Hateful Racist Liberals Call For Lynching of Clarence Thomas at Rally – Media Silent (Video)

Big Government reported—
Liberal racists called for lynching black Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas at last week’s “Uncloaking the Kochs” event hosted by the leftist group Common Cause .

Don’t expect the state-run media to touch this with a ten-foot pole.
It doesn’t fit their narrative.

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  • Clarence Thomas himself said he was the target of high-tech lynching. Little did he know liberals were going back to their KKK roots and wanted the real thing:

  • StandUp4Chuck

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. Each and ever one of those interviewed show advanced signs of brain rot.

  • NeoKong

    “Put him back in the field”…?

    Real nice.

  • jainphx

    There my friends is a display of out and out ignorance, that is why we have Obama. Those people need to be taught how to wipe their butts. They are all the same, cant think for them selves, and do EXACTLY what they accuse us of. Listening to those idiots does arouse anger and the thought of violence, a good punch in the nose. Especially for that jerk that wants to duel Beck. was that a woman? One can’t tell for sure.

  • Chisum

    It’s okay to make racist statements about and call for the lynching of a black person as long as said minority is of the “wrong” political persuasion. Namely, a conservative.

    Those are the rules of the ruling elite.

    Imagine if a Tea Partyer made such statements about Obama or even Sharpton, Jones, or Mark Lamont Hill.

  • PaleRyder

    These are not the extreme of the democrat party any longer. This,what you are seeing,is the very heart and soul of the hatred that has become the democrat party in America. Anyone still think our biggest threat is overseas in a cave somewhere?How about walking the halls of congress,living in the whitehouse,running the media and being members of the hate-America first and most democrat party.

  • No Man

    TRUTH from St. Paul, Romans 1:28-30

    “They have become filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, greed, and depravity. They are full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, and malice. They are gossips, slanderers, God-haters, insolent, arrogant, and boastful; THEY INVENT WAYS OF DOING EVIL.”

  • Joanne

    These are the people who can’t bare for Islamist terrorists to be waterboarded. They are all some messed up in the head.

  • BurmaShave

    Don’t worry, for a liberal this is not hate speech, it is just a slightly agitated form of normal.

  • Joanne

    No Man – so true. It seems people such as these have been throughout our entire existence, but there are times when the number of them seem to outnumber the good by far.

  • bg


    why do they want to Impeach Clarence Thomas in the first place??

    where’d that come from, the interviewer or the rally cry??

    at any rate, they haven’t changed much..



    So why is this not considered a threat to a US Supreme Court Justice????

  • Mikey

    “It’s okay to make racist statements about and call for the lynching of a black person as long as said minority is of the “wrong” political persuasion. Namely, a conservative.

    Those are the rules of the ruling elite.

    Imagine if a Tea Partyer made such statements about Obama or even Sharpton, Jones, or Mark Lamont Hill.”

    Well said, Chisum. I am sooooooooo sick of the double standard. The more I watch the hatred of the left – I am beginning to wonder if this country can survive Obama and his thuggish regime. Hatred reigns supreme at this time in history. Who is screaming the loudest? The left and they have the mouthpiece of the MSM. America is toast unless events change. So so sad. It didn’t have to end this way. When God is removed, evil fills the void.

  • mcc

    The guy at 2:22 — “revolution now!” — same guy — the way he chooses to dress: collar turned up — we saw him crying the same thing the other day in…California, I believe. Said he was from Chicago and gave his name when asked. “We should be doing what Egypt is doing right now!”

    Half these people sounded like they were on drugs.

  • Illinois Patriot

    God bless Justice Thomas! I hope FNC and Jenny Thomas put this all over their websites. O’Reilly won’t pick it up. Too close to his “interview” w/ Obummer. Wouldn’t want to “embarress” him with his homies. Hannity might and SHOULD!

    I fear for Justice Anthony Kennedy. If/when ObamaCare goes before SCOTUS, he will no doubt be the deciding vote. Justice Kennedy: Please stay away from Ft Marcy Park!

  • Shows-Blood-in-Face


    Tha’ssa RACY… !

  • olm

    I honestly do not think these people have any idea why they hate.
    It strikes me as so bizarre.
    Duel Beck? Why?
    Hang Thomas? Why?
    I don’t think they have a clue.
    The man tells them to hate and so they hate. They are a parody of themselves. A dangerous one.

  • arnonerik

    Somebody call Homeland Security, Eric Holder and alert the main-stream media. A Black Supreme Court Justice is being threatened by vicious members of a fringe political group, (The Left). That group has already demonstrated a propensity for violence on numerous occasions. Even if none of those individuals that were interviewed would personally do anything to harm Justice Thomas, that kind of incendiary rhetoric can incite some weaker minded proponent (if that is even possible) of those abhorrent views to do something violent.
    Steps should be taken by the FBI and the Secret Service also.

  • mcc

    This is the face of the Left. This video can’t get enough viewers, imo. It should drive every thinking American to the Right.

  • Pilgrim

    Will somebody PLEASE get this to Fox News? This needs to get on the air. Hannity, O’Reilly, or even Megyn Kelly need to get their hands on this.

    Put him back in the fields? My GOD these people are vile!

  • Chisum

    I wonder if that creature in pink “packing a Glock” that wants to duel Glenn Beck will put her teeth in prior to battle?

  • Rob Crawford

    “I wonder if that creature in pink “packing a Glock” that wants to duel Glenn Beck will put her teeth in prior to battle?”

    Betcha the only reason that maggot knows the word ‘Glock’ is her buddy in Tucson was carrying one.

  • Granny

    OT But still –

    YES! Let’s put the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt “President” IWon WTF Obama –

    Muslim Brotherhood wants end to Egypt-Israel Peace Deal

  • Zim

    The FBI should be going to see a few of these people. These are nothing but union thugs and brainwashed students

  • Pat the First

    The biggest fear . . . an ignorant electorate. This what we see on display in this video. Ignorance. Amorality. Hypocrisy. Willful stupidity.

  • GrayRider

    Liberalism is a severe pathological mental disorder that leads to s permanent vegetative state.

  • patman



    Yea!!! I love this stuff.

  • patman

    Oh, where is Al Sharpton on this one????

    crickets chirping…

  • MA

    Must be a separation of church and state thing. Guess which one?

  • Contessa61

    Thank goodness for blogs and Fox news or this type of behavior would never be known.

    The small minority that are progressives are losing their credibility day by day.

  • Dave-O

    Chisum #5 and Mikey #13 – how true are your words. This is now the face of the Democrat party. Their views are considered “mainstream” by their friends in the media. Where is the so-called party of the “big-tent” – where “diversity is welcomed” – etc. etc, etc. – it is loooooong gone. Dissent is no longer “patriotic” – the First Amendment is for me, not for thee – and yes, Mikey – when God is absent, evil fills the void. This is what we have wrought in this country. I would ask that God help us, but we are, unfortunately, soon to be damned if this hate, filth and evil is allowed to fester and grow.

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  • Dash09

    My stomach is just churning. I really detest the main stream media for not reporting on something so despicable (sp?). Their heads are buried in the sand (or elsewhere). Clarence Thomas is a good man and an excellent Judge. This is pure hatred and where in the he** are Al Sharpton and Jesse Jacson? Too busy trying to close down talk radio.

  • Contessa61

    If the tea party had said this, the left would actually have PROOF of racism in the tea party.

  • Jet Jaguar

    Crispy Critters in the next life, unfortunately.

  • VeryConcerned

    It didn’t take much for the cameraman to let these “peace loving” libs show their true colors. No hate speech, no violence speech, no vitriol here, just a bunch of “peace loving” Obama supporters having a fun day talking about lynching people.

    I think everyone should speak their mind but the scary thing isn’t that they said it but what is on their minds. Rock on libs! You lost the House yesterday, Obamacare today, the senate and oval office tomorrow, Rock on!

  • mcc

    A few clips of Liberals smearing the Tea Party with their false accusations followed by a few clips of what we see and hear in this video.

    Put the truth in their faces. Every time they lie about us.

  • Trish

    #2 February 3, 2011 at 11:04 am
    StandUp4Chuck commented:
    Liberalism is a mental disorder. Each and ever one of those interviewed show advanced signs of brain rot.

    You are so right:


  • sifty

    Never have so few deserved an ass-whuppin from so many for so many reasons. -Stuff Winston Churchill Said

  • sifty

    Everyone in America should hear the names of the scumbags in this video on the news tonight.

    When the MBM thought Loughner was a Tea Partier we learned all about him. Now that he is locked up and a known lefty loon, nothing.

    If Fox or another network doesn’t put this on prime time they are part of a cover-up. Dangerously insane racists and anarchists are rallying in our cities and most people don’t know anything about it. They are calling for the deaths of those they disagree with, one of whom is a sitting Supreme Court Justice.

  • Midwestengr

    Wow! At a loss for words.

  • Sosickofthehypocrisy

    Union thugs, impressionable students and a few loons make up this group of sheep. You can always tell a lib, they can’t think for themselves. They always have a premade sign to hold and a canned slogan to repeat and love their profanity. Liberals are the most unapologetic haters around and are ripe for the picking by the socialist left. Stupid is as stupid does someone once said and it is so true.

  • Texmom

    Who was doing the filming? Should have asked them who Clarence Thomas was. I would bet the younger ones didn’t even know who they were talking about.

  • mcc

    HOORAY!! It’s Glenn Beck who just now showed this on his program – saying there’s more at his website.

  • And Hugh Hewitt is silent about the participation of his good friend and “Smart Guy” Erwin Chemerinsky.

  • bg


    the lefts Westboro chapter..


  • bg


    oh wait, they’re DEMOCRATS!!



  • Hedgehog

    What a bunch of burnouts. Except the loudmouth with the Brooklyn Dodgers hat. He is a bought and paid for union thug. Not much has changed. In the sixties such gatherings were orchestrated by professional agitators. The rest were there for the drugs and girls. Those are the ones whose brains are fried. The loudmouth is a pro.

  • liberals advocating violence, shocking. i once went to a “peace” rally in the 1960’s, it was the most violent thing i have ever been at. and i grew up in the projects in what was then the most violent city in america. no the rally wasn’t inthat city.

  • mmc

    Names please…….GP is always good at exposing these fools.

  • valerie

    Out them. This is the real perversion.

  • American Patriot

    My comment may be slightly off topic, but it fits with the theme of this thread; besides, I have to get this off my chest. One of the many things that really frightens me at this point in our history is how far this country has fallen in just one generation. Many of these Hate-America-Firsters are the children of those who fought to free the world from the same oppression and hate they now foment. As a result of the sacrifices made by their parents, they grew up in a free and prosperous country. My father who was part of that “Greatest Generation,” instilled in me a love for my God and Country that is sorely lacking in those Americans on the above video. Where did such hatred come from, and why do so many of my fellow citizens hate America? I truly fear for the future of this great nation.

  • StLConservative

    The only sane person there was @AndrewBreitbart… I’m going to Applebee’s! @2:28

  • silentcal_rox

    they continue to reveal their true core beliefs, let’s ’em keep talking it will make great campaign fodder!

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