Breaking: TUCSON TEA PARTY LEADER THREATENED At ABC Taping… Unhinged Leftist Arrested

Tucson tea party leader Trent Humphries was threatened today during an interview with ABC.

While Trent was speaking at the event, an audience member screamed, “Trent Humphries, you’re dead!”

Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and Tucson Tea Party leader Trent Humphries. (New Leader)

ABC News held a town hall event today in Tucson, Arizona. Local officials, friends and heroes were at the event. News anchor Christiane Amanpour was the host. The segment will air tomorrow. ABC gathered members from the Tucson community to discuss the tragic shooting last Saturday that wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and left 6 people dead.

State Representative Terri Proud was at the event sitting between Trent and the violent audience member. Terri was there to speak about the local gun laws. She described the scene to me just minutes ago:

Trent Humphries, the Pima County tea party leader, stood up to speak during the event. He was being very respectful. Trent told the audience that before we start placing blame on individuals we need to get all the facts. Trent then told everyone that one of those killed during the shooting was his neighbor and that he was affected like everyone else by the tragedy… While Trent was speaking- And it was planned that he would speak- One member in the audience and reportedly one of the victims of the tragedy started screaming, “Trent Humphries you’re dead!” The police immediately escorted him out. On his way out he screamed, “You’re all whores.”

The ABC producer said he was not sure if they will show incident tomorrow, or not.

Trent was finished with his statement and sat down. Terri said she was concerned since she was sitting right between Trent and this violent leftist. Trent sat down and ABC continued with the taping. Two police officers jumped in immediately to remove the violent leftist.

Trent Humphries has been receiving death threats all week since the national media and their leftist cohorts began blaming the tea party for the shooting by the leftwing pothead. Currently, government officials are checking his mail for him due to the threats.

Please keep Trent and his young family and all the Tucson tea party members in your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE….. The unhinged leftist J. Eric Fuller was charged with with threats and intimidation and he also will be charged with disorderly conduct.

Violent leftist Eric Fuller was arrested at the event today.

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  • cornhusker

    Oh my God! I hope they are watching for exactly this sort of bahavior from the left. They’ve finally lost it. I pray for everyone’s safety.

  • Mac

    Does anyone really believe that ABC will air this outburst?

  • GrannyDee

    Any bets on whether ABC will show the incident in Sunday’s show?

    Never. Gonna. Happen.

  • gastorgrab


    He should be shipped immediately to Guantanamo Bay.

  • MrGoodWench

    Obama’s hacks are still on with following his command of
    “get in their faces” and
    ” bring a gun” right ?
    So who was Obama addressing when he wanted civility and tolerance ?

  • Floyd Looney

    Eric Fuller was shot last week by Jared Lee Loughner at the massacre but he blames it on the Cross Hares Gang of Palin, Beck and Sharron Angle.

    He may be crazier than Loughner.

  • MrGoodWench

    The ABC producer said he was not sure if they will show incident tomorrow, or not.


    I think ABC will show this incident .
    They’ll just clip the soundtrack ( to just “you are dead ” ) and attach it to the visuals when some lefty is speaking ,
    so as to appear that a lefty is being threatened.
    I think Obama will approve.

  • Edouard

    Obama wasn’t firm enough in his speech regarding “civility.”

    He needed to call out the anti-conservative leftist witch hunts in particular.

    I still don’t understand the fawning conservatives who praised him for a speech that predictably has had no effect on his wild-eyed and rabid partisans.

    Of course we all know Obama would never have come close to attempting to tame that bunch.

  • wow

    The tape will be edited, as usual. The outcome will not be flattering nor will it be correct.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    spot on MrGoodWench

  • gastorgrab

    Isn’t Fuller the same person who gave the statement to Democracy Now?

  • Missy8s

    Mark my words there will be calls from the hypocritical leftist media to avoid a “rush to judgment” or “demonization” of the “poor shooting victim” within minutes!!!!

  • Chisum
  • sifty

    This is the side of “progressive” commie idiots that ABC has been trying so hard for so many years to hide.

  • dagny

    I’m sure they will spin it as he didin’t mean “dead-dead”

  • Sara B

    It will be interesting to see the contortions the media will use to pin this one on Sarah Palin. I’m sure this guy will be given the benefit of the doubt…post traumatic stress disorder or some such nonsense.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    Blood libels have (intended) consequences. Always.

  • cornhusker

    Chisum beat me to it, but you should read the profile on this guy…he sounds as crazy as the shooter. Seriously.

  • Alonzo

    From the link:

    I use extraordinary persuasive charisma to interest blase, apathetic, oblivious and at times hostile voters to listen to the voice of justice and consanguinity. My experiences encountering public figures and many affluent travelers in person has led me to believe that we all are to blame for George W. Bush.

    Imagine how tiny the odds are that a lunatic who randomly opens fire on a crowd would hit another lunatic. But that’s what happened here. Fuller is as insane as Loughner.

  • wow

    #11 January 15, 2011 at 4:44 pm
    gastorgrab commented:

    Yes he is the same Fuller. The one that has been accusing Palin, Beck and others of causing this and has called them traitors, calling for them to be tried.

  • gastorgrab

    Arizona; the mecca of liberal insanity.

  • wow

    From Fuller’s profile “… military service leading to non-physical disability,” —cuckoo?

  • Floyd Looney

    This guy is sitting next to his broken rocking chair.

    This was crazy before Loughner shot him.

  • That is just terrible. Although all the facts are not in it appears that the liberal media could have really started an unstable reaction amongst some of its more crazy supporters. I really do hope this all stops and the conservative movement can just continue on its way of cleaning up America.

  • katy

    May I suggest we all send ABC a nice letter DEMANDING they air the entire episode in the name of fairness and transparency…

  • Alonzo

    I use extraordinary persuasive charisma to interest blase, apathetic, oblivious and at times hostile voters to listen to the voice of justice and consanguinity.

    “Consanguinity” means blood relations, connection, or kinship. Fuller uses persuasive charisma to interest voters in the voice of kinship? What in the name of Zeus does that mean?

    This guy burps out demented blather exactly the way Loughner does. Giffords had Loughner gunning for her and Fuller working for her. Remind me never to attend any Democratic political event in Arizona.

  • I guess Obamski needs to start his sensitivity training on his side of the fence. I thought the hate speech was our fault…..Take the log out of your own eye Demorats

  • retire05

    I think y’all are missing the point. So I will lead you in the right direction.

    The left, Van Jones, Francis Fox Piven types have recently been calling for a “revolution.” Both of them advocate violence “when necessary.”

    This is the beginning of what some of us witnessed in the late ’60’s. The radical voices turning into physical violence that gave birth to groups like Weatherman Underground, the SDS and the Black Panthers. It is coming again. The left will drown out the cries for rationale, pretending that the “right-wing” is really responsible for the Tucson shootings which gives them a reason for retaliation. We are not going to get the “coming together” that Obama so often promised in his campaign speeches, boys and girls, because the left is now emboldened with the election of the first truely socialist president.

    Mark my words: it is only starting.

  • Pingback: Anonymous()

  • katy


    One big, fat and obvious difference between the 60’s revolution and today is an informed and massively mobilized public.

    Their using an outdated revolutionary plan. They are already showing sign of desperation and tripping up because they have been ‘found out’ before they were ready to mobilize.

    The American people know. They will not take to the streets. Only the lawless will and their movement will NOT succeed!

  • Thanks for posting this, Jim. Dear God, the left is absolutely insane!

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  • forest

    Serious question: Does anybody know why Fuller was at Giffords’ event where the shootings took place?

    Was he there as a supporter, or was he there to attack her from the left for being a moderate Democrat?

  • Sickofobama

    Fuller looks like a demented libtard.

    Dupnik will probably let him go like he let Loughner go because neither one of them is a Tea Partier or a Palin fan.

    Tea Partiers nor Palin have to resort to violence like libtards do to get their points across.

    Humphries should sue Fuller.

  • Edouard

    So it’s true — the Left actually does want to gain power by means of overt death threats.

    Does this nut Fuller not know that he loses all the moral and argumentative advantage that he might desire, when he so blatantly engages in the very behavior that he claims to deplore?

    Looks like there was more than one schizo at Giffords’s event.

  • Joy

    fuller was really leftist laughner’s accomplice

  • donh

    It is going to get worse. The left WANTS the kind of civil unrest that will allow them to ship conservatives off to camps . They want to clear out our homes to fill with 3rd world immigrants. They have been trying to provoke us to violance since Obama siezed power. They are going to assassinate somebody on the right, and claim it is revenge for the Giffords shooting . They want to blow up the keg of dry powder. The media will excuse it as a “final solution” to racist bigotry.The quisling republican Rino cowards will go along with it too ratting us out like Soros did with the jews.

  • USMC Thomas

    Fuller received a non-physical disability, what the hell is that, from the military, no mention of the branch. The lefties are attempting to make this turd the spokesman for veterans.

  • Tank

    I blame Obama.

  • Just_Saying

    Evidently this Fuller guy also tried to visit with the shooters’ parents:

  • Defender

    A Google image search proves that Giffords’ assertion that there are swastikas at Tea Party rallies is not untrue. HOWEVER, it’s in the context of “NO REPEATS,” “NEVER AGAIN,” freedom shall prevail. A half-truth is a whole lie. Nancy Peloi has been heard making the same accusations.
    Was Fuller motivated by their misleading hate-filled rhetoric?
    Leftists are calling for a return of the semi-auto ban WITHOUT the grandfather clause. In other words, possession will be illegal, of ammunition magazines and the firearms they fit.
    A very bad plan.

  • retire05

    Katy, you’re wrong, sadly. The radical, violent left never really went away. They just went underground by going to liberal universities and getting journalism degrees. Some of them even ran for Congress, and won. They, like William Ayers, became “respectable” by holding down some job that none of us would really want; union leader, community organizer, left wing politician, journalist.

    And like all radicals, they will change their tactics. Just as AQ used 19 radical Islamists on 9-11, when we react to that tactic, they will change tactics, i.e. Nadal Hassan and the Christmas Day Panty bomber. You sell them short by thinking that just because we are more informed, they are not.

    Why do you think that after years of silence, Van Jones and Francis Fox Pivin, both left wing radicals that subscribe to violence, are now crawling back into the lime light? Why has the Communist Party of America become so vocal lately? What prompted them to start up again? Oh, yeah, the words won’t be the same as they were in the late ’60’s, but the meaning will be.

    It is because they think they have a fellow traveler in the Oval Office. And it won’t matter that Loughner is bat quano crazy, he will be their excuse.

    I stick to my prediction; it’s going to get a lot worse. And the Democrats will use Tucson to try to shove even more restrictions on our Constitutional rights. Watch and see.

  • No Man

    I blame Obama!

    I think an old adage: “Forewarned is forearmed.”

    Seems as if thousands of vicious louts are deliberating planning to murder us.

    We must defend ourselves. At least we can avoid the disgrace of being butchered by hateful trash like the average liberal loser.

  • Ginger

    The blood that is shed is because of the courts, congress, and senate for not throwing that kenyan fraud out of the white house. I mostly blame the media criminal morons! Lets start taking the media down starting with Fox! Fox is as two faced as any media can be! Stop buying news papers.

  • No Man

    Obama’s ELIMINATIONIST RHETORIC caused ALL this violence and hatred.

    Where is Sheriff Douchebag?

  • mlm

    if these leftists want to start shooting people over a irresponsible and truly dangerous liberal lie then we will have civil war. i seriously doubt whether conservatives in this country will stand idly by while our brethern are threatened and murdered. If you want true civil war keep it up leftists.

  • Ginger

    I pray that the fraud is his own undoing and soon! Why is his eyes so waterly? That breaking out is bad again! Any one notice the mole like spots on both sides of his inner eyes? They are white and not brown!

  • Alonzo

    From the Impeccable Timing Department…

    Yesterday Charles Johnson, the absolutist leader of Little Green Footballs, hitched his wagon to a falling star:

    Eric Fuller, the 63-year-old veteran shot twice last Saturday in the attack that critically injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, said today that he blames the violent rhetoric of people like Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, and Sharron Angle.

    Now watch as Andrew Breitbart, Jim Hoft, and the rest of the right wing blogosphere go into overdrive to smear Mr. Fuller.

    Poor Charles jumped the gun (pardon my violent symbolism), not realizing that Fuller is an auto-smearer. How stupid must Charles feel today, now that Fuller is protesting violent rhetoric by making death threats?

  • DomesticGoddess

    I attended a Karl Rove event at a local college and the Code Pinkies were in full force (but hiding in the audience). It was terrifying to have the person sitting next to you suddenly stand up and start spewing craziness. The cops rushed in and escorted them away. THESE PEOPLE ARE BEYOND REASON. I am at a loss for a solution.

  • Missy8s

    Isn’t it interesting that ABC isn’t reporting this “event” that occurred in THEIR OWN STUDIOS!!!???

  • Teresa

    You morons do realize that the man arrested WAS A VICTIM OF THE GIFFORDS SHOOTING??
    And therefore might be just not as crazy about guns as the rest of you right now. But keep pretending you care about the victims jerks.

  • forest


    Having been a victim doesn’t give him the right to death threaten other people who had nothing to do with it.

  • daryl

    Stuff it, Teresa! All the more reason not to be making threats.
    I doubt seriously if anyone other than the policeman who arrested his leftist @$$ for his death threats had a gun. Now stifle!

  • katy


    I get it 05. I’m hip to Piven, Jones, “The Coming Insurrection” et al.
    I get it.
    I get the fact that the communists have been in the media, the arts, the universities… since the 30’s and 40’s. Planning, plotting and scheming.
    I know the drill.
    It’s going to get real ugly. I get it!!!
    My point was, the majority of the American people will not be blinded as they have been for the last 75 years. We NOW know. We see the traps being set. We are NOT Europe.
    What will test our mettle more than the commies and the economic and social destruction they are implementing is the Islamists. A huge terror attack. That my friend is what will be our undoing. And yes the commies will use it to drive their final nail in their coffin of destruction but they WILL NOT WIN!!!
    American’s will fight with every last drop of blood in them unlike the rest of the spineless planet. We may go down but not without taking every last enemy of the state with us!!
    Be prepared.

  • Teresa

    I’m not condoning threats, but a) extremely dishonest of Hoft not to note this in his rush to condemn “unhinged leftist” and b) pretty possible the man has PTSD since its been less than week since he saw 16 people gunned down in front of him.

  • git r did

    The Dems.. or still mad about Nov., they know the majority of the people or against them now, and it just goes to show how low they are, and what lies they will come up with to try and win their people back.
    The Dems. have always been that way, and they only tell you what you want to hear.

    For years and years the Rep. party has never really fought back, cause they didnt want to stoop to their level, and their tactics, But I will tell you right now, if we dont fight back we will be in big trouble.

    I am just thankful for the internet, cause when I was growing up all we had to depend on was the media, now people can find out what is really going, and it is easier for the people to voice their opions, but we may lose that right to if the Federal Govt. starts controlling the Internet.

    So speak up while you still can.

  • No Man

    Teresa is right.

    Yer gallant liberal has the stones to murder unborn babes, but not to attack anyone that may defend himself.

    The losers are harmless unless they lie their way into beiung president. Then, they order the secret police to kill you. Like Slick Willie and Reno did at Waco.

  • katy

    #51 January 15, 2011 at 6:10 pm
    Teresa commented:

    You morons do realize that the man arrested WAS A VICTIM OF THE GIFFORDS SHOOTING

    Oh My God! You’re kidding? He WAAAAS? How could I have missed that in the STORY??? Or or…maybe I missed in the BIG HUGE PRINT HEADLINE??? Yah that’s it. WE ALL must have missed that one detail.
    WOW!! Thanks Teresa!!!
    We morons really needed you today and we’re so glad you graced us here to help us understand how being a moron is just so…unhelpful!!
    Thumbs up big T!!

  • jay

    katy commented: They are already showing sign of desperation and tripping up because they have been ‘found out’ before they were ready to mobilize…

    Yes – thanks mainly to Glenn Beck we know who they are and what they’re planning to do now.

    Edouard commented: So it’s true — the Left actually does want to gain power by means of overt death threats…

    Hopefully the despicable accusations by the media this last week will boomerang on the haters themselves. Calling so much attention to “hate speech” makes it impossible for their side to use it – and it is the only real tactic they’ve ever had. Hmmm, this could get interesting, but good will triumph in the end.

  • No Man

    Quinnipiac poll: 85% of Americans polled us think Teresa, and all liberal trash eat $#it.

  • wow

    #55 January 15, 2011 at 6:19 pm
    Teresa commented:

    And the spin begins.

  • katy

    Yes Jay,,thank God for Beck. He has unraveled everything and thrown a giant wrench in their secret war machine.

  • Ginger

    go to:
    Hope this turns out….has any one heard this?

    Froggy/Realist/Justin site Politijab/Fobow

    trolls that are lawyers trying to stop people from finding out the truth about the kenyan fraud.

    Hey was Foggy one of the trolls that harrassed at Greta’s site?

  • daryl

    “pretty possible the man has PTSD”
    All the more reason for him to stay away from anything that might put him in the same shoes as Loughnor, and he murders someone himself.
    Or is shot himself because he can’t control his mouthy threats.
    Not a good time or place to be mouthing lame threats. Why can’t you leftists grasp cold, hard facts?

  • Sasja

    I’m glad my visit here did not disappoint. Teresa is still as stupid as she was the last time I read her posts.

  • Alonzo

    You morons do realize that the man arrested WAS A VICTIM OF THE GIFFORDS SHOOTING??
    And therefore might be just not as crazy about guns as the rest of you right now. But keep pretending you care about the victims jerks.

    How does his being a victim of the shooting excuse the fact that he made death threats against people who had nothing to do with the shooting?

    Just because you’re willing to overlook uncivilized behavior doesn’t mean we’re degraded enough to agree with you.

  • Ginger

    It says page not found but you can hit the birther … and it will come up.

  • GT

    Can you please spell ‘Tucson’ right? Thanks.

  • aprilnovember811

    Sheriff Dupnik needs to be sued for libel. He is responsible for this mess.

  • daryl

    Mr. Fuller is obviously suffering from far more than PTSD!

    J. Eric Fuller’s Profile: A few answers and many questions

  • Lady Liberty

    I had a bet with Jim about how long it would take for someone to claim J. Eric Fuller has PTSD.

  • PhilipJames

    You can thank Barack Obama for not telling his side to cool it. This is all on Obama now. Obama is responsible for all the heated rhetoric now and everyone should call him on it… he is the President of all Americans

  • Ginger

    Lady Liberty …. How are you?

    Any way I have PTSD and I have never ever threatened harm to any one nor have I caused any harm to any one! EXCUSES!

  • retire05

    Katy, no, you’re not getting it. You are still using the mindset of decades ago thinking that because we are better informed now than Americans were 40 years ago that gives us the higher ground.

    Do you think the left has not changed, evolved in their tactics? Do you think it was not the left, the far left, that managed to push through Obama care? You are like the people who think that the AQ members are just simpleton goat herders living in the Sahara. They are not.

    The left is getting loud. They now use the internet, and site like “The Nation” to push their agenda on unsuspecting college students taught by the likes of William Ayers. The Democratic Socialists of America now hold conventions out in the open. They hire K Street lobbyist. They are active. The far left Marxist/socialist/communist fraction has been emboldened with the election of Barack Obama.

    Remember the infamous 400 member strong Journalist? Well, here are the words of one of them, a contributor to The Nation and a devout member of the Democratic Socialists of America:

    “It was the gun. It was the mental illness. It was the TEA. It was “Second Amendmentremedies” and “reload” and candidates’ districts marked with cross hairs. It was glennbeckrushlimbaughmichaelsavagetalkradiotv with its 24/7 fomenting of hatred and contempt for Democrats, its antigovernment paranoia.”

    That was written by a well respected member of Feminists for Peace and Barack Obama.

    The narrative is set, the dialog designed. Copies of The Paranoid Style of American Politics are being dusted off, read and followed. The far left is having its coming out party, and you can take it to the bank, conservatives are not invited. So answer my questions: why now? What is embolding them to reveal themselves as they have not for the last 50 years?

    And when it comes to the far left and the Islamists in our midsts, I would remind you of this saying:

    “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

  • aprilnovember811

    Obama is one of them, The Weather Underground. I talked on the phone to the Secret Service about Obama possibly being one of them. He was very nice and told me to be patient. I had a story to relay about someone who used to work undercover for the FBI and infiltrated the Weathermen. He believes they may have succeeded in infiltrating the White House. When this FBI agent infiltrated them, he said they had plans to do this. Obama started his Senate career in the home of William Ayers. Hanoi Jane has been speaking out a lot lately. Her husband Tom Hayden, Soros, and others as well. William Ayers has visited the White House, so has, Malik Shabazz, Angela Davis, Soros, and others. I believe this shooting was a plan to kill the Federal Judge. He was getting ready to rule against Obama in a case in Arizona. I guess the lovely, kind, articulate, great orator, brilliant, man wanted to go into people’s bank accounts and take their money. FDR took peoples gold so Obama felt he should be able to take peoples money. The guy is dangerous, and insane.

  • aprilnovember811

    When you threaten someones life you cease being a victim.

  • Ginger

    retire05 …….Makes you wonder why Saudi has put out so much money to build around 200 mosque here in America and all their other interest!

  • aprilnovember811

    Here’s a short video from and FBI agent who infiltrated this group.

  • Ginger

    Hey every one….get a picture of the sicko sherriff (Clarence) and a picture of jared the killer…print them out and put them next to one enother and tell me what you think. 🙂

  • Mahdi Al-Dajjal

    Immediately being released on bail, expect unhinged wackjob Leftist, Eric Fuller, to accept a job with either the DNC or the Obama Administration. After all, he’s proven by this outburst that he has the ‘right stuff’ that the radical-dominated Democrat Party is looking for in their paid operatives.

  • katy


    I’m trying to be really patient with you.
    I GET IT!!!

    So what’s your point? I have explained already why they will not succeed. Have you been reading the polls lately? The American people, by incredibly high numbers, AREN’T BUYING ANY OF IT.

    They have tremendous power..but they are the minority.
    they are revealing themselves because it is their time to turn on all the levers. Push all the buttons. Their time is NOW…I say so what. Their plan has been revealed.
    What you don’t see is that the plan was never suppose to be revealed. They were not suppose to “come out”. Stealth..was the their tactic as it has been, hence the name Progressive. Progress is slow, deep and covert. They have been forced out in the open (which makes them more dangerous) but it also makes them more vulnerable to slip up because they no longer have the cover of darkness to implement.

    Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

    I am not afraid. I am empowered by the truth setting us free!

  • MrGoodWench

    Teresa commented:
    I’m not condoning threats, but a) extremely dishonest of Hoft not to note this in his rush to condemn “unhinged leftist” and b) pretty possible the man has PTSD since its been less than week since he saw 16 people gunned down in front of him.

    How do you know that this marxist + democrat was NOT a violent hateful man
    this shooting happened ?
    Maybe he said what he has always been wanting to do to TEA partiers, only this time people other than marxists+ democrats outside of AZ got to see it,
    I’d be even more interested in his military record now

  • jay


    The EU Times put out a similar story a few days ago, but the source seemed iffy…

    Top US Federal Judge Assassinated After Threat To Obama Agenda
    Posted by EU Times on Jan 9th, 2011

  • Tank

    Teresa spewed:

    Leftist drivel.

  • Chisum #13

    He is nuts…

    ‘AZ Shooting Victim James Eric Fuller was quite opinionated in his interview with Democracy Now, but it seems his barking moonbat bona fides go back several decades at least. He apparently has some kind of fascination with hypnosis as revealed by his page on, “the fastest growing hypnosis community in the world.”’

    But no more nuts than Zero..

    ‘Is Barack Obama a brilliant orator, captivating millions through his eloquence? Or is he deliberately using the techniques of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), a covert form of hypnosis developed by Milton Erickson, M.D.?

    A fundamental tool of “conversational hypnosis” is pacing and leading—a way for the hypnotist to bypass the listener’s critical faculty by associating repeated statements that are unquestionably accurate with the message he wants to convey.

    Techniques of trance induction include extra slow speech, rhythm, tonalities, vagueness, visual imagery, metaphor, and raising of emotion. Hypnotists often have patients count. In a speech after the primaries closed, Obama said: “Sixteen months have passed (paused)…Thousands (pause) of miles…(pause)…Millions of voices….”

    Hypnotists call this a distraction technique: sending the dominant hemisphere on an assignment involving linguistic processes, thus opening the nondominant hemisphere to suggestion.’

  • jay

    re:katy & RETIRE05 dispute

    “The greatest threat to mankind and civilization is the spread of the totalitarian philosophy. Its best ally is not the devotion of its followers but the confusion of its enemies. To fight it, we must understand it.” — Ayn Rand

    Katy is right – It would appear (thank goodness) that we are no longer confused.

  • Ginger

    Jared the killer had ask people if they believed in “mind control”

  • bg
  • Ginger

    Like that lady said at a get together with their rep.. “You have awoken a sleeping giant” Boy have they!

  • Ginger

    Hey bg…Lets all stay in our houses and let them take one enother out! hahahaha

  • squeaky

    hypnosis doesn’t work on everyone…..fortunately i guess.

  • Highlander

    Where do people like Theresa come from? No reading comprehension, no ability to reason, just completely unhinged … Exactly how does having recently been a victim of a whacked out leftist shooter justify hurling death threats at a Tea Party representative, who had NOTHING to do with the shooting? From the sound of things, Loughner may have accidentally prevented a second tragedy when he shot this guy….

    Theresa and Fuller both suffer from the same sickness … liberalism. I’m sure when the truth comes out, we’ll find that Fuller was unhinged well before he was shot. Of course, right on cue though, Theresa does the faithful liberal thing and blames his actions on PTSD … we saw THAT coming didn’t we?

  • bg


    Ginger #87

    Frances Fox Piven Rings in The New
    Year By Calling for Violent Revolution

    [.] In a chilling and almost unbelievable editorial again in The Nation
    (”Mobilizing the Jobless,” January 10/17, 2011 edition), she calls on
    the jobless to rise up in a violent show of solidarity and force. As
    before, those calls are dripping with language of class struggle.
    Language she and her late husband Richard Cloward made popular
    in the 60s.

    “So where are the angry crowds, the
    demonstrations,sit-ins and unruly mobs?”
    she writes.[.]

    much more & links @ link..


  • Jim R.

    If, in the next few days, someone were to murder Trent Humphries, (assuming it even got any coverage and not that I want anything of the sort to happen) who would the media blame?

  • bg
  • Redwine

    I have hesitated about writing this, but I felt from the beginning that the real target was the Federal judge, John Roll.

  • retire05

    Katy, you say the far left is the minority. Well, golly gee, perhaps you haven’t been paying attention.

    We now have the most oppressive legislation in the form of Obamacare. Americans are being body seached and exposed to harm with the body scanners, although the 4th Amendment protects us against “unwarranted” searches. The Fairness Doctine is being pushed through along with control of the internet (net yet acheived but Tucson sure helped the cause). All done by those you claim are the minority.

    What you don’t get is that the far left will not act like they did in the ’60’s. They will foist their oppressive rules on us via legislative and judicial fiat.

    As to your patience level, that is your personal problem.

  • jay

    this now posted in the abc online article:

    ‘…towards the end of an otherwise thoughtful town hall, there was a single incident: James Eric Fuller, who was shot at the Safeway last week, allegedly made a threatening comment to another audience member, Tucson Tea Party co-founder Trent Humphries. It is unclear whether Humphries heard Fuller and the two never engaged. According to the Pima County Sheriff’s Department, Fuller used a cell phone to take a picture of Humphries and allegedly said, “You’re dead.”

    Fifteen seconds after the conclusion of the town hall, law enforcement officials approached Fuller and led him to a side entrance. A moment later, Fuller could heard yelling, “What’s the matter–with you–whores!” Fuller was charged with disorderly conduct and threatening and intimidation and taken to a local mental health facility, according to the Sheriff’s Department.’

    ‘taken to a local mental health facility…’ where they all belong imho.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    Someone needs to see if there are any pictures of this guy posing in a woman’s red g-string holding a gun. There might be some sort of leftist cult at work in Tucson. Have the cops keep an eye on pmsnbc pundits too, they’re all the same you know.

  • Neo

    Mark Rudd, founder of the Weather Underground:I considered myself an agent of necessity in a political revolution. I’m not sure if Loughner, who seems to suffer from mental illness, can be considered an agent of anything. But I’m sure that if, as alleged, he pulled the trigger, he had convinced himself that he was doing what needed to be done.

  • katy


    “What you don’t get is that the far left will not act like they did in the ’60′s. They will foist their oppressive rules on us via legislative and judicial fiat.”

    Uh yah…That’s old news.

    A democratic republic is set up to move very slowly. We will undo what has been “foisted” upon us. we may not see the fruit of it’s undoing for a generation but it will be undone. it sounds like you missed the November election returns…RECAP..the party of NO won and the slow tilt to the right has once again begun.
    Unless the country blows up first… ;o) Why such an eeyore tonight 05?

  • RickS

    It won’t get aired. In fact, ABC won’t even mention it. It doesn’t matter to them if a tea partier or Sarah Palin gets threatened. Irrelevant. Doesn’t fit the narrative. Despicable people these. This is the evil we are up against.

  • squeaky

    fuller has been an un-fan of glenn beck so this threat probably isn’t so totally unexpected

  • Curt Cowley

    Yesterday on one of these comment threads I wrote something like:

    Ah, the good old days, when dissent was the highest form of patriotism. Now, it makes you an accessory to murder.

    I would like to update my statement: Now dissent simultaneously makes you an accessory to murder and a potential murder victim.

    Is this the Hope part, or the Change part?

  • Ok, so the guy was a victim and witness of the horrible scene one week ago.

    Question: where are all the other witnesses of the shooting? Why are THEY not making death threats…PTSD and all.

  • Ginger

    Red wine… Me too!

  • Dave-O

    Some questions for Teresa:


  • bg


    another overlooked factor Obama’s celebratory pep ra, uh,
    Jumbotron memorial may have helped to cover vs covering..

    yes, too bad Sheriff Dupnik let Jared slip through his fingers so speak.. not
    to mention his daughter (may be they even knew each other, who knows)..


  • gman

    Teresa is such a typical liberal. Blame everyone else but the perp.

  • jay

    Redwine- did you see the EU article above?

    retire05- Yes, things have gotten way out of hand, but we no longer have a ‘single party gov’t’ with the Nov ’10 election. Their #’s are estimated at around 20%, so they are definitely in the minority. The clueless sheeple who go along out of ignorance and who believe the msm propaganda must be wakened. The one person I look to for slowing their destructive agenda is Darrell Issa.

    katy commented: Unless the country blows up first… O.o

  • Dave-O

    Oops – hit the wrong button –

    but I continue:

    1) was Fuller wearing his “United We Thrive” T-shirt?
    2) Is Sarah Palin responsible for this too? Or maybe George W??
    3) why wasn’t Fuller immediately arrested and charged?
    4) Teresa seems to making excuses for Fuller’s conduct – will she continue to do so even if he pulls a trigger on somebody? Excuses, excuses, excuses. Frankly, is there EVER a legitimate excuse for a death threat? Only in the eyes of a libtard, I guess.

  • bg
  • bg


    jay #110

    still putting all your eggs in one election basket hey..

    what did you expect would change via the election??

    what has changed since the election??

    what do you expect to change between now & the next election??


  • Ginger

    I wonder if any one has checked his criminal record?

  • Redwine

    Yes, Jay, I read the article. This allowed me to speculate openly what I intuitively felt from the beginning. I expect that we will hear more about the real strategy behind the assassination of the judge and the public celebration that followed. This makes the new slogan of the regime, “Together We Thrive”, all the more evocative – and scary.

  • bg


    Neo #100

    [I considered myself an agent of necessity in a political revolution. I’m not sure if Loughner, who seems to suffer from mental illness, can be considered an agent of anything. But I’m sure that if, as alleged, he pulled the trigger, he had convinced himself that he was doing what needed to be done.

    At his age, I had thought myself into a similar corner. My willingness to endorse and engage in violence had something to do with an exaggerated sense of my own importance. I wanted to prove myself as a man – a motive exploited by all armies and terrorist groups. I wanted to be a true revolutionary like my guerrilla hero, Ernesto “Che” Guevara. I wanted the chant we used at demonstrations defending the Black Panthers to be more than just words: “The revolution has come/Time to pick up the gun!” ]

    that is a profile of the of people who are closest to
    Obama’s ideology than we could possibly imagine..

    and if nothing else, please, at least just read what Obama
    wrote years ago
    & compare it to his policies today, thanks..

    [a couple of dead links have been reposted further on down in other posts]


  • bg
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  • you people are sick. he was asking humphries if was into the greatful dead. you a dead man , a dead.

  • retire05

    Katy, I’m glad that you have confidence that such unconstitutional things like Obamacare will be overturned. That really worked out well for other unconstitutional laws that Democrats have passed, hasn’t it? Like Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

    But then, there are no so blind as those that refuse to see.

  • jay

    bg #113

    hmmm – call me an optimist because I expect:

    – this time, we will hold them (R’s) to their promises
    – we are adamant that they return to conservatism and will act as a
    splint for their spine, if needed
    – a people raised in freedom (and armed) will not go quietly
    – we are in a better position to fight because we now know their agenda
    – one election will not stop the progressives; there is still much to be done
    – changes so far: signs of transparency, taping of proceedings, internet
    posting of bills, effort to repeal o-care and most importantly – a provision
    mandating that all bills cite their constitutional authority

    what do I expect to change between now & the next election?

    a continuation of what they have already begun, brakes on the current
    administration’s agenda, a multitude o f investigations and oversight,
    oversight, oversight

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  • jay

    retire05 #120

    Don’t be soooo cynical –

    The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, widely believed to be unconstitutional, were repealed
    (or expired) by 1802 and, in turn, served to propel Thomas Jefferson to the presidency.

  • Jakefromwi

    I think it was a terrible idea to hold this so soon after the shooting and include shooting victims. ABC is just exploiting this tragedy. They should be ashamed.

  • Fuller was a shooting victim but, as soon as he was out of the hospital, he started hysterical charges that the right was responsible. He appears to be a loyal Democrat, threatening his opponents.

  • bg


    jay #121

    hey, i’m with you on all those talking points..

    just not as sure as you are about the Republican elites (and a few others)..

    if you mean stuff like this..

    then albeit i’m as hopeful as you are, guess i’m
    just not as blinded by the light so to speak..


  • sablegsd

    I will venture a guess that “non physical” disability means he’s nuts.

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  • Hmmmm.

    1. Liberal = Leftist = Crazy = Incipient murderer. Seems like doesn’t it?

    2. Second American Civil War coming right up….

  • Chuck Pelto

    TO: All
    RE: Don’t Worry….

    ….things will get worse.

    After all. When they can’t achieve what they want by (1) debate, (2) demonization, and/or (3) intimidation, they’ll likely fall back on the old last resort of violence.

    And their blaming the violence on their enemies, i.e., the ‘Right’, is (1) classic ‘projection’ and (2) an excuse for their future acts of violence: “Look what you made me do.”


    [Gird up your loins…..]

  • Chuck Pelto

    TO: Mac, et al.
    RE: Indeed

    Does anyone really believe that ABC will air this outburst? — Mac

    On the other hand, did anyone else capture the moment on their iPhone?


    [The Truth….It’s out there…..]

  • Mister Snitch

    “I hope they are watching for exactly this sort of bahavior from the left.”

    WATCHING for it? They’ll probably get medals for it!

  • retire05

    Jay, #123, if you think there is anyone in Washington, D.C. today that has the moral characteristics of Washinton, Adams and Jefferson, you are probably smoking something that is highly illegal in most states.

  • Pingback: I blame Sarah Palin « doubleplusundead()

  • Ron Harders

    Guaranteed there is more to this whole story than meets the eye. Eyes and ears open folks. Put nothing past the dhimmicrats.


  • cornhusker

    Jakefromwi commented:
    I think it was a terrible idea to hold this so soon after the shooting and include shooting victims. ABC is just exploiting this tragedy. They should be ashamed.

    Bingo! I’ve been thinking that all day. Somehow I don’t think we will hear a word on that from ABC or any media for that matter. It’s one thing to report a story…it’s quite another to set up a tense enough situation and expect it NOT to get worse. Thank God there were police there to stop this guy or who knows what would have happened. What was ABC thinking?

  • jay

    retire05 #133

    I don’t smoke mj
    We’re working hard to get people of moral character back in to DC
    With social programs, time is of the essence. They have to be repealed before they can fully take root (and people get dependent on them)

    cornhusker #136

    Are you suggesting that Christiane Amanpour (or ABC) is lacking in integrity? Naw… that’s just crazy.

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  • raybojabo

    Did anyone actually witness this guy get shot? The report says he went home and then drove himself to the hospital, so his injuries were apparantly superficial. As unhinged as this guy is from reality I think his wounds may be self inflicted just to give him a soapbox to use his “hypnosis” on the masses. I hope they sent the slugs to forensics to match them to the shooter.

  • Henry Hawkins

    If his wounds were superficial, the rounds were through-and-through and unavailable for forensic examination. If one or both rounds stayed inside Fuller, I’m not sure that’s a superficial wound. At any rate, raybojabo’s suggestion is interesting and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn it is true, but after just spending a week castigating libs for placing blame without evidence, me not go there.

  • I’m shocked that you right wing ignorants make jokes about a man for having a non-physical disability from military service. I thought you windbags loved soldiers. I guess you only like soldiers when they are dying for oil and christianity?

  • bg


    Rooster #141

    please note the regular posters are not saying any such things..

    whereas the poser bots drop their BS load, and flit off again..

    btw, which posts may they be, can you point them out to me??

    thanks in advance..


  • bg


    Rooster #141

    oh yeah, WHERE’S OUR OIL!?!?

    freakin’ prices are breaking that gas ceiling again.. gah!!


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  • Chuck Pelto

    TO: All
    RE: Rooster

    I’m shocked that you right wing ignorants make jokes about a man for having a non-physical disability from military service. — Rooster

    How much ya wanna bet Rooster never served his country in the Armed Forces? If he had, he ought to know that there are complete idiots in the Armed Forces as there are anywhere else.

    Look at General Wesley Clark. I had the ‘privilege’ of knowing him when he was an armor battalion commander in 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division (Mechanized), while I was a captain in an infantry battalion of the same brigade. In my professional opinion, Clark was a ‘jackass’ back then. He proved to be such, as I saw it, in Kosovo and AFTER he retired.

    Then again we have Senator McCain. Someone I think served US better in the Hanoi Hilton than he has on Capitol Hill. In truth, in the sight of McCain-Feingold, he broke his oath as an officer to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic”.

    I can go on and on, even back to Viet Nam and officers I know who KNEW that the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, as reported by LBJ and MacNamara, was a lie.


    ….just because someone served in the Armed Forces doesn’t make them a de facto ‘hero’.

    And Fuller appears to be just another one of the non-hero types in my personal and professional opinion.


    [God is alive….and Airborne-Ranger qualified. And so am I.]

  • bg


    Rooster #141



  • bg


    Chuck Pelto #145

    thank you, and i concur, albeit..

    It Has Always Been The Soldier

    It is the soldier,
    not the President who gives US Democracy.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Congress who takes Care of US.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Reporter who has given us Freedom of Press.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Poet who has given us Freedom of Speech.

    It is the soldier,
    not the campus [community] Organizer who
    has given us the Freedom to Demonstrate.

    It is the soldier,
    who salutes the flag;
    who serves beneath the flag,
    and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
    that allows the protester to burn the flag.

    ~ Father Dennis O’Brien, US Marine Corp. Chaplain

    God Bless America!

    God Bless Soldiers everywhere for putting THEIR
    lives on the line to protect us ALL from terrorism!

    no one or thing is perfect, thanks again for the reminder..


  • Chuck Pelto

    TO: All
    RE: ABC & the Week with Amanpour

    Seems that they DID ‘air’ that moment. However, according to reports, you had to listen VERY CAREFULLY to hear it as something other than background noise.

    I suspect they used the audio form of photoshop to diminish Fuller’s outburst and yet claim that they DID ‘air’ it.

    Same difference, in my opinion.


    [The Truth will out, despite the efforts of nefarious types to hide it.]

  • Andreas K.

    Spare your breath folks. People like Rooster count jihadis in their “Iraqi Body Count” BS.

    They’re too chicken to face the truth.

    For oil and christianity? Oh dear, more unhinged nonsense by someone who secretly worships Mao, Stalin, Lenin or Che. I’m no Christian. And oil? What oil? Where’s the oil that Bush supposedly started this war for? If there was any of that oil, then the US wouldn’t have such a huge debt.

    If he made threats, then he has to be dealt with according to the law. Period.

    And people make jokes about a lot of things. Why is that guy taboo and every single person on the “right” wing (aka every single person who’s not a leftist) isn’t?

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  • LiberalsStink

    He probably has dementia. What a piece of trash

  • Chuck Pelto

    TO: LiberalsStink
    RE: Actually….

    He probably has dementia. What a piece of trash — LiberalsStink

    ….I think he suffers from THIS!!!!


    [Liberals aren’t. Progressives won’t.]

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  • raybojabo

    #140 January 16, 2011 at 9:45 am Henry Hawkins

    No slug, no witness=no victim. Only circumstantial evidence.

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  • Justme

    It’s easy to see the game they are playing. All this BS rhetoric blaming “the right wing” for the vitriol out there and inspiring the AZ shooter is to justify when a leftist nut does bodily harm or threaten one of us. I can hear it now…”Oh, well, they had it coming.”

  • KarenNMN

    Notice the media other than ABC isn’t saying a thing about it? You can bet if Fuller were a conservative who went out and made a death threat, we’d have wall to wall coverage on every network.

  • Pingback: Go Figure…. Leftist Hero Eric Fuller Has Long History of Violent Unhinged Behavior | The Gateway Pundit()

  • Chuck Pelto

    TO: KarenNMN
    RE: Indeed

    Notice the media other than ABC isn’t saying a thing about it? You can bet if Fuller were a conservative who went out and made a death threat, we’d have wall to wall coverage on every network. — KarenNMN

    Just another ‘indicator’ of the duplicity, i.e., ‘evil’, nature of the Left-Stream Media. And a affirmation of one of my favorite truisms….

    What they are telling you can be important. What they are NOT telling you can be vital.


    [The Truth will out….]

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