The racist Obama Administration asked seniors at Kalamazoo Central High School for birthdates, Social Security numbers and citizen status before their graduation in June.

President Obama will speak at the school’s graduation.
MLive reported, via Drudge:

The White House appears to be laying the groundwork for President Barack Obama to shake the hand of each senior at Kalamazoo Central High School’s commencement ceremony next month.

Seniors are being asked to provide their birthdates, Social Security numbers and citizen status to the Secret Service so background checks could be performed. Such a check is required for anyone who gets within an arm’s length of the president, students were told at their senior breakfast Friday.

Of the fact that the White House is requesting information on all the graduating seniors, K-Central Principal Von Washingon Jr. told the students, “I’ll let you figure out what that means,” said senior Simon Boehme, who was at the breakfast.

“Everyone is excited that we might have the opportunity to shake the president’s hand,” Boehme said.




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  1. there all “excited”, they got tingling sensations going up and down there legs. I wonder if the illegals also have tingling sensations, when they have to provide immigration status?

    This is even more stricter than the Arizona law, in Arizona, you have to at least have committed a crime before they can ask for your status.

    Do as I say not as I do.

  2. Obama is the biggest pussy ever

  3. The next generation of obamabots.

    God help us.

  4. Shouldn’t this also be required for anyone who is allowed within arm’s reach of the nuclear launch code “football”? Like, oh, the president.

  5. Hypocrisy reigns supreme.

  6. They will be shaking the hand and looking into the eye of the man who is destroying their future and they will be too clueless realize what is happening to them.

  7. Jerry M
    May 19th, 2010 | 7:23 pm | #6


    Give that man a cigar.

    That’s about as good a description as can be made.

    Kenny Solomon
    Heavily armed.
    Never again means NEVER AGAIN !

  8. How about SSN, citizen status and birth certificates for the Obummer himself (before he can speak to the students)???

  9. Michelle Obama is wearing a nappy Jheri curl wig!

  10. So. The secret service has a requirement that anybody within arms length of A president provide the SSN, B-date and citizenship status. Because the secret service is not relaxing that requirement for this event it means… Obama is a hypocrite because he hasn’t forced the State of Hawaii to go above and beyond it’s policy regarding providing a public copy of his birth certificate. Or something.

  11. No Tim, it means he’s a hypocrite for publicly bashing a law that does the same thing that his Secret Service does.

    Get it?

  12. Big picture folks. Barry must know without a doubt who is near his presence. You and I are cannon fodder and so what? There is a level of death this WH is O.K. with and as long as it is you and not him. All hail king Obama, sieg heil!
    powder is dry.

  13. Just heard about this NewsMax article that was yanked but appears elsewhere.

  14. I wasn’t online for a couple of days so I wouldn’t know if Hoft covered this. But just in case…
    Sunday, May 16, 2010
    BREAKING: Fake Tea Party Run by Democrats in Michigan Trying to Become official Third Party!

  15. Paging Hoft for cleanup on aisle #11. Racist troll droppings at comment #11 by gdgdfgdfg.

  16. Exactly what I thought #9 – Obama needs to provide his long form birth certificate, all of his social insurance numbers he has been using, passports, you name it!

    I don’t understand why anyone would want to shake the hand of the devil.

  17. Is Obama Racist?
    Our president, it was revealed in the Washington Times-on line, identified himself in the 2010 census as African-American, disclaiming the fact that he was born of a white Kansas woman, married to a black Kenyan, an interesting and revealing selection.
    Should I have written “Euro-American”, not one of the choices I was offered for the Census?

    On May first and second a deluge swept through parts of Tennessee, killing at least 17 – the initial count.
    Yet is wasn’t until three days later, May 5, 2010, that FEMA recognized the terrible flooding in Tennessee, declaring it a national disaster area.
    But no word from Obama…Hmmmm
    He recognized the Haiti situation immediately, bashed Bush about the slowness in rescuing New Orleans – what have I missed?

    And then there’s Obama’s snubbing of Netanyahu last month, which moved many others to reveal their sentiments against Israel and Jews, in general.

    As to Obama’s position on Israel; Is this our “Peace In Our Time” moment, like Neville Chamberlain’s moment is the gloom?
    Israel, the only democracy in the region, has been our anchor and safeguard in the volatile Middle-East – and now they are being dissed.
    Don’t believe it? See:


    Or was this just part of the mask that badly hides Obama’s anti-Jew sentiments – no doubt inspired by his twenty years with the Reverend Wright – who is most outspoken on the subject.

    His misunderstanding of the value of Israel as our only ally has led to Syria being sent missiles and nuclear energy, as Russia and North Korea rush to fill the vacuum we’ve left behind.

    Now, Brandeis University, a fundamentally Jewish college, is in the throes on an angst moment, as some students protest the Israeli Ambassador, as the commencement speaker.

    Add to that, Obama’s process of selecting minorities over the most qualified, putting communists in high office, child-molesters as School Czar, underlines his anti-American values.
    Can Kevin Jennings, the founder of the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network be the best choice to promote Safe Schools? Perhaps this is just part of ‘Cutting us down to size”……


    Gimme a break.

    Is Obama Racist?
    On another point, is Obama anti-white? I’m beginning to wonder.

    When two Black Panthers, one brandishing a nightstick, intimidated voters and blocked the entrance to whites at a Philadelphia polling site, NOTHING WAS DONE.

    The Civil Rights Commission has pursued the case – a civil rights veteran witnessed this event calling it “the most blatant form of voter intimidation I have encountered in my life in political campaigns in many states, even going back to the work I did in Mississippi in the 1960s.”
    To quote from a Washington Times article it is “inexcusable that President Obama’s Justice Department refuses to fulfill its duty and bring those racists to justice. Led by Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr., political appointees at the Obama Justice Department overruled career federal prosecutors and dropped voter-intimidation charges against the men.”

    Pray for Obama; Psalm 109:8
    “Let his days be few; let another take his office”


  18. That’s our Obama.

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