Racist Bill Maher Trashes White Men, Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann & Christine O'Donnell in Sexist Rant (Video)

Is this supposed to be funny?
Could you imagine a so-called comedian today attacking black men, or Asian men, or Hispanic men, or any other ethnic group like this? Why is it appropriate to crack racist jokes against white men? Is this supposed to make you sound sophisticated? Enlightened? What?

And, when did racist-sex jokes about conservative women become acceptable?

This was outrageous. Bill Maher has made several offensive remarks over the years but this takes the cake.
What a pig.
NewsBusters has the video:

Here’s the transcript from NewsBusters:

To me this story really isn’t about sports or sex or how necessary caller ID is. It’s about how pathetic and clueless white American males have become because the kind of guy who thinks there are women out there who just cold want to see your cock is the same kind of guy who thinks Sarah Palin is swell and tax cuts pay for themselves…

…Because for hundreds of years, white penises were America. White penises found America. They made the rules and they called the shots, in the workplace, in the home and at the ballot box. But now the unthinkable is happening. White penises are becoming the minority. 2010 was the first year in which more minority babies were born than white babies. This is what conservatives are really upset about. That the president is black, and the Secretary of State is a woman, and every shortstop is Latino, and every daytime talk show host is a lesbian. And suddenly this country is way off track and needs some serious restoring. If penises could cry, and I believe they can, then white penises are crying all over America. And that’s where this crew comes in. The lovely MILFs of the new rank. And their little secret is that their popularity comes exclusively from white men. Look at the polling. Minorities hate them. Women hate them. Only white men like them. I’m no psychiatrist but I do own a couch. And my theory is that these women represent something those men miss dearly: the traditional idiot housewife.

If an election between Obama and Sarah Palin were held today and only white men could vote, Sarah Palin would be president. Did you know that in 1788, when there were 4 million people in America, only 39,000 of them, the rich white men, got to vote? That doesn’t sound good to you? Well, what I if threw in a picture of my cock?

My friend Dana Loesch was a guest on Maher’s show last night.
I look forward to hearing her take on his outrageous racist-sexist rant.

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  • ogee

    This d ick lover is a known women hater sexist to the max.
    He is the elite.
    That’s why he sides with the elite.
    He thinks he has to tell us how to live and what to think. He thinks we are too stupid to figure it out for ourselves or too stupid to take care of ourselves that we need his freakin advice.
    I do not watch him. He’s boring and despicable.
    He’s the idiot here.

  • You bemoan every outlandish and perverted word this sorry excuse for a man utters, yet you and other conservative blogs reprint and /or show them as soon as they are spoken.
    If conservative blogs didn’t give traction to Maher and Stewart’s every wind break no one but their 26 viewers would even know the exist.

  • Solaratov

    Maher is a sick little guy who believes that he can get away with this stuff forever. He believes – in his twisted little mind – that he’s “relevant” and “edgy”.
    What he really is, is in desperate need of serious mental health assistance. I’ve seen his mental decline over the years – and he’s very close to a collapse. (Maybe the election on Nov.2 will provide that extra push. lol)
    One can but hope that his breakdown comes on live TV, for everyone to see.

  • aro5o75

    Maher is a putz, always has been. I could go on but he’s not worth the typing.

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  • TXPatriot

    Wow. Then please explain why there are 12 posts up at Breitbart highlighting conservative black candidates this week. If the GOP is so WASPy, how in the world did these people win their primaries?

  • Stuart

    “It’s about how pathetic and clueless white mails have become”.
    Bill: I hate to break it to ya buddy, but you are the epitome of a pathetic and clueless white male.
    Google “pathetic and clueless white male” and your picture comes up. Did you think that being a hot shot TV star gives you a pass? And as for that rant about male sex organs, I interpret that as a cry for help because yours is missing.

  • sandy

    I think Bill Maher’s penis is crying because its attached to such a useless guy.

    He seems to be a self-loathing homosexual. There is nothing sadder than a comedian whose hate dwarfs his humor. Anyone remember Lenny Bruce?

  • ogee

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  • Oldpuppymax

    Well, untalented people have to do SOMETHING!!

  • muckdog

    The reason I don’t know what Maher, Olbermann, and Maddow have to say each and everyday is because I don’t watch them.

    I call it a healthy lifestyle choice.

    Let them preach to their ever-dwindling choir.

    I can see November from my house.

  • oldguy

    You have to remember that he is an ugly white man and as such, the last on the list for women. Back in the hippie days talking like this was the only way white guys like him could get laid.

  • reliapundit

    favre is a product of today’s values, not yesterday’s.

    favre’s act reveals the moral; bankruptcy which is the result of folks like maher, not folks like palin.

  • Andrew X

    Here’s a fun little palor game. Do this, seriously, it really puts this entire thing in context —

    Scroll back up to below the video, where it reads, “Here’s the transcript…”

    Now, picture in your head a disheveled, unshaven vagrant, reeking of urine and alcohol, wandering down the streets, muttering to himself these exact words, word for word.

    Form that picture, and spin it out.

    Explains rather a lot, wouldn’t you say?

  • Lou

    Forgive me but this is a waste of time. Maher is a non factor. Why do right wing blogs waste so much of their time on this punk and his ilk?

    Honestly, we need a blackout. Ignore them. Let them die on the progressive vine.

    The progressive movement is imploding and we still give this guy credence.

  • ogee

    The Godless homely bistard hates all women of all parties. No secret. He will woman bash every chance he gets. He’s a pathetic excuse of a human being.

  • jimg

    #2 and #15 are spot on.

    Who effin’ cares what Bill Maher says?

    Focus, people. Focus. Two-bit hacks on cable TV are the least of our problems.

  • arnonerik

    Maher should be charged with a hate crime. I would boycott him but I already don’t watch him. Maybe all white people should boycott him and his sponsors. The only problem with that is the teens and 20 somethings who watch him don’t know when they are being insulted.

  • Charlie Gibson

    Lou, as in Lou BM? Are you still trying to create that think circle?

    Obviously you’ve learned nothing about dealing with progressives in the media.

  • Scott

    I stopped watching Bill Maher years ago. I can’t stand his arrogance.

  • Don Rodrigo

    I think Bill Maher’s penis is crying because its attached to such a useless guy.

    He has a penis?

    I thought he was an animated, overaged Ken doll.

  • StrangernFiction

    No worries folks, the saying that all press is good press is just that, a saying.

    Keep yammering there Bill, you are doing a wonderful job.

  • gus

    I saw him on O’Reilly recently. He’s off his nut.
    The guy looks AND acts like a loon.

    Because he is. He is mentally ill.
    He’s fugging Jimmy Piersal with a show.

  • Charlie

    Wow, I didn’t realize things were that desperate for Maher.

  • Eriah

    All we need now is an endorsement from NOW calling Maher the “sexiest man alive”.

  • Sickofobama

    I wish Brett Favre would kick Maher’s ass.

    I wish only bad things come Maher’s way.

    Bill Maher can kiss my white woman ass.

  • Chisum

    Oh please, the biggest thing on this malignant dwarf is his nose!

  • Gini

    Maher – does anyone watch this fool?

  • Radegunda

    If all those men want “the traditional idiotic housewife,” why the heck would they want Sarah Palin to be president??

    There’s more proof that Maher is a flat-out moron.

  • aprilnovember811

    If anyone needs a couch it’s him. I have a “white,” son. I’m sick and tired of the demonizing of the white male. You’re mentally disturbed Mahr, and so is your president. And you’re right we don’t like him because of his color, RED! And it was white European men who founded this country, don’t like it? Tough! We’re damn proud of that fact!

    SARAH PALIN FOR PRESIDENT! SHE REPRESENTS REAL AMERICA, NOT THE COMMUNIST VERSION THESE SICK INDIVIDUALS ARE TRYING TO TURN IT IN TO. Enjoy it while it lasts moron, because Barry isn’t long for the position he’s holding now. We’re shutting down the EPA, and Department of Education loser!

  • aprilnovember811

    Bill Mahr couldn’t get any dates, because he’s so ugly inside and out. That’s why he hates real women, and good looking white men.

  • curth

    Why does any conservative woman go on this morons show? Why does any woman go on this morons show?Why does anyone go on this morons show? Why does this moron have a show?

  • No Man


    An election was held between Osama and McCain. And, 99% of blacks voted for Osama. Our country is royally screwed.

    Thanks for destroying your country biased, black racists.

    Eriah, NOW’s sexiest man alive is Rosie O’Donnell.

  • hstad

    Curth #32 is right on! Our country is in trouble because we all want our 15 seconds of fame on the tube! Mahr will continue to say outrageous things to get the ratings. So as long as people watch him we are in for a rough ride.

  • susan

    “#2 and #15 are spot on.

    Who effin’ cares what Bill Maher says?

    Focus, people. Focus. Two-bit hacks on cable TV are the least of our problems.”

    It is proven beyond doubt that so many Americans obediently follow whatever crap seeps out of Stewart’s and Maher’s comedy canal after all, Hollywood Entertainment is THE opiate for the usefully idiotic masses.

    How was Obama elected? His voters consumed all the crap spewing out from Maher’s and Stewart’s comedy canals.



  • Suzanne

    *golf clap* Did Maher’s staff have to pass out free freshly wrapped cigarettes to people on the street to fill the audience chairs?

  • Mary Evans

    What in the name of God possessed Dana Loesch to appear on such a trashy program! I am disappointed that so many of the new conservative activists seem to be doing the same old things in the same old way once they get a bit of recognition. It is demoralizing to see that someone you respected seems to be willing to give up that respect for their 15 minutes of fame as the butt of Maher’s anti conservative jokes.

  • Scott Wiggins

    He should have been gone after his post 9-11 comments praising the brave jihadists who killed 3000 innocent people, for nothing…He is a perfect reason for not having HBO in my home.

  • If he did’nt have a credit card he would never get a date!!!!!

  • Granny

    I fail to understand why this individual is lauded as a public personality rather than locked up in a looney bin, where he obviously belongs.

  • Spike

    This guy needs to have the piss slapped out of Him…just an opinion

  • jpehrlich

    And Dana was on the POS program because……????
    I will NOT watch “Client #9” on CNN either no matter WHO he has on with Kathleen Parker.
    When are people going to start enforcing their principles on WHAT they watch and WHO they vote for?

  • Militant Conservative

    white ignorant cocks voted for Obama. Now they wish they had not. Your ignoring the statistics of the makeup of america. White people voted for the bastard to prove their non racist position. Little did they know that doing so was a ignorant racist action and harmfull to all of america. Nice lil rant Maher but your a stooge for a socialist. Wait and see what happens to your terd in the punch bowl.
    America cannot stand him now. He’s venom.
    powder is dry you spent wick.

  • Carmen G Pastor

    This is d example of a man that hates himself, therefore hates humanity.

    In 5 minutes, he has self- deprecated himself as an American white male. He criticised & humiliated black and minorities, telling them in an earlier time frame they weren’t considered human being.

    He has demeaned and confused or forgotten some hard working specific group of political & professional women, first by telling them they are stay at home wives,which in itself, is an honor, but since they sure don’t fall into those standards, he has doubled demeaned them, for they have been able to achieved both jobs, and with qualifying honors.

    Unfortunately, in his underlying agenda this pitiful psychotic sorry excuse of modern age political boffoon forgot all the other ladies, mothers and professionals in the other party, which, regardless to say, fall in the same hating group, and the worst, forgot his own mother.

    Is there any human being you are capable to unclassify under your pitiful & pathetic standards?

    Your words are beffiting of this wise Spanish wise proverb;
    Tell me what you brag about and I’ll tell you what you lack thereof!

  • neomom

    White Men with guns founded America. All Men with guns fought to protect America. Metrosexual male Lawyers, college professors and angry liberal women fight to destroy America. Rinse and repeat.

  • raybojabo

    I think Mahrs preoccuption with penises is unhealthy, even for a gay man.

  • Ugly, insensitive, incorrect, crude and, worst of all, blazingly unfunny. Maher keeps getting more hateful because the press won’t call him on his comments. Sad all the way around. Once upon a time he was a sharp comedian …

  • Alan

    Bill Maher’s intellect is exceeded only by his stature.

  • Maria

    He is just a twisted mind person.

  • noislamocommie

    So wait a minute those of us who don’t want two Latin Americas are the problem…bizarre.I thought these were the diversity-cheerleaders.I hope Bill Maher gets trapped in an elevator with Merkel (who just declared “multiculturalism a failure”) and Geert Wilders.

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  • maak

    Maher must have a really small penis.

  • Randy

    “All we need now is an endorsement from NOW calling Maher the “sexiest man alive”.

    Spot On! I LOL’ed!

  • moron

    Maher has a preference for heavily pigmented penises.

  • JanSilver

    This stupid little housewife likes Condi Rice — I guess he has a selective memory of who were the females in powerful positions. And I guess since Ms. Rice is a Repub, then her race doesn’t matter.
    And thank you for outing Oprah, Barbara W., Kelly Ripa, Sherri Shepard, Rachel Ray and Elizabeth H.

  • Contessa61


    FYI, if Bachmann ran against Obama and everyone got to vote, Michelle would win.

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  • Redwine

    What a sick, dysfunctional, misogynistic mental midget. What a waste of breath and a poor excuse for a human being.

  • Dennis

    The bastard should have mentioned how a (black) woman was Secretary of State during Bush’s years, a black man was appointed to the Supreme Court, and a latino was made Attorney General. And the liberals despised Bush. I guess that means th3y r t3h racest!!!11

  • myohmy

    Bill Maher is on the road to insanity. Nobody watch this old ugly guy with his greasy white tupee.

  • Joanne

    Maher thinks that trashing fellow white people, makes him look better to people of colour. Sorry Maher, to people of colour, you just look like a white guy of which you’ve made them hate even more.

  • Callipygian1

    Maher isn’t jealous of good looking white men. When he has sex he can’t see their face.

  • Sarge

    Maher would understand white peenises better if he actually owned one.

  • Pete M

    Maher is not always funny. This monologue was not funny. Bt there wasn’t much in it what he said that was untrue. There are a lot of dumb white men. It’s not necessary to be mean about it. Half the commenters here are mean dummies, so I guess he is not so unusual: mean dumb white man.

  • logic101

    Maher proves a liberal’s IQ is inversely proportional to the size of his nose.

  • Bill Maher, you reek so much that you make a skunk smell like Chanel No. 5!

  • liberals hate whites. they say these kinds of things to cozy up to non-whites. it used to be called racism.

  • Marsh

    Often times these leftist rants about right-wingers are an unmasking of their own disgusting radical agendas and bigotry. I used to be a hardcore leftist. And I can assure you that the left really does hate whites, males and Christians. It’s actually one of the major reasons why I finally left the Left.

  • Mish

    Looks to me like your tea party “friend” is laughing!

  • If brains were dynamite …. Maher wouldn’t have enough to blow his nose (shame on me for even acknowledging/commenting on/about the senile-penile worthless bag’o pus).

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  • Fred

    Hey morons — Mahr’s observations are not racist. Firstly, he’s white. Secondly, none of you would call Pryor or Murphy a racist for using the N word so pipe down. He’s using hyperbole to make a point. He’s a comedian and social commentator, not a news man.

    Mahr has hit the nail on the head and if you can’t see what he’s saying here (using hyperbole, yes) then you aren’t intellectually fit to do anything beyond mowing your lawn and downing Coors Lights while you curse at ball games.

    Do you know what the word “elite” means? Technically, Favre is elite, so be careful who you disrespect unless you’re happy to put Mahr and Favre in the same category, so to speak.

    If what you’re actually saying is he’s an intellectual elite, I don’t see how this is an insult. Folks with high intellect are the people we should be listening to because they are capable of abstract thought and insightful observations. There’s a reason why the popular jock in high school makes a bad class president.

    Mahr may be arrogant and smug, but he’s also right in this case. White men drunk on ego and/or privilege expect to get their way and lose their minds when they get turned down.

    Mahr uses the Favre story as a springboard for a larger observation. That is, white men drunk on ego and/or privilege who are used to having their way can’t believe a brown fellow is in the white house. And that these are probably the same white men enamored with nitwits like Palin and O’Donnell. Why? Because both points of view reveal a nostalgia for a bygone era when bigotry and white male privilege were rampant. You know, back when the “real” America existed. A time of white picket fences and 1950’s housewives who were expected to be seen, not heard. An era prior to the sexual revolution and civil rights movement when women were treated like children and brown folks drank at different water fountains.

    Anyone who takes offense at the above must be the very white men Mahr describes: whiny bigots. Open-minded white men like me find the above hilarious because we don’t include ourselves in the white men Mahr is referring to. Obviously, Mahr does not mean “all” white men. He’s white. Pryor. Murphy. Hyperbole. I know this is all going over your heads, LOL…

    Again, anyone offended by Mahr’s remarks are already insecure about the ever-depreciating value of their whiteness. I guess it’s hard for me to imagine, but there are people out there who cling to whiteness and all the positive associations because it is all they have. They don’t have any talents, aren’t particularly bright, aren’t successful. Just white.

    So as we all head towards gender and race neutrality, their imagined “powers” are fading, LOL. Sorry guys, you’re on the Titanic. Progressive whites are on the shore waving you all a fond farewell.

    So go get your Marlbroro Lights and a cheap sixer and call it a life.

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