Barack Obama Ignores D-Day Anniversary – Goes to Theatre Party Instead

On June 6, 1944, the D-Day invasion of Europe took place during World War II as Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normandy, France. America lost 2,499 of its finest men that day.

(Enterprise News)

It’s too bad Barack Obama missed the anniversary today.

The White House website has nothing posted today on the 66th Anniversary of the D-Day landing.

The president had other things on his mind.
He was attending his second party this week, tonight at the Ford Theatre.

According to the Ford’s Theatre website, the event tonight is described as follows:

Ford’s Theatre Society will host its annual gala on Sunday, June 6, 2010, at Ford’s Theatre (511 10th Street NW). The evening’s performance, titled “America Celebrates July 4th at Ford’s Theatre,” will be taped for broadcast on the ABC Television Network to air July 2, 2010 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET). Modern Family cast member Ty Burrell hosts a star-studded program with appearances by Kelly Clarkson, Renee Fleming, George Lopez, Lionel Richie, Robin Roberts, Dick Van Dyke, Laura Michelle Kelly and Gavin Lee from the Broadway Company of “Mary Poppins,” the Soldiers’ Chorus of the United States Army Field Band, and cast members from the Ford’s Theatre production of “Little Shop of Horrors.”

The President will also be honoring far left Bush-basher and Jew-hater Archbishop Desmond Tutu at the gala.

Everyone must have their priorities.

U.S. President Barack Obama (C) and first lady Michelle Obama (R) attend the performance of “American Celebrates 4th of July” at Ford’s Theatre in Washington June 6, 2010. (REUTERS/Yuri Gripas)

UPDATE: Here is what Desmond Tutu told the party crowd tonight:

“Security is not something that comes from the barrel of a gun.”

And, he said this on the anniversary of D-Day?
By the way… Isn’t that some version of a Mao quote?

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  • kate

    We certainly know what Obama’s priorities are….

  • antisocialist

    Somehow, this doesn’t surprise me.

  • ahem

    He’s feeling beat up because of all the failures lately. He’s licking his wounds.

  • Un-American and Anti-American Bastards, the lot of ’em.

    It’s not just him……. It’s the entire administration…… Every single person involved…….. Keep remembering that for when th……….. Just keep remembering that.

  • manateespirit

    The Anti-American President. What a horrible time we are living in presently. What in the world did my dad fight for in WWII?

    Not for this disrespect. I was at Jefferson Barracks on Memorial Day talking to an 85 year old veteran who was at the Battle of the Bulge where my dad was also. To think of the sacrifices these men made at age 19 is incredible. For this “Commander in Chief” to ignore these men is…I can’t even think of the right words.

  • Betsy Ross

    The old phrase,
    “actions speak louder than words”
    comes to mind…

  • USMC Thomas

    muslim’s like SOBama don’t care about D-Day, the ungrand mufti of jerusalem recruited muslin’s to form divisions to fight under the Nazi flag and round up Jews for the death camps.

  • Harry Schell

    There were no Kenyan forces who took to the beaches back then.

    Why thus is this day different than any other, for Junior?

    Only explanation I can offer.

  • Zelsdorf Ragshaft III

    Can’t he be charged with treason for something? I hope and pray he is impeached by the next congress.

  • Big L

    All part of Alisky’s Rules for Radicals. Insult middleclass memories. Confuse them.Make them angry and frustrated. Then they are ready to agree to anything else…
    Pay no attention to this. Work on the election of Conservatives. Remember to watch the polls. the list of voters should be outside each precinct. Call the County registrar of voters. Tehn you can consultthe sign in list and see who has voted.
    Complain if there is a discrepancy. Most states you can set aside a ballot or name.

  • Joanne

    This is so shameful – Obama is a disgrace to the position of POTUS.

    Actions speak louder than words, and Obama is coming across loud and clear.

  • Sandy

    Obama was the only Senator to never wear his flag lapel pin. He didn’t even salute our flag until someone called him on it. So none of this surprises me. The Muslims however, are thrilled at his antipathy toward the US and his hatred of Israel. That’s all that matters to him. He has shown he doesn’t care what Americans think.

  • kansas

    The less this traitorous bastard tries to associate himself with patriotic heroes the better it is. Ford theatre? I’m not even gonna go there.

  • txchick57

    My god, 2012 can’t come soon enough. This country has never needed Reagan more than it does now, and he’s dead.

  • Moonbeam

    Obammie knows his days are numbered in the White House. He gotsta Party Hardy.

  • Sickofobama

    The Muslim Marxist doesn’t give a damn about those who served in World War II let alone today.

    God bless those who served then and now and all of the other wars that have made it possible for America to even exist.

    And to think we have the first America-hating, Jew-hating president. So sad. So disgusting.

  • Daniel

    It was so obvious from the start that Obama is anti-American. But people voted for him anyway. We have to pay a price for our lack of self-respect in this country. I think we will have to pay much more for it than we already have. Assuming we regain our pride, any hell will be worth going through.

  • bill-tb

    Wasn’t D-Day an American accomplishment? Why would a foreigner celebrate that.

  • down with dems


    Remaking America by ignoring its history… maybe if we don’t talk about it, everyone will forget.

  • myohmy

    Obama is busy remaking America. Who cares if the country is broke?

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  • bg


    It Has Always Been The Soldier

    It is the soldier,
    not the President who gives us democracy.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Congress who takes care of us.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Reporter who has given us Freedom of Press.

    It is the soldier,
    not the Poet who has given us Freedom of Speech.

    It is the soldier,
    not the campus [community] Organizer who
    has given us the Freedom to Demonstrate.

    It is the soldier,
    who salutes the flag;
    who serves beneath the flag,
    and whose coffin is draped by the flag,
    that allows the protester to burn the flag.

    ~ Father Dennis O’Brien, US Marine Corp. Chaplain

    God Bless America!

    God Bless Soldiers everywhere for putting THEIR
    lives on the line to protect us ALL from terrorism!


  • D

    Disrespectful jerk. But hey it is good to be King! he is partying. Typical narcissist always craving the attention.

  • Please correct your blog, this year is the 65th Anniversary, since 1945 was the 1st. It is 66 years since the landing.

    I know it may seem minor, but, just saying…….

  • He’s just a disgrace, not only to America, but to the whole world. When all the shooting starts he will be on the back nine. Couldn’t be worse if Satan himself was in the White House, oh wait.

  • bg


    bill-tb @7:36 pm #18


    more here..


  • USMC Thomas

    son-of-a-beach, what do you expect.

  • I seem to remember that something rather significant happened to an American President at the Ford Theatre on a certain evening in 1865.
    Just wondering??

  • infinite

    As others have said here, just vote them all out. They want to anger you, use your vote to retaliate.

    Get everyone you know to the polls.

  • bbh

    The omission of any reference to D-Day and the men who gave their lives to keep us free from tyranny is reprehensible and deplorable. The POTUS not acknowledging this solemn anniversary is despicable.

    He has benefitted from the generous opportunities that America provides. He rejects this exceptionalism in speeches at home and abroad. He is a punk of the first order.

  • bbh— sadly the word punk fits his character. I never even considered Clinton to be a punk, poor human being, but not the punk that Obama is.

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  • I’m surprised Obama didn’t try to declare this a day to honor Unions or something.

  • bbh


    I too never thought of Clinton as a punk, flawed man maybe, but I never doubted that he loved our country.

    Obama is just a punk who has no appreciation of the office and our fine country which simultaneously breaks my heart and pisses me off.

  • SHOCKER!!!

  • Remember patriots, vote the Chicago way, vote early and vote often. There is only one message that may get through to them, un-emploment. Sadly this Clown in Chief gets pensions at our expense. I can hardly wait for his memoirs on how he saved the world from the U.S..

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  • KR

    “Security Is Not Something That Comes From the Barrel of a Gun”

    The secret service isn’t armed.

  • ad

    According to the article you linked, it was Tutu who made the comment about security, not Obama.

  • I wonder if THE ONE would find himself insecure facing the barrel of a gun.

    Security may not come EXCLUSIVELY from the barrel of a gun, but it can be an excellent way to start…

  • Me

    I hope and pray that when the new congress comes in November that impeachment will be the first order on thier agenda.

  • Costa

    If you have not already read “The Machurian President”, by Aaron Kline. We know most of obama but you will read a heck of alot more.

    The way obummer is acting is not surprising and he is comfortable now, thinking no one is going to get him. But, but, people in glass houses should not throw stones and his glass walls are gonna shatter soon!
    Keep the eye on November and a Congress who will impeach the usurper!

  • cvncnbvnb

    “Security is not something that comes from the barrel of a gun.”

    -Barack Obama


    Then why doesn’t he order his secret service detail to throw their guns away when they guard him?

  • Rachelle

    Remember that President 57 States probably doesn’t know what D-Day is.

    He is a hologram with a teleprompter. There is nothing there except contempt for America.

  • cvncnbvnb

    The biggest pussy in America is hiding behind the Secret Service detail.

  • Sandy

    Right BO security comes from kissing the Saudi’s king’s ring.

  • Sandy

    Its nice to know that security doesn’t come from the barrel of a gun as Obama starts WW3.

    Just call him President Magoo.

  • Callipygian1

    My father was a 26 year Marine veteran that died from the effects of Agent Orange. I wish he was here today, because he could put into words what is failing me now.

  • Sandy

    Obama is a Groucho Marxist.

  • CSample

    I don’t think the man knows US history at all.
    I wonder whose history he knows.

  • tachyon

    Doesn’t your link say that Desmond Tutu said “Security is not something that comes from the barrel of a gun.”, not Obambi?

    Might want to check and see in case I didn’t miss-read it.

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  • AuntieMadder

    June 6th, 2010 | 8:06 pm | #28

    I think it had something to do with “the barrel of a gun.”

  • malclave

    D-Day was just another of many shameful days in America’s past.

    The United States was not attacked by a European power. What business was it of ours? That area had been plagued for centuries upon centuries of tribal warfare. So the Huns, Franks, Celts, Slavs, etc. were killing each other like they had always done… so what?

    President Obama should apologize for America’s interference. June 6 should be a day of contemplation and regret.

    (did I get the lefty tone right?)

  • Gman


    pretty much nailed it

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  • Tonopah2

    “In all of the far-flung operations of our own Armed Forces, the toughest job has been performed by the average, easy-going, hard-fighting young American who carries the weight of battle on his own young shoulders. It is to him that we and all future generations of Americans must pay grateful tribute.” –Franklin Delano Roosevelt June 6, 1944

  • newrouter

    hey baracky does a nice calderon impression too!
    why not not idiot black preacher?

  • Tonopah2

    Blood was boiling untell I got to this

    (did I get the lefty tone right?)

  • newton

    “Security is not something that comes from the barrel of a gun.”

    Sure, tell that to the Brits, Americans and French who had to defend themselves from the Nazi onslaught. Tell that to the soldiers who were shot or blown to pieces at Omaha Beach.

    I dare him tell that to all of those dead. I double dare him.

  • BarbaraS

    What is Michelle wearing in that picture. No a bra, that’s for sure. But what is that knot below her non-bra area. Is that her navel? And what is that thing around her neck? Let’s not even talk about her smug smile. Ford Theater? Too bad history did not repeat itself. He does say he is the new Lincoln, doesn’t he?

  • Peggy

    Barbara S: I am so glad you hit on the important issues before I did! Seriously, what is that rope around her neck? Is she wearing a shiny tight spandex dress? She looks like she’s slouching. I like going to Hillbuzz and getting catty over the awful dressing by Michelle O.

    Is any one really surprised O has nothing to say about D-Day. Creep.

  • Christoph

    You are scum, BarbaraS.

    Did you just not imply that the President of the United States should be assassinated?

    First you refer to “Ford Theater”. Then you say, “Too bad history does not repeat itself.”

    You despicable, worthless excuse for a human being (or an American).

    You are beneath normal human contempt and far below the standards of the Gateway Pundit website.

  • Christoph

    “Barbara S: I am so glad you hit on the important issues before I did!”

    Really, Peggy?

    You just overlooked the whole wishing for the President’s assassination while in office.

    Why don’t you rethink your priorities before you go cavalierly tossing praise in a reprehensible direction?

  • The Elector of Saxony

    The Normandy invasion was among the finest hours of Western Civilization. Obama is not a member of Western Civilization, he is an alien ruler. It doesn’t concern him.The Normandy invasion ultimately freed the Jews of Europe from the Socialist death camps. Obama is in league and in sympathy with those who mourn the failure of the Final Solution.

    How could we have elected such a person? We have been awful stewards of the Liberty that the men of the Normandy invasions fought and died to bequeath us. If they could see this phony in the White House, if they could have known what their grandchildren would vote for, I think they might have just stayed home, danced to Benny Goodman records, married their sweethearts and grown old in comfort.

  • logdogsmith

    A great deal of security comes from a man holding a gun who knows how and is will to use it.

  • Andreas K.

    “Security is not something that comes from the barrel of a gun”

    That’s why the UK has a crime rate of zero. Oh wait… it doesn’t. The UK has the highest rate of violent crime in Europe. And cops there still wear bullet proof vests, despite the strict anti-gun laws. Hmmmm… Or is it maybe that criminals have this nasty habit of ignoring the laws? OMG!

    The safety of my family is provided by the barrel of a gun. Period. Because the governments can’t do the job anymore, thanks to all the leftist whiners who are more concerned about the criminal than the victim.

    And stop comparing Obama to Groucho Marx. Marx was heavily involved in the whole civil defense campaigns during the opening of the Cold War. He had more spine than 20 Obamas.

    But it’s really sad that the US president has not even one word for the men who stormed the beaches of Normandy to free Europe from Nazi occupation. That’s really sad, but hardly a surprise either.

    Can’t wait to see Obama actually apologize for it.

  • Sojourner

    …when we survive him and we will, when he joins his fellow malcontents on the disgraced ash heap of history, we’ll remember this pOser..and vow, never again.

  • Christoph

    The Elector of Saxony,

    I certainly agree with you that it was poor stewardship of liberty to elect Barack Obama (or any other radical left-winger or, for that matter, incompetent nincompoop a la Jimmy Carter)… and I think allowing a huge mosque to be placed on Ground Zero and ceremoniously opened on 9/11 ten years later to the day is just insane.

    “The Normandy invasion was among the finest hours of Western Civilization. Obama is not a member of Western Civilization, he is an alien ruler.”

    Wasn’t he born in Hawaii?

    Look, I oppose Barack Obama, but when you go spouting nonsense mixed with sense, that doesn’t make the nonsense any more true.

    The problem you have isn’t that Barack Obama isn’t emblematic of Western Civilization. The problem is that he is.

  • Bob Miller

    Can anyone justify having this guy as POTUS any longer.

    While everyone says this is a 24/7 job.. It seems that the OBAMAS spend an awful lot to time basking in the GIVE ME MINE show boating.

    It is clearly evident that their White House is for the MOMENT. Hers trying to be Jackie O or Princess Di. (No matter what you say about MO she definitely does not have the CLASS to even be in the same room with either, and if she was not MO and a Black Harvard Lawyer.. no one would even speak to her.)

    This photo op is a disgrace. The Ford Gig was in the evening.

    The Messiah has insulted the Veterans, the Constitution and American Citizens for the LAST TIME.

    It is not longer about Change. It is about making sure that this POTUS is IMPEACHED for High Crimes and Treason AGAINST the Constitution and the Citizens of the United States.

    Here is a POTUS that at birth was a British Citizen and now is elected POTUS because the elected officials in Congress, Senate and at the State Level did not do THEIR JOB.

    It is up to each and every CITIZEN to vote out all incumbents at the Federal, State and local Levels in 2010, 2012, 2014.

    These are the scumbags that allowed the Obama’s to be sitting in Washington tonight..after showing disrespect for our fallen heroes.

    Impeach Obama in 2011.

  • Pat the First

    Honestly, I don’t care if they attend an event at the Ford Theatre today (although that garment M.O. is wearing looks pretty horrendous). I just think it wouldn’t hurt the WH website to at least acknowledge that many young Americans shed blood in order to save freedom for the world. It would have taken maybe 5 minutes.

    This WH really is a disgrace. 2012 can’t come soon enough. I just wish someone would do some research and find out what B.O. is hiding in all those records he will not release. Maybe it would be enough to haul him out of the WH in handcuffs. That might make my decade.

    Watergate scandal happened because some people cared enough to dig long enough until truth was found. Why can’t we get someone else to do that now with these WH occupants? There has to be some major dirt that they have hidden.

  • Ron

    These people are sociopaths and they do not care about the country other than to destroy what came before them.

  • bg



    By Barack Obama

    [In 1933 the German establishment thought it could use Hitler to restore a modicum of order to the confused and confusing Weimar Republic. In fact, Hitler did strengthen the German establishment, but not exactly in the way the bankers and businessmen had wanted; and now, fifty years later, it is clear who was using whom. Nevertheless, the Western World did not complain in 1933 because Hitler, though a fascist and a totalitarian, was seen, like countless American puppet dictators today, as someone who leaves the established order in place.]

    Young Obama Wrote Article Blaming
    America For ‘Growing Threat of War’

    [If Obama still has this sensibility, he could be poised to take American foreign policy sharply to the left, notwithstanding the centrist foreign policy team he has assembled. Moreover, since Obama didn’t recognize the Soviet menace during the Cold War and blamed the possibility of war entirely on the United States, there’s good reason to think that today he could lack the moral clarity needed to fight radical Islam.]


  • The Elector of Saxony

    “Look, I oppose Barack Obama, but when you go spouting nonsense mixed with sense, that doesn’t make the nonsense any more true.”

    Who cares where he was born? He is religiously and culturally Muslim, he is anti-democratic, anti-individual, and everything he does shows him to be no respecter of our History and Culture. His very essence is that of an alien in our midst. I’m sure there is a card or a paper that proves Obama was born within the physical borders of “Western Civilization”, but I assure you his soul and psyche bear no sign of it. His behavior thus far bears me out, I think.

  • dwall

    soros did not give the hand puppet permission to read the teleprompter this weekend.

  • Christoph

    I’m certainly a passionate opponent of Obama, The Elector of Saxony, and eternally and sincerely grateful to the heroes from many nations including many Americans who fought at Normandy.

    Regardless of how much Obama is or isn’t “Western” (and I fear what is Western has shifted so much in the wrong direction that, unfortunately, Obama may not be as far off as you think — he did get elected with an outright majority of the vote in a Western nation, after all)…

    … can we both agree that BarbaraS’s comment about hoping history repeats itself vis-a-vis the assassination of an American President in Ford’s Theater…

    … To Wit, Barack Obama following in the footsteps of Abraham Lincoln…

    … is an un-American, un-Western Civilization thing to call for?

    Can we agree on that?

  • Christoph– It’s really not up to you to say who is and isn’t A gateway worthy commenter. And who are you to say where he was born, if you have proof submit it, if not you’re opinion is worth as much as the next guys. I say he was born in Kenya and my opinion is just as valid as yours. I admit the lady was a smidge over the top, but that doesn’t make her any better or worse than you. I’m sorry, but too many people are justifiably disgusted with this guy and sometimes say things that they would not ordinarily. He’s in the middle of RUINING peoples lives, my business is down so bad that I am using my savings to try and stay above water, and it ain’t working, so pardon me if I cut the lady some slack. From comfortable to broke in less than 2 years. Impeachment is way to good for this guy.

  • wanumba

    Here is what Desmond Tutu told the party crowd tonight:

    “Security is not something that comes from the barrel of a gun.”

    The Southern Sudanese got their Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) by FIGHTING for it. Their guns stopped the massacres and slavery of their people. Even though Desmond Tutu was asked to lend his voice to the plight of Sudanese slaves, he ignored them. He’s all about “Socialism.”

    The Rwandan geonocide was stopped by GUNS in the hands of Rwandan Tutsi soldiers. Talk talk just allowed the extremist Hutus to continue to massacre.

  • wanumba

    Michelle Obama is worth five million now, can’t she find a wardrobe person?

  • Ben K

    Nothing to say on D-Day, that spineless Marxist.

  • wanumba

    U.S. President Barack Obama (C) and first lady Michelle Obama (R) attend the performance of “American Celebrates 4th of July” at Ford’s Theatre in Washington June 6, 2010

    So, he celebrates 4th of July on D-Day. Guess that means he’ll be celebrating, oh let’s see, Stevie Wonder Day on the actual 4th. Unless he’s already given Stevie a “Lifetime Achievement Award Fig-Leaf Excuse for a Tax-Payer-Funded Party” then it’ll be someone else, maybe Karl Marx or Lenin’s birthday… “Lifetime Achievement” and all.

  • Nobama

    Mrs. O looks like a horses ass just like in that dress when Sir Paul sang. No wonder there are rumors Mr. O prefers men.

  • Juliette

    Michelle Obama has to be the tackiest first lady in our nations history. ICK!

  • AlaskanInfidel

    What would one expect from a Marxist?

  • William Amos

    Hey Jim here is video of Obama saying the same thing as Tutu. I found it and posted it on youtube long ago.

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  • Opinionator

    For the first time in many years here, I am commenting without having the time to first read all of your erudite messages.

    I have only this to say:

    Obama is the Dark Side: nothing more or less. I know that you, here, see the light.

    Sending love to you, in the face of this travesty.

    Be safe. Hold tight. All will be right…….in 2012.

  • Ben K

    What dress? MO has two-toned skin!

  • Juliette
    June 7th, 2010 | 1:12 am | #86

    Michelle Obama has to be the tackiest first lady in our nations history. ICK!


    Lady ?

  • Just_Saying

    The only transparency in the Obummer administration is Michelle’s bra, and her “necklace” looks like a Survivor’s idol. Must have gotten it from CBS on hiatus.

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  • Correct, Tutu. Security does not come from the barrel of a gun. Bullets come from the barrel of a gun. That’s where security comes from.

    Desmond, you be such a Marxist and one of Obama’s fellow travelers.

  • bertogem

    The Mao quote is: “Political power comes from the barrel o a gun.” What do you suppose are the implications of this proverb given that the current regime are a bunch of Marxists?

  • Vietvet

    I hope all the liberal socialist jews in this country are taking note of this? You should be ashamed of yourselves!

  • MrBlonde

    He already apologized for the invasion last year, duh.

  • Andreas K.

    Then I guess it’s time for Obama to apologize for the USAAF bombing my hometown.

    And reparations. Yep. Totally. All the people there were totally innocent and the massive destruction of the heavy industry was totally uncalled for!

    They only produced uh… tractors! So that the Germans could uh… plow the USSR! Or something.

    And there were totally no nazis in my hometown. Totally none. Those boys (HJ and young Wehrmacht soldiers), who were running back home in the last few days of the war, were totally not snatched and murdered by SS and Wehrmacht MP and they were totally not ratted out to the nazis by a guy named Neunteufel. Nope. They all committed suicide! Or something.

    Thus bombing my hometown was totally uncalled for!

    I demand an apology and money!

    It’s all the fault of the “evil Jews”(tm) anyway.

  • Wright

    It’s too bad that ‘Our American Cousin’ wasn’t playing.

  • setnaffa

    May the Lord rebuke President Obama and bring him to a state of humble, contrite repentance before the Lord.

  • He sent Bidin to Russia for the V-E celebrations there, They didn’t want to have anything to do with it…
    Just another opportunity to snub the great history of Military

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  • Militant Conservative

    and show us all the moooslim he is. powder is dry. I’m with you Kenny S.

  • Not Enough Time

    Obviously, the administration meant to not honor D-Day. It is the same day every year. When planning his daily agenda, it would not be that difficult to avoid a conflict. Of course, only if you have a profound respect for those who fought and died for this country. If Obama and his supporters are the face of America’s future, we are in deep trouble!

  • davod

    just say to yourself – what would chomsky do.

  • ann

    After spending Memorial Day 2010 at the WWII Museum in New Orleans, MS, I find President Obama’s self-centered, gala focused actions a disgrace to all of the men and women who were involved in fighting for our freedom.

    I would like to see him spend some time experiencing and learining what our troops and civilians experienced during this time in history.

    Shame on you, Barack! & Michelle

  • Big L

    Watch your precincts. Make sure who is voting. There should be a list outside hanging on the wall. And you can go in and look at the master list where voters sign in. Then you can mark it off on the outside list. If you are blocked call the registrar of voters office. If there is a ballot you think is a fraud, you can file a challenge right there.I think it is set aside as a provisional ballot.
    These days the REgistrar of Voters and the Secretary of State are the two most imp offices to get into conservative hands-just to know what is going on.

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  • wolfveryne

    As Joey would say ; My -BOY- is one ” Big Ferk-Kin Joke” , America : WAKE UP !

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  • Andre

    I think this is a good thing! Having someone like Obama associated in any way with the courageous soldiers who gave their lives on that day would be like spitting on their grave.

  • Ma Hews

    Lets put him in uniform, w/all the protection our boys get, and send him to a week where the worst fighting is…..maybe change his mind…

  • eaglewingz08

    I am glad that South Africa doesn’t have an army or police force, cause you know, ‘security doesn’t come from the barrel of a gun’. If brains were gunpowder Tutu wouldn’t be able to blow his nose. As for Barack’s disrespect for D-Day, remember how last week liberals were blowing off Obama’s failure to visit Arlington on Memorial Day, saying Bush didn’t do it in 2002 (cause he was celebrating Memorial Day in France, not Chicago) so no big deal. But I doubt that even the libs could find one modern Republican President (Post WWII) who did not celebrate D-Day anniversary. Once again Barack is in a class by himself.

  • Tony Ciarriocco

    This is the man who said that ‘the Allies landed at Omaha Beach’. If an event is not celebrated by Howard Zinn, it does not exist.

  • The Elector of Saxony

    “can we both agree that BarbaraS’s comment about hoping history repeats itself vis-a-vis the assassination of an American President in Ford’s Theater…”

    Christoph, Absolutely. Regardless of character or intentions, I would never wish to see a President assasinated or otherwise harmed. Impeached? Tossed out of office via the Constitutional processes available to the People? Quite. Murder as a political tool, I would rather leave to the various banana republics and communist states around the world. Even if Obama were to be found to have been born in Iran, educated in a terror training camp and sent to this country as a Al Qaeda operative, I would only wish to see him expeditiously removed from office.

  • He just doesn’t get it.

  • Stanis

    Give it a break. As if Bush or Reagan memorialized D-day every year … ?

    I’m sure President Obama will be on hand for the D-Day +70: 70th Anniversary (1944-2014) events.

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  • vsatt

    Someone must have told him the D didn’t stand for Democrats.

  • Ethan Brown

    How much more proof does one need that this president does not like America veru much.

  • Andreas K.

    June 7th, 2010 | 8:30 am | #122
    Give it a break. As if Bush or Reagan memorialized D-day every year … ?

    I’m sure President Obama will be on hand for the D-Day +70: 70th Anniversary (1944-2014) events.

    Wrong. You know why? Because by 2014 the French leftists will have told the American leftists to “take their trash back to America”, and the American leftists will have obeyed the wish by the “sophisticated”, “tolerant” and “intellectual” Euro-peons and thus there won’t be any American graves in France.

    Oh wait. Obama won’t be in office by then. So… hmmm… So maybe the president in 2014 will tell the Euro-peons to go and f*ck themselves? I’d pay to see that.

    And I’m not kidding about the trash part. I’ve heard this term being used for fallen US soldiers buried on this side of the Pond several times in the past.

  • firelt213

    Is this truly a Christian website? The comments I have read about this story says something quite different.

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  • Andreas K.

    firelt213No Gravatar
    June 7th, 2010 | 8:59 am | #127

    Is this truly a Christian website? The comments I have read about this story says something quite different.

    Because Christians aren’t allowed to get angry, fight back, or defend themselves, right? All they must is endure.

    But you know, sometimes one must drive off the wolves.

  • Chisum

    Other than *that* President Obama, how was the irony?

  • Sandy

    Obama is a Groucho Marxist because he talks about redistribution wealth as he lives like a King and laughs at the rest of us who suffer.

  • m tucker

    everyone should email this fool and tell HIM what you think !

  • HarleyChic

    Obozo needs to go, along with his marxist mate and the rest of Washington. The sooner the better.

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  • I did some advanced googling this morning, and I found no indication that George W. Bush commemorated D-Day in most of the years he was in office. The exceptions were 2001 (he dedicated a memorial) and 2004 (60th anniversary; big deal). It may be the White House released a statement or something during those other years, but I couldn’t find them.

    Just sayin’.

  • Thinkitover

    I have an idea!
    Why don’t we all commit this decision to the Lord and say, “YOUR will be done” about Obama.. and if HE allows impeachment or moves to allow something more, we have not done it, but HE has. That way, we are not putting our own ideas and will in place of His, either way. YES, it is alright to be Christian AND upset about the current state of things, but surely all good Christian people can pray that prayer and let the Good Lord choose FOR US what should happen to right the wrongs we see. Surely His sense of outrage is always correct when it is HE whose hand is over all of history including D-Day and His hand chooses who lives and who dies or wins or loses in every conflict.. His judgement is correct. In every conflict, in every war.. foreign or domestic, He is the One who decides what happens. Let’s trust Him with the choice of life and death, and leave it in His capable hands. I am sure He will choose what is best for us all and will move on hearts if there is work he wishes done (to impeach him, I mean). Remember, “Vengence is Mine Says the Lord, I WILL repay” (Romans 12:19) – can we trust anyone to do a better or more thorough job than God? Do you think the man who assassinated Lincoln could have done it without the LORD allowing it? And what of Reagan? The attempt on his life which was not allowed? Trust the Lord to decide.. He has the good of the country in HIS hands.. and it is enough if HIS will is done and HIS choice prevails, not our own.

  • LibsAreTerrorists

    Worst. President. Ever.
    Obama needs to be removed from power now, as the Libs like to say “By any means necessary” before he can do more harm to our nation.

  • Pat the First

    Barbara O\’Brien
    June 7th, 2010 | 10:21 am | #136

    I don’t remember or could I verify that any mention was made by either President (or Slick Willy either). However, with all of the other commemorations the Os find time to recognize, including Muslim so-called religious days, I think recognizing brave Americans with a paragraph or 2 on the WH website isn’t asking much.

    We just don’t have many of those heroes left. Soon many of them will no longer live. Why not take every chance to thank them?

  • Jay

    Well of course the administration missed the anniversary; the day commemorates a significant step in freeing Europe from tyranny. It was a tremendous gain for freedom and a dark day for those who would oppress the masses by implementing government control over them. It was also a crucial step in the revealing of Hitler’s genocide, to Obama and his ilk it’s a day of mourning.

  • bg


    Barbara O\’Brien @ 10:21 am #136

    for me it isn’t so much D-Day, but Memorial Day
    Honoring US Troops at Arlington Cemetery..

    however, no President should out & out totally ignore the significance of D-Day for any reason.. and i do not believe for an iota of a second that any D-Day under GWB went unmentioned..

    President Bush Speaks at D-Day Memorial Dedication

    God Bless Bush, The Last American President


  • Bay Area Patriot

    I find it amazing people defending that piece of garbage. You all were bitching when Bush played golf. Nothing but hypocrites, this country is done, if you really think voting is going to fix anything at this point, you are very very Naive, very! The revolution won the country, not voting!

  • This proves you can “educate” someone without actually creating intellect. Or common sense.
    This “man” will undoubtedly go down in history as the least competent, most out-of-touch president in American history.

    He is all about ideology without principal. And a woman his wife’s age also has no business showing off her nipples in a skin-tight dress.
    First “LADY”…? I think not!

  • solgreatman

    Obama and his freak wife hangin with another assortment of oddballs,back slappin eachother,doing the mussolini chin in the air,laughin at all the fools that voted him in,good times.

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  • Obamas a usless piece of sh!+,knew it before the election,i sure the he!! know it now…..Hey all you obamabots hows that hope and change workin for ya!!!!By the way michelle that silver dress makes you look like the gold digging who*e you are….

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  • Ron

    It would be nice if someone organized a major boycott of ABC the night this is boradcasted and it would be really nice if their sponsors though twice about funding this garbage. Even though I may like the entertainers in the line up I won’t be watching it.

  • history teacher

    Of course the jerk did nothing to commemorate this momentous day in US history. He did not show up at Arlington on Memorial Day. His election is a result of the left’s takeover of education and the media. The greatness of America and its uniqueness is not being taught. This guy and his wife are the result of this lack of knowledge and stupidity of too many. We have to change this America.
    BTW, it doesn’t look like MO is wearing clothes at all. It’s her snake skin showing through.

  • bg


    Party president disses D-Day

    [The kicker? Sunday was the anniversary of D-Day, the beach invasion Allied powers executed as part of the effort to free Europe of the Nazi grip in 1944. It was a success that came at the cost of thousands of lives and yet the White House website made no mention of it. There were no remarks from Obama. Silence. Still, just the day before, Obama issued a statement on the passing of legendary college basketball coach John Wooden. Was Obama even aware of the significance of June 6?]

    YES HE WAS..

    however, he not only believes ignoring the enemy will make it
    go away.. but ignoring our troops will stop the war mentality..

    i have to say it was very hard writing the above, as
    it is extremely simple, yet simply illogical, but it is Obama’s mind-set in a nuts-hell..


  • bg


    re: bg #153

    re: [however, he not only believes ignoring the enemy will make it
    go away.. but ignoring our troops will stop the war mentality..]

    what i meant to say was:

    however, he not only believes comforting the enemy will make it
    go away.. but ignoring our troops will stop the war mentality..

    but whatever, both fit Obama’s audacious mindset..


  • hlj

    Jeez, a Hollywood actress gave a nice shout out to the troops this weekend, but not our Prez?

    Please donate to!

    Great organization sending care packages to the troops.

  • Tor Inge

    Obama commemorations similar to Bush’s.

    Obama delivered speech at Normandy for D-Day 65th anniversary in 2009. President Obama traveled to Normandy for a June 6, 2009 ceremony honoring the 65th anniversary of D-Day. He delivered a speech honoring the troops, saying in part, that victory “came down to the men who landed here – those who now rest in this place for eternity, and those who are with us today. Perhaps more than any other reason, you, the veterans of that landing, are why we still remember what happened on D-Day. You are why we come back.”

    Bush administration commemorated D-Day in 2001 and 2004, but spent all other D-days in meetings and one at a party / concert. White House archives of June 6 for each year President Bush was in office only show Bush commemorating D-Day in 2001 and 2004. There are no “news” references to D-Day in 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, or 2008.

    On 2005 D-Day anniversary, instead of recognizing the anniversary Bush held a concert at the White House celebrating Black Music Month. According to the White House archives, Bush did not commemorate the D-Day anniversary.

    Obama’s D-Day commemorations mirror the Bush administration’s; both commemorated D-Day on significant anniversaries but not annually.

    These are the actual facts, a rare term for many, I guess…….

    Still I’m sure, that there was just the same myriad of fatuous and fabricated facts, stirring up the equivalent amount of unjustifiable outrage and addle-headed name calling from the feeble-minded and fleeceable towards Bush. After all he missed 6 from 8 anniversaries of the D-Day landing, and The White House website had nothing posted on either of the 6 missed Anniversaries of the D-Day landing while he held office. The president maybe had other things on his mind, then again maybe not……

  • leslie

    Both of the Obamas are hideous people.

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  • Shirley

    My God teaches me not to hate others – but nothing is said about not liking them!! Obama has no respect for our country – why the Democrats can’t see this is beyond me! Maybe because they know with him in office, they can get what they want! Unfortunately, what they may get is voted out!! Please keep our nation in prayer!

  • bg


    Tor Inge @ 4:49 pm #155

    i never saw so many ad hominem attacks in
    a row.. imo you’re a pompous ass, period..


  • bg


    Tor Inge @ 4:49 pm #155

    re: [White House website had nothing posted on either of the 6
    missed Anniversaries of the D-Day landing while he held office.]

    this is an outright lie..

    George W. Bush Presidential Library

    you have to surf a lot, but the things he did are there.. ie: News releases for June 2004 ie: President Bush Attends Swearing-In Ceremony for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Steve Preston ie: June 6-9, 2006

    i still say not only did Bush at least make statements, but he was a heck of a lot busier working for US, whereas Obama says absolutely nothing, and the only thing he ever seems to be busy at is spending time entertaining himself & others on y/our dime, go figure..


  • Ellen

    Obama parties while people are suffering along the coast because of the oil spill. He has a new toy — AirForce1, and he just loves using it. He travels the world at taxpayer expense, trashing our country. I read that it costs $63,000 an hour to operate his new toy. Anyone checked on how much money he has spent touring the world? As for Michelle – she should try buying off the rack at Macy’s. They might give her a suitable wardrobe — also tell her to buy a bra. How many parties has this guy hosted?

  • I you want to talk about wasting taxpayer time and money flying around the country, George W. Bush was the all-time champ. He spent two years and eight months — close to three years, note — of his presidency on vacation at either Camp David or Crawford. While president, Bush flew to Crawford and back 77 times, which works out to roughly 20 days of time in the air flying back and forth to Crawford on Air Force One. He also spent more of his presidency flying around the country to attend Republican Party fundraisers than other presidents. He was able to put this on the taxpayers’ by arranging to give a speech or attend a ribbon-cutting in the same city in the same day so he could call it an official trip.

    So where was your outrage then?

    I’m not bringing this up to excuse anything Obama might be doing. I’m saying that you all need to examine your outrage very closely and ask yourselves why you are so angry with Obama for things that Bush did even more.

  • Chisum
  • bg — I hate to break it to you, dude, but the links you found don’t show Bush commemorating D-Day on years other than 2001 or 2004. Tor Inge is right. Actually, I believe for the past several administrations D-Day has been commemorated officially only every five years (i.e., anniversaries 50th 55th, 60th, 65th). This year was the 66th anniversary. 2001 was an exception, because a monument to D-Day was dedicated that year.

    And you all didn’t notice this before? Shows me how important D-Day is for *you.* Ha.

  • Whit350 Louisiana

    In this issue there are three reports touching on the the same question, Where is Obama’s loyalty. There is a global entity dedicated to der revolushun and there are a few still dedicated to Justice based on righteousness which comes from our Creator.

    He is also the source of our security and not the barrel of a gun. We won against our adversary in WW II. I was on the island of Biak off western New Guinea as a major link in communication when we launched D day. It was a tough go but we made it. Yet der revolushun, launched from Russia somewhere around the 1870s took root and continued to grow. This revolution was dedicated to ideas and attitudes rather than nations and ethnic origins so it recognizes no geographic borders. Neither does Obama. It invades our heart and minds and blinds the vision that identifies evil that we may reject the evil.

    I fought for my freedom in WW II and received Socialism as a reward for that effort. I decided to farm but our government said I didn’t have that right except under their permission.
    To get that permission required a certain amount of accepting corruption. Now that the Socialism has grown to the fruiting stage we are about to reap the harvest. Was Pearl Harbor necessary? No. Neither our delay in response from MacArthur in Manila, who was under strict orders not to move. W should have been on high alert. This cloud of darkness came from Washington and has continued to this day. Where is Obama’s loyalty? Try the der revolushun which has be swallowing the the world with its Socialist lies. That might explain what we are now seeing even if all the signs were present all along.

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  • PAUL

    “And I’m not kidding about the trash part. I’ve heard this term being used for fallen US soldiers buried on this side of the Pond several times in the past.”

    I am a French rightwinger and let me tell you something AndreasK : You are a f*** liar !
    All the French (few ultraleftist scum aside) have all respect for the boys who fell on our beaches. Dont use lies for feed your psycotic hate against the European, little one.

  • Kate

    You do realize Regan NEVER went to Arlington right? And that Bush Sr Vacationed 3 times and did not attend
    Inform your ignorant selves

  • bg


    Barbara O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’Brien @ 7:53 am #164

    not into context much??

    how about comprehension??

    Kate @ 12:45 pm #170

    Ronald Reagan at Arlington (1986)


  • bg


    Kate @ 12:45 pm #170

    not the best source, 😀

    but here ya go anyways..

    [President Ronald Reagan missed four Memorial
    Day services at Arlington during his eight years]

    ergo, he attended 4 times, that does not = NEVER!!

    [President George H.W. Bush NEVER attended a Memorial Day service]

    i’m sure he didn’t totally ignore it seeing
    as how he fought in WW11 himself..

    Barbara O\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’Brien @ 7:53 am #164

    [and his son missed one service during his eight year]

    ergo: GWB attended 7 times..

    ergo: either i’m still ignorant, the
    source is ignorant, or you are..


    Barack Obama Ignores D-Day Anniversary –

    How Obama observed D-Day: JUNE 6, 2010

    Memorial Day: MAY 31, 2010