Crazy Ron Paul: Gaza Blockade Is "Act of War" – US Shouldn't Support Gaza Blockade (Video)

It’s really getting hard to distinguish this crackpot from any other far left America-hating Jew-hating radical…
Crazy Ron Paul says that Israel’s Gaza blockade is an act of war.

For the record, Ron. The people of Gaza are not starving as every week 10,000 tons of food, medicine and other humanitarian supplies are sent by Israel to Gaza. But, they have shot off 4,000 rockets at Israel since the voluntary withdrawal from Gaza.

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  • sliderblaze

    and this is why you will never be president.

  • CLN

    But 4000 rockets is NOT “war”? I guess since they’re only jews it doesn’t count, right Paul?

  • JKB

    An “act of war”? Perhaps he is unaware that only Egypt has reached a peace agreement and is there for not at war with Israel. Or perhaps he is unaware that the ships were stopped as they approached a designated zone of hostilities. Perhaps he is unaware that controlling the delivery of war materials while facilitating the delivery of humanitarian aid is far less a provocation then firing rockets at another country’s cities and citizens.

    If their are starving people in Gaza, Ron Paul and others should go there with the press in tow to document this fact. Maybe take the Red Cross?

  • wanumba

    A country far away trying to crash a weapons blockade of another country with a fraud humanitarian cover, refusing directions to an acceptable port, and then attacking a lawful boarding party with intent to kill is an act of war.

    So many people want their fig leaf excuse to openly show the hate they harbor against the idea of Israel.

    It’s depressing, yet it’s better to find out now which side of the cosmic line everyone stands on than be stabbed in the back later.

  • Andreas K.

    Ron Paul the nutjob. He can move into a shared apartment with Erdogan and Obama. The Three Nazi Stooges.

  • Patti

    Forget Ron Paul. He is certifiable.

    Sorry folks but both Pauls are certifiable. Unload them.

  • Pat the First

    I sure hope his son isn’t as looney as he is. If so, I guess I hope he gets defeated. We have enough loons in Congress.

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  • Ron Paul is a strange critter. It’s exactly statements like this which make it impossible for me to support him for any high office. On the flip side he has been spot on during some other areas of politics.

  • Jan Ignace

    Ron Paul and Patrick Buchanan must have ingested the same stuff that they found along side the road. Occasional sanity occurs even in mental institutions..

  • CT

    This little Asshat sinks lower every time he opens his mouth. There is no excuse for Ron Paul and the wingnuts that support him. I’d rather see a Democrap elected in Texas than this jerk (Kentucky as well).

  • 133east

    His son Rand is still something of an unknown entity; cranky blather like this does not help.

  • You know what though – I’ll take Ron Paul. I disagree with him on this (and his foreign policy) 100% – but I agree with him about 98% on domestic issues.

    Giving the democrats the benefit of the doubt I agree with them 2% of the time.

  • I won’t take Ron Paul for president, but I will take him as an ally in Congress.

  • TalkinKamel

    Are you sure he’d be an ally, Kevin? Even in Congress?

    Some of us saw through Ron from the very beginning. The man is Nucking Futz. Please, stop pushing him at us as the Great Conservative Hope. It doesn’t matter if he’s right about some things. The things he’s wrong about are deadly.

    Though, as Wanumba points out, it’s better to know where these guys stand now, then get a knife between the shoulder blades later! A lot of masks are going to be coming off, in the next few months. Helen Thomas already dropped her fig leaf. . .

  • Brian

    His true colors are really out and on display for everyone to see. During the campaign there were some hints as to his anti semitism. This puts him with Jimmy Carter. This guy needs to go. I’m not for national suicide.

    As for Rand, I personally haven’t seen him address the Israel issue. His gaffe on TV shows him to be too intellectual for his own good, even if the response wasn’t technically incorrect. Definitely not presidential material (at this time).

  • retire05

    Ron Paul was my Congressman for a long time before we (here in Texas) went through a vicious redistricting. Now I have the lunatic Lloyd Doggett who would lie to God if he thought it would get him a vote or two.

    Paul didn’t used to be this crazy. But somewhere along the line he jumped the shark, just about the same time he declared himself a libertarian with a big “L”. But he knew that in his deep red district, that big “L” stood for “loser”, so he went back to the party that would allow him to win. Except, his craziness continued to get worse.

    Paul is a 1938 isolationist. It is time he learns that the internet and global banking has eliminated any possibility of the U.S. being an isolationist nation ever again. And the isolationist attitude should have died the day the ICBM was invented.

    He is an embarrassment to most Texans, and if you look at his following, most of them are Austin type groupies who are more Democrat than Republican.

    What we need is a true conservative, a true TEXAS conservative, to run against Paul. I am sure I am not the only conservative that would like to send him back to delivering babies.

  • Chisum
  • TalkinKamel

    Oh, good Lord, retire05, was Paul a pediatrician? Is he yet another one of those nutzoid politico-docs?

  • Technially Correct

    I absolutely support Israel. However, according to the Nuremburg code, a blockade IS considered an act of war according to international standards. Boarding a ship of flying the Turkish flag in international waters is equivalent to invading a foreign embassy. Ron Paul’s words are a bit inflamitory but technically correct.

  • Don Rodrigo

    I find Ron Paul distressing when he says stuff like this, and I don’t expect him to stop. I’m concerned that his son will follow the same path of poor judgement in public statements.

    But having said that, the “other side’ has the likes of Alcee Hastings, Both Jesse Jacksons, Ayers and Dohrn, Father Pflegle, Noam Chomsky, 90% of Hollywood, Louis Farrakhan, Rev. Wright, Cynthia McKinney (who also tried to run the Israeli blockade), and on and on. All these people are waaayyy worse than the Paul’s are, and would be the equivalent of our side having David Duke and the Westboro Baptist Church on our side (which we do not).

  • mm

    Sure it is an act of war- a war Hamas started. When did self defense become a crime? Israel must defend itself- the nutjobs feel Isreal only has the right to suicide. I hope we would show LESS restraint if Mexico lobbed 4000 shells over our border- altho with the current administration I am not confident.

  • TalkinKamel

    Don Rodrigo, what makes you so certain these people are waaaayyyy worse than the Pauls? The Pauls seem to share their anti-Israel, anti-Jewish beliefs. Who knows? If the flotilla campaign keeps up, maybe the Pauls will join them? Maybe the only reason the Pauls haven’t done so, up till now, if that they’re worried they’d lose their “conservative” credentials.

    Frankly, the kind of stuff Paul is spouting is more than “distressing”, and shows something worse than just poor judgment.

    Anyway, that’s a pretty poor reason for supporting the Pauls—“They’re not as bad as the guys on the other side!” “Support Ron Paul! He’s not as nuts as Cynthia McKinney!” Woot.

  • ProLifer

    I cannot listen to the ramblings of a lunatic.

  • Al Ramy

    One need not call another person crazy, after all he is an elected official and if some disagree, he should be able to say what he thinks. I disagree with him and consider his ideas somewhat unrealistic, because the U.S used its power to prevent hostile actions against its forces on many occasions and much farther than the case of Israel. Sadly in the States, when ever a small country does something not liked by some, they instantly get branded in a bad way. I do not see the same rage about the Iranian or North Koreans killings of innocents. Would the same Jihadis go to West China to pull off a stunt like this for their brothers? Can the Turk Islamists go to Burma and do the same performance? Can they go to Russia and carry on like this? When it comes to Israel, the standards are different, for Mr. Paul Israel is a bother.

  • Ron Paul is irony impaired, if he thinks we should “worry about our border” but thinks that Israel should not worry about theirs!

  • Arius

    I guess that Ron Paul has joined the ranks of the marching morons.

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  • kansas

    I think Israel should drop the blockade and wait for the rockets to rain down whereupon they declare that an act of war and show these clowns how their nukes work.

  • bg


    here you go Ron, now just go!!

    Top US lawmaker: Israel ‘rightfully’ raided flotilla

    [WASHINGTON — Israel has “rightfully” invoked its right to self-defense to justify a deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla, and should not face UN condemnation, a top US lawmaker said Wednesday.

    “The loss of life was tragic,” but “the administration and Congress are determined to prevent condemnation of Israel at the UN Security Council,” Democratic House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said in a statement.

    Israel — facing a global uproar over its pre-dawn raid which left nine pro-Palestinian activists dead — has blamed those aboard the ships, including the main vessel, the Turkish-owned Mavi Marmara, for initiating the violence.

    Hoyer, a staunch backer of Washington’s main Middle East ally, said he was waiting for “all the facts to emerge” about the Monday raid, but seemed to side with Israel’s account.

    “Israel — rightfully so — invoked its right to self-defense on the Mavi Marmara. While the majority of ships in the flotilla — five out of six — reacted peacefully when approached by Israeli Defense Forces, activists on board the Mavi Marmara were clearly bent on a violent confrontation,” he said.

    Hoyer said the flotilla had set a collision course with Israel, ignoring “two week’s worth of repeated warnings” that they would not be allowed access
    to Gaza, and Israeli offers to distribute legitimate aid to Gaza’s people.

    “Finally, to the extent that this act was in protest of the Gaza blockade, let’s be clear: Hamas could end the blockade at any time by recognizing Israel’s right to exist, renouncing violence, and releasing Gilad Shalit,” an Israeli soldier held by the militant group since 2006, he said.

    “In times of increased tension such as now, it is imperative that we not allow these events to distract from our main goals of achieving peace in the region and preventing Iran from developing nuclear weapons,” said Hoyer.]

    HOYER!? i mean, HOYER?!


  • Aussie

    It is not just Steny Hoyer, the other person who has stated the same this is………drum roll please………….another drumroll……. Joe Biden….

  • iconoclast

    Technially CorrectNo Gravatar
    June 4th, 2010 | 12:02 pm | #20

    I believe the blockade is an act of war against Hamas/Gaza, not Turkey. The ships were private, not representative of the Turkish government (at least officially). Turkey can use the boardings as a pretext for war, but as a formal act of war the blockade itself is against Gaza.

    Which is fine with me. But the blockade will not work and better than our embargo against Saddam Hussein worked. Hamas is perfectly willing to kill a few hundred women and children for PR purposes. Sooner or later the blockade will come down and Gaza will rapidly rearm. And then attack Israel–probably in conjunction with Syria and Hezbollah/Lebanon. Hopefully NOT with Turkey.

  • bg


    Aussie @ 5:36 pm #31

    true, but HOYER?? 😀

    via link: [Steny Hoyer reportedly said earlier today that the Israelis had “rightfully” defended themselves and Anthony Weiner came out swinging yesterday on the IDF’s behalf.]

    meantime both Barack & Hillary condemned Israel, go figure (maybe a little posturing going on, who knows, or cares at this point, they all have to go)..

    and don’t have cable news, and don’t watch much of local news either.. but would you know if either of their stances ever aired on any of the prime time news shows??



  • bg


    Technially Correct @ 12:02 pm #20

    well seeing as how there have been no charges (criticism, as far as i know,
    is not a legal stance) brought against Israel or Egypt yet, i suppose we’re technically at war with Gaza too.. 😉

    2007–2010 blockade of the Gaza Strip

    [The Gaza Strip has been blockaded by Israel and Egypt since June 2007, when Hamas took control of the Palestinian territory in the course of a conflict with rival Palestinian group Fatah. It immediately followed the 2006-2007 economic sanctions against the Palestinian National Authority following the election of Hamas to the Palestinian government.

    The Gaza Strip has land borders with Israel and Egypt, and a sea border. Egypt and Israel largely keep their borders with the territory sealed. Israel allows only limited humanitarian supplies from aid organizations into the Strip. The amount of goods Israel allows into Gaza is one quarter of the pre-blockade flow. The Israeli navy maintains a sea blockade from three nautical miles offshore. Egypt is constructing an underground steel barrier to prevent circumvention of the blockade through smuggling tunnels.

    Israel maintains that the blockade is necessary to limit Palestinian rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip on its cities and to prevent Hamas from obtaining other weapons. Egypt maintains that it cannot open the Rafah crossing since opening the border would represent Egyptian recognition of the Hamas control of Gaza, undermine the legitimacy of the Palestinian Authority and consecrate the split between Gaza and the West Bank.

    The blockade has been criticized by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon,
    the United Nations Human Rights Council and other human rights organizations. It is officially supported by the United States.]

    [standard disclaimer: source Wikipedia]


  • bg


    apologies to:

    Technially Correct @ 12:02 pm #20

    bg @ 6:50 pm #34 was meant for:

    iconoclast @ 6:09 pm #32

    aah, this technical stuff can get a tad confusing.. 😀


  • bg


    re: bg #35

    okay, i take that back, technically,

    Technially Correct @ 12:02 pm #20,

    bg @ 6:50 pm #34 was meant for you too..

    i mean, in reference to the blockade being against the Nuremburg code as
    so far no charges have been filed, or whatever it is the powers that be do when it comes to legalities, technically or not.. no charges, no act of war in my book.. so RP can be technically correct but still wrong.. i mean, you want to get into technicalities, go ahead, knock yourself out.. 🙂


  • bg


    re: For the record:

    (ht TK)

    (ht Neo)


  • winston

    Ron Paul and his son are neo-Nazi kooks

  • Marsh

    Rand Paul will have the exact same anti-Israeli ideology that Ron Paul has. Trust me. I have a lot of real life friends who are part of the paleoconservative and libertarian movement and they all hate Israel.

  • Rose

    NOBODY talk about Conservatives needing INSANE RON PAULIAN-TYPES or sons for President EVER AGAIN!!!!


  • burt

    Ron Paul should take his own advice and stay out of this situation.

  • Kenny

    You guys are nutjobs. As a matter of fact, I’d go almost as far as saying consipracy theorist. I don’t see nothing that Ron Paul said to be anything far left field to be called crazy or antisemitic. He shared his view about being against the blockade. This is simply a view that you decide from what you morally believe is more important. The agreement of international waters being blockade free or the security of a foreign ally country. He also makes a beautiful point in the beginning that we should stay away form this confict. Let me remind you fellow citizens that we have our own domestic problems that have a far greater affect on us. 13 trillion dollar debt, unemployment rate , BP oil spill, Tennessee flood just to name a few.

    The British journalist, Jamal Elshayyal, who was ON THE SHIP has stated his story of what happened during the blockade conflict. Of course before the Israeli commandos went in, he tried to get a live feed going but the Israeli army cut all communications. However, he was able to state that the Israeli army had already killed two people before they boarded the ship. Other people on board were interviewed and had stated similar stories as the Israeli soldiers have attacked with live bullets before the soldiers got onto the ship. Point is, you cannot invade a foreign ship on international waters ESPECIALLY with such aggression. The fact that his occurrence has happened, you have to think that maybe his blockade wasn’t a good thing as clearly the Israeli government cannot handle such task without causing harm.

    So now we have a guy named Charles Krauthammer that says the ship did not have humanitarian relief while many more reports say they did. So now I question it whether his other claims are true or disputable as well?

    What’s the point of my entire shpeal?(heh) Be more open minded and don’t call Ron a nutjob or antisemetic just because he displayed his views on this topic. He made valid points and this turn out of events showed that he isn’t entirely pulling his opinion out of thin air.

  • Rich Wright

    Ron is a typical far left bleeding heart tree hugging democrat and an Arab.