Unreal!… Obama Uses Another Bogus Case Study to Defend Obamacare at SOTU

Robin Beaton’s insurance company retroactively canceled her policy because she had failed to inform them of her history of acne and a rapid heartbeat.

In 2009, Barack Obama included the story of a Waxahachie woman’s breast cancer nightmare in his speech to Congress. Obama said the evil insurance company canceled her policy for failing to report a pre-existing condition: acne. As it turned out, Robin Beaton’s insurance company retroactively canceled her policy because she had failed to inform them of her history of acne and a rapid heartbeat. Obama forgot to mention this in his talk.

Barack Obama also spoke about another case in Illinois. Obama said an Illinois man died because his insurance company found an undisclosed case of gallstones in his past, canceled his insurance and delayed a stem-cell transplant for his cancer. The man, Otto Raddatz, did lose his insurance, but got it back retroactively and had treatment that his family says extended his life for nearly four years.

This trick worked so well for Obama in 2009 that he pulled it again last night.
Obama found another victim to report on in his State of the Union Address.

I’m not willing to tell James Howard, a brain cancer patient from Texas, that his treatment might not be covered.

But, as it turns out, Barack Obama forgot to mention a few things about Mr. Howard.

When James Howard was diagnosed with brain cancer in March he did not know how he would pay for radiation treatments costing $87,000 and $2,300 a week for chemotherapy.

At the time of his diagnosis, Howard was insured by UnitedHealth Group Inc, a policy for which he paid because his employer, Hennessey Performance near Houston, Texas, did not provide healthcare insurance for its employees.

After his diagnosis, UnitedHealth revoked Howard’s policy on the grounds that his was a pre-existing condition.

UnitedHealth said on Friday that Howard had failed to disclose an earlier initial diagnosis suggesting potential cancer from brain scans before he applied for coverage.

Of course, Obama forgot to mention this, too.
Don’t expect the state-run media to report on this.

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  • cal rifkin

    This guy, Barry, is a bigger liar than Hillary or Bill ever were. Wouldn’t you have to think that they know they’ll be caught lying?

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  • free`

    #1 January 26, 2011 at 4:08 pm
    cal rifkin commented:
    This guy, Barry, is a bigger liar than Hillary or Bill ever were. Wouldn’t you have to think that they know they’ll be caught lying? ———–They know the msm will cover for them.

  • Scoot

    Acne? How does that disqualify you?

  • Paddy

    Lying about your existing health condition when applying for insurance is specified reason to cancel the coverage. It is a form of fraud.

    What is interesting about the Howard story is that United Health Care is one of the medical insurance companies that was one of those granted special favors in Obamacare along with AARP.

  • Granny

    #4 Scoot –

    Severe acne requires a substantial amount of intervention to clear up – dermatologist’s visits, medication, dermatological peels and so on. It can add to a pretty penny.

    It isn’t the pre-existing condition that caused the revocation of insurance but the omission of it from the detailed medical history. (They do ask about these things.) Lying by omission equals fraud.

  • cal rifkin

    #3 – yeah, I see that, but if they are sloppy and don’t check their facts, it’s almost worse. I mean where else have they performed in a substandard way? They’re even more cynical than the average politician, if they don’t even check their statements for a sotu speech in front of God and everybody.

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  • My all time favorite victim was the woman who had to wear her dead sisters dentures…I burst out laughing at the absurdity of this statement made by the bleeding hearts.

  • patman

    The last doctor I saw for a lightly scraped elbow ended up loping off my foot and stole off with my tonsils.

    And the shoe stores want me to pay full price…

    Rat bastards.

  • tarpon

    So why bother when you know it’s all lies.

  • Callipygian1

    Next they will ask an insurance company to purposely deny somebody treatment that will look even more heinous on the surface, in order to garner more indignant responses.

    Then the insurance company will get a waiver as a quid pro quo.

  • Little david Puddy

    The whole health care debate is a Joke.
    The real reason for the outrageous cost of healthcare is malprctice insurance. Doctors and hospitals have to charge double of what things really should cost to cover the astronomical cost of malpractice insurance. My neighbor is a surgeon and he pays more than $100,000 a year for malpractice insurance. That cost is past on. It’s that simple. Muzzle the ambulance chasing lawyers and health care costs will plummet to where they should be. The only thing the communists of the world ever did good for society was to round up all the lawyers and eliminate them or sent them to labor camps.

    Making Insurance companies cover pre-existing conditions is comical.
    If Insurance companies have to cover pre-existing conditions then it isn’t actually INSURANCE.
    It is welfare. Please call it what it is. It would be like me wrecking my car and then demanding that the Insurance company sell me collision after the fact and pay to fix my car.
    My Insurance Company made me wait a year before it would cover my pre-existing back condition, which I think is more than fair. Also, kids get to stay on their parents Insurance until 27. Are you kidding me. These are not kids, these are grown adults who should be resposible for themselves. Kids should be allowed to stay on there parents insurance until they graduate from college like it used to be.

    Obama just wants a Nanny state because he thinks that will endear voters to the democratic party for years. Unfortunatley, he is probobly right. Young people these days are brought up getting EVERYTHING they want from their parents. When they get older, they can’t break free from the parental entitlements so they want their free stuff from the government.

    Folks, We are in real big trouble.

  • Hedgehog

    What a deceitful creep. If he knew the facts, and did not disclose all of the facts in order to make his point, that is called a material omission of fact. In other words, it is willfully deceptive. He does time and again, so how can any thinking person believe him on anything? I know I don’t. But no one ever challenges him to afford him an opportunity to dispel doubt. Therefore, I conclude that he is untrustworthy, and can not be believed on anything. I believe that he and his handlers are predisposed to use any artifice to bamboozle the American people. They can’t handle the truth, and they know it.

  • Redwine

    OMG – Mark Levin is reading from an article showing that most of the speech was plagiarized from others or recycled from old speeches: http://www.usnews.com/opinion/blogs/alvin-felzenberg/2011/01/26/obamas-state-of-the-union-was-tantamount-to-plagiarism

  • Chisum


    I took the poll at your link:

    US News and World Report

    Was President Obama’s State of the Union speech a success?

    1. 24.96% Yes
    2. 75.04% No

  • Redwine

    Well, Chisum, that proves that not everyone is fooled by Hussein the Fraud.

  • OnTheOtherHand

    In Obama’s vision, the man would not have felt it necessary to lie to the insurance company as he would not be denied coverage and it would cost him no more for the coverage he would get.

    And let’s face it, if everyone tells the truth, it really makes it easier to identify who gets “the pill”.

  • Chisum


    Versus this CNN poll:

    According to the poll, which was conducted online by Knowledge Networks immediately after the president’s address, 91 percent of those who watched the speech approved of the proposals Mr. Obama put forth during his remarks. Only nine percent disapproved.


  • Yeah, right

    This is why telling insurance companies to ignore pre-existing conditions is a terrible idea. So some guy waits till the CAT scan shows he has brain cancer then applies for insurance. Who pays for that? All of us responsible people who carried insurance all along. Screw the responsible ones, reward the irresponsible ones. This is precisely what is going on with Romneycare and it will be easier to game Obamacare.

    What would car insurance rates when you could apply for car insurance AFTER you total your car?


    Obamiecare is fine until you get ill, then your put on the death panel list with no hope of hiring a private physician to help you.

    We have a great example right now of Obamiecare in operation, the ruling class, Rep. Giffords is receiving the best care, no costs barred for the gun shot wound, and she should!

    Under Obamiecare, the everyday shmuck who would receive a wound like this would have their case reviewed by the ‘death panels’ and no doubt judged to be not worthy of care, end of story, pain pills (cheap) then the dirt nap, move on to the next patient and determine their value to the state.

    Progressives have longed to play god, and under Obamiecare, that is exactly what they will be doing. Grand ma better get ready for the quick dirt nap when ill because grand ma’s value to the state is nill.

  • “OMG – Mark Levin is reading from an article showing that most of the speech was plagiarized from others or recycled from old speeches”

    And 91% approve of this total BS. This is insane.

  • Swifty

    Just get feedback from the proper focus group and everything looks rosy.

  • Redwine

    #19 Chisum commented:
    #22 Pagar commented:

    “OMG – Mark Levin is reading from an article showing that most of the speech was plagiarized from others or recycled from old speeches”

    And 91% approve of this total BS. This is insane.


    Of course. He (his speech writers) stole material from far, far better speakers than he.

  • Hedgehog

    Everything about Comrade Obama is fraudulent. Why would anyone think that this Affirmative Action clown, this Communist tool, would have anything approaching an original idea. What evidence is there that he thinks about anything? Would that be his thesis? Would that be his learned writings while at the Harvard Law Review? No? Where has this phony ever committed any thought to anything but his own climb up the greasy pole of the Communist movement? Fraud! Grifter! Phony! Thief!

  • Maybe this explains the high approval BS.


    “Prior to his State of the Union address, President Obama went to lunch with five of his most trusted public relations advisers.”

    that should read “five of his most trusted leftist propaganda czars”

  • martha

    Look, nothing’s changed in obama’s MO. He’s using the same tricks and lies he used to get himself elected in2008. What has changed is us. WE THE PEOPLE and we need to stay awake and involved and point out the contradictions of his words and actions to anyone willing to listen. It’s going to have to be a word of mouth effort in addition to great blogs like this one,because here we are among friends.

  • Callipygian1

    Who wrote the other speeches, Joe Biden? William Ayers?

  • Larkin

    I gotta tell ya…I talk to people every day that STILL don’t see it.

    This guy is the lyin’est s.o.b. to come down the pike. But the media protects him like they did Stalin.

  • Newty

    Are all you people the same person? I find it frightening, if not.

  • Contessa61

    We do NOT need Obamacare. But we do need insurance reform. Insurance companies are evil.
    This woman should not have been denied care because a rapid heart beat has NOTHING to do with breast cancer. Insurances are slime balls that will try anything to renig on their obligations.

  • Contessa61

    Also, with regards to malpractice, physicians order many more tests than necessary to cover their butt from lawsuits. Capping rewards will go a long way in reducing this and decreasing malpractice insurance costs.

  • in re malpractice; how are you going to get the lawyers in congress to limit malpractice awards. they pass all those laws and regulations to create business for the legal profession. if the ever did limit the awards the lawyers in the black robes on the courts would overturn it. lawyers make up one-third of one percent of the population yet they have a virtual monopoly over the government of the united states. the only way to change this is to stop electing lawyers to public office.

  • ert

    why even mention the acne? that plays into the notion that people are rejected for petty reasonings.

  • ravenhairedmaid

    God is in the details, and the devil is in half-truths …

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    Disgusting…however the same A-holes that voted for him will actually believe all his lies….IMPEACH

  • somepeople

    Why don’t you guys read this from CNN.. It details the exact reasons that Robin lost her insurance.


    1. It was cancelled because of a prior diagnosis of ACNE, which the insurance company misread to be a form of “cancer” and called it a pre-existing form of cancer, to which her docters argued that the insurance adjusters (who we all know are physicians, RIGHT???) completely ignored. THIS WAS THE PRIMARY REASON FOR CANCELLING THE POLICY.

    2. She also failed to list her weight accurately. (Perhaps she gained or lost weight between the time of surgery and the time of filling out the paperwork-god knows that couldn’t happen to any of us!

    3. She did not list a medication that she had taken much earlier in life for a heart condition that no longer existed and she was NO LONGER TAKING when she applied for insurance with the current insurance company.

    I had high blood pressure every time I was pregnant, but do not consider that a “condition” of my health. It was a condition of pregnancy.

    GOOD GREIF, get off your high horses. I truly hope that you or someone you know and love is screwed by an insurance company some day, just so you know the feeling of utter despair. I have excellent health insurance, which we have paid for, for years. I am not a bleeding heart, but the President doing something you disagree with DOES NOT JUSTIFY YOUR AGREEING WITH BIG INSURANCE COMPANIES DEFRAUDING PEOPLE.

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