Muslim Brotherhood Official: We Want Sharia Law in Egypt

A top Muslim Brotherhood official announced in an interview this weekend that the organization wants Sharia law in Egypt.
Islam in Europe reported:

Issam Al Aryan, spokesperson of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, said in an interview with VRT that the MB wants to legislate Shariah law, with court supervision, of course.

The Rubin Report added: The Muslim Brotherhood’s aim is to restore a caliphate, a global religious government aimed at fighting the `non-believers’ (specifically, Christians, Hindus, and Jews) and at spreading Islam. The group opposed the existence of any secular states in all Muslim societies throughout the Middle East.

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  • kansas

    You know, that’s not really consistent with the Obama Intelligence Chief saying that the Muslim Brotherhood is a secular organization. Maybe you better check that again. ////

  • AlmainTX

    Goes to show you that Mr. Clapper is a fool and doesn’t know what he is talking about.

  • olm

    Of course they do.
    Through this whole thing it is stunning to me that the American people don’t get this.
    Democracy! yeah right.

  • Finncrisp

    Whenever America has a weak president, this is what we get- chaos and instability in the world. Barry is clueless how to respond, so he doesn’t , or is so incoherent in his statements you know he intends to do nothing, no matter what happens.

    The moslem world knows weakness when they see it, so they will take this opportunity to establish control where ever possible.

    Barry is our WORST… PRESIDENT… EVER…

  • eaglewingz08

    But the MUSLIM brotherhood is a secular organization. Obviously the MUSLIM brotherhood is ‘perverting’ the tenets of islam, and doesn’t know what real islam requires.

  • John

    Has this so-called spokesman checked with our DNI, Gen. Clapper? According to Clapper the MB is a secular organization so this guy must have “mis-spoke.”

    The other explanation could be that Muslims don’t see a separation between church and state, they are one in the same. So sharia is simply part of the state and thus secular.

  • Andreas K.

    ISLAMIC SCHOLARS CLAIM: Islamic law is perfect, universal and eternal. The laws of the United States are temporary, limited and will pass. It is the duty of every Muslim to obey the laws of Allah, the Sharia.

    SHARIA: Sharia is based on the principles found in the Koran and other Islamic religious/political texts. There are no common principles between American law and Sharia.

    Under Sharia law:

    · There is no freedom of religion
    · There is no freedom of speech
    · There is no freedom of thought
    · There is no freedom of artistic expression
    · There is no freedom of the press
    · There is no equality of peoples-a non-Muslim, a Kafir, is never equal to a Muslim
    · There are no equal rights for women
    · Women can be beaten
    · A non-Muslim cannot bear arms
    · There is no equal protection under Sharia for different classes of people. Justice is dualistic, with one set of laws for Muslim males and different laws for women and non-Muslims.
    · Our Constitution is a man-made document of ignorance, jahiliyah, that must submit to Sharia
    · There is no democracy, since that means that a non-Muslim is equal to a Muslim
    · Non-Muslims are dhimmis, third-class citizens
    · There is no Golden Rule
    · There is no critical thought
    · All governments must be ruled by Sharia law

    Unlike common law, Sharia is not interpretive, nor can it be changed.

  • ahem

    You know, Jim, I wonder why more conservatives aren’t complianing about Suhail Khan’s position in the American Conservative Union–he’s tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. He should be ejected at once. We have been infiltrated.

    Watch this expose film at YouTube:

    What is this sh*t?

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  • Chippy

    Nooooooooooooo! Really?

  • MN Jim

    After Muslims declared war on the US, and made several attacks culminating in 9/11, our politically-correct response was to elect a Muslim president and several Muslim congressmen and to invite tens of thousands of Muslims to immigrate to the US. What does it take for the US to wake up?

  • bg


    hah!! that’s nothing, they want SHARIAH in America, and Obama
    is supporting them in accomplishing that task, that is why Jasser
    would be so instrumental in opening up the “US – Islamist can of


  • Mark Kuhn

    Somebody better clap off the Clapper, ’cause this ain’t what he’s saying!

  • olm

    Well, after watching the You Tube about Conservative Union board member SuHail Kahn, I’m thinking that maybe it is too late.

  • dwd

    Secularism, global caliphate…. six of one, half dozen of the other, according to this administration.

  • bg
  • olm

    Wow, just did a little reading on Kahn. He is either a all around good guy or quite an infilltrator.
    How many more should we be looking at? And assuing he is not an all around good guy, was he always a Muslim or is he a convert? His wiki (I know but that’s where people get info) page makes him sound like a typical American kid who somehow became involved in Muslim outreach in adulthood. He actually sounds more American boy next door than Obama.
    What is the truth?
    bg, have you research this guy?

  • bg
  • Joanne

    So if the Muslim Brotherhood say they want Sharia Law for Egypt, what do people actually think about what they want for America, and everywhere else they have taken a foothold? Why do people always fail to listen to these people when they actually speak the truth.

  • StrangernFiction

    What Clapper did was purposely lie to Congress and the American public.

  • Honestly, do you know what Shar’ia law is?

  • StrangernFiction

    Purposely lie, lol. What lie isn’t purposeful. More coffee.

  • olm

    #21 Do you?
    Please enlighten us?

  • Obama Worshipping Idiot

    Obama, dink progresso, et al are feverishly working for sharia law because it is preferable to the evil, racist American way of life . . .

  • Chisum

    NO Happy Clappy Democracies: MSNBC‘S Mika Shocked Because Pictures From Egypt Seem So Nice While Harvard’s Niall Ferguson Schools Her on Muslim Brotherhood & Caliphate

  • bg


    olm #17

    need a tad more info, which Khan,
    ie: Imam Rauf, his 3rd wife Daisy,

    re: Issam Al Aryan

    a bit more about :

    Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood #112

    Sharia aka: Social Justice #118

    more at link & elsewhere..


  • Buffalobob

    Perky Katie Couric is still looking for that Islamic TV show, that will demonstrate to the portion of the American population that doesn’t have their head up their a.. just how tolerant sharia law can be.

  • bg


    re: OWI #24

    “what the fascist left have been aiming for is to “equate” good with evil..
    that’s the only way they can appease their conscience in the face of the
    harsh realities they are trying to escape from because it does not fit in
    with their ideological Utopian matrix.. if there is no good vs evil, then all
    is good even if [the] all is evil..”
    – bg


  • olm

    The one from the You tube at #8. The one that is on the board of the Conservative Union. Suhail.

  • bg


    #jan25 tweets

    Ok, first of all, the Muslim Brotherhood has maybe 4 million people
    including supporters, families & sympathizers. Not a threat.


  • bg


    olm #29

    thanks.. a bit for now (there’s a lot to sift
    through, i’m not very organized (curses)..

    Zuhdi Jasser on CPAC and the Muslim Brotherhood


  • olm

    Trust me bg, the info isn’t very organized but you are so good at that. I found a couple totally conflicting reports. One part boy next door the other Islamic infiltrator.

  • Lizard

    The crazy right islamaphobes are complaining again, surprise, surprise.

  • bg


    Obama and Dualism

    [Islam is based upon the principles of dualism and submission. However, you
    don’t have to be a Muslim to invoke them. Obama has closely aligned himself
    with Rev. Wright’s “Black Liberation Theology”, BLT.


    Since Muslims are the best of people and follow a perfect doctrine, there is
    no need to even examine Islam, since, ipso facto, it is right. Therefore, all
    criticism of Islam is hate speech.]

    (Obama’s UN Resolution to Stifle Free Speech on Islam)

    Islam and Black Liberation Theology

    [Barack Obama has closely aligned himself with Reverend Jeremiah Wright and Black Liberation Theology (BLT). When viewed from the Christian point-of-view, BLT is a strange creed, but when seen from the standpoint of Islam, there is a very strong parallel.

    Islam and BLT are theologies that have a political goal of making
    all politics submit to their demands. Submission is the political goal.


    The reason for so many parallels between Islam and BLT is that they are both based upon the same principles—submission and duality. Since Islam views white America as an enemy, BLT see Islam as the “enemy of my enemy” and therefore is a friend. Witness the award that Rev. Wright gave Louis Farrakhan as an outstanding person. This comradeship is temporary. When the time comes and Islam is fully ascendant, BLT will find out that Islam has been using them, just as Islam uses the Left. In the end, Islam will annihilate BLT for the simple reason that Islam demands political submission from ALL, not the just the whites.]


    The Near Enemy

    [We have two sets of enemies. The far enemy is the politics of Islam.
    The near enemies are the dhimmi apologists, fueled by ignorance and
    multiculturalism and political correctness.]


  • bg


    olm #32

    yes, that happens all the time, what matters is in what “context” they
    were presented, and/or, in reference to what?? see what i mean.. 😉


  • olm

    Yep. I know. But this particular one is interesting. Am working and so don’t have time to dive into what appears to be this guys dualism. I didn’t know he was discussed on GB. If that’s the case, the truth, if there is a story here, will come out.
    Apparently this is causing some rumblings with CPAC.

  • Lizard


    I see that not only are you an islamaphobe and a right wing radical but racist as well. What else can you tell us about yourself?

  • valerie

    “#33 February 14, 2011 at 11:39 am
    Lizard commented:

    The crazy right islamaphobes are complaining again, surprise, surprise.”

    I’m throwing a BS flag at you, lizzie.

    The Islamists really are as bad as the people here say. They really are evil, they really do want to conquer the world, and they really subscribe to a vile parody of one of the world’s great religions.

    That said, some of us are aware that the people of Egypt are repelled by the example of Iran. They all want a better Egypt, not the stinking failure that is Iran.

  • stephen e. Morgan

    The Only solution for the protection of our way of life in the United States is to View Islam as a larger version of Hitlers and Tojo’s Military Machine during WW2. Ther is no such thing as a peaceful Muslim. Their Religon dictates that we as non-Muslims are to either be converted or die. The Only logical Solution is to systematically purge the United States of the Muslim Religon once and for all. Since Islam is as Subversive as the Communist threat was during the Cold War, it should be treated in the same manner. Allah was a sodomite and child raper, and the 12 imam that disappeared when he was 5 was actually goat raped and left dead in the Sands of Egypt.. So as far as I’m concerned, if they want a war lets give it to them.. If they want us dead lets kill them first…

  • stephen e. Morgan

    to #33.. Call me a racist if you must.. but a racist would only believe in his race as superior.. I don’t.. What I do believe is that Islam and Black Liberation Theology are Evil and should be destroyed. Faracoon as been preaching hate for years but if one white complains, “so called progressives” scream Racist!!… Well then,, go to hell.. Heres your Sharia Law in a nutshell.

    1. Homos will be hung… No more trips down the hershey highway.
    2. Blacks will all be handless due to the high amount of theft attributed to their race.
    3. All Democrat,Progressive,socialist,commie, cum dumpsters will have to cover their faces
    in public.. (and finally we no longer would have to look at Michelle’s butt ugly face.
    (hmmm.. as an afterthought #3 wouldn’t be quite that bad..)…
    4. Women would become second class citizens.
    5. Illegal Immigration would stop. (would be killed at the border).

    Hell, thats enough for now. but then again Sharia Law wouldn’t be all that bad… THe Democrat base would be completely wiped out….

    P.S. I called Allah a sodomite and child raper in my last post.. meant to say Muhammad “his Prophet” but then again, who knows???

  • olm

    We knew you meant Mohammed. Their most revered prophet wasn’t exactly a good man. Go figure that their means of spreading the word is death and destruction.
    Lizard, are you a member of the religion of peace?

  • bg


    been posting about the following several ears now..

    think someone in the elitist establishment took notes, or was it perhaps
    shoved to the back burners until they read the Health Care bill?? /sarc/

    scroll down for English portion

    [Three: The Concept of Settlement:

    This term was mentioned in the Group’s “dictionary” and documents with various meanings in spite of the fact that everyone meant one thing with it. We believe that the understanding of the essence is the same and we will attempt here to give the word and its “meanings” a practical explanation with a practical Movement tone, and not a philosophical linguistic explanation, while stressing that this explanation of ours is not complete until our explanation of “the process” of settlement itself is understood which is mentioned in the following paragraph. We briefly say the following:


    “That Islam and its Movement become a part of the homeland it lives in”.

    Establishment: “That Islam turns into firmly-rooted organizations
    on whose bases civilization, structure and testimony are built”.


    “That Islam is stable in the land on which its people move”.

    Enablement: “That Islam is enabled within the souls, minds
    and the lives of the people of the country in which it moves”.

    Rooting: “That Islam is resident and not a passing thing, or rooted
    “entrenched” in the soil of the spot where it moves and not a strange
    plant to it”.]

    add PRESIDENT..

    but hey, what’s the rush, i mean, they’re only
    2 to 3 decades worth of infiltration ahead of US..


  • bg


    re: #42

    also highly recommended perusing this site..


  • bg


    Lizard #33

    just some facts..


    NPR fires Juan Williams. Is NPR following
    Sharia Law and the bidding of George Soros?

    re: I – S – L – A – M – O – P – H – O – B – I – A

    Jasser: I’ll first tell you what it is not- it’s not Islamophobia. If anyone
    is to blame for the existence of the concept of Islamophobia, if it even exists, it is Muslims who have been unable to articulate a manifestation of Islam which is free of a political state which threatens the sovereignty of the states in which Muslims reside. I don’t subscribe to the existence of the notion of Islamophobia because I believe that we are in just the beginning of a global conflict of political ideologies (Islamism vs. Americanism), and the conflation of “Islamophobia” is intentional by Islamists to deflect Americans and the free world from the necessary debate of political ideologies.

    i cannot Imagine what our future generations (especially children, women
    & homosexuals) are in for if Islam is, as it is now being, forced upon US to
    blindly accept without reformation.. are we that suicidal?? *sigh*..

    keep telling you, we have more to fear from the Muslim Brotherhood over
    here than they do over there, should the Muslim Brotherhood take down
    America from within, then they there’s a global problem.. heck, Europe is
    suffocating from Islamization as i type, but not to worry, at the pace we’re
    accommodating & appeasing Islamists, we have a chance to beat them!!
    /ironic truth sarc/


  • bg


    no, no Muslim Brotherhood in America, G-D no!! oh wait..

    Homegrown Jihad

    Springtime in Islamberg

    [Islamberg is a branch of Muslims of the Americas Inc., a tax-exempt organization formed in 1980 by Pakistani cleric Sheikh Mubarak Ali Gilani, who refers to himself as “the sixth Sultan Ul Faqr,” Gilani, has been directly linked by court documents to Jamaat ul-Fuqra or “community of the impoverished,” an organization that seeks to “purify” Islam through violence.

    Though primarily based in Lahore, Pakistan, Jamaat ul-Fuqra has operational headquarters in New York and openly recruits through various social service organizations in the U.S., including the prison system. Members live in hamaats or compounds, such as Islamberg, where they agree to abide by the laws of Jamaat ul-Fuqra, which are considered to be above local, state and federal authority. Additional hamaats have been established in Hyattsville, Maryland; Red House, Virginia; Falls Church, Virginia; Macon, Georgia; York, South Carolina; Dover, Tennessee; Buena Vista, Colorado; Talihina, Oklahoma; Tulane Country, California; Commerce, California; and Onalaska, Washington. Others are being built, including an expansive facility in Sherman, Pennsylvania.

    Before becoming a citizen of Islamberg or any of the other Fuqra compounds, the recruits – – primarily inner city black men who became converts in prison – – are compelled to sign an oath that reads: “I shall always hear and obey, and whenever given the command, I shall readily fight for Allah’s sake.”

    In the past, thousands of members of the U.S. branches of Jamaat ul-Fuqra traveled to Pakistan for paramilitary training, but encampments, such as Islamberg, are now capable of providing book-camp training so raw recruits are no longer required to travel abroad amidst the increased scrutiny of post 9/11.


    By 2004 federal investigators uncovered evidence that linked both the DC “sniper killer” John Allen Muhammed and “Shoe Bomber” Richard Reid to the group and reports surfaced that Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was captured and beheaded in the process of attempting to obtain an interview with Sheikh Gilani in Pakistan.

    Even though Jamaat ul-Fuqra has been involved in terror attacks and sundry criminal activities, recruited thousands of members from federal and state penal systems, and appears to be operating paramilitary facilities for militant Muslims, it remains to be placed on the official US Terror Watch List. On the contrary, it continues to operate, flourish, and expand as a legitimate nonprofit, tax-deductible charity.]

    The Third Jihad

    The Third Jihad explores the existence of radical Islam in America and the emerging risk that this “homegrown jihad” poses to national security, western liberties and the “American way of life.” The film, which is narrated by devout Muslim American Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, opens with the following statement: “This is not a film about Islam. It is about the threat of radical Islam. Only a small percentage of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims are radical. This film is about them.”


  • bg


    this just in (haven’t read it yet)..

    AlMaghrib Institute: Sharia for Egypt and the West

    [With questions looming about Islamist influence in a transitional Egypt,
    an organization that calls itself “the leading Islamic Institute in the West”
    is teaching students to support Sharia law in Egypt and around the world.

    Teachers at Houston-based AlMaghrib Institute have advocated Sharia law
    to students, both in recent statements about events in Egypt and more
    generally in the past. The organization has also advocated violence in the
    cause of Islam.]


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  • bg


    OWI #24

    re: [racist American way of life]

    racist American way

    oh wait, that was about Islam..

    racist American way

    oops, that was about Islam too..

    racist American way

    oh my, that was about Democrats..

    racist American way

    oh no, that was about Democrats too..

    damnit!! why can’t we ferret out the root
    cause of the racist American way of life??


  • bg


    valerie #38

    have you figured out why the US is making like the MB is more of a threat
    over there than it is over here when they are more of a threat over there
    than they are over there??

    mind-boggling, unless of course the Elites & the CIA “made them up”.. /sarc/


  • bg


    damn typo re: #49

    more of a threat over there = they are more of a threat over here


  • HowExceptional

    “The Muslim Brotherhood’s aim is to restore a caliphate, a global religious government ”

    Surely that can’t happen if the NWO takes over and the UN controls the world through a single government. Not to mention when the aliens invade and enslave everyone.

  • donh

    Blasphemy laws, full body burkas, alcohol prohibitions and Dhimi taxes coming to Egypt very soon.

  • Chisum

    “The Perfect Day” and Our Terrorist Opponent’s Possible Plans For Future Attacks

  • AuntieMadder

    Lizard commented:

    “I see that not only are you an islamaphobe and a right wing radical but racist as well. What else can you tell us about yourself?”

    A phobia is defined as an unreasonable fear. To fear those who’ve stated outright and publicly that they want to kill you is not unreasonable. In fact, to not fear them is unreasonable; to defend and even embrace them is suicidal. Yet more proof that liberalism is a mental disease.

    FYI: Those who fear, distrust and/or even hate Islam are not racists as Muslim is not a race. Idiot.

  • AuntieMadder

    Poll shows Egyptians in favor of democracy and stoning for adultery
    Discussions in the mainstream media about demands for democracy in Egypt have tended to treat such goals as mutually exclusive. But as we have seen in Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan, democracy and representative governments do not guarantee the protection of human rights and civil liberties.

    Once again, a democracy is only as good as the values that inform its participants.

    Case in point: Yesterday on Fox News, Zuhdi Jasser claimed that “The Egyptian people are no different from us as Americans.” One could go on all day about that, citing the prevalence of female genital mutilation in Egypt among other things, but this poll amply proves that a desire for democracy does not guarantee a desire for human rights by standards Westerners would even recognize.


    Islam in politics
    95%: Say it’s good that Islam plays a large role in politics
    85%: Say Islam’s influence on politics is good
    48%: Say Islam currently play a large role in Egyptian politics


    Traditional Muslim practices
    54%: Believe men and women should be segregated in the workplace
    82%: Believe adulterers should be stoned
    Just like Muhammad.

    84%: Believe apostates from Islam should face the death penalty
    Just like Muhammad.

    77%: Believe thieves should be flogged or have their hands cut off
    Qur’an 5:38 prescribes amputation.

    Read the whole thing here:

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  • AuntieMadder

    What Do the Egyptian Crowds Want? Caliphate Dreams and Strict Sharia

    Factbox: Egyptians want more Islam in politics: poll

    Poll: Majority of Muslims want more sharia; support for Hamas, Hizbollah strong

    These are a little older:
    July 25, 2008
    Many Turks, Iranians, Egyptians Link Sharia and JusticeEgyptians most likely to make positive associations with Sharia

    July 10, 2008
    Iranians, Egyptians, Turks: Contrasting Views on ShariaIn Egypt, 64% think Sharia must be the only source of legislation

  • AuntieMadder

    A Conversation with a Neo-Conservative about Egypt
    by Sultan Knish

    2. “This is a struggle for freedom and democracy.”

    Freedom and democracy are not synonymous except in political speeches. Polls show that most Egyptians are less committed to freedom, than that they are to Islamic law. If that is the case, then democratic elections will lead to less freedom, not more. Democracy is not the same thing as freedom, and conflating the two is empty rhetoric. It sounds good in a speech, but fails as an argument.

    3. “Mubarak is a dictator”

    Mubarak is certainly not your Uncle Fred, but Egypt is still one of the more freer and open societies in the region. Especially when compared to Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, the UAE and many others. The fate of Christians and women is not likely to improve in a parliament with a strong Muslim Brotherhood presence. Removing Mubarak will strengthen the position of groups who are far more totalitarian than Mubarak.

    4. “As Americans we should support democracy in Egypt”

    Kefaya, the National Movement for Change, is an anti-American organization. It is already allied with the Muslim Brotherhood. The Egyptians may do as they please, but why should we support the removal of a pro-American leader by a coalition of lefitsts and Islamists? Shouldn’t our national security take precedence over perpetrating another Iran in the name of “democracy”.

    5. “It’s in our ideals to support a people’s struggle for self-determination”

    It’s not in our ideals to support people who bomb churches and murder little girls. Most Egyptians want to see Muslims who leave Islam executed. Mubarak doesn’t. Most Jordanians want the right to kill their daughters or sisters when they dishonor them. King Hussein doesn’t. Do our ideals really call on us to support church bombings and the murder of little girls in the name of democracy? And isn’t placing democracy above human rights ideological fanaticism?

    6. “How can we support a dictator over a democratic movement?”

    Why do we have to support either one? Why can’t we let the Egyptians work it out themselves. It is their country after all. We’re not the rulers of the planet. We could just stand on the sidelines and worry about our own problems. Like that massive deficit.

    Read the whole thing here:

  • lizard


    I am a christian, but may I remind you that Christians burned people at the stake, beat up homosexuals, treated women as property, enslaved black people. Today even blacks are treated as second class citizens, people are put to death and tortured right here by us christians. It is great that we are improving faster than the islamists. IN Egypt islamists are not radical (the majority) just as most of us are not radical christians. It is radicalism that is the problem and not a particular religion. You would noyt understand because you obscenties indicate that you are not interested in facts but choose instead to be radical islamaphobic, racist and ignorant.

  • AuntieMadder

    Finally, this is yet another reason that it’s important for all of us to know that the US is not a democracy. Americans who think the US is a democracy equate democracy to liberty. The fact is that the US is a Constitutional Republic because democracy always – always – leads to the loss of liberty.

    Here we go again.

    The US is not a democracy. The Founding Fathers of America rejected democracy in favor of a republic form of government.

    “A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.” – Thomas Jefferson

    “The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.” – Thomas Jefferson

    Dr James McHenry: “Well, Doctor, what have we got—a Republic or a Monarchy?”
    Benjamin Franklin: “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

    Democracy v Republic: Founding Fathers Speak Out

    Republic v. Democracy

    The Founding Fathers Rejected Democracy
    by Dr. Harold Pease

    The Founding Fathers universally rejected democracy and hoped that posterity would never turn the United States into one. The word they used was “Republic,” which is not synonymous with “Democracy.” The word “Democracy” is not in the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, or the Bill of Rights. Even the Pledge of Allegiance is “to the Republic for which it stands.”


    So why did they reject Democracy? Because it is inherently flawed with the “share the wealth” philosophy, which only works as long as there is someone else’s money to share. Those receiving are quite pleased with getting something for nothing. But those forced to give are denied the right to spend the benefits of their own labor in their own self-interest, which creates jobs no matter how the money is spent. They also lose a portion of their incentive to produce.

    Read the rest here:

    Are We a Republic or a Democracy?
    by Walter Williams

    In recognition that it’s Congress that poses the greatest threat to our liberties, the framers used negative phrases against Congress throughout the Constitution such as: shall not abridge, infringe, deny, disparage, and shall not be violated, nor be denied. In a republican form of government, there is rule of law. All citizens, including government officials, are accountable to the same laws. Government power is limited and decentralized through a system of checks and balances. Government intervenes in civil society to protect its citizens against force and fraud but does not intervene in the cases of peaceable, voluntary exchange.

    Contrast the framers’ vision of a republic with that of a democracy. In a democracy, the majority rules either directly or through its elected representatives. As in a monarchy, the law is whatever the government determines it to be. Laws do not represent reason. They represent power. The restraint is upon the individual instead of government. Unlike that envisioned under a republican form of government, rights are seen as privileges and permissions that are granted by government and can be rescinded by government.

    How about a few quotations demonstrating the disdain our founders held for democracy? James Madison, Federalist Paper No. 10: In a pure democracy, “there is nothing to check the inducement to sacrifice the weaker party or the obnoxious individual.” At the 1787 Constitutional Convention, Edmund Randolph said, ” … that in tracing these evils to their origin every man had found it in the turbulence and follies of democracy.”

    John Adams said, “Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There was never a democracy yet that did not commit suicide.” Chief Justice John Marshall observed, “Between a balanced republic and a democracy, the difference is like that between order and chaos.” In a word or two, the founders knew that a democracy would lead to the same kind of tyranny the colonies suffered under King George III.

    The rest is here:

    “We are now forming a Republican form of government. Real Liberty is not found in the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments. If we incline too much to democracy, we shall soon shoot into a monarchy, or some other form of dictatorship.” – Alexander Hamilton

  • lizard

    #54 Try a little reading comprehension. I called the idiot on here a racist for his comments on black people. I called him islamaphobic because he fears islamists. It is an irrational fear. Crazy right wing extremests fear everything but things and people that are in their little personal world. That is why all conspiricy theories are right wing conservative. It is my guess that you are one of them.

  • lizard

    #60 Why the history lesson? That is the problem with right wing radicals…they are planted in the past and fear the future. Your comments proves this point.

  • olm

    Oh my goodness lizard. You are the real deal. I would call bs on the Christian part but that’s your own business.
    We do not fear Islamists, we hear what they want to do, what their goals are and we prepare with information so that we do not wake up one day and find that we are facing mecca 5 times a day or else. Period.
    Name call all you want but you are the one who is foolish although you feel so enlightened.
    You make me laugh.

  • olm

    The guy I was talking about was just on Hannity. I just caught the tail end. I’ll have to see if I can find it.
    He says, I think, that he is an all American and the accusations are ludricous.

  • bg


    donh #52

    only if Obama brings it there, not to mention here..

    bedsides, Egyptian tweets state the opposite..


  • bg


    Chisum #53

    as far as i’m concerned,there’s more
    to worry about here than anywhere..

    “The Perfect Day”


  • bg
  • bg


    lizard part 1

    lizard part 2

    there’s lots more, but i’ve no doubt it’s all wasted on you..


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  • Lizard


    Wasted on me and the sane for sure. Don’t dispair, there are enough Fox cult members that will lap what right wing radicals like yourself spew out. No one is coming to get you. There is no need to sleep in your bunker with one hand on your bible and the other on a gun. Of course you and the other kooks that express your islamafobia and racism have a right to do so. Hate speech is a right in the US. Say hello to your preacher that burns korans.

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  • elena

    obviously most americans have no knowledge of what constitutes a true muslim and their beliefs. If they did, they would all be scared to death of the sharia law which says all infidels must be destroyed which is why they are infiltrating all countries in europe with the intent of taking over this world. My words came from the mouth of a high class muslim who told me their plan over twenty-five years ago and check out what has taken place in europe/ canada/america so true to this man’s words. Now we have a muslim president who has said many times that is his religious belief and if people in our country would only research to understand what is happening here they would all revolt.

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