It Figures… Obama's Rally Prop 'Natoma Canfield' Qualifies For Financial Aid; Is Patient At Top US Cancer Center; Won't Lose Home

Obama’s Health Care Rally Prop Is In Hospital… Getting Care… Despite No Insurance.

Natoma Canfield is 50 years old. She was diagnosed with cancer 16 years ago. She quit her job or was laid off 12 years ago. She has reportedly held odd jobs cleaning homes the last few years. Natoma was paying $5,000 a year for her insurance but dropped it after it went up to $8,000. She wrote president Obama in December to tell him about it. She was worried she might lose her home that her parents built. Some people might say she’s lucky to still have a home after losing her job 12 years ago. Others say she’s lucky that today’s regulations weren’t around when she was diagnosed with cancer at 34. The current government officials don’t believe breast exams are necessary until much later in life.

Barack Obama flew to Ohio today and told the audience:
“I’m here because of Natoma.”

He should have stayed home.

Natoma Canfield is being cared for at one of the top cancer centers in America. She will qualify for financial aid and won’t lose her home.
FOX News reported:

Natoma Canfield, the cancer-stricken woman who has become a centerpiece of President Obama’s push for health care reform, will not lose her home over her medical bills and will probably qualify for financial aid, a top official at the Cleveland medical center treating her told

Though Canfield’s sister Connie Anderson said her sibling is afraid she’ll lose her house and Obama warned at an Ohio rally Monday that the patient is “racked with worry” about the cost of tests and treatment, she is already being screened for financial help.

Lyman Sornberger, executive director of patient financial services at the Cleveland Clinic, said “all indications” at the outset are that she will be considered for assistance.

“She may be eligible for state Medicaid … and/or she will be eligible for charity (care) of some form or type. … In my personal opinion, she will be eligible for something,” he said, adding that Canfield should not be worried about losing her home.

“Cleveland Clinic will not put a lien on her home,” he said.

FAIL. Obama’s Health Care Rally Prop Is In Hospital… Getting Care… Despite No Insurance

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  • myna

    OMG. Another astroturfer? There is no more genuine people supporting Obama. The genuine people are out the street to protest the healthcare tomorrow.

  • Finncrisp

    Classic example of why exceptions make bad law and generalizatons make for good theatre, but little truth.

    Transparent lies about in Obamacare – say no , and say it loud!

  • Jules Hamil

    Obama is a treacherous leach. His gangland background proves to concerned Americans he’s not interested in anything but getting his way, all the way. Everyday I despise this man more and more. God, help America.

  • Don’t be surprised. President Obama will lie about anything to get this done and get it done he will… we’re screwed for the next 2 + years…

  • USMC Thomas

    I guess in the madrassa in Indonesia didn’t teach SOBama the parable about the little boy who cried wolf.

  • BHG

    Where are the thousands of people that attended his campaign rallys? If the bill is this important and so many people want it you’d think they’d be out there demonstrating on its behalf.

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  • sybilll

    You all did not believe Obama when he said your bosses will save 3000% on healthcare, and you all will get a raise?
    Yeah, me either.

  • retire05

    “I live in the house my mother and father built in 1958, and I am so afraid of the possibility I might lose this family heirloom as a result of being forced todrop my health care insurance.”

    a) not sure why not being able to pay for health insurance would cause her to lose her home. Seems her financial problems are more than just being able to afford health insurance

    b) she said the house was built in 1958 and it still isn’t paid for? Whoa, 52 years later there is still a debt on the home? Shades of Henrietta Hughes, who told Obama she was living in her car (with her son) only for us to learn she still owned two pieces of property and the taxes had been fully paid on them.

    Perhaps her problem is with the property taxation imposed on her by the city

    This is just a Henrietta Hughes redeux.

  • nadadhimmi

    Obama has based his whole schtick on lies and song and dance. All but the stupidest have caught on to his crap. The rest of Obama’s support is from the professional welfare class, the lazy bastards that live on my hard earned money.

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  • brooklyn

    Such enormous lies from the Democrats. All to swindle the USA. It is simply pathetic, but expected watching the unethical Democrats for so very long now.

    And those who said, “lay down” for Nancy Pelosi after 2004? Those who willingly gave the Democrats this power due to such childish frustrations and emotive reactionary conceptions?

    We all are responsible for this mess, but one can only hope now, some are not going to foolishly promote the ‘two parties are the same’ nonsense anymore.

    We all deserve better, and hope we can return to sanity after the elections in 2010 – perhaps the damage won’t be too disastrous, but it looks deeply concerning.

  • Duke

    Diagnosed 16 years ago? Saving her house 12 years after she lost her job is the tear jerker? The White House political operation is wholly incompetent if this is the best they can do on Obama’s #1 priority issue. Hard to imagine how they ran his campaign so well.

  • pst314

    Obama has reinvented the Potemkin village. It used to be that Communists would create fake prosperous villages to deceive gullible Westerners into thinking Communism was a success. Now we have Comrade creating fake suffering in order to persuade gullible liberals that free markets are a failure.

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  • It appears the POTUS has been forgetting to take his twice daily regimen of memory enhancement (Nootropics).

    For years.

  • F

    Hey, you jaded commenters — the real sad thing is that Natoma has to use her dead sister’s teeth. Er, her sister’s dead teeth. Oh never mind, just pass the damn bill so we can learn what’s in it! That’s the democratic way, and Natoma will get her own teeth, her own house, and a GM car to boot. F

  • Jo

    Someone get out the disinfectant for Ohio.

  • hoipolloi

    Gotta say… I wouldn’t call her an astroturfer. She didn’t have coverage cause it was expensive and she didn’t have a job. Still, it doesn’t really illustrate the point that people in this position can’t get treatment. I’ve been through this in my own family and the anxiety if very high. But in the end it does work out better than one expects. That’s one reason why, when I look at this reform bill, I can’t see where it is better that less than ideal, ad hoc system we already have. We could do better, but this aint it.

  • Sojourner

    …I can’t even stand to look at this tin-pot poser’s face any longer.. he disgusts me.

  • AnnS

    National Protest on obamacare tomorrow:

    Did you all hear the state of OHio kicked ACORN out?

  • Valerie

    And this stupid SOB has no better sense than to fail to require a background check on this story???

  • pm

    “I’m here because of Natoma,” says Barry, lying through his teeth.

    Here’s the truth: “Natoma’s here because of America’s best-in-the-world health care system.”

    But Barry’s incapable of telling the truth.

    His plan, if it had been in effect, would have had her six feet under a decade or more ago.

  • Ladue Pundit

    She didn’t have coverage cause it was expensive and she didn’t have a job.
    This describes thousands of people in this country. They are covered by Medicaid. I know. I’ve been filing tax returns gratis for Catholic Charities.

    They don’t work, but they have cell phones and they smoke. They get free health care.

    We need to discern between coverage and care here: Natoma has NO insurance, but Natoma is being treated.

    Why we’d never want someone like Natoma to lose her home paying for HER own healthcare needs. But I guarantee that people will start losing their homes when the taxes hit citizens in this economy to pay for “everyone’s” health care.

  • Chisum
  • Audacity

    Pinocchio lies again.

  • Alex

    I wish Obama had chosen making U.S. energy independent over healthcare – it would have created new industry, made us safer (19 of the hijackers were Saudi), been good for the environment and reestablished U.S. as leaders in all things tech. That said
    I was orginally against the healthcare plan because it didn’t have any republican buy in and it was mandatory. However, I work two jobs both that require more then 40 hours a week but both are classified at 38 hours so there is no healthcare and three months ago I fractured my wrist while lifting weights. I have since then been saving up to go see a physician (private pay) until my car had transmission problems. Savings have to go to the car repair obviously so work can continue. So imagine working and typing for your last three months in pain. That, in addition, to some sort of subdermal growths along my rib cage. What are they? Then my dad’s dogs were fighting over a pan of pork chop grease and I got five puncture wounds encircling my thumb from breaking it up – now its hard to type with both hands. For twenty five years I have been healthy and much like your dancing self I expect, needed no care from the system. America is about working hard – to do that however, we need our health, however, the more we push and the older we get, the less we heal completely. Although I work harder then most, and am college educated, part of the reason I can’t afford care is:
    1. As a bookkeeper in W.V. I paid a doctor $100 to xerox two pages of a clients’ records, billed to insurance.
    2. My friends fraternity brother in FL. runs a bicycle exercise equipment shop in the basement of the hospital. They mark up the price of Schwinn Airdyne’s 300%. When I asked why (my dad bought the same model bike a year earlier) he shrugged – “insurance pays”.
    3. Blue Cross can afford to spend $27 million on executive retreat packages.
    I’m also irked that domestic violence is considered a pre-existing condition in 8 states. That doesn’t seem right. In all, I think reform is necessary.
    I truly wanted republicans to bring a plan to the table so that the best of both worlds could be represented. Senator Kyle did great making the points he did at the summit. If any senator from either party gave up their government sponsored healthcare plan, I would truly be impressed.
    Anyway, thanks for reading this if you made it this far. May you stay healthy or as the line goes from Princess Bride “If you haven’t got your health, you haven’t got anything.”

    – Alex

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  • Lets sum up!

    House 52 years old and she still owes on it, thats a lie.

    She has had cancer for 16 years and is still alive, must be getting care somewhere. Unemployed no insurance and yet is being treated in a HOSPITAL, seems our system is working for her.

    Conclusion= Obama is a damnable liar, and everyone knows it including him. We need him out now if not sooner, before he breaks this country and starts a Mid- East war with his stupidity. Out I say OUT.

  • Pat the First

    An amazingly good article out of Newsweek regarding healthcare and B.O.

  • Thank you so much for exposing this, I just wrote about this woman last night. This just takes the cake!

    I linked you at Natoma Canfield, ObamaCare Prop: Receiving Proper Care at Cleveland Clinic, Will Not Lose Home

  • Why is it always, “Hey, she’s already being covered, anyway”?

    What if she wasn’t?

    What if socialism wasn’t in place?

    Then you would actually admit that people don’t deserve a free-ride instead of saying they already get a free-ride. The real issue isn’t whether free-riders are covered; the issue is that socialism, like the provisions covering her, are causing a $50 trillion deficit.

  • KR

    People in the US who do not have coverage still get care.

    Yet the gov. wants to force us to buy coverage, though there will be no guarantee of care.

  • Kurt Montandon

    She won’t lose her home because of medical bills?

    Oh, she’s truly living a life of luxury. What the hell is she bitching about?

  • Kurt Montandon

    The emotional nuggets — the ones designed to tug on the heartstrings of those watching — dealt with the story of Natoma Canfield, a 50-year-old cancer survivor from nearby Medina who had written the White House in late December about her inability to afford insurance.

    Canfield, whose premiums were set to rise 40 percent in 2010 after a 25 percent increase in 2009, has already been held up by the president as an exemplar of the need for insurance market reform. The president read her letter to a gathering of private insurance executives weeks back and referenced it again during the bipartisan summit with lawmakers soon thereafter.

    On Monday, her story was to be elevated even further. White House officials had reached out to Canfield last week and asked her to introduce Obama to the stage. But days after the White House made the offer for the introductory slot, Canfield collapsed. Taken to an emergency room for tests, she was diagnosed with leukemia. Unable to be Obama’s opening act (her sister Connie Anderson took the spot), Canfield remained at the epicenter of the speech and the broader debate itself.

    “The reason Natoma is not here today is that she’s lying in a hospital bed, suddenly faced with this emergency – suddenly thrust into a fight for her life. She expects to face a month or more of aggressive chemotherapy. And she is racked with worry not only about her illness but about the cost of the tests and treatments she will surely need to beat it,” Obama declared, according to the prepared remarks. “I’m here because of Natoma.”

    Natoma sounds like a whiner who needs to BOOTSTRAP her way to Freedomhealthcareocracy! Perhaps some friendly Teabaggers can help magically heal her leukemia, and pay for the previously incurred bills – which can’t be more than what, fifty, sixty bucks?

  • Edouard

    Good grief, she’s a patient at the Cleveland Clinic!

    Not just any hospital but one of the best in the United States, or even the world for that matter!

    And she’ll keep her home and qualifies for financial aid!

    Remind me again of what exactly it is that Obama needs to fix?

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  • If you care so deeply that she gets health care, Kurt, you pay for it.

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  • I hate to sound like a heartless Conservative but I couldn’t blame them if they threw her out on her ear!

    I am also sick of the press NOT DOING THEIR JOB!

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  • bandit

    She has all the prerequisites of being an Obama supporter – she thinks someone else should pay all her bills.

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  • Indy Voter

    There’s a database of “props” on standby for any event. I cannot stand these “town halls” it’s the same with all politicians regardless of party, it’s all staged and the media plays it up like sheeple… scroll down and you will see a screen shot of “props”…also there is good info on ACORN in this post

  • This is a perfect example of why I despise legislation by anecdote. That she’s “worried she might lose her home” and is “racked with worry” tells us about her, not about any specific problems with the health care system. I can find you peopel who are just as sincerely worried about alien abduction or mind control satellites, but I doubt their concerns would convince many to enact sweeping reforms of SETI or the CIA.

  • LibertyJim

    I lost my mother to an incurable type of cancer nearly 29 years ago. The cancer was an inoperable and irreversible type of cancer known as “leather bottle” stomach cancer. What Obamacare is about is trying to change the way we pay for existing medical conditions and treatment by changing the way we pay for medical health insurance and by laying the groundwork for a future single payer system (that’s the opinion of Sen. Bernie Sanders, Socialist of Vermont, expressed this morning on MSNBC). In other words, it’s all about the treatment and then the payment thereof. What people need to look at is the medical system has three functions: diagnosis (what’s wrong with the patient), cure (is there anything that will heal this disease or illness) and treatment (instituting the cure). Obama and the Dems want to focus on the treatment stage, and to heck with better diagnosis and diagnostic procedures, and to heck with significantly increased funding for fundamental medical research that leads to new cures for incurable conditions (cancers, Alzheimers, MS, arthritis, etc.). While I’m not familiar with Natoma’s actual diagnosis, it seems clear that for many prior years her doctors have had something in their arsenal to treat her and keep her alive for 16 years. It also seems clear that whatever will kill her, it isn’t likely to be merely a lack of funds, but a lack of a cure.
    The Dems say they are doing this for Teddy Kennedy, but Teddy didn’t die for lack of good heqalth insurance, but for lack of a cure. Put the Feds (our) money there, and leave the payment system alone for now.

  • AuntieMadder

    March 15th, 2010 | 10:22 pm | #28

    Alex, socialized health care isn’t the answer and it isn’t what you need now. Take your broken bones to an emergency room. They’ll treat you. They’ll bill you. You won’t be able to pay it, at least not all at once and not paid off any time soon. It’ll hurt your credit but, on the bright side, there are no debtors’ prisons in the US…except for federal pens for tax evaders, that is.

  • AuntieMadder

    March 15th, 2010 | 8:11 pm | #6
    Where are the thousands of people that attended his campaign rallys? If the bill is this important and so many people want it you’d think they’d be out there demonstrating on its behalf.

    There are 30 of them left and they were at the Coffee Party get-together Saturday. I read about it at American Thinker.

  • Not surprised that he lied. I’m very not surprised that it turns out that the only thing from which he’ll be able to save Natoma is her own worries (which are “wracking” her).

    That’s really the ideology behind the government taking control of any industry: free us from responsibility and the necessity of thinking. Free us from freedom. If we have no choices, we won’t feel guilty about the choices we’ve made, and better yet, no one else will be able to look down their noses at us.

    (I wonder that we haven’t outlawed sesquipedalian words, since some people choose to feel inferior when they are used.)

    (I hope the prez. changes his ways and becomes a good man and leader.)

  • Another little pansy conservative showing your utterly disrespect for the American people. You jackasses are nothing but a bunch of Tories…

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  • Jim

    How it is that the hospital was able to provide ANY information on this woman without violating HIPAA?

    Is there a source for the quote you attribute to Lyman Sornberger? I found a Cleveland Plain Dealer story but, the quotes you have aren’t in it.

    Also just because the Cleveland Clinic wouldn’t take her home, that doesn’t mean that other creditors wouldn’t when she falls behind to them while trying to keep up with her medical bills.

  • Let’s be honest people, if the president of the United States wasn’t making Natoma Canfield a big deal, the Cleveland Clinic would most definitely be liening her property if they didn’t get paid. I live in Medina and have been treated at the Clinic numerous times for much less serious diseases. My insurance company once refused to pay $22 of a $1500 bill from them because the charges were ludicrous. They harassed me forever. So, don’t think for one second that they wouldn’t have done the same to this woman.

    Having said that, everyone still just doesn’t get it. This woman will likely receive Medicaid assistance and/or charity care. And, who do you think pays for that? YOU DO. What don’t people get about that? So, insurance companies collect, don’t pay anything out, and then states end up picking up the bill. How can people be so blind? WAKE UP. Our health care is ranked 37th in the world, not 1st like so many are lied to about. Remember when we were told WMDs existed? Yeah, right. The healthcare in this country is pathetic and is frankly an embarrassment. We are the richest country with the worst healthcare. You just can’t argue facts, although many conservatives will try…and that is by definition, insanity.

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