Krauthammer Bashes Obama's Infantile NASA Muslim Outreach Program

Charles Krauthammer on Obama’s new NASA strategy:

“This is a new of fatuousness. NASA was established to get America into space and to keep us there. This idea of ‘feel good about your past’ scientific achievements is the worst kind of group therapy, psycho-babble, imperial condescension and adolescent diplomacy. If I didn’t know that Obama had told him this, I’d demand the firing of Charles Bolden.”

Don’t hold back, Charles.

Byron York
reported on Obama’s new NASA mission this weekend:

In a far-reaching restatement of goals for the nation’s space agency, NASA administrator Charles Bolden says President Obama has ordered him to pursue three new objectives: to “re-inspire children” to study science and math, to “expand our international relationships,” and to “reach out to the Muslim world.” Of those three goals, Bolden said in a recent interview with al-Jazeera, the mission to reach out to Muslims is “perhaps foremost,” because it will help Islamic nations “feel good” about their scientific accomplishments.

In the same interview, Bolden also said the United States, which first sent men to the moon in 1969, is no longer capable of reaching beyond low earth orbit without help from other nations.

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  • Brad

    This administration is Lost in Space… maybe this NASA director has been speaking with Minister Louis F. about space…. he’s into astronomy.

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  • aro5o75

    Obama: a islamist-manchild-thuglette-anti America-wanna be dictator-embarrassment.

  • Bill H

    Brad #1

    Ha, and B.O. is Doctor Zachary Smith.

  • Mrgoodwench

    Thats what we need
    NASA funding jihad
    NASA technology for jihadies.
    First there is Hillary Rotten diverting state department funds to muslims, then Hussain wants to cut NASA budget but transfer NASA money to muslim. Whats next ? Hussain releasing muslim terrorists to please his imam..oh wait …,

  • Chisum
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  • Freddy

    I am completely BAFFLED as to what tie their is between NASA and the state departments activities in regards to any religion.

    What happened to seperation between church and state? Now Obama wants the US government, NASA, to support religion around the world?

    Is it possible that the President is still smoking Crack Cocaine?

  • Goatroper

    Aeronautics and Space?

    Guess now it’s the National Afronautics and Spazzola Admin.

  • wanumba

    What’s the point of studying “math, science and engineering” if there’s no space program in which to use those skills?

    Like the way he spoke it last, but then emphasized it, “foremost”?

    Takes the ‘smack’ out of the in-your-face of the actual priority rating:
    “FIRST and FOREMOST reach out to Muslims, encourage kids to study blah blah, and something vague about the vague “international cooperation.”

    When “Muslim” trumps “Martian” in a space program.

  • madkangaroo

    “Muslim” scientific and mathematical contributions pretty much ended several centuries ago, and even then depended heavily on intellectuals from conquered nations. Not much there to feel good about methinks.

  • bill-tb

    Muslims use slingshots to launch children into orbit … It’s just amatter of having a stron enough rubber band.

    So this is what our jug-eared jackass is spending our tax money on?

  • wanumba

    Okay, who remembers this… one of the Saudi princes went UP in the shuttle and was given the task of announcing the end of Ramadan, sicne he’d be first to sight the new crescent.

    Except that the religious fundamentalists were arguing that there was no outer space or something to that effect so the astronaut princeling’s sighting wasn’t going to be valid.

    Think we’ve ALREADY bent over backwards… *ahem* backwards …to include Muslims in the space program and see what progress THAT was?

  • Charlie Gibson

    Pathetically idiotic!

  • Olga Centura

    So long as useful idiots like Bolden, and any democrap can suck at the guv’ment TEAT they will — was an ass.

  • Faye

    So Bambi wants to include the Muslims into our nation’s space program by making them feel good about their accomplishments, then to encourage the children to take more math, science and engineering courses (ahem..whose children is Bambi wanting to encourage?). Does Bambi want to encourage the Muslims to learn how to build ICBMs faster? Why in the HE!! should one cent of our money go to our enemies.

  • Sandy from Chesterfield

    Is there any doubt now that obama prefers the muslims over Americans? Elections have consequences.

  • Kevin

    Between this, bowing to a Saudi Prince, not using the phrase, “war on terrorism”, not talking about the Muslim attack at Ft. Hood, the attempted Muslim attack in Times Square, not talking about the attempted Muslim attack on Christmas Day (to name a few), it’s time we see who Obama really is.

  • actually

    The fields of math and science exist of international collaborations, peer review of papers, research and accomplishments.

    It is totalitarian governments that prevent freedom for individuals to join the international community.

    If Mr. Obama wants to help, perhaps he can appeal to his dictator buddies to allow their people to use their brains.

  • kansas

    I bet the Muslims would feel really good if Obama would have the White House torn down and a have a mosque built on the space.