NINE VIOLENT PROTESTERS Arrested in Madison, Wisconsin

Nine violent leftist protesters were arrested today at protests against budget cuts in Madison, Wisconsin.

The children are angry.
Several leftists blocked the door of a Wisconsin senator’s office today.

Moments before a roll call began in the Assembly Thursday, reporters heard a crash outside the chamber. They rushed out and saw a man on the ground. Police officers were on top of him. They handcuffed him and led him away.

Channel 3000 reported:

Nine people have been arrested in the third day of widespread protests at the state Capitol.

The state Department of Administration estimated 20,000 people attended protests outside the state Capitol, while 5,000 protesters filled the rotunda and hallways.

Labor supporters and activists have been protesting Republican Gov. Scott Walker’s proposal to strip most public employees of all collective bargaining rights, except for limited negotiations on salary. Walker has said the bill is necessary to close a budget shortfall of $137 million and a looming $3.6 billion deficit in the next two-year budget.

The arrests come after two days of incident-free rallies and demonstrations, as protesters have remained mostly peaceful. State officials did not immediately return calls asking for details on the nine arrests.

Police hand-cuffed one protester after he apparently tried to charge into the state Assembly.

Charlie Foxtrot has more on these selfish leftists.

And, Doug Ross has the top 15 photos from the Wisconsin hate rally.

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  • Edouard

    Mass insanity by the left.

    Leftists never get the message that their ingrained preference for violence does not win hearts and minds to their causes.

    Apparently they prefer to stay insane so they can claim the right to go into their little frenzies and do physical harm to people and/or property when they are upset.

    The thing is, not everyone intimidates as easily as leftist thugs would like. America is waking up to the bankruptcy of violent leftist tactics.

  • GP loves Obama

    Wow, Obama gives 100% of US tax-dollars to his Union base, and Fu*k the rest and then calls it bad when people vote in opposition parties like Nov. 4. and pass bills to halt his facist distribution of our money.

  • Bob

    There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for a Gov’t union to exist. None. Remember libs–Gov’t is good. Gov’t is great. Gov’t will take care of you. Therefore, you do not need a union to make the Gov’t treat you well.

  • gus

    I live in Wisconsin, I went to the University of Wisconsin. I USED to be a Democrat.
    These people are WANNABEES. The ADULTS are FOSSILIZED HIPPIES Stuck in a HIPPIE time-warp.
    It’s sad.

  • Granny

    “We all have to sacrifice” means ALL if us, including union members. Our nation, our states and our cities are in horrendous financial difficulties. There is one solution – cut the budget to the bone. The alternative is unthinkable.

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  • Blue Collar Todd

    What kind of person flees the state they represent in order to not lose a vote? And what kind of political Party resorts to such tactics? A pathetic person and a pathetic Party. The Democrats need to change their name because they no longer care about freedom. They want to impose their Totalitarian world view on the rest of us and may soon see that they will take a “by any means necessary” approach to do it.

    The Democrats and unions walk hand in hand and unionists act as the Party’s shock troops. How soon before we see nation wide protests and even riots in America because of a possible government shutdown?

    Better check the locks on your doors.

  • gus

    Granny, those who have SUCKED AND SUCKED AND SUCKED at the GUBMINT TEAT all of their lives, CANNOT SEE what you and I SEE.

  • mark

    Can someone place this order for me. Please ship to Madison, WI

    1. 30 camels
    2. 30,000 Tea Partiers with “Yes We Can Balance our Budget” T-Shirts
    4. 3,000 substitutes for the sick workers
    5. 300 CDC workers to investigate the mass illness
    6. And finally, please send a copy of the WI State Bill to Sacramento, California.

  • gus

    Mark, Wisconsin is 3.6 billion in the hole. We are in big trouble because of LIBTARDS.
    And the LIBTARD knee jerk, PAID FOR KNEE JERK. Is to protect PUBLIC UNIONS at ANY COST.

    That is ass backward, and it defines the Demotard party.

  • Charlie

    I guess union members don’t have to “have skin in the game”.

  • ajay

    As an outsider, I do not know what action i would take if my legislators refused to do their job. Debate, argue, call names whatever, but to run away…. they need to be recalled.

  • Diablo Blanco

    Bob, great point!

    There is absolutely no reason whatsoever for a Gov’t union to exist. None. Remember libs–Gov’t is good. Gov’t is great. Gov’t will take care of you. Therefore, you do not need a union to make the Gov’t treat you well.

  • gus


  • http://none tommy mc donnell


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  • Mad Hatter

    Tommy, where’s your documentation it was Tea Party people? I’ll wait for your evidence.

  • Andrew X

    I think this may be one of the most momentous events of the year or beyond, just as big as the revolutionary flames of the Middle East.

    Because the Dems are busing people into Wisconsin, while ABC reports that something similar is happening in Ohio, where John Kasich is trying to do the same thing as Walker. Now Insty saysTennessee is on board. So the unions see the writing on the wall…. they are in a deadly precarious place, and they MUST win, right now, or their whole deal will start to unravel.

    Thing is, everyone else sees the writing on the wall too. WE must win this against them, or the whole country will start to unravel. So both sides are locked and loaded, and all in. It’s on. “Other people’s money” HAS run out. Today. The rubber has hit the road, the excrement the fan. Both the philosophy of state GOP’s and this kind of response will spread. They have to, as a wildfire must spread in a dry forest. There ain’t nobody that can put it out, it’s already way bigger than us all.

    For the record, without placing bets, I would not want to be on the union’s side here. They are pissing off and disgusting huge numbers of people today, this craven bus skedaddle is jaw-droppingly juvenile (anyone else flash on the show ‘Intervention’, when the addict flees from the room in tears and rage when confronted with ‘Rehab or Else’?) and, in the end, the money is GONE!!!!!!!! Scream all you want, it’s GONE! Your buddies blew it all at the track, gambling they would be out of office when the sharks came calling.

    I think this may be the start of something very very big. All depends on the Wisconsin GOP hanging tough.

    Hold fast, soldiers. You have to hold this hill.

  • http://none tommy mc donnell

    #18 your right the politicans at every level of government have spent the country into bankruptcy. some people just haven’t got the message yet. i worked as a municipal employee and a lot of people who work there have no concept of where the money comes from that pays their salary. i swear most of them think there is some endless polt of gold at the end of a rainbow that you can keep dipping into forever. #17 it was a joke. its probably what american tass will claim.

  • Ella

    #18 – Andrew – EXCELLENT and so true.

    Everyone – we should hold a nationwide protest this Saturday to let the left know we are done with them and their antics. We won last November and it’s time we drove that message home loud and clear. It’s the Tea Parties and the Republicans together and we are the new majority! Elections have CONSEQUENCES!!