Obama & Labor Unions Meet to Plan Job Creation

Yeah, this ought to work…
Barack Obama, the worst jobs president since the Great Depression, met with labor leaders to discuss how to create jobs.

And you wonder why the unemployment rate is stuck at 9.8%?
RedState reported this from the Department of Labor:

Obama, Solis and Labor Leaders

President Obama, Secretary Solis and key White House staff met last week with a dozen leaders from several national labor unions to discuss ways to work together to strengthen the economy. The group talked about creating good jobs for the American people, and how the partnership with labor unions is essential to growing our economy and continuing our recovery. The president and the labor secretary also highlighted critical steps that the administration has taken and pledged to continue to work closely with organized labor in the coming months on important economic issues.

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  • a former democrat

    the thing that is most hilarious, he met with 20 CEOs the day before, any goodwill or more imporantly trust he built up with them is gone as soon as he meets with these SEUI goons.

    Every small business owner I know does not trust this loser one bit, they are all hunkering down. no hiring, no expanding.

  • drjohn

    This means one thing and one thing only.

    More union bailouts. More benefits for unemployment.

    Lots of pay for no work.

    The usual union deal. And in return they promise more mediocrity.

  • Number One Idea floated at Labor Conference:

    All unions immediately begin Wildcat Strike until Employers hire 15 percent more workers. Unemployment solved and union rolls expand by 15%. (It’s a two-fer!)

  • when did labor unions start hiring people?

  • rickl

    The government and labor unions teaming up to create jobs. Yeah, that’ll work.

  • John Fembup

    If “jobs” is the problem, the federal government just needs to hire about 5 million people.

    Problem solved.

  • daryl

    But, but, don’t you know unions have been creating jobs ever since the inception of unions.
    This works by the demand of enough work to employ two people. Contact the union for the labor and you are sent ten people to do the work.
    There’s eight jobs created immediately.

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  • I’ve completed a post about this on my website. The best way to explain Obama is with the fable of the scorpion and the fox.


    This is from the post-

    When I was told the fable the victim was a fox. Some say it was a frog, it doesn’t matter. The key to the story is the moral of the story. I’ve repeated this story to my kids, to my colleagues and my friends to explain how they handle people who disappoint them over and over. The fable’s moral is that people don’t really change, they can’t. Their nature is their nature and only a HUGE event in their lives (like religion) can change their basic personality and even then it is a fight for them to continue on any new path.

    Don’t get me wrong, people can change, but only in a few small degrees from their basic personality’s path. Take GWB for example. He is a very religious person now but at one time he says he was a partying fool, irresponsible and carefree. What people gloss over here is that GWB’s aberrant behavior WAS is drinking and screwing off. He was raised and exposed to decent people living decent lives with great morals. His father was a very good man from the greatest generation of men and women we produced since our founding. His mother is a rock. His brothers were all good people. What GWB did was become the prodigal son of sorts. His love for Laura made him realize he was screwing up and he returned to the life he had already experienced directly or by association.

    However, Obama’s life is totally different. What made him who he is today is the polar opposite of what influenced GWB. Obama’s whole inner circle of influence was made up of communists, nutjobs, an unstable home life, an unstable mother, radicals and on and on. He is the sum total of what he experienced. It is what it is. Now he can act like he is different, and Lord knows he did to get the job he has, but his core is his core. He is a scorpion.

    So how does that lend to the way we take anything he says as gospel. Simple, don’t believe him if he is claiming this time it is different. …

    I found a cute educational video to explain the story and put it in the post. That way if any of you have liberal friends who seem a little slow on the uptake, you can use it to help them avoid being stung yet once again.

    Obama is who he is. He has no intentions of changing, only grabbing more power for his people. Remember just because we are in America doesn’t mean we are immune to having Chavez type personalities running our nation.

    I saw this coming. Which is why I wrote the book.

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  • FreakyBoy

    This is the same type of deranged thinking that caused Pelosi to believe extending unemployment benefits creates jobs.

    These people are seriously sick.

  • AF 77-84

    The article is one big punchline to a joke. unions create jobs, roflmao.

  • NFL Players Union

    Watch us “create” jobs next year.

  • bigkahuna

    I dont see why this is a problem for Obama. He knows exactly what he needs to do. Hire more union government workers with the best benefits and pensions.. We all know paper pushers and bureaucrats are what is needed. They build the best stuff from nothing. They produce the most. Then when you cant afford them and you cant hide the size of the bloated government you blame republicans for not wanting higher taxes and lay off alot of police and fireman and then pass 450 weeks of unemployment since thats what Nancy says is the best thing for the economy.

    Never missunderestimate the liberals ability to missunderstand how to totally screw up everything they touch.

  • Whuuuh?

    You gotta problem with dat?

  • kato

    Wait til we have medical care run like the post office.

  • RedBeard

    Archer has nailed it.

    Obama is what he is, a statist/Marxist/collectivist/monkeywrencher/Alinsky-ite, and to expect him to start behaving differently now is hardly rational. Hoping for a Road to Damascus conversion carries worse odds than playing the lottery.

  • squeaky

    “Hire more union government workers with the best benefits and pensions.. We all know paper pushers and bureaucrats..” and all with an allegiance to the dem party.

  • If the NFL(#13) is going to create more jobs next year .it must mean each team will field 16 players per side. That will require at least 4 more refs and 20 cheerleaders per game. It’ll be a madhouse but how can it possibly go wrong.

  • Blacque Jacques Shellacque

    Anyone remember that “jobs summit” from about a year ago?

    It’s pretty obvious how that turned out…

  • kansas

    More lip service. Just wait till Obama finishes the Reagan book and has quotes programmed into the teleprompter. Two more years of lousy employment, two more years of banning oil exploration here, and really high gas prices, but the press will go all gaga.

  • xiphos

    We’ve seen road work (unoin) done here in ILL-inois with signs saying “Putting America Back to Work”.

    Well, Helen Keller and her blind dog would have done a better job.

  • xiphos

    oops, dats union.

  • RedBeard

    Road work – yes, it’s work, if you sell barricade barrels.

  • truth teller

    Is Obama really that clueless about economics and finance???

    High union wages are the reason we no longer have American manufacturing. You can’t pay a person $40 to install a door on a car, then take a 20 minute break, then install another door and expect to remain profitable.

    Why do these union members believe it is their RIGHT to earn more than minimum wage for a job that takes minimum skills?

  • KR

    That’s exactly what I was thinking with Barry reading a book on Reagan. He just needs some nice sounding quotes or ideas to make it look like he is the next Reagan, meanwhile he is continuing to drag down the economy.

  • Chisum


    It should be interesting to see how badly he can screw up the Reagan quotes.

    I’m looking forward to it.

  • savage24

    Getting closer and closer to the “People’s Republic of American Socialist”. How many more jobs are they planning to kill in this meeting? In this modern day, the only people that need unions are the union leaders.

  • bigkahuna

    In Obamas words…. “let me be clear…in fact Let me make this perfectly clear….uhhhh ummmm uhhh I am going to focus on jobs like a laser……. right after I get Obamacare passed that hurts healthcare and uhhh ummmm uuhhh duhhh the economy, Finance reform that reforms nothing done, land grab acts done, EPA regulates everything act done , golf 45 rounds, play some hoops, go on date night, take over the school lunch program, have a concert or 12, take over student loans, try to pass the dream I am legal act, sue Arizona, screw up the oil spill and stop drilling for oil in the gulf unless you are china, Cuba or Venuzuala act. Ignore flooded Nashville, feed BO, bail out more unions and friends with obamacare waivers, Balme George Bush and Fox news, ride Seabiscuit, and bow to a few dictators and ignore N Korea, Chavez, China and Russia . Last but not least I need to weaken America and sign the Start Treaty and then I swear and promise on a stack of Kurans to focus soley on JOBS…right after I let them Gays serve openly and push for amnesty again and blame the economy on Bush and swim in the poop in Hawaii and oh Hell you know I am never going to focus or creat jobs unless you believe I save and create them from nothing.

  • truth teller

    US union members are the equivalent of Mao’s ‘Peoples Liberation Army’…they are mindlessly following their leadership in a takeover of all that creates value.

    They are fueled by their hatred of those that succeed by taking risks and using their minds instead of their hands. Their world-view has not evolved from high-school where only physical labor was appreciated.

  • Sandy

    AKA Obama will work closely with Unions to secure his reelection.

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  • daryl

    Yep. All for one, and one for all. “Look for the union label”. Dooby dooby doo.
    That’s a job all in itself, that looking for that label. Damned overpriced union labor drove most of those jobs out of the country. Last time I saw that “union bug” on something was my current congressman’s franking-priveleged campaign mailers (union printers).
    We voted his ass out finally, with the help of the kiss of death endorsement from Pelosi Galore. I don’t think ol’ chicken chet edwards ever paid Rangel back the $45,000 he owed him, either. So much for “honor amoung thieves”.

  • POTUS is giving unions a bad name. Now and in the future.

    Heard of the MIDAS touch? Now, there’s the OBAMA Touch.

  • mmc

    More like how to expand union control and dominance….coming to a business near you.

  • Badger

    Unions have always been a problem. The media always whines about the evil capitalist “fat cats”, but they always ignore the union fat cats.

    Unions always talk big but deliver nothing. Wait till you have to rely on your union for something important. They will leave you out in the rain. “Thank you, you’ve paid your union fees for years, but now that you’ve lost your job, piss off, you have no more money we can take.” That’s unions for you.

  • PJ

    “President Obama, Secretary Solis and key White House staff met last week with a dozen leaders from several national labor unions to discuss ways to work together to strengthen the economy.

    I would say instead “to redistribute the income generated by the producers of the society.”

  • RS

    Labor unions are to jobs what RJ Reynolds is to health.

    They are related, just not positively.

  • RedBeard

    I once worked for an AFL-CIO union shop as a dues-paying clod, so I know first hand how counter-productive unions can be, to the economy as a whole, to the company, and to the members themselves.

    The brain trust in charge of the local decided that a strike would be a great thing, to… er… teach the bad ol’ company a lesson… about… something. That was the extent of the thinking. The strike lasted 9 weeks. The end result was a 20 cent-per-hour increase, one which would have happened anyway within 6 months or so.

    Do you think I could get any of the other clods to calculate the 20 cent raise against 9 weeks with zero pay? No, I could not. The union bigwigs trumpeted their great success in “breaking the company.”

    Within a year after the strike, and having had the costs of all the other unproductive and anti-productive union rules crapola up to their eyeballs, the owners sold out to a multinational, which within a short period of time dumped a bunch of losses into that pot and closed the company entirely, going overseas to source the same product at a much more competitive cost that the cost of making it domestically.

    The entire operation, including the jobs of 150 union workers and 40 staff/clerical people, evaporated. The buildings were torn down, and the site turned into a parking lot.

    Congratulations to organized labor. You won another one. Open the champagne.

  • Carbon Pootprint

    ah come on Unions hire people. They hire people to go walk the picket lines for their fat asses. bahahhaha

  • Simon

    Obama IS an idiot, OBAMA is an idiot, Obama is an IDIOT.

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  • curth

    No sympathy here for any trade unions. McCain pledged that he would build at least 40 nuclear power plants if elected, which would have meant thousands of construction jobs that would last at least ten years and probably more. The unions told us the rank and file not to vote for these new jobs. Vote for the messiah instead.

    All I can say is “tough sh*t” to any union member who voted for this imbecile.

  • jorgen

    A community organizer planning with unions! That can only result in evil things.