Illegal Alien & Liar Nicky Diaz Sues Whitman for $6,210 – Claims Whitman Did Not Buy Her Baby a Present

Advice to Republicans: Watch who you hire to clean your home, yard or office, even if you go through an agency. If the employee lies on his/her application, presents false documents and winds up being an illegal alien it will be your fault. Then they will sue you. Those are the new rules of the game. And, please thank Gloria Allred and democrats.

Illegal alien and liar Nicky Diaz and her lawyer, democrat and publicity hound Gloria Allred, are now suing Meg Whitman for $6,210.
Yes– $6,210.
She also claims that, although she made $23 per hour, Whitman did not buy a present for her newborn baby. She said she spoke out on behalf of other undocumented workers who are exploited by their employers.

Greta posted the claim today:

In case ICE is having a hard time finding this illegal, they can start by checking out the address on the form.

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  • Khan Krum

    One day soon folks will look back on this and say, “wha’ da hail?!!” Start rejoicing because we’re already close to that point now — the point where political correctitude is seen its all its absurdity. A decade or two ago this would have been a bombshell, despite all its falsehoods. Now, it just looks like some sort of fake spell being cast by some fake witch doctor that everyone knows about. What a crock.

  • Stuart

    For God’s sake get her kid a present. Tell Diaz she can pick it up in Mexico City.

  • jetstream

    Ms. Diaz’s address is listed “care of” Gloria Allred’s address, LOL.

  • retire05

    Please, make a note of the answers:

    Are you still working for this employer?

    On what date?

    Were you paid at time of discharge?

    Have you asked for your wages?

    If yes, on what date?
    5/09 – In person

    So Nicki Diaz was discharged in June of ’09, but she asked for her final wages in May, ’09?

    Gloria Allred should be brought up on charges of incompetence.

  • Elmo

    Personally, I usta feel sorry for Nicky, being mercilessly fed into the dem machine …and ground up into a bloody paste. She’s on her own now (dance with the devil). Still, would have no problem hawking up an oyster, to present to moonbeam’s face (should I ever have the extreme misfortune of being stuck in an elevator).

    The reality? There is NO cover for not prosecuting her for perjury/fraud as relates the social security number. None. And Brown is now the State’s attorney general.

    Brown is toast.

    These filthy libturd parasites make me ill.

  • Rachelle

    That’s it. Forget hiring Latinos. They aren’t worth the hassle with hustlers like Allred on the loose.

  • BuddyG

    Looks like the Landscaper’s at 24 Edge Rd. Atherton CA

  • Granny

    So, I take it from this form that Gloria Allred is now committing the CRIME of harboring an illegal alien. Sounds like time for criminal charges and a formal complaint to the California Bar to me.

    Nicky dear, employers are not FRIENDS or FAMILY. They don’t have to buy your child a present and usually do not. Buy one out of your not insignificant pay check.

  • TXPatriot

    EXPLOITED workers?! At $23 an hour?!!!

    Are they kidding?

  • Auntie Em

    This little fiasco should get the pinch-faced Allred disbarred and fined out the whazzoo.

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  • down with dems

    You are paid by the hour, a baby gift from your employer is not a requirement. Is your employer supposed to get you a birthday present too? Or guess at your religion and get you appropriate gifts for those holidays?

    The Whitman-hired-an-illegal-worker thing was thrown against the wall and didn’t stick, so now, after getting embarassed by Greta, Gloria Allred talks her illegal client into suing for money in order to get another round of appearances on cable news shows and extend this into another news cycle.

    The maid should be deported, Gloria Allred should be disbarred, and no one with a bit of self-preservation should ever hire a Latina maid again.

    Hispanics and illegals have been sacrificed on the altar of the liberal Democrats in an attempt to win one Senate seat. When will they realize it?

  • Kenny Solomon

    Hold the flippin’ phone……. This woman is paid $23/hr to clean a house and maybe run an errand or two ?

    Guys on the job get not much more than that to put their lives on the line every minute of every day they’re on the street tryin’ to deal with all the gypsies tramps and thieves.

    I’m sorry if I sound typical and bitter here, but there’s a thing called PRIORITIES that need addressing.

    As for her…….. There’s a 24ft box truck leaving for Tee-Joo-Wanna in an hour…. Be on it.

  • Trish

    Liberal demorats hate all people that don’t think and act like they do. They only claim to care and in that way they get away with bad behavior that puts the “little” guy in a bind. If the media did its’ job, you’d have less of this happening, but when people like Allred gets the attention she’s getting, what can we expect.
    I only hope that Whitman wins, that the LEGAL Hispanic population sees through this charade, and we can put an end to libs like Jerry Brown asap!

  • Blackacre

    So ill-treated (not) that she includes a “happy face” at the end of her signature.

  • dfbaskwill

    Not only the baby said “Waaaah, waaaah, waaaah”. Seems to be spreading to illegals and lawyers!

  • kansas

    I’m pretty sure getting a baby present is a Constitutional right. Along with being able to see your food prepared at Chipotle from a wheel chair.

  • Rock

    Imagine that, living the American Dream, while a criminal, and illegal. While some here at some date will be harassed by our government for nothing more than complaining about its short comings, this criminal gets a big ticket lawyer, while defrauding the American tax payer.
    Tamper with the votes and the Tea Party will be the least of their worries. They do not own all the courts and judges yet. After November their new agenda will be about survival.

  • Skree

    San Jose CA, the town I live in, has a 2 billion dollar budget shortfall for pensions. I imagine other towns in CA are similarly affected. My property taxes are over 6K a year. The sales tax is 9.25%. People are tense and freaked out, and I have to listen to people talk about a f*cking maid. What a clusterf*ck this state is.

  • befuddled

    i am sure i couldn’t make $23/hr cleaning a house in Mexico as an illegal. the kids at McD’s, i don’t think, make $23/hr and they work much harder. No matter, it must be nice that she can afford to have a baby and bring it up on her measly “exploited worker” salary. I wonder where she works now and how much she is being paid? how does she support herself and her kid?