"Missile" Fired Off California Coast On Same Day That Chinese Sub Surprised US Carrier Group

The missile fired off of the California coast this week appeared on the same day that a Chinese sub surprised US officials when it appeared suddenly in a US carrier group back in 2007.

Back in 2007 a Chinese submarine surprised American military chiefs when it popped up close to the massive U.S.S. Kitty Hawk.
HotAir reported back in 2007:

American military chiefs have been left dumbstruck by an undetected Chinese submarine popping up at the heart of a recent Pacific exercise and close to the vast U.S.S. Kitty Hawk – a 1,000ft supercarrier with 4,500 personnel on board.

By the time it surfaced the 160ft Song Class diesel-electric attack submarine is understood to have sailed within viable range for launching torpedoes or missiles at the carrier.

According to senior Nato officials the incident caused consternation in the U.S. Navy.
The Americans had no idea China’s fast-growing submarine fleet had reached such a level of sophistication, or that it posed such a threat.

Now this week there was a mysterious “missile” in the sky over California?

Also, authorities have not yet disclosed what caused a cruise ship to lose its power. The event supposedly began at 6 AM roughly about 10-12 hours before the possible missile launch.
If nothing else, this is interesting.
Hat Tip Mike M.

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  • Joanne

    Missiles are not launched for no reason…..ever.

  • american patriot

    Not for one minute do I believe any of the “official” explanations of this exhaust trail. Given TWA 800 in July 1996, my sense of things is that a coverup is going on.

    Never believe government officials. Never believe Democrats.

  • avery

    Their was someone on the net 30 min. after it was report that it was a plane.China is piss off at us for us destory our money so I wonder.

  • which US Presidents sold /traded our secrets?

    are those in our government who sell or ‘trade’ US secrets —-TRAITORS?….

  • wolf t.

    Anyone recall the doomed flight of TWA flight 800 that exploded over Long Island Sound? There were reports of a missile launch at that time. They pooh-poohed the idea at the time. I still don’t accept the official explanation.

    And just for the record: I am no conspiracy theorist. Unless, of course, it involves ACORN and election losses by republicans.

    Could this have been a shoulder-fired SAM missile?

  • Rob Crawford

    It was a contrail.

  • StrangernFiction

    Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I’m just not ready to accept the word from on high that THIS is an airplane:


  • Redwine

    Wolf (5) – I don’t connect the downing of TWA 800 in 1996 to a Chinese missile, but rather to a similar shoulder-launched rocket by al-Qaeda that tried to down an Israeli commercial flight in 2002 in Mombasa, Kenya, which also included a simultaneous terrorist attack on an Israeli-owned resort in the same town.

  • Sasja

    That it is a contrail is evident. But from what? Airplane or missle? Perhaps it’s from space aliens who now live far below in the ocean. Actually saw a program about that years back that some idiots believed to be true.

  • Joanne

    If the missile was launched 35 miles off the coast, and it looks like it was in open water, according to the news report, then it would have had to have been launched from a watercraft of some sort, Navy or not.

  • Militant Conservative

    My thought is that CHINA is sending a warning shot due to QE2. We just screwed the chinese royaly by doing this. This was a direct warning to the WH. They posses the means and ability to strike us in our own backyard.
    Obama is going to start a war right here in America, another first for the first affirmative action president. Ain’t he special??!!
    powder is dry

  • arnonerik

    My guess is it was a warning shot across our bow letting us know our coastal cities are not safe. Who is capable of doing that and who would send us a warning like that and why? I’m guessing that our military knows the answers to those questions.

  • arnonerik

    Hey Militant Conservative, I was typing my post when yours came through so I didn’t see it. I obviously concur.

  • Mikey

    I live in L.A. and it was NOT an airplane. I live about 5 miles from LAX and see contrails ALL THE TIME. I have also seen missiles launched and the contrails that they make. To me, this looked like a missile contrail. Too big and wide to be a plane. Just saying. As for who? Anyone’s guess. Not feeling too comfortable right now, that’s for sure.

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  • Madkangaroo

    It’s a contrail, not a missle. I’ve seen hundreds like it while growing up on the coast. The cruise ship in the sea of Cortez lost power due to a fire in engineering; no mystery there. If China wants to send a message they have more obvious and effective ways to send it, like messing with our debt to them. Let’s not get all Twilight Zone folks.

  • Averagemelon

    Something smells fishy.

    Someone is lying.

  • Breaking: Something similar seen in New York.


    Interesting to say the least.

  • MC #11, agreed.

    Obama’s weakness invites attack. I haven’t felt this under siege since Carter.

  • Sen. Fuller Bull – D

    That it is a contrail is evident. But from what? Airplane or missle? Perhaps it’s from space aliens who now live far below in the ocean.


    Actually, it was Pelosi taking off on her broom. You know that woman does practice what she preaches on the environment.

  • Get Real

    I can tell you right now, It was an ICBM launched from a sub, I was trained in the USN on ICBM’s I certainly know what their vapor trail looks like. Question here is why the cover up? I think most of us know exactly why………

  • reliapundit


  • Chris R

    Can we keep the tinfoil stuff off this blog, please.

  • Male Silverback

    You want tinfoil stuff, have a look at the Google Veterans Day logo. Look behind the flag at the looming crescent.

  • Joanne

    It makes sense that it was a missile from a sub, but why? In one video it looked like the missile was going ever so close above an aircraft – perhaps a helicopter in the air.

  • tarpon

    Chinese protesting QE2 with their missiles.

  • Rock

    Regardless of what it was, the first day of Government response was lame at best. We don’t know what it was, but America was never at risk. And they knew that how?
    The system work as planned we have neutered the U.S. Military again. Signed J Napolitano (Big Sis).
    The only group this administration hates more than Conservatives is the Military.
    Lastly, while the film is fuzzy at best there seems to be a bright orb at the source of the contrail, something not common on commercial jets.

  • Estragon

    Don’t stick your hand in the crazy.

    It was the contrail of a passenger jetliner headed for Phoenix. The appearance is solely due to the perspective, the news crew being directly in the plane’s path.

    This is why people slightly north or south of their position saw it, but did not report it or remark upon it: because it was nothing unusual.

  • Sasja

    Sen. Fuller-Bull. That’s funny. Wish I had thought of it.

  • Tjexcite

    Did they launch a missile the 24 hrs after the first one was seen. Because there was another contrail at the same location capture on webcam then too.

    Get over it this was nothing more than an airplane. http://blog.bahneman.com/content/it-was-us-airways-flight-808

    Sometime things just happen the does not always have to be conspiracy when ir can be explained by incompetence.

  • Redwine

    MS (24) – I noticed the weird Google Veteran’s Day logo with the red crescent too. What’s up with that?

  • Militant Conservative

    the countries capable of this are as follows.
    Britain,France,Russia,China, and possibly Korea.
    This is a sub launched missle otherwise the Navy would have in custody the surface launch vessel. I don’t think Britain or France did this so there you go. My money is on China, as we are a weak country circling the drain of history due to our leadership at the moment. Obama is proud of this moment he helped bring about.
    powder is dry.

  • voice of reason

    and there were aliens on the missile

  • Susannne

    Spoke to US congressman and a former military expert in weapons of this nature said it was an ICBM not a plane and not illusion. We hope it was ours!( not my comment, but felt the same thing)

  • John Stanford

    “Missile” launched every day from that same spot at the same time, which is the same route that flight 808 flies every day from Hawaii to Phoenix.

    Coincedence? Or Mr. Gateway not reading the news?


  • Chisum

    John Stanford/Stupid Idiot,

    You really are.

  • Duke of Wellington

    Likely the Chinese fired an electronics-busting missile. The irony is that WE (meaning Bill Clinton) helped the Chinese become a military power of this magnitude.

  • Bogdan from Australia

    Unfortunately, until you My Friends elect a sane, courageous, honest, common-sense citizen as your next President, you cannot hope to receive a honest explanation in relation to ANY aspect of domestic or foreign policy.

    This is not difficult to guess who that CITIZEN is…

  • dreedle

    Of course this is being covered-up. No one who’s ever seen a missle launch and an airplane in the air could ever mistake the two. Bill Clinton sold or gave away everything that wasn’t nailed down, and most of what was nailed down, to the ChiComs. And now the Chinese own us lock, stock and launch pad.

  • John Cooper

    This is so simple to prove one way or the other. If it was an aircraft, then it’s flight path would be known to both ATC and flightaware.com

    Why doesn’t somebody just look up the radar record rather than all this pointless speculation?

  • Greg

    This blog has lost it. Sorry Jim but I am outa here.

  • wheezer

    This was a missile and for any other conclusions to be made is nonsense. I have seen combat takeoffs of f4 phantoms where they kick in thier after thrusters and climb almost straight up. Some black smoke but NO trail. This was a missile but that is as far as I would take it. Who’s missile remains to be determined. It would not surprise me if it was Chinese.

  • whraglyn

    @Rob Crawford #6: You are wrong.
    @StrangernFiction #7: You are right.

    Lived on the seaside of the Palos Verdes Peninsula area in LA on and off in the 70s/80s for ten years. Observed hundreds of missile launches from Vandenberg AFB about a hundred miles west of LA on the coast in that time.
    Over that time I saw hundreds of airliner takeoffs from LAX 4 miles away, many at sunset.
    Grew up watching hundreds of USAF bomber takeoffs in the 50s/60s, my Dad at the controls.
    Each of those hundreds of airliner, B-47, and B-52 takeoffs looked nothing like this.
    Each of those hundreds of Vandenberg AFB missile launches looked EXACTLY like this.

    As weakly as Obowa has projected US power in the world, it is not surprising that China is flexing muscle in our waters, or testing their sub stealth, or testing our defense postures…

  • CDR M

    Good lord people. Put down your pipes. Do you really think someone launched a missile there? Really? If it was a foreign sub, do you really think then that it would launch from there where a carrier strike group is in the middle of an exercise? Is North Island crawling with an influx of P-3’s searching for the sub now? Are ships leaving port to join the hunt?

  • Jim, Greg and CDR M are spot on. This is all crazy “conspiracy” talk. What happened to your regular level-headed commenters? Have they all migrated elsewhere?

    The “mystery” was a regularly scheduled US Air flight #808 on it’s normal route. The same “contrail” was photographed in the same area at the same time the following day. It looked the same. Btw, those occasional “red glow” sightings were likely brief reflections of sunlight off the metal aircraft surfaces, distorted by distance, haze and atmosphere.

    There are usually only 365 days in each year. Something weird probably happened in previous years on each of them, but weirdos will “see” connections wherever they want them.

    What caused the fire on the cruise ship? Certainly not the superior planning and strategic operational skill of unknown but possibly Asian espionage agents. Most likely it was because the equipment was made by humans and maintained by the same. Let me know when you find a machine that never fails.

    Really, people. Have fun with things but stay on your meds. Folks who don’t like us are not that smart.

  • Joanne


    Go down the left and click on the ‘Play CBS Video’. You will see that a helicopter was in the air at the time, filming the whole thing. I am pretty sure that this person would have been able to see whether it was a plane and not a missile.

  • Joanne


    U.S. Air flight #808 was a Boeing 757-200 twin-jet. You mean to tell me the fellow in the helicopter could not see that it was a plane. Usually planes take off from land and not 35 miles out to sea.

    The trouble is ‘truth’ is dead these days. Do Americans trust their own government – doesn’t seem so.

  • USMC Thomas

    Will the Red Chinese name a submarine after bill clinton in appreciation for the US technology clinton allowed to be traded to the Chinese military for campaign contributions?

  • Tiacarolann

    EMP test or attack ?? same-same

  • Tiacarolann

    Cruise ship ‘engine room fire’ took out ALL power.. Sorry NOT dumb anymore!
    Did y’all see the red streak behind NYC skyline yet? They are testing EMP on both coasts!

  • bertogem

    Wait until the Chinese come to collect on our Treasury debt . . .

  • Chief

    I heard from a reliable source that Obamao is testing these missiles for 2012 strikes on red states. Bunker down, folks!

  • The unforgivable incompetence here is on the part of senior bureaucrats at the FAA who allowed this story to fester due to their failure to respond properly. They should have had Radar records and tower control tapes to verify what that craft was. It should have been fully and publicly answered within 8 hours.

    The military also could have provided more information to reassure the public. They may have felt no urge to exert themselves because by this point any pratfall by the civilian government will be met by a shrug by many in uniform.

    Both conditions, incompetence and disorder in the civilian agencies or detachment and inaction by the military are dangerous. They certainly gave legs to the Chinese story, which given the conduct of this administration was plausible. The next bad news seems to be that the Chinese are being paid off for their grievances by getting General Motors.

  • Josh Reiter

    Ugh, yea this is just a little to loony for me. People need to understand that your brain can easily be tricked into seeing optical illusions. Your perspective of something you see with your own eyes can certainly fool you as you change the relationship of objects to one another at different distances and angles. For instance, the full Moon appears much bigger on the horizon than it does overhead. Not because the distance from the Earth to the Moon is physically changing. But it is because your brain is able to relate objects that you know about and understand the size of on the horizon and compare that to the Moon in the sky which gives your brain the impression that it is much bigger. But when the Moon appears overhead and it is sitting up there all alone without anything else to size it up against it appears to be much smaller. All you have to do is take a pencil and hold it out at arms length and you will see that the eraser on the pencil covers up the Moon just the same on the horizon as it does when it is straight up overhead. Therefore, it actually remains the same size as it moves throughout the sky. Same thing can happen with angles. Something that looks like it is going straight up can just as easily be coming straight at you. Keep in mind that you can only see just over 20 miles on a clear day before the curvature of the Earth begins to drop away and you lose sight of what’s over the horizon. The helicopter pilots were maybe around 500-1000 feet off the ground so their perspective let them see a bit further over the horizon. Hence, the “35 miles off the coast” figure that was quickly touted. But even a helicopter pilot isn’t really going to be able to see any better than anybody else standing on the ground when the airplane in question is above 30,000 feet.

    Then, there is the last thing that totally debunks this as being as missile is that it is moving waaaay too slow. Missiles fly at speeds of Mach 6+. That is absolutely screaming. I mean think of a Shuttle launch. By the time the Shuttle clears the tower and reaches an altitude of 70 miles and crosses over into space it only takes at most 2:30 minutes. ICBM’s don’t fly through the atmosphere on the way to their target. They fly straight up into space and achieve a sub-orbital ballistic arc that brings it straight back down onto the target area. You can hit a target with an ICBM from several thousand miles away. You certainly wouldn’t see the launch and most definitely wouldn’t know what hit you when it came back down. Clearly people need to learn a little bit about things like science and technology and aerospace before they go off half cocked with crazy wacked out theories “missiles” being launched at us. Your no better than the truthers that think the twin towers were brought down with some kind of controlled demolition.

  • Guy

    Wow, there are certainly a bunch of people here doing their best to convince us that this wasn’t a missile. It’s not going to work. Any idiot can tell the difference between a missile and a jet. Even a fighter jet on afterburner wouldn’t look like that, and it CERTAINLY was NOT a commercial airliner. I also find it interesting how all the video of the full flight has mysteriously disappeared, and now there are just stills and a few bits and pieces of video circulating now. Even FOX News has jumped on the “passenger airliner” bandwagon. This whole thing stinks of cover up on a high level.

    The first video I saw Tuesday morning (and I regret that I didn’t make a copy of it to shut all you “airliner” fools up) clearly showed this thing climbing straight up, through layers of clouds, at a high rate of speed, with the glow of the rocket exhaust clearly visible. So you can ridicule me and demean me by accusing me of being stupid, or wearing a tin foil hat, but you aren’t going to convince me or change my mind. It was a missile. The only question is who launched it, and why.

  • A.C. McCloud

    Sorry folks, but this was an airplane–not taking off from LAX but flying at 409 kts at 37,000 feet. The contrail you are seeing was perhaps 100 miles long and was being impacted by the upper winds at that altitude. The video from the following day proves it beyond doubt. And by the way, the FAA did look at their radar and found no unusual fast moving objects near the coast. Don’t go all 9/11 truthery on this.

    The UFO over Manhattan yesterday is a bit more interesting, but probably also has a rational explanation.

  • Militant Conservative

    CDR M
    November 11th, 2010 | 6:01 pm | #44

    Duh, I am/was an electronic warfare operator in EP-3E Orions. Been on many a closure area called by then Russia. Sorry to inform you, the gubmt is lying yet again to save its sorry hide.
    Cannot have mass histeria just yet. Not untill the appointed time. Haven’t you learned to distrust the MSM? The people on this blog are smarter than the MSM and the propoganda politico outlet. A clear warning was given, next one will be inbound not outbound. just a few hundred thousand will die for effect.
    powder is dry.

  • Susannne

    Look ! I had a conversation with a USCongressman and a former US militaryserviceman who delt with these sort of weapons and they confirmed it was an ICBM most likey launched from a sub! There are only several Nations that have that capability USA, England, France, Russia , China and North Korea (just recently). The whole talk of an airplane and an illusion is hogwash!
    They being the congressman and former military servicemen hoped it was one of ours. I don’t know if people are aware that enemy subs come very close to our coast lines. I heard several personal stories of such happenings from US militaryservicemen. So it wouldn’t be far fetched that an enemy sub laucned this ICBM. Will we know the details of these situations? Most likely NOT! because it is Top Secret!

  • Susannne

    If you don’t believe me find your congressman or senator start asking questions. Find former US military servicemen who served on US subs
    ask them! Elections have consequences especially Presidential ones!

  • gary

    Its a weather balloon, the vapor trail is just an optical illusion from the swamp gas reflecting off of the sun set to create the optical illusion. Just a weather balloon.

  • Mihail

    Read Revelation 18,Jeremiah 50,Isaiah 51.America is going to burn soon,in one day Jewsrael prostitute is going to be destroy by fire(nuclear weapons)Russia and china is going to devour the bitch.

  • The original article that the chinese sub thing came from was from 2007. This is 3 year old news being blended in with current events. Please stop spreading this craziness!!!

  • Patricia

    Someone leaked a MODUS satellite image which clearly showed the ‘whatever it was’ came out of the ocean. The really interesting part was a beam came right out of the Nevada desert and hit it, either deflecting the object or destroying it. Laser.. All of this was clearly visible and evident on the satellite image.

    This image was removed and there is no history for that date on the MODUS site at all now. http://modis.gsfc.nasa.gov/

    If were a false flag some sub personnel know and this one would be pretty hard to shut up. If not then it was a foreign enemy sub, God help us.

  • james bond

    The 3 kinds of lies, each succeedingly worse than the other…

    1. Lies

    2. Damn lies

    and the worst of all kind of lie…

    3. Govt. statements

  • Publius

    This is from What Really Happened.


    Webmaster’s Commentary:


    According to this official US Navy document the US Navy is indeed conducting live fire testing of missiles off the coast of California. This is a repeat of the situation with TWA 800 in which the US Navy at first denied knowing what missile it was that witnesses reported seeing only to have to admit to the ongoing tests of Aegis-CEC when the NOTAM surfaced days later.

    Now, with this confirmation, I want to address this rumor being seeded all over the blogs (sadly including this one) about a Chinese nuclear submarine. This story tracks back to only one dubious source and the story is that a Chinese Jin class nuclear ballistic missile submarine launched the “Mystery Missile” as a show of force to the United States.

    This rumor is a very obvious and heavy-handed bit of China bashing, and needs to be dealt with right now.

    First off, while the Jin is much quieter than its predecessor the Xia (the running joke here in Hawaii is that you can drop a hydrophone off Kauai and hear the Xia subs idling at their base in Jianggezhuang), the Jin is far from the silent machines that the Ohio class subs are. And like all nuclear boats, the Jin leaves a thermal trace on the surface of the water in its wake that is detectable by satellite, as is the surface disturbance created by its submerged passing. Indeed, the ability to detect and track submerged submarines b y their surface wakes using synthetic aperture radar of the ocean surface was discovered back with SeaSat, which is one reason why the SOSUS networks have been turned over to the cetologists to track whale migrations.

    Second, the Jin would not need to approach the United States to make their point. The Julang 2 missile launched from the Jin has an 8000 KM range.

    Third, and most importantly, why would China do such a stupid thing? They have the upper hand at the G20. They do not need to show us a missile; they can destroy the United States with the IOUs. Provoking a war with China plays to the US’ advantage as it gives the US Government an excuse not to honor their debts.

    Fourth, we know from the NOTAM that the US Navy was in the area, which makes the possibility of an undetected approach even more unbelievable. Plus there is the inevitable fact that had the source of the Missile been anyone other than the US Navy, the Navy would have given chase to find the launch platform. It’s the old “dog did not bark” logic. The Navy did not act like the source of the missile was unknown to them.

    Personally I think this “Chinese sub” story is being planted to give the US Government a scapegoat when they come back from the G20 with their tails between their legs, and any such stories about Chinese sub-launched missiles posted by members not only do not reflect the editorial position of WRH but will be deleted as I see them!

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  • rickl

    The whole frickin’ Internet has gone stark raving nuts over this.

    A surprising number of people whose intelligence and knowledge I respect are starting to sound like troofers. They’re wrong.

    I saw a commenter the other night who compared this to Orson Welles’ War of the Worlds radio broadcast. I think that’s exactly right. War clouds were on the horizon in 1938, we were still mired in the Depression, and a lot of people were jumpy and anxious about the future. It turned out that they were right to be jumpy and anxious, but that didn’t mean we were being attacked by Martians.

    The parallels with today are obvious.

  • Ellie Light

    The trail looks like one created by a solid fuel missile, the same type employed by balistic missile submarines. Why luanch so close to the US?

    Because it demonstrations how bad of detection is and how weak our defenses are. 35 miles off the coast and no detection. Wow the Russians must be jumping up and down for joy since this would make a strike with hundreds of cruise missiles devasting.

    Worse your reaction time against such a strike is cut down to about ten minutes. It gets worse if the aim is to create EMP effects prior to the stike.

  • EJones

    For the record, your headline is inaccurate.

    The Chinese sub surprised a US carrier group in October of 2006, not on the same day in 2007. It was merely regurgitated news on the same day in 2007.

    See the article at http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/11/14/world/main2179694.shtml for a report of the actual incident.

  • Folks, there are many possibilities however, the most “plausible one” seems to be “tempting rouge nation” to fire on US?
    or some bigger nation to fire on US?

    There is this strategy which has been used earlier by some-politicians to provoke a response then overexpose the effects the result everyone knows “1945”?

    Can we say that US(some politicians) are desperate for another WAR?

    The split and power shift in US SENATE/HOUSE makes this possibility a reality, since WALL STREET PUMPED MILLIONS of $ for some reason…….

    Since, its not easy to divert ECONOMIC COLLAPSE of US by outsiders to explain…….therefore a diversion is required.

    I would suggest US citizens to be cautious in talking of unprovoked WAR just for the sake-of-it.
    US knows about its “new STEALTH WEAPON” and only few knows about it, it was far more reaching despite very discrete as well. No-one yet knows when/where/how it shall be used but one need to keep a tab/check on “The-new-life-form-creation” as hint!

    We need to bring this world “out of WARS NOW”!

  • Conspirator

    An aircraft with two engines leaves two contrails, an aircraft with three engines leaves three contrails….that video sure looked like it had only one contrail….a missle perhaps.

  • Jimmy

    You people who say it was a “contrail”. I’m shocked and amazed that you don’t even know the difference between a contrail and a damn CHEMTRAIL! Holy mother of Christ! EDUCATE YOURSELVES! ………soon

  • Estragon

    HOFT! For crying out loud, do you want to turn your site into the new home of nutbar conspiracy theorists?

    Do a little research and stop feeding the Bozos.

  • Stephen Voith

    I’ve been totally censored on every thread for speaking the obvious on this subject (“mystery missile”) – even GLP has proved to be against the truth here.

    The only rational explanation is that the Israelis, who have used nuclear blackmail before, launched this missile from their sub. The US military has already been coopted by Israel, proved by Zionist Wolfowitz illegally launching war on Iraq (on behalf Israel) using false claim of WMD as excuse.

    It’s also been reported quite extensively that Israel successfully coerced our military to ‘stand down’ on 9/11/01 when the Zionist rogues pulled the WTC and bldg 54. These are incontrovertible facts; and yet have never gotten in to MSM because of course MSM and every other major org, political, financial, social, is fully and totally controlled by this cabal of miscreants.

    There is no other rational explanation for these missile launches.

    The socal launch came from a sub, but the US military claims to know nothing and certainly by default denies it emanating from a Navy vessel. This means it issued forth from a foreign sub. Had it been a Chinese vessel, then there would have been an intensive search for it, an intl incident.

    Our Commander-In-Chief (the AWOC, absent without a clue) Obama was in Indonamnesia that day, as Israel’s Chief Netanyahoo was in the USA.

    Perhaps the Israelis are trying to instigate a war with Iran and using intimidation agin our military – by threatening our largest population center – is their most efficacious was to impress this idea on the US military – and to attempt to do it while the Prez is absent. (a little insubordiNATION, eh?!)

  • More military incompetence like what happened to TWA flight #800. After all, incompetence is everywhere from this gov’t, they cannot even figure out who did 9/11. Who did 9/11, here:

  • IH8Zionists

    N E one who thinks republicants R the answer should just go and kill themselves for being phukn stupid.D n R are the problem even T party are corrupted.

  • Alf

    It was just a jet for goodness sakes. I make contrails for a living (Captain B-757 and B-767) and it was NOT a “missile”. By definition an optical illusion fools your eyes and folks are looking at a jet coming at them at sunset and “seeing” a “missile”. Watch the clip again. As the jet gets closer to the camera there are flashes of red and green – the exact colors of the aircrafts position lights. And why does the photographer stop filming? If it was a “missile” would he not keep filming to follow the “missile” to orbit or impact? Nope – he stopped filming as the aircraft flew closer and he realized it was just a jet. Call it a UFO or optical illusion before you declare it was definitely a “missile” because what you are looking at is a commercial airliner flying eastbound at sunset and nothing more. I’ve been flying for 30 years and see sights like this all the time. Beautiful to look at but hardly worth pressing the panic button. The only sinister thing going on in that video is probably the FA serving the cockpit crew another lousy crew meal.

  • Dave

    It’s most likely that the Navy did know that the Chinese sub was there, they’re just playing stupid in order to keep the Chinks believing that they can sneak up on our ships (they can’t, but it is in our interest for them to believe they can).

    Think about it, why should the Navy tell the Chinese exactly what level of sub detection that they have?
    This is disinformation 101.
    If the Chinese sub did in fact sneak up on the carrier, we wouldn’t have been informed of it.

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  • Artep

    Not the same day. Not even the same year. Check your dates!

  • Chris

    Alf, the airline pilot with 30 yrs experience: you do not know what you are talking about. You claim that your experience should make your opinion of this video the trump card. However, General McInerney, Fox News Military Contributor on air definitively and unequivocally explained that this could not have been an airplane, and was clearly a large missile. He is not prone to conspiracies or bold statements. He says that jets do not make contrails at low altitudes as seen in the video, and that this is off-gassing from solid fuel. If it were a plane, NORAD and flight records could have instantly identified it and ended the speculation long ago. Other retired military who’ve witnessed hundreds of jets and missile launches have definitively identified this as a rocket. There are those who will believe only what they wish despite their eyes and common sense–and not all of those people are on the “conspiracy” side of the aisle.
    For 35 years, General McInerney served as a pilot, commander, and strategic planner in the U.S. Air Force.

    He retired from military service as Assistant Vice Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Director of the Defense Performance Review, reporting to the secretary of defense. He led the Pentagon’s Reinventing Government effort, visiting more than 100 leading-edge commercial companies to assimilate their ideas about business re-engineering.

    General McInerney graduated from the United States Military Academy and earned a master’s degree in international relations from George Washington University. He also attended the Armed Forces Staff College and National War College.

  • Alf

    Chris, I’ve also witnessed many rocket launches both liquid and solid fueled. I know the difference between a contrail and a rocket exhaust trail and this was a simple contrail. I’ll ask again – why did the film stop just as the aircraft was getting closer? If the good General makes you all warm and fuzzy by wrongly declaring a contrail a missile then so be it – however it is a contrail and is not a missile no matter how many times you tell yourself it is. I make contrails for a living so I think I know one when I see one but you keep your finger on your personal panic button over nothing as long as you want. Also let us know when you personally spot Bigfoot riding his unicorn since you see imaginary things that are not there. Anyone who can’t accept an optical illusion for what it is maybe is the one who does not know what they are talking about.

  • I spoke with a retired nuke submariner in charge of missile launches on subs. He said that the signature was wrong for a missile launch.

    At my site I have video compiled from other nuke launches and frankly I’m not sure. I’m not buying the contrail argument, I’ve seen tons and none looked like that.

    Truth is, until they give it up, we’ll never know for sure. In time, somebody is going to own up.

  • Steve

    First off, subs do not carry ICBM’s. They carry SLBM’s (submarine-launched ballistic missile) like the Trident. Second, go watch a launch of a Trident II SLBM. Then tell me what the video above is. –

  • Alf

    Nice video of the Trident II. The CBS video is much shortened than the original and what little it contains does resemble the aftermath of a missile launch somewhat. However, in the original long version of the video you can see the far away sunlit contrail expand out and the narrow shadowed contrail as the aircraft moves eastbound away from the setting sun and into darkness. Just before the long video stops you see the red and green twinkle from the aircrafts red and green position lights which is probably why the guy stopped filming – he recognized that whatever he was filming that initially appeared very unusual was just a plain old commercial jet. Not aware of any missile required to sport FAA required position lights.

  • Three Dolphin class submarines are the pride of the Israeli submarine fleet.

    Who sunk the Cheonan during a joint U.S.-South Korean naval exercise?

    Who would want to blame China for this and pit the U.S. against China?

    Who had motive, means, opportunity and complicit mass media to commit and cover-up 9-11?

  • Lori

    A CONTRAIL is water vapor that disappears as the jet travels. Most of what is seen coming from military jets since the mid 90’s is CHEMTRAILS. The main ingredient of the CHEMTRAIL is Barium. Educate yourselves!

  • italo

    first off it can not be an airplane based on the distance and size to create that contrail the airplane would have had to have been on fire or its fuel burning at a much higher tempature so it was a missle based on size ballistic and yes surface launched without doubt, either the US luanched it and does not want to public to know, like that is new or for some of you it may very well be 🙂 or the US launched it knowing it would cause a new version of islamophobia aptly named china-phobia or worst case and most likely it was the chinese 3 years later same day reminding the US just how dilirious and decedant the west has become similiar to shooting down the satellite a few years back, the chinese are an old and alien culture to the west we have never understood nor spent an hour trying to understand a culture that in directly and directly contributed to the birth of our nation wether we like to accept it or not, just because we choose to write them out of our version of history doesn’t mean history changes just means the people become more ignorant on the opium of the slavemasters how else do you think you get slaves to be efficient

    if it is a shot across our bow from teh chinese someone with an understanding of chinese culture and spiritual beliefs better decifer 3 really fast 3 years since the last incident in the pacific

    i mean a tiny island nation, japan sunk our entire fleet in pearl harbor, even if we consider it was a planned attack and there is more than enough anomolies involved to start good conspiracies of which some i think there is some truth but the point is still if an island nation can destroy 80% of the pacific or largest us naval fleet in a day imagine what hte chinese can do in a day

    ni hao to all

  • Lucille

    Years ago, before 9-11-2001 I used to have weird dreams of looking to the west and seeing a huge star fall from the sky and hit California. One time I asked a man standing next to me what it was and he said that it was missile that it was not a star and that I would live to see this day. I would have this dream constantly. I live in Tejas. One time in a dream that I had I heard a loud humming sound and I looked all around and I saw that everything was burned, there were no trees or buildings. I looked into the sky and saw that the humming sound was coming from planes, millions of planes of all sizes and shapes as far as the eyes can see from north to south and from west to east. They were all flying east. Again I asked this same man in my dream where they were going and he said “WAR”. I don’t know this man and have never seen him he is a stranger to me now. I believe one day I will meet him. I feel that it will be sooner rather than later. God help us.

  • What The Heck

    Who ya gonna believe? The truthful, honest, fatherly, kind, loving and benevolent government or YOUR LYING EYES??

  • JamesAt17

    Don’t think for one minute that Obama does not know what he is doing when we see him blunder everything he puts his ‘best for America’ ideals into action. All things are done by design, and he is following the directions given to him to the letter. He will offend China by crashing the dollar making the loans unpayalbe and still he will take from the people their life savings to keep war at the forefront of what this nation does around the globe. We need people to be of moral courage to resist all things being pushed on the people everywhere. A threat of war is what these nations will do for the profit of banksters and all those corporations that make the war materials. If you work for these companies, stop, and become one of those who have that moral courage to expose the death these companies make their profits from. Just one nuclear hit on any city will affect the entire world. If these people in public office do not follow the Constitution, they must be removed by the people. If we do not remove them, they will bring this nation into global war, and that will be against us.

  • Watson

    My goodness we’re marching deep into the fever swamp today.

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  • Andreas K.

    Penguins are making a test-run for the day they take over the world.

  • Alf

    Contrails seen as missiles, dreams, falling stars, chemtrails, “surface launched without doubt” – for crying out loud it was a friggin airplane seen at sundown which is why it is no big deal.

    Since what goes up must come down, where exactly did this “missile” come down? After all Ron Burgundy at CBS told us it was a “missile” from the get-go and the media is never wrong about anything, right?

    Deep into the swamp indeed.

  • Rocky

    I’m staying with my swamp gas theory. It has worked brilliantly for over 50 yrs in covering the governments rear end.

  • JamesAt17

    List of chemtrail films:

    ‘What in the World Are They Spraying’, – G. Edward Griffin, Michael J. Murphy, and Paul Whittenberger. (2010, 98 mins)

    ‘Environmental Deception
    , – Michael Murphy (2008, 20 mins)

    ‘Aerosol Crimes’, – Clifford Carnicom on Chemtrails. (101 mins, 2005)

    ‘Don’t Talk About the Weather’, – Weather control via HAARP.


  • A.C. McCloud

    Lori said—“A CONTRAIL is water vapor that disappears as the jet travels. Most of what is seen coming from military jets since the mid 90′s is CHEMTRAILS. The main ingredient of the CHEMTRAIL is Barium. Educate yourselves!”

    With all due respect, you are as batty as a fruitcake. A contrail behaves exactly as the surrounding atmosphere dictates– sometimes there are no contrails if it’s too warm/dry (relative) to the exhaust. Sometimes contrails fan out and actually become large swaths of cirrostratus clouds. Please do some research yourself.

    As to General McInerny, it’s surprising he could be so hair-triggered over something like this. As Alf says, the video is TOO SHORT, continued filming would have likely shown the object fly directly over the LA basin. The scene was repeated the very next day with a similar contrail around the same time. Nobody is calling that another missile launch.

    As to flight 800, there were numerous witnesses who observed the streak of light come off the surface. The government’s explanation of a zoom climb made no sense. This isn’t close. There have been no witnesses who claim they saw anything rise off the surface of the water from a different angle.

  • Trapper

    “which US Presidents sold /traded our secrets?

    are those in our government who sell or ‘trade’ US secrets —-TRAITORS?….”

    Carol… Our secret stealth submarine propeller and missile guidance systems were turn out to the China by Bill Clinton in 1990. His reason was, so that everyone on the block would have a big stick and they would all get along better.

  • Italics Mine

    If you think that’s surprising, wait. China has been making products for a long time. If they have the technology to do what they just did, do they also have the knowledge to secretly sabotage the products they’ve been selling to us for a long long time?

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  • dan Norton

    Well I think we had better re-think our plans to mess with China and it’s population. Perhaps if we stop using so much copper for our weapons we wouldn’t have to worry about thieves stealing it from everyone, and back off on the Aluminum usage also, that would help, I feel.

  • Well, why wouldn’t they have sophisticated subs capable of defeating our fleet’s defenses? They build all the parts for everything Americans consume now — as well as all the parts for every military machine on all sides involved in this Chinese demonstration of might. You see, under the Free Trade Agreement our industrial leaders can save big bucks by sending such manufacturing work and materials to China, India, and Mexico. Silly Americans. War is a rich man’s game and a poor man’s fight.

  • James

    Apparently the Jews have done quite well in selling top secret plans and hardwear to the Chinese.

    Thanks chosen ones…

  • Tonja Brown

    Our own government is never going to tell us exactly who and why that missile was launched.

    Was this missile accidentally launched by one of our own subs?

    That was NO airplane.

  • discernment

    No one who knows east from west believes it was a plane.
    No one knows where it landed or splashed down, if it was a missile.
    No one can give any intel of any credibility that it was Chinese.
    That leaves just one thing. A ufo.

  • JK

    “Three Dolphin class submarines are the pride of the Israeli submarine fleet.

    Who sunk the Cheonan during a joint U.S.-South Korean naval exercise?

    Who would want to blame China for this and pit the U.S. against China?

    Who had motive, means, opportunity and complicit mass media to commit and cover-up 9-11?”

    Interesting thought. Obvious to me also that a great deal of the people here have never read Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”, nor Machiavelli’s “The Prince”.
    The “negative” comments are by far the most interesting, damage control always is…

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  • LostLiberty

    Has anybody bothered to vet this? I did. He has the year wrong for one thing, as well as the month. If he’s looking to connect this with superstitions about dates, he has it quite wrong.

    Nov. 14, 2006
    Chinese Sub Came Close To U.S. Ship

    “A Chinese submarine came close to the USS Kitty Hawk carrier group in the Pacific Ocean last month….”

  • 4arkie

    It was a Missile! I have seen many missile launches (US Air Force 1965-1969) and I know a missile when I see one. To whom it belonged and why it was launched is open to debate. The Chinese connection is NOT beyond reasonable. America had better wake up! Maranatha!

  • the Large Kahoona

    The Illuminati are realigning the world power structure, this is why Amerika has been earmarked for a total takedown. The Zionist bankers have been the tool with China sponsoring the debt.
    China has built their military magnificently since Israel and US traitors have given and/or sold them our technology.
    Nothing happens by accident it is all planned for the One World Communist system. While the Booga, Booga is directed at Iran, we may find that the frontal attack, militarily comes from China. The US government has committed the highest treason, it’s representatives the most criminal in recent history eclipsing much of what we have seen previously.

  • Daniel 2017

    90% probability that it is China. 10% Russia.

    Look what happened when Poland announced that they were going to devalue their currency and Russia warned them against doing so. 2 days later the President of Poland, the President of the Bank of Poland, and 68 other high-ranking government officials of Poland were dead, along with their wives.

    The US announced they were going to devalue the currency. China warned that we should not. This is followed by a Chinese missile fired across the bow.

    Do the math. If the Fed goes through with the plan to devalue the currency (quantitive easing), you can bet we will have problems with China.

  • JK

    90% probability that it is China. 10% Russia.

    100% Israeli.

    “By way of deception, thou shalt do war”.

    Motto of the Mossad.

  • restlessnative

    Hailing from the space coast of Florida, I saw only the contrail of a launched rocket, period. I have seen plenty over the years to know what I saw. Ask anyone who lives here and they’ll say the same… It’s unmistakable. Furthermore I worked at the cape, and know a launched bird. Anyone who says otherwise is lying or an imbecile. I bet on the China sub launched an ICBM or Cruise Missile theory… after the FED destroyed their investment… the flexed their military might. They had to prove they could reach us with an offensive strike.

    My question is… where did it land? No one is saying where, But I would believe those who launched it, would have returned it back toward they’re homeland. To avoid an international issue. Find the target location and the mystery is solved.

  • Rachel

    There is no airport big enough to fly a jet of sufficient size to make that huge contrail on Catalina Island! That was no jet…that was a missile.

  • Navy Man

    Out of all the Nations out there to war with, China scares me the most. They have the brains and the numbers, if what was posted in 2006 about that Chinese sub then we are in trouble. The US military depends on the Navy the most due to it’s sea and air capabllities. If we can’t even patrol our own coasts then………..gulp

  • william palmese

    Just another government cover up. China clearly took a shot across our bow. We owe them money. They want Taiwan. We would lose a conflict with China. http://patriotsforamerica.ning.com/forum/topics/another-look-at-the-missile?commentId=2734278%3AComment%3A210658

  • Cydonia

    First, Mr Reiter is off the contrail wrt 911 and controlled demolition. If nothing else, just watch Bldg 7 come down. No angular/parallax/over-the horizon/alien influence or simlar dispute here. Perhaps the recent contrail was left over from 911!
    Back to the continuing saga: too many “experts” to confirm or deny much of anything. The Chinese missile theory sounds good, at least for the “fear” effect. Granted there are other ways to send a message as indicated above. Whatever it was, it looked fast, but then I don’t know what Mach 6, 12, or 112 looks like either. Just too much exhaust period. No reason to believe that a different camera angle would produce a different configuration to somehow indicate a more normal contrail from a commercial plane. 2 fighters in close formation with smoke added to their contrails could produce the same effect when viewed at the proper angle (another possibility, but I definitely would not put any money on it.) How about a high-tech Chinese firecracker test? Bottom line is that we will never know the truth other than that our gov’t prefers to tell lies more often these days.

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  • Dog-One

    All I can say is, pick a side and stick with it. Your life and future depends on it, so you might want to make certain you’re right.

  • Alan B

    Another example of how worthless the Government is at protecting the citizens. Billions of dollars wasted and all we get from the PR department is oop’s my bad. What about the surprise that China has capability we did not anticipate, duh. We pay for all this hi-tech China is developing, the steal it from us and other times the traitors, the dual citizens here in the US steal it and sell it to them. I say stop wasting trilllions on hi-tech managed by retards to incompetent to use the stuff. Governemnt is a joke, it’s incompetence never ceases to amuse those of us still in pocession of a working brain.

  • Matthias

    So i dont know anything about conspiracys or the iluminati ect,ect BUT it would seem that from the video footage, a triangulation of where the “plane” was could be figured out OR the airline company would come forward and say ” it was one of ours “. With post 9/11 norad, there is NO WAY they don’t know what it was. I waited two days for a media explination And the best they could do is say it was ” probably” or “more than likely” a passenger jet ??? Even if it was, that makes me a bit nevous about our ability to monitor our airspace. It all stinks to high hell !

  • JoeShmo1979

    “isolated incidents” like this are mounting and escalating. See NK artillery attack. China and proxies are flexing muscle and testing Obama. So far Obama et al have spun/lied around the issue. Is this a sign of Obama being scared, ignorant, naive, or a grand saboteur? All of the above?

  • RW Stoufus

    Everybody just relax: I have already spoken to Chuck Norris. He was quite embarrassed to have caused such a fright and has promised he will no longer masturbate outdoors.

  • JJ

    are you surprised, look who’s in office a commuist sympathizer pig!

  • Vuil

    Don’t insult pigs. Pigs have their uses.

    Obama not so much.

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