Prominent Black Activist Admits Branding Tea Party Racist Is Effective Tool For NAACP & Democrats

Prominent black activist Mary Frances Berry admitted today that accusing the tea party activists of being racists is an effective tool for the democrats and far left organizations.

Mary Frances Berry admitted this at the Politico:

Professor of American Social Thought and History, U. Penn. :

Tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for Democrats. There is no evidence that tea party adherents are any more racist than other Republicans, and indeed many other Americans. But getting them to spend their time purging their ranks and having candidates distance themselves should help Democrats win in November. Having one’s opponent rebut charges of racism is far better than discussing joblessness.

And, there you have it. Democrats are flinging the r-word as a political maneuver. We all knew it. Now they admit it.

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  • Lance

    Yes, we knew it all along. Yet, even now that they are acknowledging it, they will still get away with it.

  • myohmy

    Wow. Democrats are so shameless SOB using race to advance themselves.

  • mpw280

    Again the party with the KKK member is flinging the racist card, what a joke. mpw

  • NeoKong

    Written in black and white.

  • Skinner



  • I am getting really sick of all these bastards, lying about us. THEY are the ones doing all the racism. Typical lefty tactic, accuse your enemy falsely of what YOU are doing.

  • donh

    I would like to congradulate Mary Berry on her honesty. Amazing how many conservatives fall and step right into the race lobster traps these baiters place in the water. Too bad more blacks don’t make proper use of this talent and take up a career in fishing.

  • kato

    Right, Ms. Berry. Playing the race card has been an effective tool for decades. Seventy percent bastardy rate? Play the race card. Pathetic dropout rate? Play the race card. Astronomical crime rate? You get the idea.

    If anyone is smelling bad in all this, it’s the gaggle of grifters masquerading as civil-rights leaders.

  • USMC Thomas

    Is not using false accusations to incite racial hatred and possible racial violence a federal crime?
    Only white people are racist, colored people are victims.

  • SteveCan

    When in doubt, Whip it out ….The Race Card, Don’t leave home without it!

  • Taqiyyotomist

    “There is no evidence that Tea Party adherents are any more racist…
    …than other Republicans.”

    You devious slunt. I see what you did there. See, all us Republicans are racist — no reason to believe that these folks are more willing to burn a cross on a lawn than the rest of us Racist Repubs.

    I stand by my “devious slunt” remark, however inappropriate it might be for just about any other woman on Earth, as I do believe that, here, it is entirely apropos, if not slightly less than *fully* descriptive.

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  • pm

    Her words might make a good 30second ad for a few Tea Party-endorsed candidates.

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  • wanumba

    WEll, Madam makes a good point, wasting time and energy “purging.” Since by her admission, the Tea Party is innocent, so no time and effort necessary “purging” innocents. Print out her statement, and hand it out in quanities. Any Tea Partier on MSM news has it in his or her pocket and reads it when the “r” word is invoked. Then read off a list of Democratic Party abuses against Blacks for the past 140 years and ask why does the NAACP tolerate the Democratic Party to represent them?

    It’s a very good question and no one has answered it as yet.

    It’s disgraceful idiocy to cooperate with the communist tactic of purging: oppressing people to confess for “sins” they never committed, piblic humilitation, casting out, then groveling back abjectly begging the “authorities” to be restored.

  • Robert

    Berry was the chairwoman of the U.S. Civil Rights Commission during the early Bush (43) term. A member whose term expired was to be replaced by a Bush appointee.

    The rules were interpreted that the the-current member’s term would run for a full six years, instead of serving out the two years of the previous deceased member.

    Rules are for thee and not for me…

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  • Olivia1998

    and the MSM is all over it. Did you see Anderson Cooper on CNN? I had to take a peek a wish I hadn’t. This spine has the white house all over it. Let’s gather around and support Obama just like Tucker Carlson said.

  • Joanne

    The left forgets that the people in the Tea Party Movement and those who are for and against the same things as the Tea Party Movement, do not like being labelled as racists. The only people this is helping the democrats with are those stuck on stupid and racists themselves. The left are preaching to their own choir, while the Tea Party Movement is reaching out to all people of all colors because they are dealing with the issues important to most Americans. This racist label is going to get old quick, and then what will the left do? I am sure it will be much uglier.

  • neomom

    We all know hat happened to the boy that cried wolf. He became wolf poop.

  • gus

    This sh!t is choreographed from Axelrod and Emanuel. It appeared out of no where.
    So much for being post racial. This is desperation and it is all planned at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

    These people are evil.

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  • aprilnovember811

    When they scream racism, wear it as a badge of honor. It’s the new term for patriot. There hustlers. There doing nothing but turning people off. Get him out of office, and then we won’t have to hear it anymore. IMPEACH OBAMA!

  • chilipalmer

    An example of how well it worked is Newt Gingrich going on Fox News and giving it attention it doesn’t deserve. Then, falling right in their trap, he says we should go talk to the NAACP about it, they’ll see we’re ok. We never should give something made up this attention. Thanks to contributions from Gingrich,the media will keep it front and center til the elections. It should not be discussed on television. Gingrich is not a spokesman for anyone today except himself.

  • Robert

    As a refudiation, any candidate or guest on a talk show or interview should say,

    ‘The reason you want to talk about that is that you don’t want to talk about the failed and failing leftist policies that are ruining the nation. Let’s instead talk about how these ideas and policies are contrary to the founding principles of the country as envisioned by the Framers of the Constitution. Let’s talk about how proponents of these anti-American ideas want to expand government and use that government to stifle and quell the productivity and initiative of the American people. let’s talk about how the increasing mess of rules and regulations can only hurt everyone trying to lift themselves up in life, especially the poor.’

  • Redwine

    Berry admitted something that is a deliberate tactic Barry Hussein, Eric Holder and their Marxist/Dem race-bating thugs are using to derail Conservative momentum: Distract the “enemy” camp with false charges of racism.

    We conservatives are now preoccupied with refuting these false charges. With so much more at stake, we simply can’t afford to take our eye of the ball. These thugs are so deeply corrupt and amoral. They are devoid of conscience. Of course, the NAACP is taking its marching orders from Barry Hussein, the arch-racist. They’re into payback – big time.

  • I think we should discuss joblessness. 22% unemployment = a depression:

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  • donh

    Mary Berry is openly admitting that the blacks on the left are trying to spread cannibalism within white America. This is extremely denigrating to black people as it puts their moral development on the same backward level as the pagan village tribes in Africa that hunted their neighbors for dinner . This is why her honesty is so remarkable. She really must have no idea how evil this is. However, David Axelrod coming from a holocaust survivor family does know what can happen when a policial party exploits RACE to gain power. I have no doubt he is behind this wicked strategy. Do not be the white sociopath who turns your brother into a sacrifice . Lets make the extra effort to work together and defeat this menace.

  • Kevin W.

    It’s becoming very obvious that the anti Tea Party crowd is not hiding who they are, or what their strategies are. Since they can’t win a debate in the arena of ideas, pull out the race card and scream at the top of your lungs as many times as you can.

    Alinsky must be proud of his radical children.

  • Amazing stuff you dig up… disgusting stuff but amazing…

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  • Pawn

    Newt is a loser. Someone needs to tell him to shut up, that he’s playing their game, the egomaniac.

    This Berry woman has no idea what is going on. She thinks the Tea Party is reacting to their charges by turning on itself like a traditional organization, like the NAACP.

    This is all they’ ve got. They are running out of ammo. We need to keep up the pressure and avoid self-reflection at this point.

  • Remarkulus

    Real stunning news you’ve uncovered there, Hoft. Pairs up real well with the shocking (and roundly, soundly debunked and shredded) video of Sherrod. Which reminds me- Since this site is obsessed with proving that everyone is racist except “Righty Whitey,” what are YOU using the “r-word” for?

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  • Chris Vehr

    These people simply can’t fear hell. They can’t believe in God. If they did, they would not act this way. To accuse good, law-abiding citizens of being racists, simply for the purpose of futhering one’s own politcal agenda, is just plain wrong.

    They will lose out in the end!

  • nance

    This same tactic is used world wide and is hugely successful on ill informed people.
    What we need to do is pull out the mockery card and laugh at them instead of getting all upset like we just found a “kick me” sign taped to our collective back.
    The sucker punch we receive daily and the corollary outrage “if a republican did that…crap” is really getting tired.
    And what’s with the finger wagging when one of ours (Breitbart) is willing and able to kick back and we recoil like a bunch of ninnies? We are letting the bully win. They need to be called out and so what is occasionally there is a slight misunderstanding. Say, oops and move along. Instead we want to lynch our own trailblazers for one “mis-speaking” as it were. Conservatives are more PC than liberals we are afraid of our own shadow and if that is the case then let’s just cry uncle and take a nap “because “it’s just too hard”.

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  • Remarkulus

    #39, are yo referring to the NAACP or Gateway Pundit?

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  • oldguy

    Successful? Surely this old woman is living in a bygone era. I see this administration and the black movement as a total disaster for black people in general.

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  • At some point, everything has backfire potential.
    They have insulted T-Americans since day one but there is now a T-Caucus in Congress. For every lib they scare to the polls, 2 T-folk emerge…and run for office.

    Also, they just don’t get it. Smear all you want, I still know the issues and which levers to pull come November.

    The average American knows the real state of race relations and what race-baiting looks like. Ever been to a TEA party with a black speaker? The crowds go wild with applause!

    Remember November

  • fred lapides

    If the Tea Party not racist, account for this!
    now tell me they are not racists

  • Chisum


    That video was brilliant! Whoever edited it showed how easy it is to smear a movement with a lot of judicial editing.

    We know they’re doing it. We have already debunked many of the images portrayed in your video.

    The left will go to any lengths.

    Case in point:

    It’s up to you if you want to be a useful idiot. Or even just willfully obtuse.

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  • TexasLady

    Send her back to Africa for a year. Not to a civilized portion of the country but in the desert or the jungle, give her a spear and a loincloth make her stay there. Then let her come back over her and complain about her lot in life. What a slug this woman must be.

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  • digitusmedius

    Democrats using race in politics. Oh, my. Someone quickly, get me mah salts, as ah b’lieve ahm about to have a case o’ the vapors. Let me just ask you right wingers to look up “Southern Strategy” and study the Helms campaign against Harvey Gant–as introductions to the expert guide on how to exploit bigotry and foster racial animosity. Here’s a hint–no Democrats were involved, except of course, as the victims of these very successful political tactics.

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