Lebanese Human Rights Group Baffled Over Team Obama's Crazy Statements About "Moderate" Hezbollah

The World Council for the Cedars Revolution is baffled over the recent statements by top Obama official John Brennan on reaching out to “moderate” Hezbollah elements.
Here is their related press release:

White House Advisor is wrong and his statements are confusing the American public, no moderates inside the terrorist group Hezbollah

Wednesday, May 19th 2010
Washington, DC
By John Hajjar *

We read with great dismay comments made by John Brennan, White House advisor on Counter Terrorism regarding the so-called ‘moderates inside Hezbollah’. The Hezbollah terror organization was created by the Iranian regime Terror militia-the Pasdaran, (Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards) in 1981. Hezbollah perpetrated heinous terror attacks against the US Marines operating in the Multinational Peace forces in Lebanon killing 341Marines in 1983. Then Hezbollah blew up the US embassy twice and held American and European hostages in the 1990s.

Hezbollah, as a terror militia operating on Lebanese soil killed, kidnapped and tortured Lebanese citizens for 20 years. In May 2008 it invaded West Beirut and Mount Lebanon killing innocent civilians and burning media institutions. Hezbollah is increasing its arsenal of missiles in full breach of UN resolutions 1559 and 1701. In addition, Hezbollah has perpetrated Terror attacks in Argentina, assisted in attacks against US and Coalition forces in Iraq, trained insurgents in Yemen and formed terror cells in Egypt.

Mr. Brennan, as a US official has stated that there were moderates inside Hezbollah he wanted to reach out to. Mr. Brennan is wrong and his statements are confusing the American public. We haven’t seen any statement or document by Hezbollah members who call for moderation. We haven’t seen so-called moderates calling for disarming the militia. Mr. Brennan said Hezbollah has members in the Lebanese parliament. Although true, Mr. Brennan draws the wrong conclusion as this means that the terrorist organization has used its weapons and money to penetrate the Lebanese legislature and not the other way around.

We in the World Council of the Cedars Revolution (WCCR) ask Mr. Brennan to give the US public and Lebanese Americans one example of a moderate official inside Hezbollah. He can’t because there are none. This is an organization that tolerates absolutely no dissent or nuanced views. It executes the orders of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Mr. Brennan’s statements about Hezbollah’s “moderates” are an insult and an affront to the Lebanese who were assassinated by the terror organization, to the US citizens and military personnel who were killed by the Iranian funded group and to the Lebanese American community that has been working hard on exposing terror inside Lebanon and on implementing UNSCR 1559 and 1701.

We call on Mr. Brennan to apologize for this insult or to resign. Two million Lebanese Americans won’t stand by idle as a US official is disfiguring the truth in Lebanon.

*John Hajjar, National Director, World Council of the Cedars Revolution

Hezbollah’s stated objective is to destroy Israel.

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  • squeaky

    i would think if there was a moderate anything
    he/she would’ve been dropped kicked as being
    a spy for the great satan. how long did bill
    richardson search for the “moderate” taliban.
    what would be the life expectancy of a moderate. when the infidels are busy sharpening the swords for the jihadis and you
    try to point out the huge mistake and the infidels hiss back that it’s none of your business and what do you know anyway.

  • eaglewingz08

    What’s with those Nazi salutes? I mean could you imagine the media rampage if tea partiers or republicans gave that salute during their gatherings? But the lib media remains silent to evil.

  • Bindar

    We have a very sick administration that is marching to an Radical Islamic drum. Obama and his puppet appointees have no discernment when measured by common sense and traditional American values. They call the day night and the night day.
    Obama has betrayed our friends and undermined the very security of our country with His reckless policies. I don’t know which is worse! He is consistantly bad with both foriegn and domestic issues.
    It is amazing how much damage one man can wreck on America and the world. Our big mistake is that we are giving Obama the benefit of the doubt and assuming he means well. I think this man is totally evil and unfortunatly, most of us are deniers when faced with truly evil people.
    I am afraid that before he is through, he will turn American against American and there will be blood in the streets.

  • plainslow

    It appears that the White House is still messing up the message to Israel. Is that right Rahm Emanuel?

  • Mermaz

    It’s an upside world when a terror group has to defend their extremism and tell the USA that we insult those who fight against them and those they have killed.

    Even the terrorists are fed up with Obama’s gang insulting America.

  • jomojava

    It is obvious that Sultan Obama’s vision of the Middle East includes the “submission” of Israel.

  • J

    So, does this mean he will talk only to the group that uses a sharp blade to decapitate and shun the group using the dull blade?

  • jomojava

    J #8,

    The Daniel Pearl beheading must have “captured the imagination” of Mr. Brennan, as well as Sultan Obama.

  • bitterclinger

    Consider the source: dain bramaged Brennan.

  • Terry Gain

    no moderates inside the terrorist group Hezbollah

    Or in the White House.

  • To the radical extremists in the White House, the Hezbollah terrorists APPEAR moderate.

    Scary stuff.

  • Big L

    this is what a junta looks like in America

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  • Robert

    I wonder what our new Miss America has to say about this.

  • DINORight

    To #3 – the Nazi salute is a tribute to the foundation of these Islamic “republics” who have deep ties with Nazi Germany. There are several books on how the Muslim leaders during WWII embraced Fascism, especially Nazism.

    And, on our “diplomatic corps” – they are an embarrassment to all, putting our nation and its citizens in danger. This is just another example of their dangerous policies and views. Transparency!

  • Whing ding

    In Obama’s eyes all radical Islamists are moderates and all Jews living in Israel are terrorists that stole land.

    And to Obama, America is a capitalist warmongering, racist white country that will be brought down internally by Obama bankrupting the country

  • ProLifer

    Why are people within the Obama Administration afraid to speak the words, “Radical Islam”?

    Well… President Obama is both a “radical” and a “Muslim”!

    So… “Radical Islam” has to be a good thing — or, at least, misunderstood. Right?

  • Patrick S

    May as well be reaching out for those straight lesbians too, Barry.

  • In the eyes of many American people, the Obama administration is exhibiting conduct that is well outside of the norm and far beyond the pale.

    Not only are their actions so utterly out of line with common sense and the boundaries of government protocol to date, the number of incidents of absurd logic, in nearly every department of the executive branch, seems to be increasing.

    It’s now beyond troubling. I cannot see how they expect to derive any of benefit from pushing the envelope of tolerance any further.

    History tells us there is a tipping point beyond which things can escalate only so far beyond the norm before some sort of tragedy occurs. I fear that history will not only be cruel to Obama, but now our entire nation is in jeopardy of suffering due to the tone deafness and arrogant posturing that seems to permeate this administration.

  • Valerie

    Jim, Thank you for this letter from the Lebanese, for identifying the group, and it’s leader. Thank you also for linking the copy of the Hezbollah Charter.

    I wonder who, if anybody at all, in the Obama Administration even knows this document exists, much less has read it?

    It’s time to find out if any of these people ever learned the habits of scholarship.

  • jorgen

    A moderate Hezbollah is probably one who for humanitarian reasons sharpens the knife before cutting your head off.

  • Melinda

    “Lebanese Americans won’t stand by idle as a US official is disfiguring the truth in Lebanon.”

    I thank the Lebanese Americans for standing up but using language like “disfiguring the truth” is playing Brennan’s game. Brennan is either wrong or lying. If he’s lying, he’s doing so by using unclear, imprecise, undefined language. “Disfiguring the truth” is unclear, imprecise and undefined. It suggests he’s intentionally misrepresenting facts, or, in clear, precise and defined terms, lying.

    If lovers of liberty are going to win, we must define our terms and call a spade a spade without equivocation. The power-lusters have been actively muddying the meaning of words and claiming offense when we properly identify facts of reality for a century now (probably longer). Without language that is rooted and defined based on the facts of reality, force will be all that’s left to us.

    “It depends what the definition of “is” is.”


  • Andreas K.

    Well, the German government wants to reach out to “moderate” taliban.

    I’ve heard talks about a “moderate” Hamas in German media.

    Who’s really surprised?

    The left wing LOVES the moosels. They share several goals:

    The utter destruction of our western (and eastern, they won’t stop at Taiwan, Korea and Japan either on the long run) societies and cultures.

    And most importantly the total destruction of the Jews, aka Holocaust 2.0

    There are a few minor ones, like taking 100% influence in our daily lives and a few others, but I’m too lazy right now.

    Holocaust 2.0 is the most important part anyway.

    The funny thing is, what the left wingers don’t realize is… Once the “evil” right wing is done, once the Jews are all dead… their beloved “noble savages” will turn on them and kill them as well. After all, those left wingers are infidels as well.

  • bg


    please take a minute or two & sign the “Ground Zero” petition, thank you..


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  • ….hmmm, maybe they “misspoke”….