Wow!… O'Donnell Nails Coons: "I Would Argue That More People Would Support My Catholic Faith Than His Marxist Beliefs" (Video)

Oops… Christine O’Donnell just let the commie out of the bag.
Christine O’Donnell nailed self-professed Marxist Chris Coons tonight saying,

“I would argue that more people would support my Catholic beliefs than his Marxist beliefs.”

No wonder the state-run media hates her. She keeps bringing up the facts that they do not want disclosed.

Coons then lied about his “Bearded Marxist” essay. He said it was satire when clearly it was not.

The Caucus reported:

A feisty, aggressive Ms. O’Donnell called Mr. Coons a Marxist whose beliefs came from a socialist professor and said he would “rubber stamp” the policies of the Democrats in Washington. Mr. Coons raised questions about whether Ms. O’Donnell’s faith would drive her positions on social issues like abortion, prayer and evolution.

The state-run media was clearly in the tank for the Marxist in tonight’s show trial debate.

Blue Collar Philosophy called the debate a modern day witch trial.

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  • gus

    Satire. Who’s laughing.

  • aprilnovember811

    No joke buddy. You are a marxist.

  • gastorgrab

    That’s what i wanted to see.


  • newton

    I’m so busy watching the Chilean rescue party that I didn’t think of this!

    Please! Tell us more!

  • sliderblaze

    not I… however, i was laughing during the debate… he sounded like a smug, elitist politician… and I think she painted him well as a would be Obama/Pelosi supporter. Only thing that got him through this debate with some dignity was his concept of the facts…. as loosely as those facts were… and they were loose. His answer to most of the questions involved govt somehow.

  • Jennifer

    I cringed when O’donnell said “I am not a witch…” but I am impressed with this snippet of the debate, she really can hold her own.

  • Ed

    it’s always amusing to see how democrats could not run on their own beliefs. they always need to portray themselves as something else.

    having said that, why is it that in almost all debates I’ve watched, it’s always liberal trolls moderating it?

  • Captain Fantastic

    No way he could be a bearded Marxist, he doesn’t have a beard.

  • Conservative Ken

    That was beautiful!

    So, am I to understand that turnabout is NOT fair play!? Or that, context is important now. Oh, I forgot, we are talking about Chris Coons.

    Wonderful to watch a liberal squirm when their own past is put under the microscope.

    Christine! You get em!

  • gus

    As a teenager O’Donnell dabbled in witch craft.
    As a teenager Obama used hard drugs.

    Teens do silly things.
    Obama did illegal extremely dangerous things.

  • down with dems

    Satire or not, the man doesn’t know what he’s doing!! He inherited a budged surplus and turned it into a budged deficit, even while raising property taxes THREE TIMES, one of which was a 50% increase! And he still couldn’t come up with enough money to cover his spending.

    Bearded Marxist
    Bad at Math

  • down with dems


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  • gus



  • Eric P. Hartfield

    Wow, I thought Wolf and the other “moderator” were going to go over the table when she so eloquently castigated Coonsie about his paper! Facial expression on the non bearded Marxist, and lack of eye contact spike volumes! Rock on Christine, and I’ll see you in Washington!

  • I’d rather have O’Donnell any day rather than a Marxist.

  • gus

    Eric, I think you meant “Lying bearded Marx-tax-and spender”

    My comment is not satire.

  • Donh

    I Love the Macho Christine. Stay on the attack !…

  • s/w2001

    She debated three people at once, and won the debate. Good for her.

  • We are witnessing a modern day witch trial. The Democrats are treating O’Donnell as if she was a witch.

    Dare question these Liberal Pharisees and their dogma and you will suffer the consequences.

  • Gman

    The problem here is that if she would have said creation is a myth it would be a non-issue.

    If I was her I would have asked Douche…I mean Wolfe, if he would be asking the same question if I didn’t believe in creation.

  • regularguy

    That anyone would entertain the thought of voting for a marxist, savvy or not, illustrates just why it’s perpetually necessary to vigilantly watch out for these jerks and rid ourselves of them whenever they crawl out from their verminous holes. O’Donnell may not be the perfect candidate, but clearly this buffoon has ZERO business in office.

  • neomom

    The kid refuses to be a punching bag. s/w2001 said it best, she did debate 3 people at once. I didn’t see the whole thing but if she was half as engaged as she was in that snippet, she trounced him. Coons sure does have that typical libtard smugness thing working doesn’t he?

  • Paul

    love to see a Billboard with a picture of a fellow selling apples back from the stock crash days with a Collage picture of Obama, Reid and pelosi – The Title would say “Unemployment is 17% – So Ameerica, How ya like those apples” like this picture

  • wanumba

    October 13th, 2010 | 9:12 pm | #21
    She debated three people at once, and won the debate. Good for her.

    Exactly! Sick and tired of the MSM kangaroo court ‘moderators’ doing all the talking for their favorite and scolding Republicans and Conservatives like school teacher biddies.

    What a total waste of a name with such potential, “Wolf Blitzer.” He lost us as viewers in the 1st Gulf War for being an annoying chickensh**.

    An aside. Anyone notice why so many teenagers investigate witchcraft? See what the NEA promotes, links to; which ‘holiday’ they celebrate in school: Halloween. No Christmas! But witches, sorcerers, ghosts and ghouls are A-OK. Harry Potter series wouldn’t have had anywhere near the sales had the schools not been actively promoting the books. The education establishment (90% plus female) aggressively promoted it, don’t let them slither off without shining a light on their love of witchcraft and how they make it accessible to kids.

  • Chippy

    She kicked this wimpy lib’s ass! Look for the polls to edge in her favor. Way to go!

  • Jerry M

    Unfortunately, this or any other debate won’t much matter. The voters in Delaware have shown their stupidity by repeatedly sending wack job Joe Biden to the Senate. This election won’t be any different.

  • Someone here said she’s not a perfect candidate, please tell me what or who is? Is Obama a “perfect candidate” how about Harry Reid, or Barbara Boxer, or Al Franken. We continue to play the game by their rules, why? Not a perfect candidate? is Coons better? Stop with the rationalizing by Demoncrap standards. COD is head and shoulders above Coons, she’s head and shoulders above Obama. Please get with the program, THE DEMS ARE THE ENEMY, not a good honest down to earth Christine O’Donnell. There is a much bigger war going on here than is she “a perfect candidate”

  • The only reason that the R’s elites come out against her is that after beating their hand picked candidate, she posed a threat in the #’s of “centrist” senators. They can only keep power ( read O’connell and McCain ) with the RIGHT senators elected. Fear causes so many mistakes by those who know so much more than the rest of us. The Tea party is some thing that must be marginalized once they get the right # of the right Senators.

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  • The real power in this nation is the Senate, they can dictate almost anything that they wish regardless of what the house wants. The Senate rules or lack of them are very powerful. They can stop good legislation and pass garbage, so the right # of the right Senators is a must.

  • Barb

    I agree with jainphx. I also think O’Donnell had the lead until Rove put his worthless two cents in and tried to destroy her. Rove isn’t a conservative by any means. I’ll BLAME Rove if she isn’t elected and won’t credit him for anything. He needs to go!

  • mark

    Unbelievable, letting this far left leaning network CNN and of all people that pompous ass Wolf Blitzer commentate this debate was ridiculous. The favoritism showed towards Coon was so obvious and the attacks from Blitzer (D-New York) especially towards O’Donnell took up so much time it made this debate almost a waste of time, but I assure you citizen’s are waking up and taking note. In spite of all that I believe O’Donnell did a great job at debating the three of them- she was well prepared, had solid articulate answers against the attacks and handled it all graciously.

  • pm

    s/w2001 has it right: she did debate 3. When I heard it would be moderated by CNN, I thought she would live to regret it.

    Wolf, especially, often followed her answers with a challenge, obviously trying to trip her up or cast her in a poor light.

    Coons got softball questions, no challenges — and nearly every question that was asked had the potential to favor him and make O’Donnell look bad.

    But this woman was prepared!

    She gave well-thought out answers, with plenty of facts to defend her positions. I didn’t see the entire debate, but enough of it to be impressed.

    I hope her numbers improve dramatically. They should.

  • J
  • Aussie

    What is it with these people that they seem to think that Catholics do not believe that evolution is compatible with the Creation story?

    First off, when I went to Catholic high school we learned about the evolution of the earth. It was acceptable. In our religion classes we learned about Creation in Scripture.

    Second, the Opposition Leader in Australia is a Catholic, and a television reporter asked him the same stupid question about believing in evolution.

    Do they not understand that Catholics have a deeper understanding of the senses of Scripture and that we are not obliged to accept the most literal interpretation of Genesis?

    Like I said, the two things are compatible so long as night and day are accepted as an era rather than a literal 24 hour period. When it says that day turns into night and then it was morning (not verbatim), it does not say that 24 hours had passed. That night turning into morning can represent thousands, if not millions of years as the earth was evolving.

    Now the animal species thing, that is Darwinism, that is different. If the question had been about Darwin, then something like oh yes, I have studied his ideas, but there is no conclusive proof that his theories are correct would be ok.

    Truly these newsmen are so stupid because they do not know the difference between Catholic belief and the beliefs of fundamentalist Christians.

  • squeaky

    OT this is how obama arrived at the decision to come out against the iraq war. not exactly his taking a stand on his moral conviction as they like to tell us…..and this lady betty lou’s father was part of the carter adm……..

  • Ryan

    Wether or not someone believes in evolution in the species sense – and I do – it is hipcriotical in the extreme for democrats to use that as an attack. Democrats, the ones who always say that we shoudl respect others belief systems. Democrats who profess ‘Postmodernism’ and ‘tolerance’. Democrats who seem to think that there is something praiseworthy about native beliefs inherently – many of whom believe in sorts of literal creation. Personally, I really don’t care what someone believes, whacky OR sane, so long as they are not inclined to FORCE it on me through government. I see no evidence that she is, so it seems to be a complete non issue.

  • Chisum
  • RickZ

    Wolf Blitzer, the Jeopardy! genius. O’Donnell was not at her best agreeing to have Blitzer be the ‘host’.

  • Chisum

    Christine O’Donnell beats expectations. . .and her opponent

  • Militant Conservative

    I stated this before, stay on the offense and Attack.
    It is possible to win this seat. powder is dry.

  • Wow

    RyanNo Gravatar
    October 14th, 2010 | 5:15 am | #40

    Agreed. As long as my beliefs remain mine and I do a credible job, and I do not try to convert you to what I believe in, WHAT I believe in is really no one’s business.

  • Andrew

    Given how well Wolf Blitzer did on Jeopardy, Christine should have reminded him….

  • Dave in Houston

    For smearing and ridiculing Ms. O’Donnell I will never forgive or forget those elitist clods such as Rove. She is more than qualified to be a good Senator from Delaware.

  • We all do stupid stuff as college kids, and some of us are VERY thankful ‘facebook’ did not exist a few short (cough, cough) years ago.

    Coon’s “Bearded Marxist” essay was in dead earnest. Twenty-one year old dead earnest, but it was certainly not satire. Coons has never recanted those youthful marxist ideas.

    What I find most disturbing is that before entering Amherst College, Coons was a conservative high school teen, proudly campaigning for Ronald Reagan, in 1980.

    Yet, while in college, he converted to Marxism, after “leftists on campus and college professors had begun to “challenge the basic assumptions” he had formed about America.”

    Of course they did. It’s called indoctrination.

    Your tax dollars at work, people.

  • Donh

    I don’t trust that creepy skull face of Coons. Reminds me of Jack Nicholson in the Shining…So I made this media graphic to promote the new horror film THE TAX MAN….

  • Chisum

    Even the Liberal Atlantic Concedes O’Donnell Came Off Well in Debate

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  • EvolutionIsATheory

    Even the posters here are acting as if evolution were a fact. It’s a THEORY which has not been proven!

  • aprilnovember811

    I like that. You should send that to her campaign. I get the same feeling watching him, as I did Obama. He’s smarmy. Did you hear when he mentioned his travel to Kenya, when they were talking about his paper? That should be enough to send chills up anyones spine.

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  • tarpon

    Commies always fall on the floor when you are least expecting.

    She seems a lot smart than the commie.

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  • Noah

    October 13th, 2010 | 8:35 pm | #10

    As a teenager O’Donnell dabbled in witch craft.
    As a teenager Obama used hard drugs.

    Teens do silly things.
    Obama did illegal extremely dangerous things.

    Are you sure he stopped???? very skinny, can’t complete a sentence with out Totus ,can’t stand in one place very long always running from here to there of course that part might just be him running away from real work.. all he can do is campaign after the Mid Terms want to be he starts back on the trail for his 2012 election.. for the Next 2 years he will be holding fundraisers for himself and those Dems up for re-election just watch…

  • mrt

    I didn’t watch the whole ‘debate’, but it seems like everytime I switched over to it, Christine was giving a well-placed smackdown.
    Two of my favorites:
    KARIBJANIAN: (bringing up Christine’s past remarks) “So what do you say to voters who want the change but are uncomfortable by these remarks?”
    O’DONNELL: “This election cycle should not be about comments I made on a comedy show over a decade and a half ago.”
    “You know, as, Wolf, you can attest, I have not welcomed this media attention. You’ve been asking for an interview for quite a long time.”
    And then there was this:
    O’DONNELL: (When discussing Afghanistan)
    “(to Coons) Again, you’re saying hallow rhetoric, when you – you say that your top priority is the concern for the safety of us on the homeland if you seriously support this random time withdrawal. Because, again, all we’re going to do is embolden the terrorists to think that they have more power than they do.”
    “And I would ask you, you know, a couple of times, whether it’s the tax cuts or even here in this kind of veiled – you’ve gone back and forth on what you just said in Afghanistan. Do you support the president or don’t you support the president? With the tax cuts you’re saying that you don’t support the president.”
    COONS: “Ms. O’Donnell, let’s stay focused –”
    O’DONNELL: “Are you going to tell him that when he comes on Friday?”

  • SmkyMtnCarpenter

    I stumbled upon this blog when I was looking for a report on the debates. My first reaction was: what has happened to First Things? My second was: who are these people? Coon is a Commie? Marxists under the bed? Has anybody on this site actually read the Coons piece? (
    You may disagree with what is clearly a liberal outlook by a 20 year old college student, but it is delusionary to see this as an expression of communism/marxism–unless you think that half the people in the US are commies.

    And for heaven’s sake, surely conservatives can find someone more qualified to support than Christine O’Donnell.

  • Chisum

    And for heaven’s sake, surely conservatives can find someone more qualified to support than Christine O’Donnell.


    And for heaven’s sake, surely you can find a better source for information than Media Matters.

  • Militant Conservative

    October 14th, 2010 | 12:03 pm | #59

    Chisum took one of my points here is the other. Google the 10/2 rally in washington. Pictures and live video with audio of the self proclamed socialists and communists. WTF up dunce. It is in plain sight and you missed it???!!! Good lord, this level of ignorance is astounding. powder is dry

  • Detail Oriented

    O’Donnell has been screaming her evangenital intellectual and spiritual constipated born again fundamentalist resume’ from roof tops all this time claiming she’s NO LONGER CATHOLIC….

    and suddenly last night she’s a Catholic again?

    Maybe she thought the debate would not end up on national airwaves revealing her fake born again ‘gimme money’ ruse funding her?

    How many belly buttons does one have option to receive during re-re-born events?

    Rather screws up those who are floating around in the guff waiting their turn, doncha’ know!

  • Kukee American

    God bless Christine O’Donnell.
    She was up against three (3), count’em, 3 Marxists in last night’s debate.
    Coons and the two “moderators”.

    She can hold her own and why the Delewarians can’t seem to get it right is beyond me.
    They must be drinking the water from the Deleware as it flows from Washington DC.
    And you know what DC spews out.

  • pm

    “…unless you think that half the people in the US are commies.”

    Impossible. Recent polls have only 35% self-identifying as Democrats.

  • Militant Conservative

    October 14th, 2010 | 12:03 pm | #59

    Your just a wandering troll of collossal ignorance. I can dig up all the information to bury your argument but I’m not waisting my time. Which is your point. I print this stuff out and take it to the good democrats and change THEIR minds with the truth. This is why November is going to be huge. 20% of YOUR party have left the Dem’s. You cannot cheat 20% back into the elctorate. powder is dry.

  • jersey flash

    I can not figure the math ????
    O’Donnell spanks Castle
    Castle would spank Coons by 20 plus
    Coons leads O’Donnell by 10 (the latest poll **
    because O’Donnell spank Coons in front of National TV) My suggestion to Coons*** NO
    MORE DEBATES because whatever O’Donnell in brewing, it’s going to kill-ya !!!!
    Wait until Sarah stands along side of her.

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