank God there are more and more states starting to take control. God bless Wisconsin, Arizona, Georgia, and others who are standing up. We must remain calm, turn the other cheek and expose these violent Chicago-style thugs for who they really are! We have a lot of work ahead, and we will prevail. Send Obama packing in 2012!

  • alppuccino

    A grammar teacher failed somehow…

    And yet that same teacher wants more money, more benefits, and less students in the classroom. At the expense of the parents of the students poorly taught.

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  • oogum

    #49 May I add that it could be the student that failed. Maybe students in general are not that smart on certain subjects? You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink? Neither of my children made all A’s and neither did I.

  • average american

    Hit these union thugs the same way they attacked the KLAN, thier money.
    Sue the union locals that particpate in these intimidation, and violent tactics, and thus they will not be able to use this money to give to the democratic politicians.
    thus cutting the cycle.
    Besides if these tactics do not qualify for hate speech what does.

  • alppuccino

    #51 You’re free to add that, but then you fall into the trap that when a student excels in life thank a teacher, but when YOU’RE child fails YOUR to blame.

  • hutch1200

    I love the broad talking about “Rich Corporations’ Greed”. Ahem, ah toots, see, in “public(ly funded) union….taxpayers are the Rich you’re talking about.
    From now on I’m using the phrase “publicly funded unions”.
    “Let me be clear”. As my fovorite jagghoff would say.

  • xqqme

    More of the new civility from the Obama Administration,
    TimeMagazine: Wisconsin’s Governor Wins but is He Still ‘Dead Man Walker’?
    by Dawn Reiss/Wisconsin
    (Time magazine is merely a mouth piece for them).

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  • Squid

    And yet that same teacher wants more money, more benefits, and less students in the classroom.

    Fewer students in the classroom. Fewer. 😉

  • alppuccino

    Fewer students in the classroom. Fewer.

    Squid you bastard! I’m just as my teacher made me!

  • squeaky

    [Chicago students spend less time in school than children in most other urban districts. Will the new teacher’s contract—now in negotiations—fix the problem?] since this was in 2007 i wonder if it’s been fixed. being for the children and all.

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  • nativeamerican

    Look up the history of Labor Day, you will find that a union got so violent that the president at that time had to send in U.S. troops to keep them under control, there were even some Union members killed, which means even when a gun is in their face they are still violent. Islamobamao, may send in troops, but it will be to protect the unions, not the countries citizens.

  • just bob

    You do not seem to grasp the entire situation.
    1 Get license plate #’s
    2 Turn them over to union cops
    3 Get addresses from said union cops
    4 Attack you at home
    5 Attack my house and get shot
    6 Wait for union emt

  • hutch1200

    just bob commented:
    You do not seem to grasp the entire situation
    Bobs’s got a plan people. And I second the motion!
    Now all we need is a cool name for it. Like, operation “”Let ’em walk””, to my house”

  • richard40

    To just bob.
    Accurate sequence. One thing to add though. If the union thug comes to your house to threaten you, and possibly damage your property, or even beat you up, the union cops will not stop them. But if you get your gun and shoot the union thug, after the union thug threatens you at your home, the union cops will definitely arrest you for the shooting.

  • theduchessofkitty

    “Video taping license plates huh? That’s implied violence if I ever saw it … leftist thug tactics as usual.”

    Implying future terror and violence against opponents… Kind of like burning a cross on someone’s front yard. That was the KKK’s way on its heyday.

    Hey! I have an idea! They call the Tea Partiers “Nazis”, and we call the unions the “KKK”. Sounds fair…

  • richard40

    To those who harp on Walker only helping “rich corporations”, might I point out that his target is public employee unions, not private unions, and their employers are the taxpayers. True, some taxpayers are rich, but most of them are middle class folks, and we resent all our hard earned tax dollars going down the public employee union rathole.

    I might also point out that union and progressive heroes, like George Meany and FDR, opposed public employee unions, and such unions did not exist till the 70’s.

  • anonymous

    Don’t get violent. They are ratcheting up the pressure, they are turning up intimidation techniques, and are using all manners of threats. They are whipping their members up into a frenzy and will lose control and become violent, we need to document. We need self control and restraint. The first violence committed will be by them, but they have a fawning media. Document, and get the word out, in this day and age of the internet, partisan media portrayals only go so far.

    Document and be prepared to file charges. As for the guy video taping license plates, we need to push back, video tape him and press charges. When they hurl death threats that claim to know where you live, then video taping license plates is assault dont let him get away with it. Document him, and press the charges, if the union police are non-responsive document their non-responsiveness. Keep your cool, and be willing to take a punch, and turn the other cheek if it means more documented evidence exposing them.

  • saljopatriot

    beachluver.. check where your Fords, Chevies and other so called ‘American’ vehicles are made, and where the parts come from. I wouldn’t have a ford if you gave it to me, so I don’t have the faintest idea what their window stickers say, but I believe that toyota employs at least thousands of American workers at plants across the country. Just saying…… One municipality had the same issue with heavy equipment.. ended up buying ‘kubota’ or some such name, because the so called “American’ brands really weren’t..

  • LibsAreCommies

    And these are the people “teaching” your kids.
    How long is our society going to tolerate this uncivilized behavior from these angry Leftists?
    Isn’t confronting intimidation and bullying the trendy thing these days?
    The police should mow down union LibCommie thugs with automatic weapon fire.
    Then outlaw unions.

  • Constance M Tomlin

    To all of the rhetoric concerning the reaction to the actions of the governor of Wisconsin’s action concerning unions, I say if the move were meant to be a fiscally responsible move concerning budget shortfalls, the would have been coresponding cuts across the board such as a 25 percent cut to the salaries of the elected officials whose salaries, health insurance benefits and pensions were rising also. This single minded action just substantiates why unions were needed and formed in the first place.

  • More “I know where you live” intimidation from the Neo-Bolsheviks.

    Typical behavior from knuckle dragging mouthbreathers who can’t read the ‘new civility’ memo.

  • That’s okay, I’m using the license plate I nicked off the union bus. I’ll toss it when I’m done.

  • Radegunda

    Madisonguy #40, if you belong to a public-sector union, you are better off than the average person who’s taxed to pay your salary and benefits.

    We are angry about the spoiled entitlement mentality of government employees, and their lack of concern for the struggles of people trying to make a living in the productive sector. But you will never see our side using the intimidation tactics that your side is displaying, such as occupying a government building and trying forcibly to prevent elected legislators from doing their work on behalf of the general population.

  • Radegunda

    Constance M Tomlin,

    If you’re a product of the public schools, your comment demonstrates why so many of us believe that public school teachers are overpaid for their scant nine months of work a year.

    In addition to your bad grammar, there’s your patently facetious argument that if they (the Republicans) were serious about fiscal discipline, they would have cut elected officials’ salaries etc. by 25 percent — when the legislation DOES NOT CUT the current salaries or benefits of government employees! It simply says that government workers cannot keep on colluding with friendly politicians to squeeze unsustainable pensions out of taxpayers, most of whom are less well off.

    Government unions are ipso facto a conflict of interest at the expense of taxpayers in the productive sector. They are unnecessary and unethical.

    If you’re unhappy with what your government job pays, go find another.

  • teapartydoc

    Anyone defending public sector unions at this point is beyond help.

  • Jack

    Fight back only by videoing their faces from inside your car or video taping THEIR license plates. Fight fire with fire. Find their group leader and protest outside their house.

  • Conservative View

    Mister Rich Dude owns a factory. The raw materials that go to his factory are — taxed. The factory is — taxed. The machinery in the factory is — taxed. His fifty or so workers are employed, so they are — taxed. The finished product the factory makes is — taxed. Shipping the product to a retailer is — taxed. The product when it is sold is — taxed. All those taxes are generated by Mister Rich Dude who the liberals want to — tax even more. From all these taxes the Public Unions are supported, who make — nothing. And the Public Unions are crying and protesting, and behaving like thugs because all these taxes can no long support their standard of life which is higher per job than the poor schmuck working for Mister Rich Dude in his factory. Somehow I lost all sympathy for the Public Unions long long ago.

  • UnionWimpBasher

    Most of the protestors are bought…not even union members. The members have no clue what this is about. Obummer is supporting this behavior and encouraging it for his own agenda. The union member puppets led by their corrupt bosses do what they are told, not realizing the big picture. When the dollar crashes their retirement will be worth nothing. Get a life you union puppet wussies! I’ll see ya’ll in Ohio & I’ll be ready…bring it on!

  • rrdudley

    ok,so tie your hands behind you and take the punches.
    or not.
    just dont become THEM.
    Your better than that.
    Braver than that.

  • To videotape license plates implies that a law enforcement type or government worker with access to motor vehicle records databases would be asked to run those tags for personal information and its misuse. It is generally a criminal act to pull that information for other than official purposes. If I were one of those people….and started to get contact from unwanted sources…I would contact the FBI. It is fairly easy to track which computer sourced that personal information.

  • OleTom

    They remind me of little spoiled kids stomping treating to hold their breath until they get their way LET THEM HOLD IT FOREVER

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  • BetterDeadthanRed

    #40 March 14, 2011 at 1:37 am
    madisonguy commented:

    Get a second jon to pay for your sh*t. I’m tired of paying for it and you Fu*kers using my tax money to bundle fringe group rallies and protests. If you are worried about your job and money what the hell are you doing playing hookey ?

  • The ones that should be shamed are the cowardly Senate Democrat/Statists who ran away and hid under a rock, instead of doing their job.

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  • Lee Fox

    First, outraged, militant unionistas issue death threats to Republicans that dared end the endless cycle of corruption inherent in public employee unions and their relationships with bought and paid for democrats, now, the unions are taking records of license plates of those that support Republicans.

    For what?

    Aren’t license plate records secured from public perusal?

    Would public union employees at the department of motor vehicles be willing to violate their confidentiality oaths and give personal information to murderous union advocates?

  • jen

    Gosh – you guys are so ridiculous with your comments! The great majority of the protesters in Wisconsin have not been ‘radical’ ‘far-left’ communist thugs – unless you consider middle-age secretaries, elderly women & men in wheelchairs, families, etc. thugs. Grow up and stop treating your fellow Americans this way. From what I see you ‘far-right’ people are the most negative, nasty pieces of work I have ever seen. No wonder this country is falling apart!