Back on March 3, 2009, 14 days after democrats rammed through their record $787 non-Stimulus package, Barack Obama told Americans that those shovels were already hitting the ground.

Well, it’s been a year and a half and we all know that the shovels weren’t hitting anything. The stimulus was a horrible failure.

Even Obama agrees. Obama told the press this week that there is not such a thing as a shovel ready job.
The Caucus reported, via Evan Coyne Maloney:

In the magazine article, Mr. Obama reflects on his presidency, admitting that he let himself look too much like “the same old tax-and-spend Democrat,” realized too late that “there’s no such thing as shovel-ready projects” and perhaps should have “let the Republicans insist on the tax cuts” in the stimulus.

Now he tells us.




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  1. My shovel is ready for Nov 2 !

  2. There isn’t a shovel big enough to shovel all the shi# Obama and Biden have been spreading.

  3. President Obama said that he expected Republicans to offer him more cooperation after November’s elections, no matter the outcome.

    Since he’s been giving them the finger for two years, I’m sure they’re just dying to cooperate with him.

  4. admitting that he let himself look too much like “the same old tax-and-spend Democrat,”

    So he’s only sorry that he was transparently, obviously, a tax-and-spend Democrat? He wishes he had concealed it better? That’s like the non-apology “I’m sorry you were offended”. “I’m sorry I made my tax-and-spend proclivities so obvious”.

  5. He gives us a steaming shovel full every time he opens his mouth.

    WE are digging Obama’s political grave as we speak.
    We the People are going to blister his black Narcissist butt in November. powder is dry.

  6. He’s lying.

  7. ++

    no, they needed to tell their dopers, uh, hopers a
    fairy tale to keep them hooked on the UNAcorn..

    the majority of “we the people” knew better..


  8. This sounds like the drug addict or adulterer breaking down in tears, saying he was wrong and promising he’ll never, ever do it again.

    Yeah right. Anyone who believes him is a fool.

  9. His education in basic economics is costing us way too much. Perhaps our next President will come in with some experience in the real world.

  10. ++

    ps: sorry to have to say this, but i don’t think we’ve woken up yet,
    and better late than never may not work for US anymore.. *sigh*



  11. I have a shovel ready for Obama and all of congress in the next few election cycles. Do you remember all the classless people who sang “Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye” to GWB when he left office in 2009? I can’t wait to see if it comes back in 2013 when Obama is leaving. Paybacks are a bit@#!!

  12. The only thing shovel ready is the grave these policies are going to put us in.

  13. The infrastructure deteriorated under the responsibility and watchful eye of the government. For decades, politicians steered funds away from the infrastructure to pet projects or simply ignored ignored it and relied on wishful thinking and fantasy for its maintenance.

    We should be very careful in allocating funds to politicians to spend in the normal way for this important work.

    We need to change the system first before pouring more billions down this rat hole.

  14. It took this long for his advisors to figure out that he needed to steer toward the center?

    And he couldn’t figure out for himself how long it takes for legislative monies to filter into the economy? Or even consider how much it costs to have the government, as opposed to an individual, create a job?

    This guy is supposed to be a lawyer with experience in getting grant money, and spending it, and failing to have it produce the planned effect. Didn’t it once occur to him that all the process and people involved in all those governance steps for his charity would apply equally to other grants of public funds?

    Did it not once occur to him that the Republicans and the Tea Partiers have a point when they talk about what works in our economy?

    Did it not once occur to him that surrounding himself with academics instead of people with practical experience might give his administration tunnel vision?

    The voters should extract a price for that kind of stupidity.

  15. Shovel Ready? I was high when I said that.

  16. Kansas #3 – “President Obama said that he expected Republicans to offer him more cooperation after November’s elections, no matter the outcome.

    Since he’s been giving them the finger for two years, I’m sure they’re just dying to cooperate with him.”

    I want to hear the Republicans say… no SHOUT “Elections have consequences”. Or, “WE WON”.

    Stick it in his eye.

  17. People shoudl know by now, when Obama speaks… get the shovel ready!

  18. From even before he took the oath, I, and others, were trying to tell the idiots who voted for him that he was naive, inexperienced and had no clue how to govern or lead.

    I said on my blog in late 2008 that people would be turning against him by summer of 2009 and I’m no Dick Morris but it sure did not take a seer to realize that.

    Now the rube thinks he can just say “oops, my bad, there really isn’t such a thing as a shovel ready job”

    Good Christ. We really need to neuter this train wreck on Nov. 2nd, and toss him out on his ass in 2012.

    Never again, never ever again!!

  19. The man is beyond the pale with his lies. First he says that ObamaCare “won’t cost a single dime” or he won’t sign the bill…..then says “of course we knew it would have to cost us; you can’t insure 30,000,000 more people without increasing costs” – AND NOW he’s admitting the “shovel-ready” lie about the Stimu-Porku-lous!!!!???

    I never cease to be amazed at the chutzpah, the unmitigated gall, the blatant flat-out LYING he does. With a straight face. And his turnabout – with a straight face. As if he never said anything to lead anyone to believe otherwise. Shame is unknown, foreign, to this narcissist!

    Stupid? Nah. Short memory? A$$-covering? Nope. Just a leftist Alinsky political organizer doing what comes naturally – trying his best to take down the greatest country ever. Using every trick in the book that he must have studied morning, noon, and night.

    Shovel-ready. Impeachment is the shovel, and it has the name Obama on it!

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