NY Times Praises Marxist Redistribution of Wealth in Obamacare

Not that any of us are surprised but Barack Obama’s mouthpiece, The New York Times, praised the Marxist redistribution of wealth enforced by Obamacare. And the author savors the fact that Obama is deliberately undoing “what historians have called the age of Reagan.”

For all the political and economic uncertainties about health reform, at least one thing seems clear: The bill that President Obama signed on Tuesday is the federal government’s biggest attack on economic inequality since inequality began rising more than three decades ago.

Over most of that period, government policy and market forces have been moving in the same direction, both increasing inequality. The pretax incomes of the wealthy have soared since the late 1970s, while their tax rates have fallen more than rates for the middle class and poor.

Nearly every major aspect of the health bill pushes in the other direction. This fact helps explain why Mr. Obama was willing to spend so much political capital on the issue, even though it did not appear to be his top priority as a presidential candidate. Beyond the health reform’s effect on the medical system, it is the centerpiece of his deliberate effort to end what historians have called the age of Reagan.

…Since Mr. Obama began his presidential campaign in 2007, he has had a complicated relationship with the Reagan legacy. He has been more willing than many other Democrats to praise President Reagan. “Reagan’s central insight — that the liberal welfare state had grown complacent and overly bureaucratic,” Mr. Obama wrote in his second book, “contained a good deal of truth.” Most notably, he praised Mr. Reagan as a president who “changed the trajectory of America.”

But Mr. Obama also argued that the Reagan administration had gone too far, and that if elected, he would try to put the country on a new trajectory. “The project of the next president,” he said in an interview during the campaign, “is figuring out how you create bottom-up economic growth, as opposed to the trickle-down economic growth.”

And, we’re all enjoying the great success of Obama’s Marxist bottom-up economic growth.

For some reason the Times forgot to mention this about the Reagan record… Reagan’s policies resulted in the largest peacetime economic boom in American history while creating nearly 35 million more jobs. Federal revenues doubled from just over $517 billion in 1980 to more than $1 trillion in 1990 after the Reagan tax cuts. President Reagan was able to bring down inflation rates from 10.4% in 1981 to 3.7% in 1987. Reagan brought the unemployment rate down from 9.7% in 1982 to 5.49% in 1988. The American economy also grew by almost one-third due to Reagan’s economic plan.

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  • Hotspur

    I believe we need to make it a mission that by 2011 the NYT will be out of business.

  • squeaky

    to be a fly on the wall at the heinz-kerry mansion or is there a special “get out free” clause for the heavy rollers who supported the
    buffoon-n-chief? at one point, i think hollywood
    was concerned they’d have to get up off their
    wallets. the silver lining in this cloud would probably be just sitting back and rating the performances of the well-heeled when they find
    out the change they believe in will be all that’s left in their wallets.

  • aprilnovember811

    ” The New York Times, praised the Marxist redistribution of wealth enforced by Obamacare.”

    I think you meant to say the “redistribution of health.”

    This is a temporary setback, and like Obama it is all a sham, and a staged event. I hope the Supreme Court humiliates him, and his ilk, the way they were humiliated by him. What goes around comes around. These people are going to learn, they don’t get the final word on this.

  • Ann


    How about this for a great bottom-up project: Let’s rebuild our manufacturing base, starting from the ground up. Let’s build small-scale steel factories in every town and neighborhood. We can dedicate ourselves to the production of steel and corner the world market! The steel we produce there can then go to manufacture other products. If we do this, we’d be like taking a great leap forward! Great idea, isn’t it!

    I wonder why no one’s thought of that before?

  • Peggy

    Wait. You mean The One has not yet figured out how to obtain “bottom-up” economic growth? He’s never taken an economics course, I wager, but his Marxist instructions since childhood.

    He’s been determined to crush Reagan. Oh, how we miss him as well.

  • Liz v

    I am soooo embarrassed that we have this paper in our house. My Husband subscribes to it. To balance things out, we also get the Wall STreet Journal. and I cancelled the NY Daily News after the election and their fawing coverage. And I TOLD THEM WHY! That was the best…

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  • bottom-up economic growth

    Also known as “Trickle-up Poverty.”

  • Andreas K.

    Big question:

    Where will the money come from?

    The “rich”. And what when you run out of rich people to tax? Because that will eventually happen.

    Universal health care does not work. I challenge everyone who says that it works to come to the UK and watch. The national debt of the UK is skyrocketting. The national debt of Germany is skyrocketting and if we believe the economist Bernd Raffelhüschen, then the German national debt is 6.2 trillion Euros, thanks to the welfare state, thanks to this socialist nonsense. The sad thing is, I doubt that his numbers are far off. Germany, the UK, and many other countries are destroying billions of Euros every year for the “welfare state”. And now there are more and more calls for “social justice” and “redistributing wealth” usually from people who outright refuse to work.

    This system WILL collapse eventually.

    How does wealth come to be?

    By working. By achieving something.

    So some people seem to think that it is fair to take what somebody earned away from that person and give it to somebody who does nothing. Robin Hood. Take from the rich, give to the poor.

    The problem is, the only thing you create with this is a lot of poor people.

    My question is: why should I pay for somebody else’s health care? Why should I pay your rent? Why should I pay your mortgate?


    Because it’s social justice?

    I work for my money, but it’s only “my” money after 5 months, because the government takes that much money from me to fund the welfare state. My neighbor is a doctor and 6 months per year she’s working solely for the finance minister so that he can finance people who outright refuse to work. Both my neighbor and I work 40+ hours per week. Yes, we do have “wealth”, but it doesn’t come from nothing. We work for it.

    How is that fair? Is that “social justice”?

    No, this is another step for the US to become like Europe. And anyone who believes that this is a good thing here’s my challenge: live in Europe, pay the taxes there, then talk.

    And ironically, even though many European countries have nationalized/universial health care… those people, who can afford it, what do they do? They get private insurance, because counting only on the nationalized insurance can get you killed these days. The German health care system has a severe lack of doctors. Austria has a severe lack of nurses. The UK with their NHS has one big problem: the NHS.

    Barrack Obama is a marxist who believes in “redistributing” wealth. But the government has absolutely no right to steal money from hard working people so that it can fund people who refuse to work.

    You want money? Health insurance? Wealth?

    Get a job.

    Obama’s next step will be an immigration “reform”, then he’s going to disarm the law abiding citizens. All of this has happened in Europe already and thanks to it Europe has the highest rate of violent crime in the world. And the ones behind it are the usual suspects: the left wing, the socialists, the communists.

    Trust me Americans, you don’t want that to happen. Every four minutes a woman is attacked in Germany. Berlin has the same murder rate as New York these days. In the UK they may have banned “evil” guns, but the number of murder cases is still rising, because, well, guns don’t kill people. Criminals with knives do. In the Netherlands I can get an AK47 for a price between 200 to 500 Euros, depending on the type. Of course illegally. No criminal would use a legal handgun. But the citizens have been disarmed. They can’t fight back. Add a total castration of the police and justice system and criminals can do whatever they want, which is exactly what’s happening in Europe.

    I also find one thing interesting: how can anyone still worship an ideology that murdered 120 million people in the 20th century? That’s what socialists and communists do.

    The creed of socialism is simple: make the rich poor, and keep the poor poor.

    Let me quote Churchill: “‘All men are created equal’ says the American Declaration of Independence. ‘All men shall be kept equal’ say the Socialists.”

    “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy.”

    “No socialist system can be established without a political police.”

    The last is where the 16,500 additional IRS agents come in.

    As I said:
    You want money? You want wealth? You want health insurance?

    Get a job.

    But you are NOT entitled to get MY money. You have NO right to take from me what I earn.

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  • JKB

    You know what happens when you end an age, people realize just what was the source of their prosperity and enjoyment. They can compare and contrast that with their current plight. And when the next Reagan comes along and repairs the damage this Jimmy Carter does, it’ll be all the more apparent.

    They, in their naivete, are going to ensconce Reagan and even George W. Bush as two of the greatest leaders of America.

  • Chisum
  • jason

    Jim, it might also be worth you adding to your post the benefits to black America of Reagan’s presidency. He did more to improve the financial state of African Americans than any other president in history. Every measure of black economic health – from employment to revenues made by black businesses – improved dramatically under Reagan. That’s why he’s admired so much by black conservatives. I don’t have the figures at hand because I’m posting from a Blackberry, but you should be able to find them easily enough if you Google them – I’ve seen a few articles on this subject.

  • kato

    The Times will have plenty of time to document the economic decline of NYC, a result of idiot liberalism.

    Bloomberg has already predicted big job losses in NYC as a result of the actions of the reckless Congress and the arrogant dope at 1600.

    Prediction: The dominant cities of the the past — NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, etc. — will eventually end up under the stewardship of the federal government, with all of America paying for them. Who is going to pay all those big public pensions in cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Cleveland, etc., where acorn parasites and abandoned buildings cover the city from end to end? Who is going to pay for all the mismanagement and criminality in the city halls of these sh*tholes?

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  • Chisum

    Can’t wait to hear the dems defend this.

    Native American Child Molesters Are People Too!


  • Finncrisp

    These folks are “Giddy like Nancy”. All I can say is why? Taking money from those who have worked the hardest and giving it to those who haven’t worked at all eventually makes non-workers out of most. Once you get to that stage, you have achieved the Soviet Union in 1988. What is praise worthy of that?

    This media is so thrilled about the destruction of America from within. Hard to fathom….

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  • bg


    “I’m committed to working with American Muslims to ensure that they can fulfill Zakat [.] it is important for Western countries to avoid impeding Muslim citizens from practicing religion as they see fit”

    all that’s fine as long as it doesn’t impose on
    my Constitutional rights, which it has & does..

    The Institution Of Zakat and its Economic Impact on Society Zakat

    [The Institution Of Zakat and its Economic Impact on Society Zakat
    is one of the most important aspects of the Islamic Economic System. Unfortunately for all of us ‘Zakat’ which is one of the Five Pillars of Islam, has been reduced to just a ritual which we perform once a year. The institution of Zakat is the cornerstone of the Islamic Economic system.
    The Quran emphasises ‘Zakat’ as a critical component of socieo economic justice. The institution works to ensure an equitable distribution of wealth and establishes a safety net for needy members of society. Both the sources and disbursement categories of Zakat are specified in Islamic doctrine. The Quran identifies eight categories of disbursement, each of which carries clear social benefit. One positive economic effect of Zakat is an increase in the money supply and a consequent increase in the demand for goods and services. Zakat also provides debt relief and enhances price stability. If accumulated in times of prosperity, Zakat funds can aid society through times of depression. Though Zakat has widely fallen out of use in modern times (except a ritual) it can have great economic impact if properly re established. Like freedom from interest, Zakat is also an integral part of Islamic economic systems since Zakat is derived from the Shari’ah]


    [The term social justice should not be mistaken for the terms socialism and socialist. The meanings of these two terms, which are similar in utterance, are quite far apart. They are even opposite to each other. The case is like that with the two statements that are supposed to be said about a person, “He is reliable in his word,” and, “He is reliable in word only”: the former means that he always tells the truth and the latter means that he does not tell the truth. Likewise, social justice means that everybody gets in return for his labor what the sweat of his brow and his wrist deserve, and he cannot be exploited by others. The blessing of earning is a reward for labor. All the sources of revenue for a country are to be used. He who works much gets much. Earning requires hard work. The Islamic economy has been built upon social justice. An extensive place has been assigned to private enterprise so that everybody can do the work he likes. No one has the right to interfere with the earnings from the sweat of another’s brow. Islam recognizes the right to own property and to dispose of it. Nobody lays hands on or snatches away another’s property. It even commands us to protect another’s property. The abuse of this justice, the exploitation of the rights and earnings of those who work by a lazy, cunning group is possible through either one of two ways: socialism or capitalism.]

    (i had posted an excellent article defining the connection between Sharia Law (Political Islam), Marxism (by any other name) & redistribution of wealth a while back, but alas so far i cannot relocate it, will post it if &/
    or when i do)


  • bg


    “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!” ~ MuBarack Hussein Obama

    wait until Sharia is incorporated into the “social justice”
    system.. Obama fully intends to wed church/mosque &

    [From a political stance that is leftist, you must legislate to create a just society, and various programs need to exist in order to collect monies needed to even the playing field between rich, middle class, poor and those people who are routinely marginalized by society. Equal rights can be defined as equal access to things that make it possible for people in any societal sector to be successful. Therefore, leftist philosophy would support things like anti-discrimination laws and equal opportunity programs, and would favor taxation, especially of those who make a lot of money, to pay for programs that help provide equality for all.

    The far left would argue that there are certain basic needs that must be offered to all. These include things like truly equal education and safety in all schools and programs that would help all children have the financial opportunity to attend college. Far left groups, often termed socialist even if they differ from true definitions of socialism, further argue that a just society cannot be had unless everyone has access to food, safe shelter and medical care. The way to achieve this is through taxation and government implementation of programs that will guarantee these things for all people.

    The right political stance equally endorses a just society, but may criticize those who make poor choices and feel that while equal opportunity should exist, a government should not legislate for this. In fact it is argued that social justice is diminished when governments create programs to deal with it, especially when these programs call for greater taxation. Instead, those who have more money should be encouraged to be philanthropic, not by paying higher taxes, which is arguably unjust.

    From a religious perspective, you’ll find people all over the political spectrum who argue for social justice. Many Christian groups believe that you bring about justice through Christlike actions of mercy, especially those that help people who have been marginalized by society. Islamic perspective on social justice is similar; one of the Five Pillars of Islam is that all must give to the poor. However, certain sects of Islam promote views of women and men as different; women are not equal to and are subservient to men.]

    “I am confident that we can create a Kingdom right here on Earth.”

    ‘We are God’s partners in matters of life and death’

    ‘my individual salvation is not gonna come about
    without a collective salvation for the country’ …

    Father Obama, Mother Gaia

    “Covenant for a New America”

    [At a press conference on December 1… the possible Presidential contender said, ‘…the network that Saddleback has helped to create has as much reach as any institutional force in our culture and has probably a wider reach around the world than just about anything that’s going on right now…. I hope one of the things that comes out of this conference that Pastor Rick has emphasized again and again, is no single branch of our society is going do this alone. If government thinks they can do it by themselves they’re wrong. Churches have to recognize that they’ve got to be partners with the government. Business has an enormous role….

    “…you know the separation of church and state as a concept of the first amendment the biggest practitioners and the people who advocated most fiercely for it were actually evangelicals.’…]

    UCC member Sen. Barack Obama
    discusses faith and politics

    [Later — during his interview with United Church News — Obama continued his thoughts about religion and politics; specifically, the role of religious principles in reaching a balance between national security and social justice concerns.

    “I believe that democracy demands that the religiously motivated translate their concerns into universal values,” Obama said. “Social justice and national security are both universal values, values that may originate for some in their religious beliefs, but are shared by us all.”]

    ”I am certain nothing has done so much to destroy the juridical safeguards of individual freedom as the striving after the mirage
    of social justice.”

    “I have come to feel strongly that the greatest service I can still render to my fellow men would be that I could make the speakers and writers among them thoroughly ashamed ever again to employ the term ’social justice’.”

    ~Friedrich A. von Hayek

    [standard disclaimer: source Wikipedia]


  • bg


    re: bg #23

    Marxism Makes Way for Islam

    [Hussein is no closet communist, however. Like a surprising number of others across the Arab and Muslim world, he is a one-time Marxist and nonbeliever who has turned to Islam, part of a new intellectual generation reshaping the religion.

    “I benefited from Marx in both theory and practice,” Hussein said in an interview at his Cairo apartment, which is remarkable for its lack of Koranic inscriptions so popular with other activist Muslims. “But now, Islam is my starting point and my framework.”

    Unlike their predecessors, who spent years immersed in the intricacies of Islamic law, these thinkers are often more adept at post-modernism than the sayings of the prophet Mohammed. They speak English and French, are versed in the literature and history of the West, and follow the latest trends in Western thought.

    In a jarring twist, they are the same thinkers who a generation ago drew the ire of religious Muslims because their Marxist disavowal of God was seen as the biggest threat to Islam.

    Today, they are often the public face of Islam — writing in leading Arabic newspapers, speaking at conferences and on television talk shows, enjoying the support of many younger, more political Muslims interested in their attempts to rethink Islam’s relationship to democracy, minorities and the West.

    They bring an overtly activist stance to Islam unlike traditional scholars who tend to be more concerned with questions of religious law, for example, or what is permissible under Islam.

    “They discuss contemporary issues — what capitalism does, what consumerism does, what modern society does to women,” said Binnaz Toprak, a professor at Bosporus University in Istanbul, Turkey. “They’re not constantly referring back to Islamic history and the Koran.”

    These thinkers say their change merely reflects reality.]

    How Marx turned Muslim

    [Today, we are watching a rerun of that uncomprehending struggle. Of course, much has changed. Unlike communism, political Islam does not purport to be secular. For that reason alone, it is a puzzle for the many who still hold to the atavistic 19th-century faith that secularisation is the wave of the future. But the view that something called “the West” is under attack from an alien enemy is as mistaken now as it was in the Cold War.

    Islamic fundamentalism is not an indigenous growth. It is an exotic hybrid, bred from the encounter of sections of the Islamic intelligentsia with radical western ideologies. In A Fury for God, Malise Ruthven shows that Sayyid Qutb, an Egyptian executed after imprisonment in 1966 and arguably the most influential ideologue of radical Islam, incorporated many elements derived from European ideology into his thinking. For example, the idea of a revolutionary vanguard of militant believers does not have an Islamic pedigree. It is “a concept imported from Europe, through a lineage that stretches back to the Jacobins, through the Bolsheviks and latter-day Marxist guerrillas such as the Baader-Meinhof gang”.

    In a brilliantly illuminating and arrestingly readable analysis, Ruthven demonstrates the close affinities between radical Islamist thought and the vanguard of modernist and postmodern thinking in the West. The inspiration for Qutb’s thought is not so much the Koran, but the current of western philosophy embodied in thinkers such as Nietzsche, Kierkegaard and Heidegger. Qutb’s thought — the blueprint for all subsequent radical Islamist political theology — is as much a response to 20th-century Europe’s experience of “the death of God” as to anything in the Islamic tradition. Qutbism is in no way traditional. Like all fundamentalist ideology, it is unmistakeably modern.

    Political Islam emerged partly from an encounter with western thought, but also from revulsion against the regimes founded in Egypt and elsewhere in the aftermath of European colonialism. In Jihad, Gilles Keppel argues al-Qa’ida turned to global terrorism because, like fundamentalist groups in other countries, it has failed to achieve its revolutionary goals on home territory. In a magisterial study of the rise and decline of political Islam, Keppel maintains that Islamist movements have never gained sufficient support to produce a sustainable alternative to democracy. He argues compellingly that the failed Khomeinist revolution in Iran gained much early support from western-educated Marxists “projecting the messianic expectations of communists and Third World Peoples on to revolutionary Shiism”.]

    more @ links..


  • bg


    re: Reagan, Et tu Barack..

    “The project of the next president”


  • Alana

    “is figuring out how you create bottom-up economic growth, as opposed to the trickle-down economic growth.”

    Good luck with that one, Obama. It’s even a contradiction in terms.

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  • Sojourner

    …Meet Jim Wallis BHO’s New Spiritual Advisor on… Wealth Redistribution:


    (Wallis’ Sojourner (sigh…I like that name) has noooo place in my world..)


  • bg


    Sojourner @ 3:03 pm #29

    dear God they are so bass ackwards..

    not to mention Christian Charities are about the only source of relief for those suffering in countries like the Sudan, the UN promotes genocide,
    as does Obama..

    on a much happier note: (just a sample)

    Why Africa Loves Bush

    [Outgoing US President George W. Bush has surprised critics with his approval ratings in Africa. According to the Pew Foundation, Bush has an 80% popularity level in many sub-Saharan countries, even in ones with large Muslim populations. A popular name for newborns in Darfur is George Bush.

    The Bush Administration has played a critical role in helping many African nations; ending a 20-year civil war in Sudan, raising the alarm about atrocities and organizing multi-lateral humanitarian efforts in Darfur, as well as acting in an important role as mediator in Burundi, Liberia, Northern Uganda, Sierra Leone, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo after civil wars devastated these countries.

    The Bush administration quadrupled financial aid to Africa from $1.3 billion in 2001 to more than $5 billion in 2008. This is scheduled to go to $8.7 billion in 2010, principally for education (primary school enrollment in Africa is up 36 percent since 1999), healthcare, building civil society, and protecting fragile environments.]

    They proclaimed George W. Bush Day in Benin, thronged streets by the tens of thousands in Tanzania and christened the George Bush Motorway in Ghana. As he wrapped up his Africa trip in Liberia on Thursday, they sang about him on the radio, crooning his name and warbling, “Thank you for the peace process.”

    The Real Bush Legacy May Be in Africa

    [As I have stated here before, the Bush administration has done much to celebrate in Africa, and has set a bold path for scaling up interventions in health and development that can improve the lives of hundreds of millions. And while last week’s PEPFAR announcement was indeed exciting, perhaps the president’s most overlooked recent accomplishment was his plan to bring Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), which afflict one billion people, under control.]

    on a not so happy note: (just a sample)

    Before World AIDS Day, Obama Administration
    Scores D+ from Global AIDS Groups

    [““Despite repeated public commitments to expand funding for successful global AIDS programs, the first budget request to Congress prepared by President Obama, for FY2010, would for the first time essentially flat-fund U.S. global AIDS investments—it will not even keep pace with global medical inflation, estimated at 4-10% this year,” the report found.]

    Action Needed on PEPFAR: Update from Uganda

    [Thousands of lives are at risk. At a minimum, Congress and the Administration must fully fund PEPFAR at the authorized level of $48 billion through FY’13. Yet, President Obama’s global health initiative calls for just $63 billion over six years for all global health programs, including HIV. The proposed funding levels for global health programming are far below what is needed and the minimal requested increases for PEPFAR are a major setback for the millions of people living with HIV throughout the world. We can’t back down now. Our partners across the globe like Dr. Mugyenyi have devoted their careers and their lives to stopping the spread of HIV and they are counting on our continued leadership and support.]

    does the following question really need to be asked??

    Obama vs. Bush: Who Helped Africa More?

    [That’s why I’ll double our foreign assistance to $50 billion by 2012, and use it to support a stable future in failing states, and sustainable growth in Africa; to halve global poverty and to roll back disease. To send once more a message to those yearning faces beyond our shores that says, “You matter to us. Your future is our future. And our moment is now.”


    He finds that under President George W. Bush U.S. assistance to Africa has sharply increased, reaching $4.2 billion in 2005, nearly four times the level of 2000, and more than twice the level of any previous administration.


    Obama’s cutbacks mean less money for AIDS treatment and testing. Those who know they are HIV positive might refrain from spreading the disease (at least in larger numbers than if they didn’t know they were positive).

    Out of the $6.6 billion that Obama has cut back on AIDS spending in Africa, $3.5 billion could be restored if taken from the “stimulus” package as, according to USA Today money is being wasted:]


  • Sojourner

    bg.. it’s gonna be a good day one of these days again.. hang on, huh?

  • Marsh

    Some people are at the bottom of society for a reason. They simply won’t work or live a single day of their life responsibly. They don’t go to school. They don’t do their homework. They don’t study. They don’t pay attention in class. They do drugs. They screw anything that moves. And they rely on government handouts to feed, cloth and house them. The only thing that will snap these lazy idiots back to reality is a complete cutoff from governmnet handouts.

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