Chicago Law Prof on Obama: The Professors Hated Him because he was Lazy, Unqualified & Never Attended any of the Faculty Meetings

The highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law spoke out on Barack Obama saying, “Professors hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings.”
Doug Ross reported this and more:

I spent some time with the highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law a few months back, and he did not have many nice things to say about “Barry.” Obama applied for a position as an adjunct and wasn’t even considered. A few weeks later the law school got a phone call from the Board of Trustees telling them to find him an office, put him on the payroll, and give him a class to teach. The Board told him he didn’t have to be a member of the faculty, but they needed to give him a temporary position. He was never a professor and was hardly an adjunct.

The other professors hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings, and it was clear that the position was nothing more than a political stepping stool. According to my professor friend, he had the lowest intellectual capacity in the building. He also doubted whether he was legitimately an editor on the Harvard Law Review, because if he was, he would be the first and only editor of an Ivy League law review to never be published while in school (publication is or was a requirement).

This photo of Barack Obama teaching in Chicago was posted in February 2008 at PrestoPundit. In this class Barack Obama was teaching his students the principles of Saul Alinsky. Notice the flow chart indicating the flow of money and power out of productive businesses (“CORP”) and into the political class (“MAYOR”):
obama alinsky
The heading at the top reads “POWER ANALYSIS”. The sub-heading reads “RELATIONSHIPS BUILD ON SELF INTEREST”. The symbol on the arrow between “CORP” and “MAYOR” is the “$” sign.

Saul Alinsky came up with the idea of power analysis, which looks at relationships built on self-interest between corporations, banks and utilities. Barack Obama was teaching students in Chicago the Alinsky Principles.

Of course, this is not a surprise. After watching the bribes, kickbacks, lies and threats this past year as Democrats fought to take over the health care industry, it’s obvious that the only subject Obama excels at is Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals.

More… Isn’t it a bit odd that the only photo we’ve seen of Obama teaching, he’s explaining the Alinsky principles?

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  • Well now we know that
    1) He was not the editor of the Harvard Law Review.
    2) He is lazy and has no intellect. HHmmmm Where have we heard that before?

  • shibumi

    Can’t Obama just use the US Presidency as a stepping stone to another job, like Secretary General of the UN? Or King of Europe?I don’t really care, just as long as we don’t have to deal with him any more

  • Militant Conservative

    Gee, I did not need a professor to tell me what is in plain sight. Only difference between Obama and a bag of crap is the bag.

  • myohmy

    It sounds like a good description of Obama. All he does is read on his teleprompter.

  • alaskan

    I wonder who the ‘Board of Trustee’ was that called the Law School? and why?

  • DocScience

    Actually Obama WAS an editor for the Harvard Review.

    He just isn’t remembered for actually DOING ANYTHING other than being an editor of color.

    Which, in liberal circles, was really all that was required.

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  • JaneLovesJesus

    And compound the laziness, unqualification, & arrogance with all the lies, fabrications, and obfiscation.

    But where was Professor SmartyPants-we-never-liked-Barry in 2008 when this could have been stopped? Huh????

    Big help now.

    slight typo: It’s “Built” not “Build”

  • TruthSeeker

    I bet MSM will get right on this story. Why do we have to put up with this? Can we please have a minimum IQ level or something to qualify to vote? I believe my kids know more than the average voter.

  • Glockfixer

    Ok, so where were these guys during the election? Why didn’t they come forward to let everyone know about the deficeincies of the annointed one?

    If this were to have come out during the election, we may not have Barry in the White House right now!!!!

    People like this really tick me off! They could have spared us this type of misery!

  • down with dems

    Why hasn’t this come out sooner? The time to say this kind of thing is BEFORE THE ELECTION, just like the time for corporations to declare the losses they’d incur due to Obamacare passing was BEFORE THE VOTE.

  • Anneke9

    Earlier in March, Mark Levin interviewed John Lott, a professor at UIC when Obama was there. He confirmed all of these sentiments. Audio is posted at

  • Dell

    Of course, this man is about to receive a “visit” from the goons at SEIU. Expect a total retraction tomorrow from a man in a body cast.

  • Dems blame ‘vast CEO conspiracy’ for reporting expected huge losses due to Obamacare

  • Charlie

    …”never attended any of the faculty meetings”…

    I bet he still somehow found the time to vote present there too.

  • pm

    “…lazy, unqualified and never attended meetings…”

    Sounds like our Barry.

    (I recall, before the election, reading fellow Law Review students complain that all he’d do was show up every now and then, shoot the breeze and then take off. They did all the work.)

  • bg



    google Dr. Khalid al-Mansour aka: Don/ald Warden,
    he has known Obama since he was a teen in Hawaii..


  • pat

    So now we hear the truth? What the hell?

  • mike191

    Glockfixer has a valid point.However, Iam inclined no one from the “fourth estate” bothered to interview these profs and/or the students who worked with Obama on the Harvard Educational Review.Moreover, by omission Obama would be saved the microscope of his abilities and industry to teaching and editorial obligations.

    Voting present so many times as a junior senator and not prepared for his duties was clearly his forte.

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  • azgal602

    So what is new? We have the same thing now, just a continual campaign……..for all those intellectuals that voted for him, how is that working for you? I think you all should apologize to your children and their furture children……it was all about you, never the future generation. For the first time in my 63 years, I am having trouble being “proud” of my country, and before you all get in a snit and call me racist, I am a very smart black woman, and I voted for McCain, or actually Palin.

  • Bob White

    Yeah this doesn’t seem very credible. Doug Ross really spoke to “highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law” then why not just use the persons name? Seems like it would be easy enough to figure out who that is. Also have you done any follow up to call the school, find out who this person is and ask them directly if they actually said these things? It’s not as if you or Doug don’t have a motive for discrediting the President, and it contradicts everything everyone who knew him and spoken about him liberal or conservative has said about him on the record. He’s obviously an exceptionally smart guy, it seems that because of your political beef with him you can’t even give him that. Seems very childish to me. Why not just stick to the merits of your argument on the issues?

  • bg


    something (aside from his 04 do-over) Obama supposedly wrote..

    Breaking The War Mentality by Barack Obama March 10, 1983


  • AuntieMadder

    Militant Conservative
    March 31st, 2010 | 7:24 pm | #3
    Only difference between Obama and a bag of crap is the bag.


  • Tim H

    goes along with the guy that can’t remember him going to Columbia U. He was in the same class and going for the same degree, said he knew and remembered everyone else in that area but Obamanation.

  • AuntieMadder

    Bob White
    March 31st, 2010 | 8:12 pm | #22
    He’s obviously an exceptionally smart guy…

    Oh, yeah. I knew how exceptionally smart he is when I heard say that he’d visited all but one of the 57 states on the 2008 campaign trail.

  • Rob White,

    While your point about confirmation is a good one, where is the evidence that he he is an exceptionally smart guy?

    His comments, actions and decisions seem to contradict that statement.

  • wanumba

    Well, the real story of Obama is who are the people who have the swing to get him placed wherever he needs to be placed? Obviously more than one.
    Was it Ayers who said Obama was perfect because he was so presentable? He’s the personable face of a bunch of nasty radicals.

  • USMC Thomas

    I’m starting to feel like I live in Venezuela.

  • bg


    this is factual

    [The University of Chicago released a statement on Thursday saying Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) “served as a professor” in the law school—but that is a title Obama, who taught courses there part-time, never held, a spokesman for the school confirmed on Friday.

    “He did not hold the title of professor of law,” said Marsha Ferziger Nagorsky, an Assistant Dean for Communications and Lecturer in
    Law at the school, on East 60th St. in Chicago]


  • Joan in Alaska

    No wonder he couldn’t pronounce “corpse men” he, he.

  • Chisum

    Mark Levin: your health care bill is a fraud, Mr. President, and you lied

  • hiway280z

    Columbia university is being sued for selling diploma’s. He could have paid a big sum of money from his backers and bought one.

  • olm

    Whoa hoa, wait a minute. We know all that.
    What we don’t know and what’s important is who made the call?

  • jomojava

    Sounds like the highest tenured profesor is bitterly clinging to something.

    As for the MSM showing any interest in this story, don’t hold your breath.

    They loved to paint President Bush as “lacking intellectual curiousity”. But they (MSM) have shown absolutely no intellectual curiousity about TheOne – none, whatsoever.

  • Skinner





  • I’m glad you posted this. I’ve said for a long time Obama was hand picked for the job loooong before we knew him.

    Ask yourself how did a skinny kid with a questionable upbringing, little intellectual interest, get to college, a university, slip through the school and then end up in Chicago?

    Kansas, Hawaii, Harvard then boom Chicago? Why there?

    One lesson I learned from working the streets for years was that nothing in life happens by accident. Especially in politics.

    I guarantee somewhere in the process the somebody was asked to look after “Barry” because of the kid’s friendship and raw talent.

  • Carol Herman

    Okay, what’s in the last box in the diagram. It looks like “De G&P” … Yes. The 4th Box. Is this where the $ starts to roll? Before it gets to the banks?

    Oh, and, yes. He arrives in Chicago, and they all call him BARRY. (I thought his name was Bar-Ark.) “Bark” for short.

    And, I’m sure the “trustee” was at least gay enough to be considered a “fairy.” As in the guy who sprinkled the Fairie Dust.

  • gus

    This story has the stench of BILL AYERS all over it.
    Anyone else smell it???

  • KansasGirl

    This despicable thug is our President. It makes me sick to my stomach.

  • This doesn’t sound right. We heard very often how Barack is so “intelligent.” Obviously the profs. are just racists.


  • Taqiyyotomist

    You HAVE to see this, if you have not.

    You WILL be effin AWESTRUCK.

    Spread this everywhere, send it to everyone you know.

  • Corelli

    What Alinsky did was to use Hitler’s takeover of Germany as a blueprint. The attack on the Catholics fits right into this scenario. See “The Wages of Destruction-the Making and Breaking of the Nazi Economy” by Adam Tooze, published by Viking. Remember, George Soros, who worked with the Nazis in Hungary from the ages of 14 -17, I believe, says that is when he learned his most important lessons. Soros said recently he was upset with the fact that Obama had not nationalized the banks.
    The Obama situation at the Harvard Law Review was posted online during the campaign, as was some background on him at Chicago.

  • KR

    Also Valerie Jarrett. There’s a connection with her father and Frank M.Davis.

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  • Chippy

    I heard this Prof on a radio show. Steve malzbergs WOR Radio. He said the NY Times contacted him before the election. He told him what he has said in the above article. The NY Times ran a glowing article of Barry. The story not only left out the professor, they left out what he had said.

  • Marsh

    Obama himself admits in his own book that he was a druggy in high school and that he barely attended school. Anyone else think they could have gotten into Harvard with an academic record like that?

  • Just_Saying

    I agree, Alaskan #5, who was/is on the Board of Trustees for Chicago Law School?
    I searched, and discovered at Wiki: “The Board of Trustees oversees the long-term development and plans of the University and manages fundraising efforts, and is composed of 50 members including the University President.” Evidently the current chairman is a banker, Albert Alber, but I couldn’t find out other Board of Trustees’ members. (Wouldn’t you think it would be public information??)

  • Rachelle

    This is consistent with a guy who thinks he has been to 57 states, pronounces ‘corpsman’ as ‘corpseman’ and mixes up Pearl Harbor Day with the bombing of Hiroshima. He is a mental lightweight. I wonder, does he think he is Commander and Chief of the Marine Corpse? He’s a clown.

  • KR

    Taqiyyotomist #42,
    Thanks for that link. I caught a bit of an interview on the radio last week. Enjoyed seeing the videos on flopping aces. I’ll be watching for his book.

  • We are saddled with the biggest fraud of American history, but the scary part is the people behind him that made it all happen. If they can pull this off, what can stop them in almost anything they attempt.

    bg you’re a gem, keeping us all informed.

  • Just_Saying

    So, still trying to find the 50 on the BofT for CLS. Discovered, interestingly enough, that Obummer’s best friend, Valerie Jarrett, is “Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the University of Chicago.”

    Interesting cliques we’re subsidizing as taxpayers…

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  • CTM

    The New York Times ran this article back in July 08. It names Michael W. McConnell as the guy who interviewed and hired him. It also has the names of other colleagues and quite a few of his students.

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  • Just_Saying

    Evidently the University of Chicago Law School is governed by the U of C’s Board of Trustees, which consists of 50 people. Valerie Jarrett is not listed as one of the 50. (I wonder if she was an active trustee when Obummer was forcibly hired as a lecturer… at the direction of a trustee.)

    Anyway, here’s the link to the 50 trustees:

  • Chisum

    Another brain trust.

    House Members are Smarter than You. Part 1.

    -An ongoing series examining the intellectual acumen of members of the House of Representatives or “Why the Senate laughs at you”.

    The Hill reports that, in questioning Admiral Robert Willard about the Navy’s proposed relocation of 8,000 service personnel and their families to the Island of Guam, Rep. Hank Johnson (D- 4th District of Georgia) expressed an important objection.

    Noted PhD and Mensa Chapter President Rep. Hank Johnson asserted that his “fear” is that the influx of people to the island would cause it to “tip over and capsize.”

    Let it be noted, that Rep. Hank Johnson, noted geologist and acclaimed expert on continental drift and plate tectonic theory, voted in favor of Obamacare. He knows better than you about things and stuff.

  • Taqiyyotomist

    I’ve said it before and every day it’s become more clear:
    This man’s presidency was planned since before the man was even born.

    Stranger than friggin fiction.

  • Disagreeing Racist

    George Soros seems to have quite a bit to do with Barry’s rise to power. I believe this man has his greedy corrupt hand in the back of many puppets.

    Remember when George Soros bought a bunch of Brazilian oil company stock just before Barry announced that the US would give loans to Brazil so that they can drill for oil.

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  • bg


    Taqiyyotomist @ 10:25 pm #58

    nothing stranger than this..

    albeit he had plenty of his own, i have always believed Michelle had more contacts than Barack.. aside from working with Bernadine Dorhn @ Ayers fathers law firm, she was also Obama’s mentor (after that she worked for Mayor Daley, around the same time she founded Public Allies, and as irony would have it, also had her license taken away), and so much more..


  • Derak

    42 taqy:
    I was watching the movie
    “driving miss daisy” last week. I’d seen it many times over the past two decades.

    Now knowing history, it struck me as thoroughly revisionist, falsified.

    She villifies the republican party as represented by her son (Dan Akroyd) and then attends the democratic convention, where supposedly M. Luther King speaks, and she is touched. Didn’t happen. MLK was a republican at the time.

    Totally revisionist.

    This record must be corrected.

  • Sue

    You guys are hilarious!!! You even had to add teh LAZY!

    Oh s**te I have to start this going viral!

  • Jo

    Harvard Law On Obama’s Epic FAIL

    “Most people today are not aware that British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain helped restore Great Britain’s financial stability during the Great Depression and also passed legislation to extend unemployment benefits, pay pensions to retired workers and otherwise help those hit hard by the slumping economy. But history does remember his failure to confront Hitler. That is Chamberlain’s enduring legacy.”


  • indigo

    Arch52 has it right I believe. Why did he come to Chicago of all places after Columbia? How did he get into Harvard without graduating with honors from Columbia? This guy had a political sugar daddy.

  • wanumba

    March 31st, 2010 | 10:23 pm | #57
    Another brain trust

    Saw that. After two drony minutes of “24 miles long and 7 miles …wide and 12 miles … apart … or ah…My concern is the island might just tip over.”

    There’s an ADMIRAL sitting there having to ANSWER this .
    “We do not anticipate that will be a problem.”

    LOL! LOOK at the Admiral’s poker face. He must have been be dying inside.

    BUt this guy is a DEMOCRAT CONGRESSMAN. He’s just voted to ruin AMerica and he thinks an island can flip over?

    “The people get the government they deserve.”


  • jorgen

    So, the question now is: who paid for his education at Harvard etc. and made sure he got in the right places? Hopefully not some Islamic militant group or Soros or like!

  • wanumba

    Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugged has tons of info and links:
    Remember the name Percy Sutton, who was
    Malcom X’s lawyer and was reported as having approached Mansour for a recommendation to get Obama into Harvard.

    Weatherman terrorist radical William Ayers reprtedly has a son named Malik, apparently for Malcom X? Ayers launched Obama politically.

    Peeling this onion is going to take a while.

  • Andreas K.

    I’m actually willing to believe this.

    I mean, take Obama. He knows nothing. He’s never actually worked.


    You know, I once worked out an alien species for a role playing game. And they have this meritocratic system that everyone, who wants to become a politician, has to serve at least 50 years in the military (they tend to get 300 years old.)

    I like that idea by now.

    You know, China, back in the imperial days, had a meritocratic government. Anyone could be a civil servant. Anyone. As long as he’d pass the necessary tests. The positions were not inherited, but rather achieved by working hard.

    China then had ~20,000 civil servants. Impressive, because China, even back then, was HUGE and they had no computers and phones. In comparison: Austria today has ~200,000 civil servants, despite computers and phones.

    I’m becoming more and more supportive of a meritocratic society. You want something? You work for it. Period.

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  • Gravis

    The guy’s a racist…but he’s a liberal! OMGOOGLES, OXYMORON!

    Oh wait, April fools.

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  • Psiclone

    “highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law”? Nameless faculty. Impossible to fact check. TBags fall for anything.

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  • His ego has been writing checks for twenty years that his intellect could never cash.

  • nadadhimmi

    Obama’s skin color satisfies all progressive requirements. He’s black, and Communist, and that’s enough, comrades!

  • bill-tb

    According to Rasmussen today, the people are figuring out who our commie hack really is. Too bad they didn’t listen before the election, and maybe asked questions like what is this “Black Liberation Theology”?

    Wealth redistribution sounds fine, until you figure out it’s what you earn that he wants to give to others for their votes — Then not so fine.

  • squeaky

    maybe it’s just me but what message was sent by the white house last summer by denying water to farmers suffering from drought. the
    message was learned as crops died and
    unemployment rose. then the spigots were loosen with a yes vote for healthcare reform.

  • Militant Conservative

    Nice to see the prez. is consistent over the years.
    He’s just a terd of a human being.

  • AuntieMadder

    Hey, Gravy. Liberals are racists. That is no oxymoron. It’s fact.

  • Auntie Em

    Liberal homosexuals are usually disliked by their co-workers because they have a false sense of entitlement and superiority garnered from a lack of extreme self-worth.

    As a radical liberal homosexual, Obama’s mental, emotional, and social problems are probably much, much worse than we can ever imagine. The man lives with Hell on the inside…literally. He’s not stable.

  • bg


    Chisum @ 10:23 pm #57

    oh my, how embarrassing was that for those people
    to have to listen to that and give serious responses..

    how stupid are we to elect way too many
    such people into office in the first place..


  • Militant Conservative

    Taqiyyotomist #42,

    This is in a nutshell what I have been trying to spread to others. This is the America I know and love.

  • Think4Yourself

    I have a friend who says Doug Ross is Muslim and hates freedom. Where did this “Doug Ross” come from, and why does he want to destroy America and her lawfully-elected leader? Oh, wait… he’s conservative? Never mind.

  • Chisum


    This is for you.

    Congratulations. You’ve earned it!

  • Slappy

    Bob White (#22): “It’s not as if you or Doug don’t have a motive for discrediting the President, and it contradicts everything everyone who knew him and spoken about him liberal or conservative has said about him on the record. He’s obviously an exceptionally smart guy.”

    Really, Bob? “Contradicts everything everyone who knew him and spoken about him liberal or conservative has said about him on the record”? You overcompensated since you and others that support this guy simply ignore anything that contradicts your idolatry for him, like this piece from Doug Ross. The conservatives that have praised him for his supposed intellect come across to me as overcompensating, too, as they don’t want to be portrayed as haters or racists by his supporters or the media.

    “He’s obviously an exceptionally smart guy”? Is he? Is it more that you want that to be true and it fits the narrative put forth by his supporters as a reaction to George W. Bush, whom those same Obama supporters pounded on each and every day as being stupid? I don’t see this magnificent intellect like many of the Obama sycophants do. All I see is an individual that is in way over his head and has little leadership abilities. We don’t even know what kind of student he was, which would at least provide some indication of his intellectual heft, since he has never released his college transcripts. In my opinion, his only notable skill is his ability to get in with the “right” group of people, which have helped him advance his career and himself.

    I serve as an instructor at a well-known four-year university and I interact with “exceptionally smart” people each and every day (i.e., college faculty with PhDs), so I know the world of academia fairly well. Obama undoubtedly received evaluations from students and/or other faculty regarding his teaching effectiveness. Not surprisingly, he hasn’t released those either. For someone like me, who would release all of his transcripts and his teaching evaluation results the day that I announced my candidacy for any political office, it’s difficult not to see the guy as trying to hide something. His performance in office so far obviously illustrates that he lacks the requisite background (e.g., executive-level positions, private sector experience, etc.) and that he’s in way over his head. He then compensates for this fact by outsourcing his leadership responsibilities to the House and Senate or by acting aloof and arrogant while steamrolling the opposition instead of building consensus and persuading the opposition to support his preferred policies. Of course, he spends most of his time doing the thing he does best – i.e., public speaking with an overreliance on a teleprompter. The result has usually been that support among the public for the policy that he’s touting actually ends up dropping or not moving one way or another. But you and the rest of the Obama supporters keep believing this guy is “exceptionally smart” and that he actually belongs in that office, if it assuages some of your guilt for putting this guy in power.

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  • Slappy

    Psiclone (#75): “‘highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law’? Nameless faculty. Impossible to fact check. TBags fall for anything.”

    Dbags fall for anything, too, which explains why you and a bunch of other mental midgets voted for Obama. As for “impossible to fact check,” not really for a reporter who wanted to find out the truth. Or are you accusing Doug Ross of simply making up the source? Well, even if the source is not credible, that still doesn’t explain why Obama’s academic background and teaching background are still hidden from public scrutiny, does it?

    Why don’t you tell us what Obama’s grades were in college? How about his teaching evaluations? Good luck since he’s hiding them, yet you and the rest of morons think he’s brilliant because you want him to be. Talk about “falling for anything.”

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  • Michel

    I may have missed something here, but I can’t find the name of the alleged “The highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law” anywhere in the article.

    Doesn’t that seem strange?

  • bobc

    Many months ago, American Thinker had an article quoting an Obama co-worker….she said that Obama was lazy, and that he kept his feet propped up on his desk, as he wrote down notes for his book.

    She said everyone had to do his job.

    I don’t think he has really worked at anything, he’s just another freeloader!

    He is only good at cracking the whip and forcing his fellow progressives to do what he should be doing, then he sits back and allows them to take the heat!

    True Dems are watching him destroy their party.

  • Bankroller

    “The Professors Hated Him because he was Lazy, Unqualified & Never Attended any of the Faculty Meetings”

    That’s our loveable freeloading Dingle Barry! He’s just a product of our affimative action system. No wonder he’s hiding all of his college transcripts; I’m positive that his GPA is lower than both G.W.’s and Kerry’s. . .

  • Pat the First

    I worked in several law firms. What I know is that Harvard-training, black attorneys do not give up their licenses without reason. They just don’t do it.

    Harvard-trained, black attorneys make partner in firms within 5 years of becoming Associates unless they are not willing to work. It is that simple.

    I have serious questions about their law degrees and professional work. None of it matches up to my experience in law firms.

  • Slappy

    Michel (#92): I may have missed something here, but I can’t find the name of the alleged “The highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law” anywhere in the article.

    Doesn’t that seem strange?”

    Not really considering the expected extreme negative reaction from those that regularly defend Obama, including likely other faculty members at Chicago Law. Nonetheless, as I wrote earlier, let’s assume the source (i.e., “The highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law”) is completely made up. Where are Obama’s college transcripts, teaching evaluations, scores on standardized tests (e.g., SATs), etc.? What is he scared of? If he’s so brilliant and “an exceptionally smart guy,” why won’t he release all of this info about his academic performance? Also, where are all the positive comments from students and faculty members about his performance as an instructor? I’ve only seen a few of these over the years provided in a puff piece by the New York Times during the 2008 campaign. With the number of students and faculty members with whom he interacted over that period of time, there should be many of these individuals that could share their views on him. Why do many choose not to? Could it be that Obama was so uninvolved or nondescript as an instructor instead of a brilliant educator that there really is nothing to say? Or that their observations are primarily negative? These are the questions that should be asked because I despise charlatans pretending they’re something they are not, which basically diminishes the efforts and accomplishments of real scholars.

  • kato

    The stupid statements. The teleprompters. The inability to get beyond inane platitudes. The secretiveness about his past. The manufactured memoirs. Everything indicates that Blowhard is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on this country.

    This is affirmative action writ large. And one of its perks is an army of liberal asskissers who call themselves journalists.

  • Havok

    Lazy and Never attended Meetings..//

    Hmmm.. I guess this is his version of Voting “Not Present”!!!

  • Radegunda

    In 2008, I saw a lefty intellectualoid with his little kid walk past one of those Soviet-style “Hope” posters and say dreamily, “Won’t it be great to have a president who actually believes in hope!”
    That pretty well illustrates the average intelligence of the people who think Obama is very smart.

  • bitterclinger

    Meh, I don’t think something like this getting out prior to the election would’ve helped anyway. If you cared to look (or watched FOX), there were scads of damning info out there. The sheeple wanted their messiah and they got him.

  • aprilnovember811


  • Kachina5

    I spent 23 years in the military and never once did I feel that I was not supported by the Commander in Chiefs that were in office during this time. With Obama as “President (?)” I would not enlist and if he had been elected during my time in service I would have taken the first opportunity to leave the service because I fail to see a leader of the American people in this person.

  • MDL

    Who cares? So he used them as a stepping stone. All of you would do the same to achieve a particular goal. He’s now POTUS. What have you achieved? And, look, I defended Bush against the same attacks. It takes a heck of a lot of work and talent to become POTUS. [Of course the Supreme Court helped Bush get there – but nonetheless].

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  • wanumba

    April 1st, 2010 | 11:17 am | #103
    It takes a heck of a lot of work and talent to become POTUS. [Of course the Supreme Court helped Bush get there – but nonetheless].

    Who was the political “genius” who dragged the election into the courts in the first place?

    It’s just sour grapes that Gore’s little strategy backfired on him.

  • wanumba

    And it seems it was the irate Clinton who boxed Gore’s ears for conceding, so Gore was dragged back to the phones to un-concede.

  • Pingback: » Links To Visit – 04/01/10 There are two ways to conquer and enslave a nation. One is by the sword, the other is by debt. John Adams()

  • wanumba

    Andreas K.
    April 1st, 2010 | 1:25 am | #69
    You know, I once worked out an alien species for a role playing game. And they have this meritocratic system that everyone, who wants to become a politician, has to serve at least 50 years in the military (they tend to get 300 years old.)

    I like that idea by now.

    “Starship Troopers”
    by Robert Heinlein

    Can’t vote unless you served in the military.

    Getting to be a very attractive idea – until Charles Rangel gets his UNIVERSAL DRAFT bill passed, then back to a mess.

  • bg
  • jimg

    Wait. You mean Obama is a preening narcissist with an over-inflated sense of entitlement?

    No. Way.

  • Michel

    All you people are doing here is reporting the same old empty stories and can’t even name the the source … guess who you will convince by doing that?

    Big nobody!

  • Frank Marshall Davis-

    That is the key to this whole thing. Davis made is name in Chicago, created a core group of friends and supporters. He makes friends with Obama’s granddaddy and then Obama. Either he recognized Obama’s raw talent, or was just looking out for the kid. How else to you explain his movements? Kansas, Hawaii, Indonesia, then to New York, Harvard and then Chicago? Why Chicago? Why not stay in New York or go to California where the nuts in the trees are only exceeded by the nuts running around.

    Then there was his first election-

    where he used trickery to defeat a well known and well liked female democrat.

    He isn’t that smart and had to have someone’s blessing to do it.

  • MVH

    April 1st, 2010 | 2:12 pm | #111

    And a snotty, petulant, brat to boot!

  • Don Rodrigo

    All you people are doing here is reporting the same old empty stories and can’t even name the the source … guess who you will convince by doing that?

    Big nobody!

    Politics and elections are fueled by perception, not facts. Even if this story is shaky, plenty of people will believe it if they keep having to deal with a stumbling economy and an arrogant, tone-deaf Congress. The bogus birther nonsense is fueled by Obama acting as if he didn’t particularly like his own country while at the same time presiding over a shambles of a government.

    As Jimmy Carter once said, “Life is unfair.”

  • Michel

    The only people who will believe it are people who would never vote from him anyway because he’s a Kenyan Muslim working for the Trilateral Commission.

  • Pingback: The Truth About Obama’s Teaching At Chicago Law School « Fellowship of the Minds()

  • Iconoclast

    I’ve always contended that the lack of any sort of written record of 0bozo’s tenure at the Harvard Law Review was a sure indicator of him being naught but the affirmative action symbol Harvard put in place for some unknown reason. From that, subsequent employment as an ACORN “community organizer” is far below the prestigious positions of clerking for a prominent court or serving as a prosecutor in some major jurisdiction clearly demonstrates he was purely an non-entity token.

    Nevertheless, I would not accept these charges absent someone with the credentials and spine to make these allegations on the record. Just too pat and too easily discredited.

    This buffoon is 99% fraud and 1% packaging, but the legacy media still controls what most of the public hears about the charlatan.

  • Pingback: catching up with him | walls of the city()

  • RickS

    I’m just shocked that someone from the NY Times or CBS didn’t break this story back in early 2008. I mean surely some intrepid reporter would be interested in breaking the story that the Obama is actually a lazy incompetent with no experience really doing anything and is completely unqualified to be president. Isn’t ferreting out that kind of important information the job of professional journalists? …..OK, I’m just kidding. Had you going there didn’t I?

  • AuntieMadder

    April 1st, 2010 | 8:18 am | #86
    I have a friend who says Doug Ross is Muslim and hates freedom. Where did this “Doug Ross” come from, and why does he want to destroy America…

    Well, then, it’s a damned good thing we didn’t elect Doug Ross to POTUS, isn’t it? It’s too bad you morons didn’t ask those same questions, or at least the first one, before electing Obamao to be your prezdint.

    By the way, I know who you are. Your troll droppings here smell every bit as nasty as the ones you leave at Bare Naked Islam. Idiot.

  • AuntieMadder

    April 1st, 2010 | 10:18 pm | #120

    Getting in one more April Fools Day joke, are you?

  • AuntieMadder

    Doug Ross reported this and more…

    I must be the only one here who clicked on the link and read the whole story as Doug Ross wrote it because I seem to be the only one who knows why the faculty member(s) aren’t named, why the faculty members’ accounts weren’t reported by the lamestream media before the 2008 elections, why Doug Ross didn’t break the story before, etc. Especially aggravating are those who immediately discredit the story, using the questions I list here, without checking the source for the answers.

    In short, there are over 120 comments here posted mainly by people who didn’t read the story and therefore have no clue about that which they’re commenting. Brilliant.

  • Liberty

    This site is frequented by white trash, redneck degenerates. I just revel in the pain and frustration that all you inbred, uneducated cretins are experiencing by having a black Democrat as President. Your archaic, and in some cases, racist views reveal the depth of your stupidity and absurdity of your obsolete mentality. The days of the angry white man are over. The South will never rise again and with its demise, so falls the republican party. It has become the party of racists, white trash and fascists. Stew in your own venom, you swine are finished. HAHAHA.

  • Michel

    “Especially aggravating are those who immediately discredit the story, using the questions I list here, without checking the source for the answers.”

    There is no source, just a vague claim of it being a faculty member.

  • AuntieMadder

    Yes, Michel, and why is that? Did you actually go read it? Or are you just hanging on to that like a dog with a bone?


    Liberty, you’re an idiot. It’s apparent in your stereotyping of the readers here. You don’t have a clue who the readers of the blog are. Hell, for that matter, neither do I as only a small portion of Gateway Pundit’s readership post comments. Idiot.

  • Michel

    “Yes, Michel, and why is that? Did you actually go read it? Or are you just hanging on to that like a dog with a bone?”

    Nope, just exercising due diligence when something looks fabricated.


    What is very disturbing about this report is that they say the source is a “highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law” yet does not name this official. What is more disturbing is that many narrow-minded, ignorant Americans who are biased against the president will take this unsubstantiated rumor and proffer it as proof. Who is this faculty member? What test did he take of Mr. Obama so that he could verify that Mr. Obama was “the lowest intellectual capacity in the building,” which besides being expressed in very poorly worded English, not worthy of a Law professor, would be troublesome if true, because if President Obama is not very intelligent, his recent meetings with Republicans have definitely shown them to be far less capable than he.
    All this report tells me is that the writers are unreliable, rumor-mongering slandering liars. This article says more about authors’ lack of ethics and lowness than it does about the President. We can see he is intelligent, far more than most people. And it must stick in the white-boy craw of these writers that any black man is far more intelligent than they are and President of the United States to boot.

  • bg


    re: “The Professors Hated Him because he was Lazy,
    Unqualified & Never Attended any of the Faculty Meetings”

    i believe it’s true..

    however brilliant he may be at executing orders, i believe Obama believes work revolves around him.. same holds true today: Obama is a “do as i say, not as i do organizer”.. the only thing he seems to know how to lead are his sheep dogs orders..

    Obama wasn’t a professor either..


  • Michel

    “however brilliant he may be at executing orders”

    You people just keep repeating each other’s nonsense … whose orders is he executing so brilliantly? Al Kaida? The International Marxist Muslim Council?

  • Bill z

    You have to read everything said about Obama very closely. He was not “editor” of the Harvard Law Review he was “president”.

    Not sure what the President of HLR does but my guess is it is an elected position perhaps one created for BO.

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  • Michel

    “Not sure what the President of HLR does but my guess is it is an elected position perhaps one created for BO.”

    Why do you need to guess? As soon as people like you find something that reinforces their prejudices they don’t even bother to check anything.

    Sheeple anybody?

    “BOSTON, Feb. 5— The Harvard Law Review, generally considered the most prestigious in the country, elected the first black president in its 104-year history today. The job is considered the highest student position at Harvard Law School.”

    “In late 1988, Obama entered Harvard Law School. He was selected as an editor of the Harvard Law Review at the end of his first year,[36] and president of the journal in his second year.”

    “The implication of sheeple is that as a collective, people believe whatever they are told, especially if told so by a perceived authority figure believed to be trustworthy, without processing it or doing adequate research to be sure that it is an accurate representation of the real world around them. ”

  • Pingback: How Did Obama Do During His Teaching Career? « Tai-Chi Policy()

  • bg


    Michel @ 12:35 am #130


    his own executive orders from wherever
    they come, and you call others names??

    hello jello..

    disclaimer: not my fault many of which just happen to favor terrorists & Islamists, not US citizens, but since you’re the one who mentioned them,
    you apparently know whence his brilliance flows better than i..


  • bg


    Michel @ 8:30 am #133

    the brightest, most wonderful person who has come across the starting line..

    so, that’s why he refuses to show US anything related to any work he did to support his being assigned to such a prestigious position, and then lies
    about it on top of it.. hmmm hmmm hmmm

    try googling the names and doing some research.. i mean, what could you possibly learn that would cause any doubt as to your image of your savior??


  • Vindication

    Geeze “Liberty” get some new material will ya.

    Btw – you left out the word “hate” in your childish screed.

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  • Grace

    Thought you should know that your favorite international blogs listed on the right of the page need to be checked. The Free Thoughts Italy/World has been inactive for a couple of years.
    Western Resistance has been taken over by Muslims.

  • Liberty, (#124)
    Listen to yourself: the venom you spew is disproportionate- reflects badly on you and your side.
    You have allowed your educators and the mass media to brainwash you into a mentality of stupor.
    Start thinking for yourself and snap out of it, before you freeze up and it’s too late.
    Love, a grandma.

  • mnewman

    Buggery has led us to this.

  • regnat populus

    on obama

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the presidency. It will be easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to an electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails us. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

  • steve

    [citation needed]

  • Chris

    I don’t think this article is true because well you have not even specified the name of this most tenured professor.

    This the problem with you right wingers you never show the truth, and it can be shown in many angles but then again you would need an IQ higher that of the common ground squirrel

  • Sirano Dakota

    Sounds remarkably similar to W’s stint in the Texas National Guard.

  • Chisum

    Really? Are you referring to the fact that GW Bush volunteered for Viet Nam?

    How is that similar?

  • Pingback: University Of Chicago Law Professors Not Fond Of Obama « Quipster()

  • Douglas

    To everyone wants to know how we could have been so mislead into thinking Mr. Obama was a good choice to lead our country. Who were you expecting to tell you the truth? In fact, it is hard to believe Mr. Obama has not been taken to task by the MSM following the scrutiny and criticism they leveled at George W. Bush. The MSM is certainly not giving us the information. Back in 2003 Bernard Goldberg wrote about the bias in media and illustrated how we are being mislead and misinformed and there are myriad other sources making the same claim.

    We Americans are too absorbed in our own little worlds to care about what is going on in our own government let alone in the rest of the world. It is critical that each of us scrutinize popular opinion and do our own evaluation of the facts instead of just following the flow. Too many Americans have insufficient knowledge of our constitution and are subsequently unaware of the threats to the liberty it was constructed to protect.

    There seems to be a plot taking shape to discredit, smear and demonize any thought or idea which is not in agreement with popular opinion. This tactic is a way to overcome resistance to unpopular ideas. The answer is to become more aware of the reality and invest some energy in becoming informed. Be on the look out for attempts to control or restrict unpopular thoughts and ideas. If we loose the freedom of speech and ideas, it will mean a rapid death to our republic and the freedoms our country was founded on.

    Too much of our financial sector, business sector and now our health care system have been taken over by our government. Cap and trade will extend governmental control into every aspect of our lives. The constitution doesn’t give our government the authority to take control of the means to generate wealth, dictate the redistribution of wealth and mandate how a private citizen should handle their income. It is happening because we don’t really see how these policies are in contradiction to our constitution and jeopardize our liberty. Read the constitution and look for any power given to our government to control business, industry, health care, the environment or the financial sector. Get a free copy at

    Jefferson said it best, “An enlightened citizenry is indispensable for the proper functioning of a republic.”

  • Regnat Populus (# 145)

    Congratulations, you express our problem perfectly. It is a very serious one.
    Your latin name echos it.


  • Jordan

    I agree this is so sad what our world is coming to i was just recently reviewing the health care bill that just came out, and well basically it was all a big bluff it contains so many discriminates that i don’t even know were to start. For instance he specifically singled out certain states for certain benefits due to something completely unrelated. God help America. but is encouraging to see i am not the only person with a perspective.

  • arcticmoon

    Purely opinion. You might ask fellow coworkers about me and they would have mixed reviews. I am not going to trust a second hand piece of information like the one posted in the article. It is an obvious attempt to smear the president’s work ethic.

  • MauiSteve

    Assuming he has any.

  • What work ethic? I don’t think golf qualifies, unless your a professional golfer, and vacationing definitely doesn’t qualify as work…

  • The phrase “Proof is in the pudding” comes to mind.

  • Steve Merrette

    Susan, If your stupid enough to support this worthless piece of crap we have in the White House then I’m afraid to hear what your coworkers might say. I know that if you worked where I did the things they would say can’t even be printed here…

  • Barry is known to be an obnoxious know-it-all in the White House and is avoided by many. Hard to believe, huh?

  • Jade1

    Agreed Steve

  • Jade1

    There is none so blind as those who REFUSE to see.

  • While I actually BELIEVE this.. I cannot put a lot of credence in an ANONYMOUS source. If a person believes something.. let them SAY IT like it is and not be ashamed or worried.

  • I actually BELIEVE this because of his CHARACTER.. or, actually… LACK Thereof! However.. Since it’s an anonymous source.. I cannot go too far with it.

  • William556

    Pity he didn’t say all this in 2008.

  • Elizabeth

    I could swear I’d read something like this years ago from some U of C professor. This doesn’t appear to be “new” news, is it? At the top in the headline, it even says 2010. Why is this being splashed around now as if it just broke, so to speak?

  • ChiTownGal

    Work ethic HUH? The only work ethic barry proves himself excellent at is golf, vacations, & spending our money while the rest of the country is in sequester. How do you justify all those concerts in the WH, but close it to tours. Traveling around the country on a 747 at the cost of $187,000 an hour to campaign for the democrats. His job is in Washington, which, he is failing miserably. One does not develop a ‘work ethic’ when one never had a ligitimate job. Being a community organizer DOES NOT qualify.

  • ChiTownGal

    True, but the majority of Black voters only voted for bo because he is half black, lest we forget that his mother was lily white which he hates to acknowledge. But he’s not racist. And his daughters are one-fourth white. He has certainly elevated ‘racism’ to a new height.

  • Dmeche

    This is were the GOP is dropping the ball. If they have such BIG donors then let them come forward and offer to help these people with information if they get canned for telling the truth! Worrying about supporting yourself and your family is a real concern these days. If they had another place to go for the same money then I am sure a LOT of them would come forward with REAL evidence.

  • Karen M

    Good one Mary!

  • jdm8794

    because maybe people will listen this time, ya think?

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    Who was it that contacted the board and demanded that he be given a teaching position? We need someone to leak or come forward with that information. That’s the key.


    Investigate for yourself, rather than stay ignorant. only true racist would believe and accept that blacks in inferior. Obama is a perfect case. IF


    He ruined it for the Competent blacks such as Cory Booker, Why don’t you honestly compare those two and see who Martin Luther King’s I had a dream speech fits. A man who lived in the projects to get an understanding of what it was really like to a man that uses tax payers money to have a grand lifestyle.. It’s content of character honey!

  • brownsfan32

    Sounds like a pretty good description of the current BHO. The more things change , the more they stay the same. Jesus Christ could come down and say this about Obama and there would be people who would simply dismiss it then take another drink of Kool-Aid

  • cabin mama

    There is no key… remember National Treasure? There is just one clue after another and you never find the answer. In this case, it is because people have been paid off or don’t want to go against the democrats and will do anything to help Obama with his “legacy”

  • IAmAProudAmerican

    I think we have to keep the pressure on this administration with everything they do that goes against our constitution. If people see that the administration is failing, perhaps some will open up and give more information about Obama and his shady past. It’s a long shot I know, but just doing nothing will produce nothing.

  • Glenn Kenworthy

    Why so surprised..? Obama has never accomplished anything in his entire life. Never had a job, never ran a company, never had major legislation put forward as a state senator or a U. S. Senator, never did 1 freaking god damn thing!! Yet the fools in this country, both black and white, believed his bullsh!t and we are where we are. Thanks you to all the low-info voters out there….there are millions across the country and many are people both you and I know….

  • To the ones that do not like “ANONYMOUS sources” – Here’s a FB post I did back in 2011 —“Oh The Double-Speak” / Obama did NOT “hold the title” of a University of Chicago law school professor.

    WASHINGTON—The University of Chicago released a statement on Thursday (March 2008) saying Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) “served as a professor” in the law school—but that is a title Obama, who taught courses there part-time, never held, a spokesman for the school confirmed on Friday.

    “He did not hold the title of professor of law,” said Marsha Ferziger Nagorsky, an Assistant Dean for Communications and Lecturer in Law at the school, on East 60th St. in Chicago

    The U of C statement was posted on the school’s website two days after the Clinton campaign issued a memo headlined “Just Embellished Words: Senator Obama’s Record of Exaggerations & Misstatements.” The memo was generated by the Clinton campaign as Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) was put on the defensive for claiming incorrectly that she dodged sniper fire while First Lady when her plane landed in Bosnia.

    Another university spokesman, Josh Schonwald, said the Obama campaign did not request that the statement be generated and that it was posted because reporters were calling the school with questions about Obama’s status. However, the Obama campaign was interested in making sure reporters saw the U of C statement.

    The university statement said, “From 1992 until his election to the U.S. Senate in 2004, Barack Obama served as a professor in the Law School.” The school probably did not mean to imply that Obama became a University of Chicago professor a year out of law school. But the word “served” is key—Nagorsky said Obama carried out, or served, a function of a professor—teaching a core curriculum course while a senior lecturer—while at the same time not holding down that rank.

    At issue in the Clinton memo was Obama’s claims—mostly specifically on several direct mail pieces produced for his 2004 U.S. Senate race– that said he was a law professor at the university.

    Obama graduated Harvard Law School in 1991. He was a lecturer at the U. of Chicago law school between 1992 and 1996. During this time he was an attorney at the law firm of Miner, Barnhill & Galland. In his first years of teaching, he had only one course.


    J.D.Gragg, WTH? ONE COURSE!…ONE!!!! ….or served, a function of a professor—teaching a core curriculum course while a senior lecturer—while at the same time NOT holding down that rank.!!!!!!!!

    “OH the Double Speak”

    “I (J.D.Gragg) held a position of lecturing core examinations and exploratory technologies of an invention technology and it’s inner patent claims summary workings to U.S. Federal Court Judges and U.S. Federal Magistrate Judges — while I am NOT an Intellectual Property attorney, I did FUNCTION as one, while not holding that rank.”

    Damn Obama, I think I kind of like the “Resume Embellishment” thing!!! I believe I just increased my IQ with one paragraph!

  • Michael Nappi

    These are things the American people had a right to know BEFORE the 2008 campaign. I can proudly say that I have never supported or voted for Obama.
    I’m sure that there is ALOT more hiding in his college transcripts, things that would invalidate Obama’s entire presidency and the DNC

  • we needed to have had him vetted the way that Sarah Palin was, by a media that had an agenda to destroy that woman, and yet she shone.

    By comparison this UNPATRIOTIC, IRRESPONSIBLE, chicago style thug politico failure was given the office by virtue of the lame stream suck up media, that for some reason thought that this country should have this failure foisted on us and did their best to hide all such information.

  • Jtaras

    I am of the opinion that we are hand fed ALL of these guys by people who run the world behind the scenes. Like the Bilderberg Group, New World Order, etc. Call me a Conspiracy buff, but I do believe that. Just look at the morons that we are given to choose from! Al Gore? Yikes! The guy who said that he invented the internet! Bush, sr.? A guy who clearly committed Treason by selling arms for drugs along with Oliver North. Bush, jr.? He was in Rehab 3 times and STILL made it to the White House! For two terms! John McCain? An ancient War Hawk, who was a Member of the Keating Five, 5 Senators who took bribes to stop an Investigation into Lincoln Savings. That S&L disaster cost our National Debt to rise 10%! I could go on and on. ALL morons. Barack Obama is just a symptom of how corrupt the system has gotten. You watch, they are NOW going to push Marco Rubio down our throats in 2016. I RINO Anchor Baby of ILLEGAL ALIENS. Yikes!

  • Old Smokey

    Barack Hussein Obama is not half black. He is the
    first Arab-American President, not the
    first black President. Barack Hussein Obama is 50% Caucasian from his
    mother’s side, and 43.75% Arabic and
    6.25% African Negro from his father’s side.

    While Barack Hussein Obama’s father was from Kenya,
    his father’s family was mainly Arabs. Barack Hussein Obama’s father was only
    12.5% African Negro and 87.5% Arab (his father’s birth certificate even
    states he is Arab, not African Negro).

  • pizano3

    I will say it again and again…….BHO has pulled the greatest con, on America & Americans, in the history of the United States. If there was a Mt Rushmore for the BEST flimflam artists he would have the whole mountain to himself!!

  • OnePissedOffAmerican

    The picture is not in this article anymore. Was it removed?

  • you are talking about the libtards arent you??? these blind mice refuse to see anything their king as being wrong….

  • ChiTownGal

    Thank you Old Smokey, I stand corrected on obama’s father’s lineage. My point was that the uninformed Black voters & some informed (Colin Powell being one of them) only voted for obama because of his color & not his content.

  • gym123

    He’s so bad he couldn’t even play dead in a Western movie.

  • RAD

    I believe it was Mayor Daley who pulled the strings to get Obama that position. Every aspect of Obama’s life (what little we know of it) is a lie. He has been carried his entire life. In one of his books he said that in high school he drank heavily, smoked weed, and did some ‘blo’ and skipped school a lot. How did he manage to get into Occidental College when I’m sure his grades couldn’t have been very good? During his ’08 campaign the media made a lot of his being on his high school state basketball championship team. They didn’t mention that he wasn’t a starter. Again, as per his book, Obama said the reason he wasn’t a starter was because, “I played to black, and my coach, coached to white.” How did he support himself through college? All we know about his work history prior to getting out of law school is that he worked at a Baskin Robbins one summer when he was 15. Sometime in the future there will be a blockbuster expose’ on Obama’s life and how so many people were fooled into voting for an Indonesian citizen as our President.

  • cattastrophe

    The media played the con, Obama just went along with it. There would be no Obama presidency without the lying media.

  • Because he was hyped up in the media, and never vetted. Zero accomplishments, but he is skilled at public speaking. Put him behind a podium with a teleprompter, and he can make any flowery speech that is all hype and no content, and he can mesmerize the uninformed and gullible.

  • cattastrophe

    Work ethic?

  • Nellie

    I believe and agree with everything you say.

  • ChiTownGal

    The LSM is complicite with everything this administration does & says.

  • Robert

    Actually, it was a member of Chicago Political Boss named Emil Schrader who brought Obama out of Political obscurity.. If you read what Dinesh Desouza published, he gives a lot of verified information from the Chicago Press..

  • Obama Garden

    Not true- they also voted for him because they expected free stuff!

  • hiway280z

    There was enough known about him then that only a fool would vote to make him a President.

  • hiway280z

    Like Peggy we do O a favor and he will do us one. I won’t have to worry about gas in my car or mortgage. LOL How dumb some people are

  • hiway280z

    or have been threatened or already dead.

  • hiway280z

    money from those who selected him to run, I mean ruin our country.

  • Brenda

    He’ s not black he’s Muslims, and I know for a fact if the African American Race knew that… they would have NEVER voted for him. They were minipulated and lied to. and when they figure that out, they are going to be pissed.

  • hiway280z

    The Chicago press two different papers also published when he became a senator from KENYA

  • hiway280z

    I noticed but I have seen it. He is standing at a black board with drawings of figures.

  • hiway280z

    The Bible speaks of some who have eyes that can not see and ears that can not hear. You fit that.

  • antb50

    his speaking ability is strictly equal to the ability of very well paid writers

  • antb50

    they have plenty to fear from this hate monger.

  • Glenn Phipps

    OMG you can’t say that, that’s racist…LOL

  • Glenn Phipps


  • Bullfrog

    He doesn’t attend many cabinet meetings either.

  • Noobama

    It was proved by the FBI that his birth certificate was made on the computer but no one is going to punish him for that either.

  • Photo deleted?

  • Keep Honkin, I’m Reloading

    Why…those RACISTS!!!!

  • Annette Hannah

    Absolutely correct Old Smokey – and there were alot of us informed patriots who were screaming about this cocaine addicted, gay leech since 2005 when Oprah first deemed him entitled to be Emporer. The media swallows whatever he dishes – and the current leeches got their free phone. That’s what America has come to.

  • Rob H.

    Pity the media didn’t investigate. But then again, they never were interested in fairness.

  • Where were all these stories about him in 2008? All of those ” highest tenured faculty member at Chicago Law” should be found guilty for the failures of Barry for keeping their damn mouths shut.

  • And those speeches are written for him

  • odinsthunder

    This is absolutely correct.

  • odinsthunder

    No they’re not. He look black just like them and he gives them a lot of free stuff. That’s what elections have come to be these days, who’s giving out the most free stuff. Half the country doesn’t pay income tax and the other half has to pay it all. The half that doesn’t pay keeps trying to get the other half to give them more free stuff. Pretty soon, it’ll be 60/40 and the ratio will keep getting skewed until it just stops working….

  • This is useless information since the so-called “law professor” is anonymous. That’s the kind of stuff the liberal media pulls. Conservatives need to get the facts from credible sources who will back their statements with their names.

  • ggrdr05

    Take his teleprompter away and then listen to him speak.

  • DPMP

    You mean IF that is his real father from Kenya.

  • mfernandez57MN
  • mfernandez57MN
  • Joanne Epperson Deist

    Because there are people that still think this country is worth saving (I’m one) and will not give up trying to open people’s eyes.

  • Researcher

    If true his racial profile would be 47.75% Semitic. Arabs and Jews share that racial origin.

  • RacerJim

    Most likely it was either Bill Ayers or Valerie Jarrett. Both of them were well-ingrained in Chicago politics at the time.

  • fred pucker

    Would you put your name out there, now that he has signed an executive order allowing detention without trial for US Citizens? Go ahead and send him a nasty letter and see where you wind up..

  • fred pucker

    Let me GUESS. You are either black, a teacher, a member of a union, or plain stupid. Bet I hit 2 out of 4

  • RacerJim

    It can be proven by a 5th grader that his birth certificate was not filled out on a typewriter in 1961, but no one with the wherewithal to effect his arrest, conviction and punishment for Federal document fraud (at a minimum) is going to do so because they are all complicit in having perpetuated the “Greatest Fraud/Hoax In History”.

  • RacerJim

    Purely obfuscation. You might also check the official record of his “work ethic” as an Illinois State Senator. Oh, that’s right — you can’t do that because he has refused to make those records (and lots of others) available. “The only people who don’t want to disclose the truth are people with something to hide.” — Barack Hussein Obama.

  • SmithWinston6478

    Regardless, it’s a fact. Roughly 87% of us are not black at all.

    “A government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend on the support of Paul.” – George Bernard Shaw

  • SmithWinston6478

    Whoever has the guns makes the rules. When it hits the fan, we won’t be able to contest the force and technology that might be brought against us. America is in grave danger.

  • SmithWinston6478

    “Never under-estimate the stupidity of the American public.” When my Dad said that in the ’60s, I thought it to be cynical, but now I see the wisdom of his experience.

  • KayDeeBeau

    hmmm since the clue given that it is the highest tenured law professor, a resourceful or at the least intellectually honest and not lazy individual, could figure out who the unnamed professor is…..

  • SmithWinston6478

    FP, Correct. We are already living under dictatorship. A Trojan Horse saboteur is dismantling our Constitutional Republic.

  • SmithWinston6478

    DW, NAILED it!

  • me

    they say the polls show hillary leading the polls for 2016. do we need more of what we have right now? common america, wake up and every gunowner and patriotic americans get out and vote. sheeple have been the deciding factor in elections for years.

  • rhcrest

    Work ethic? Surely you jest.

  • rhcrest

    Then they will set themselves up for retaliation. Google obama’s dead pool and you will understand why people are afraid of the thug in chief

  • Delete
    Flag as inappropriate

    “All the professors hated him”. But for affirmative action, (the beginning of our country’s demise), nothing could be said or done about it.

  • $5708171

    “A few weeks later the law school got a phone call from the Board of
    Trustees telling them to find him an office, put him on the payroll, and
    give him a class to teach.”

    This is interesting… WHY? Why were they “told” to “give him” a position?? Who was it “telling” them? And WHY? Manchurian all the way. He is a sculpted person, a very specific tool that was “put” into the presidency. He was never eligible, he was never truly elected. He was placed – by whom? I don’t give a crap about Obama – he is a tool – I’m looking for who is behind him pulling the strings.

  • $5708171

    I’m not conviced that it was the voters (no matter who they were) that put O in the White House.

  • elaine

    Then I’m married to a fool. because the jackass voted for Obozo 2 times. Enough to prompt a divorce.

  • mac12sam12

    Affirmative Action carried obama’s rear. So I consider them honorary degrees.

  • MidnightDStroyer

    Well, with ACORN scandals & everything else that was shady during the election process (yes, BOTH elections since 2008), I’d have to say that the Book of Revelations was right: The dead HAVE come back & they mostly voted Democrat.

  • antiliberalcryptonite

    I see he hasn’t changed one bit.

  • Arationofreason

    “…call from the Board of Trustees..” It would be interesting to track down who & how this came about since the ‘rest is history’. None of the rest of this sad story is surprising.

  • ChiTownGal

    Unfortunately their own people, sharpton & jessie jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus, to name a few, are using Blacks to fulfill their own self importance. Those should be the first that should be hung by their own for what they have purpatrated on Blacks. I could go on, but then it would become a book.

  • LeSellers

    Your concern is mine, as well.

    Of Clinton, I often said: I wonder who owns him. Of O’bama, the question is doubly important.

    Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  • ChiTownGal

    No, I don’t think so either. Especially with the Black Panthers helping in the first election. By the time the 2012 election came around, bo had p***ed off a lot of black panthers because he didn’t fulfill his ’08 promises. But when you have 109% turnout in a 100% precinct in Philadelphia – HMMMMM. Also, Ohio had some voter fraud going on that wasn’t discovered until too late. And you can ALWAYS count on Chicago to resurrect the dead or multiple voters. And of course, there is the money man behind bo, George Soros, or at least one of them. If you have Progressive Insurance you are enriching Soros. He owns the company.

  • ChiTownGal

    You would have to take that point up with Old Smokey. Those were his stats.

  • LeSellers

    The “country’s demise” started long before affirmative action. It started at the time of the War Between the States/War of Northern Aggression. The beginning of the “Progressive Era” (towards what did they think they were “progressing”?) marked dozens of encroachments on our freedoms.

    A decade earlier, the Massachusetts of 1852 saw the first and most egregious of these: the compulsory attendance law requiring parents to surrender their children to the state for education indoctrination into the religion of prytaneolatry (worship of the state) where children were covertly trained to reject their parent’s values (especially religious values). The pace has only increased since then. Indeed, in the government-run, tax-funded welfare schools, it is not even remotely “covert” nowadays. The indoctrination is overt, and parents just accept it as normal.

    Mr. O’bama, will there ever be any Jobs?

  • ChiTownGal

    He wasn’t elected or re-elected only by low info voters. I have friends & family & my doctor who voted for him, and they are college educated people. Sadly, they are the liberals who have very skewed ideas. And they do not want to hear anything opposing about obama or the democrats. They don’t want to hear anything that comes close to the truth, but they sure are quick at telling me what Bush or Cheney did wrong.

  • raptureready

    That too!! The free stuff and that he’s ‘black’.

  • raptureready

    The media is owned by Soros…so don’t ever expect fairness from them.

  • So who called and told the university to give him a job?? What person, what group had/used their power to push Obama through the system to be president?? WHO??? What group had the power to do this?? For what reason??

  • outofsteam

    Let’s see how the media spins this one or if they’ll even mention it. We all know he isn’t qualified to do anything. Today he’s in Mexico basically telling them how rotten us conservatives are in America. No mention that his group was responsible for Fast & Furious.

  • outofsteam

    Being anonymous is probably the only way he can be sure he won’t get killed or worse.

  • John W.

    Does this “professor” have a name? Who is he? This is the kind of thing which gets us in trouble; we know it’s true, but if it can’t be documented it’s useless in an argument or discussion with Obama’s acolytes.

  • John W.

    Besides-if this “professor” actually did say all this-shame on him for not letting us know before the election (or, better yet, before the 2008 election). Of course, with many of the nation’s increasingly moronic voters, it wouldn’t have made a difference; if you rob Peter to give to Paul, you can probably count on Paul’s vote….

  • scotty295

    As HorseTeeth Sam said i, too, I’m not convinced that it was the voters that put Obungler in the White House! Big money (George Soros) and others financed him to the POTUS! The Elites, that run our country, wanted a YES man and a man of color to be the next POTUS, so be it! From 1913 on, our Government has slowly evolved into “THE GOVERNMENT!” A Government “Of the people, By the people and For the people” no longer exists!

  • Curry Flora

    So what’s your saying Mary is that you support him because your a bigot and racist yourself? I’d also say your quite uneducated since your post is fallible.

  • lovingpeace

    I am black I don’t vote party lines or race. Nor do I look for hand outs. I work very hard. Where I am from there are just as many whites looking for handouts -or do you mean public assistance, as minorities. I am so sick of this type of ignorance. Instead of looking at life through the eyes of an uneducated, angry person, do something to better yourself, your family and your community.

  • Sad for America

    This is so easy for me to believe! O is a lazy, uneducated narcissist! He has set race relations back many, many years and threatens people who don’t agree with him. If the sheeples & zombies don’t wake up, our country will be destroyed from within quickly by this unqualified egomaniac.

  • You are only partly correct folks yes the Blacks voted for Obama because of his color. The Unions voted for Obama because they are a arm of the Demoncrats. The real culprits though were whites, 51% of white catholics voted for Obama, while 21% of white evangelicals voted for Obama.

  • Since when is telling the truth racist or bigoted .. look at yourself in the mirror Curry

  • Ripper10

    Kind of shameful being married to an idiot?

  • NM Leon

    Approximately 13% of the population is black. Approximately 50% of welfare public assistance recipients are black.

  • You should have turned on Fox That is about as conservative as the airways are allowed to get .. they falter at times but laid out the facts about Obama and his mission ..not enough voters listened ..

  • ChiTownGal

    REALLY? I’m racist & I support him? Maybe you should get your facts from someplace other then the LSM. They have you brainwashed troll. And you have no idea what my educational credentials are. What exactly are yours?

  • Charles

    All of this was known before the election along with the facts that both Mooch and him relinquished their law licenses. Just had to read articles on the net. Media wouldn’t publish and still scrubs all negative articles. He has the benefit of being so loved that all negativity is disregarded as hateful press

  • jdelaney3

    The truth is finally trickling out. Keep your eyes on the eligibilty hearing in Alabama. Judge Moore is the Supreme Court Justice and has, in the past, voiced his concerns regarding Obama’s constitutional eligibility to serve as prez. My guess is that the stars are aligning against him, and the forces of good are gaining strength and credibility. To my way of thinking, Barry’s days are, indeed, numbered. I just hope his Progressive co-conspirators go up in flames with him. They ALL deserve jail sentences as well.

  • bfit58

    he is a true Manchurian Candidate” He was groomed for the office of President for this time to affect the takeover of the country.
    Everything he does and says is orchestrated by the globalist goons who pull his puppet strings.
    He has NO originality, NO thought of his own, and NO ambition beyond that scripted him by his puppet masters.
    We really are witnessing the death of America.

  • MikeyParks

    Tell us you didn’t vote for Obama. If you did, why?

  • MikeyParks

    Obama is as skeevy as they come. To think anyone would vote for him breaks my heart.

  • Jeronimo Dan

    His likeness is a lot more favorable to Davis than his claimed Father “Obama”.

  • Marxist fraud…..when will he be fully exposed? Will it be too late for America?

  • $27121859


  • Katherine Gabriel

    Somebody needs to get a hold of some DNA. Shouldn’t be too difficult.

  • gingercake5

    He mighta had some good quotes, but GB Shaw was a Fabian Socialist who advocated eugenics and sterilization of undesirable women, such as blacks. Same as Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, who lived at the same time as Shaw. It was fashionable thought back then, and it has carried forward through the Dem party. Progressives have no value for human life, so I can’t bring myself to use Shaw quotes.

  • Gary Hines

    Which birth certificate are you talking about? The White House’s version, Hawaii’s version, Joe arpaio’s version, or the real one? LOL

  • John

    So…..does the article actually mention who this person was who said this? Of course not.

  • Gary Hines

    I didn’t see any white ladies holding Obama signs shouting in the streets that “Obama gonna give us phones”…….just sayin……….

  • John

    Because the person wants to make up whatever they want and then pretend like a top Harvard professor said it in order to smear Obama?

  • Gary Hines

    The census bureau says we’re 87% non-African American, but the African Americans voted 10 times each! Even the dead ones! That’s how this happened!

  • gingercake5

    Here’s a good and short video on Shaw.

  • Yorkiemom

    Congratulations, sir/ma’m. That is great but you do realize you are in the minority (no pun intended) that do not vote race or color, and are not looking for all of the freebies they can receive from the government, which is comprised of you and I and all of the other taxpayers. The government has NO MONEY and can only rob from you and I and all of the rest of us to give it to layabouts and single mothers, white or black and now brown. As for the rest of your statement, most of the populace can see with their own eyes the abuse of the welfare mommas and various and assorted misfits who cannot or will not work to support themselves and something will come forth soon to correct this vastly unfair situation happening to we taxpayers. I am neither uneducated or angry about this unjust situation, just disgusted.

  • Michael Bradley

    Frank Marshall Davis … or Malcom X … compare photos. Then test Sasha and Malia … This is worse than the “Truman Show” …

  • edgineer

    Perfect characteristics for anyone wanting to be a Democrat.

  • octavious

    There is but one solution, and that is the final solution. The white Christians either accept that or be destroyed.

  • catnip24

    at least it’s nice to know obama hasn’t changed in having no job qualifications, no work ethics and having everything given to him. the only change is obama’s become more arrogant, more communistic and more muslim.

  • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

    he’s not even half black A little over 7%. His great grandma (or great great) was black and married a Saudi. All the following decendants on his fathers side were Saudi.

  • Maureen Mack Lindekugel

    check out the likeness to Malcom X…who, by the way, “cavorted” with his mother!

  • michellinman

    The media didn’t swallow his story…They created, shaped, and sold the lie of Professor Obama, whose only mission in life is to help those less fortunate than himself. That is why we need to properly identify the MSM as THE DEPT OF PROPAGANDA

  • michellinman

    It is interesting that Obama Sr was never seen with his son in public, and left him after 2 days…and never saw him again!

  • Juan Motie

    Good thing it does not mention that name, otherwise he or she would be flooded with death threats and other hateful, intolerant and angry rants from the no information emotions only brain dead obama zombies and drones.

  • John

    So you guys can make up whatever quotes you want. How convenient.

  • Ateup

    Would not have mattered what was said or what were facts, the low information voter has no clue what is required to be POTUS. Want to see where Obama came from? Look at the years of affirmative action. This professor says he was unqualified, low IQ and lazy. Doesn’t that really sound like the is affirmative action manifested?

  • Jeronimo Dan

    They said, if you’re not gay, yes he is hard to get along with…

  • Pea Kabuki

    I have heard white women squaking about how they wanted the gov to take over everything. Weird part of it is they are all wealthy trust fund kids. This is a game to them. Like Bill Ayers and those jerks. I am white and I have always had to work for anything I had. I am not wealthy. I did not vote for obama because his ideas are too familiar and so damned worn out. Have heard his dribble for about forty years now. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz But yes there are lots of white welfare recipients as well. Mostly in blue states….. its frusttrating.

  • Just like everything else about the guy,, a total jerk,, and set up from day one to push the Soicalist movement..

  • Jeronimo Dan

    Maureen, we’d be hard set to know just all the guys this little mattress hopping gal bedded. Too me he stills favors Davis., but that’s just me…

  • Well, one look at Obama, we could tell he was not a bright person

  • kkc003

    the 50% of the voters (uninformed voters) fall in this category. you see your vote is all that is needed, that’s why all the free stuff, the promises the trinkets- then poof you are of no use once the goal is achieved. you see the people who vote for the rah rah- never read history but they are the first to suffer should have read history and knew what this man stands for- instead of smoking doobies on the pot hill and skipping class – would have been wise to know about this and what party this is- its the one in power now.

  • Betty4440

    his work ethic is sitting back with his feet on a desk how discusting just show how little he is

  • Betty4440

    he has the muslim brother hood in the white house. is that the reason he gets along ssssooooo good with them? they like the back door.

  • bejocy

    …and the pudding is brown and stinks

  • bejocy

    Worked, didn’t it. Pigford comes to mind.

  • Juan Motie

    If we make up quotes then we learned from the best liar and faker in the world – your lord and master, your god obama!

  • REM1875

    Their daughters are more than a quarter caucasian as moochelle herself is of mixed race and barry’s african blood line contains arab blood but your point is valid. (I understand that al la george zimmerman that arabs who are terrorist are ‘white/caucasian’ arabs and the rest are just poor disenfranchised minorities.)

  • REM1875

    We tried that and got punched in both eyes for the effort and continue to get beat- there was hope that at least barry would be a great healer between the races and we could join together and move onto a brighter future together- we know how that turned out.

  • REM1875


  • Au contraire; he’s the smartest person on the planet. Just ask any liberal.

  • LLinLa

    Odd? Not in the least. The Left is not blind. But the low-info citizens of this country have absolutely NO CLUE what “Weimar Republic” means and the pathway it created. “History doesn’t repeat itself because we can do it better” is the motto of Progressives and the low-info populace are their useful idiots. I won’t even get into Marxism and Fascism. If intelligent people want to close their eyes so “this all goes away” it’s already over. If the next election cycle does not right this sinking ship, c’est la vie, America! The pattern is there for all to see NOW!

  • The Blue Collar Man

    mich. You missed 2 things, that the Lame Stream Manure Media also whitewashed anything negative, BEFORE he was elected the first time, and Sarah Palin was muzzeled by mccain, to prevent her from ratting out obumbler.

  • wileecoyote

    The picture has been removed…Can’t find the Server, lol.

  • Sasha

    He’s as fake as those $3.00 bills with his picture on them…he was chosen long ago to implement an extreme radical left, socialist agenda that causes the country irreversible debt, dependency, and decay. Simply, his mission, is to distract, confuse, brainwash, lie, and blame while destroying the country. Who or what is behind him…who would want the USA decimated?

  • netandyawho

    Gay!….. you got that right. That’s not saying much about Michelle’s character when she remains with a perverted person she has continually shared with other misfit males.

  • damelisa

    what are people so flippin’ afraid of with this guy? afraid of speaking up in real time, not 5 years later??? Why not just say this at the time he started becoming prominent?? WHO was behind the “hire him anyway”?? Why are people afraid to ask that question? Afraid of being called a name – racist? SO WHAT – if you know you aren’t a racist, let them call you a name. wow. Is it really, seriously JUST because of the color of his skin that everyone backs down? People are giving melanin that level of power??

  • damelisa

    I would love to share this info – have seen it before, but before I share it I’d like to know how this was calculated, source of info, etc – that way when challenged by an irate lib I can defend it most effectively.

  • rosie46

    There was recently a picture of his half brother by his listed father and the resemblance is amazing.

  • damelisa

    I think they did meet once, Barry was around 10 I think?

  • damelisa

    excellent point

  • damelisa

    and why would mccain want to protect obummer? that’s the big question – what is going on SO far behind the scenes that no matter what this turd is being protected and not only protected but pushed onto us??

  • KJ

    Brenda: I really don’t believe that the black community cares. Obama LOOKS black, sounds ethnic when speaking to black audiences, makes cooing noises about how he understands their misery and wants to do something about it (especially when it’s wealth distribution from “fat cats”), and has a giant (D) after his name. Sadly, my father was an opposite stereotype who would have voted for the village idiot as long as he was Republican; so I know. Combine low information voters (both black and white) with a black Democrat candidate, and you have a recipe for someone like Barry Soetoro who wins elections against better qualified candidates.

  • KJ

    It’s a tried-and-true tradition in Chicago Democrat party politics. Don’t knock it; it works! JFK and Barry Soetoro became White House residents courtesy of Chicago style voting.

  • KJ

    Let’s give credit where credit’s due: David Axelrod is a master of political distraction who has a talent for cobbling together coalitions of disparate entities for the purpose of installing political stooges in office.

  • KJ

    It doesn’t make a difference what his blood is because he is hiding his real records that prove he is not a natural born citizen, was adopted and has Indonesian citizenship, and received educational grants as a FOREIGN student studying in the U.S.
    Fraud, treason, both–take your pick. I respect the Office of the President of The United States and the Constitution. Barry Soetoro just respects the credibility, power, and perks that it affords to him in fueling his boundless ego.

  • Larry Teague

    Another aficionado of the Kool-Aid going around DC these days…. Your hero is a crook!

  • Larry Teague

    That’s called “lowered expectations”. It’s what we have to do to accommodate political diversity…. in this case…. communism

  • I do not like this president. He is a paradigm of narcissism. He got black votes because he looks black. On the other hand, the other major candidate alienated women and made a very poor choice of a running mate. If the Republicans ever choose a complete set of candidates for the presidency, they might just win. Until then, pandering Democrats will own the White House. There are some great Republicans, but the party has a habit of imploding long before the primaries. Stop the ceaseless debates. One thing about the Democrats, they do show solidarity.

  • Leeboy

    The only thing that will heal this imagined problem between the races is to get rid of the people that are always stiring the pot,it isn’t republicans and it isn’t conservatives,the party that founded the klan is the same party that accuses people that don’t agree with them of being in the klan.These hoodrats that are always looking to point their fingers at anyone except themselves to blame for their problems also come to mind.The only thing I will do to help race relations is exercise my second amendment rights and my states castle doctrine law when they decide they can come in my house and rob me or harm my family,when people get it through their thick heads that they aren’t going to get the better of me through violence or robbery,then maybe we can talk,but they need to know I don’t fear them.

  • luciteehee

    I don’t think it is “odd” at all! He was “created” to be a distraction/diversion! Brains had nothing to do with it! But the REAL power behind him didn’t need someone with brains! They needed a good-looking, charismatic, personable, articulate speaker (as long as he did it with someone else’s words from a teleprompter), delivered with emotion! He had to have a “used car salesman” approach equal to none! Who could market fur coats in South Africa and bikinis in Alaska! In December! And he’s done just THAT! While the Radical agendized termites chew through our very “foundation”!

  • luciteehee

    AMEN! I applaud your stance AND your TRUE statements! It sickens me that so much emphasis is put on “race”, and it is worse now than it has EVER been! In the forties and fifties we lived in a neighborhood that had very few blacks. My Mom and Dad taught us that we are ALL special in Gods eyes, and he loves us equally! I could never understand how some of the children’s parents would condone their behavior toward our black playmates! We were called n-lovers but that was nothing compared to the cruel and viciousness of racist kids and their parents! Tradition fuels racism MUCH more than conviction! It is sick, demeaning, and shows the ignorance of the abusers! But we can make the space WE occupy less racist and hope others do the same!

  • ChiTownGal

    What we as other then Black people are saying is: Sadly, Black voters with no or low information about the candidates will only vote for one of their own. When there is a Black candidate, such as Herman Cain, he is castrated by the liberals as an Uncle Tom & a sellout. This is just such a destructive thing to do to someone who has done the work & made something of himself. I, as a white woman, cannot wrap my mind around what is allowed to happen to so many intelligent, educated, successful Black people. Please, STOP bringing down your own saviors. They are there to help you. I hope, in the not to distant future, Blacks will wake up to the fact that the liberal democrats have done nothing good for you except still keep you enslaved on “Uncle Sam’s Plantation”.

  • luciteehee

    And your point is? Did it ever occur to you that if YOU were constantly demeaned, denigrated, shamed, degraded, just because of your SKIN COLOR you would lose heart too? You probably weren’t BORN when Martin Luther King was making a difference in how we treat each other! But I was! He was the LIGHT that cut through the dark room of hate and racism! He single-handedly did more to ease the race issue than any other man on earth! Our Country is much more diverse now than it was then! You are WOEFULLY WRONG about 50% of blacks on P.A.! Illegals from Mexico are more than that, most who can’t speak good English, they send their children to school before THEY learn to speak English, and our Country is supporting MILLIONS of them! The ones who came here legally, are citizens and a vital part of our Nation gets discounted because of the focus on the illegals ones! So get your facts straight and try to make POSITIVE statements that will encourage, inspire, motivate, and HELP instead of further exacerbating the problem!

  • pearl87

    I don’t think he has the intelligence or scholarship of a gifted high school student. He was groomed by the communists and promoted each step of the way to bring down our republic. The power/money elite have hated our country forever and they believe it’s now in their power to put the people under their boots once and for all. I believe they are wrong, because God is our strength.

  • ChiTownGal

    Also, of ALL the Black possibilities in our Country to be the first President, the absolute worst was chosen. Justice Thomas got it right when he said “that’s the only kind the elitists would tolerate”. obama is a black eye for Black people. I don’t think I have to tell you how many white voters were so ready to support Herman Cain for the 2012 election. Maybe next time. And we DO NOT need that traitor hillary either.

  • ChiTownGal

    That is the BIG question so many of us are asking.

  • REM1875

    Sadly only to those who looked for it. Even the ‘fact ckecks’ the media got away with using were tied to left wing organizations. If anyone relied on the msm Ø walked on the water before turning it into wine and only an evil person who hated kittens and children would vote against him.

  • Erik

    Because this whole pile of crap is not limited to only Dems and Libs there is a move to ruin this country by the elitist group. Every time we as Americans start crying over black the white crap this group just sits back laughs because our minds are not on the real problems. McCain probably got the ok to be part of the Elite group if he would just protect obummer.

  • Ticked in GA

    I understand your resentment of being label. I, too, am sick of being labeled as a racist just because I am vocal about my opposition and resentment for Obama and his abuse of the office he is holding unlawfully. He is not a natural-born American citizen, so therefore he was not qualified to run for that office. But only because he is supposedly half black was he able to strong-arm his was onto the ballot.

  • fliteking

    Johnnie sulks and blames others for his idiocy.

  • birdbrained2000

    Good point!

  • birdbrained2000

    I’m with you 100%. If he as a legit birth certificate why did he lie and say he was from Kenya in his youth? That means he’s a liar one way or the other. And why would he spend hundreds of thousands of dollars fighting in courts to not have to sow his birth certificate. He sure sounds guilty of something. If he was a white conservative everyone in this country would know that by now. This country will be color blind when minorities and liberals stop using it to take advantage and shut people up.

  • AppraisHer

    Why would I believe he’s actually teaching a course with students in the room? He could have walked into any empty classroom and had his picture taken looking “professory”. Besides, I don’t see any teleprompters and this dim bulb couldn’t lecture a group of 5 year olds without one.

    Show me his teaching schedule, show me the transcripts!!

  • ChiTownGal

    Ticked, it wasn’t JUST because he is black. His becoming president was perpitrated by some very insidious minds. I hope someday soon we will know who they are.

  • od king

    They could have let him teach future lawyers about outhouse etiquette.

  • Mary Leyendecker

    BOULE is an interesting topic for research

  • Annie

    he is president because the media DID NOT DO their job,,,they need to be taken to the woodshed…they are corrupt and have the protection of the first amendment to continue perpetrating their lies of omission, cover ups, excusing him and outright lying…

  • Well Done

    Know-it-alls usually prove to be seriously defective characters who actually know nothing. There is every reason to believe Obama is: not an American citizen; a raised-from-preschool Moslem; an America-hating Marxist true believer; as non credentialed (and non socialized) as any junior high dropout; and, just to complete the picture, gay. Fully. Practicing.

    Until he has his records unsealed we must think the worst to be true, for his administration has given us NOTHING but proof that all the points I mention are true!

  • Well Done

    Trojan? Word is he never uses ’em.

  • Well Done

    We don’t know those are his daughters, in fact we don’t even know if Michelle is his wife, or if those are HER daughters.

  • John

    That is a child’s response.

  • ChiTownGal

    You can thank obama & the liberal socialist democrats for creating this racist divisivness. They are the ones that brought that pot to a boil & continue to stir it every chance they get. They have certainly shown a new kind of ugly to the world.

  • Nancy B.

    Since when is “Muslims” a race??? Maybe we can class stupid as a race and have a race war!!!

  • Juan Motie

    Only because you, johnny boyo, are such a child! You know, when speaking to a child do so in terms you, the child here, will understand! Adult words would be ‘way too hard for you! Now you need to go back to the changing table to have your diaper changed, then on to your little sandbox to play!

  • Nancy B.

    Bush didn’t release any of his records educational or military does that make him unreliable and gay???? You just make no sense!!!!

  • Brian


    Did you vote for Obama, if so what was your decision to vote for him based upon?

  • Marko OBrien

    You are totally correct, there are way too many people that just want “free stuff”. And we definitely don’t need to only point at one race or one class of people. It amazes me too to see the Job Creators who want to give him support unless of course there is some payoff coming back to them too, which is what I suspect.

  • Marko OBrien

    Is his mother even still around? I never see her in any news stories or come to any events. Did she pass away or something? I have seen some info on her parents but that’s about it. Strange…

  • John

    What was childish? Asking who was responsible for saying that quote?

  • fliteking

    John does the “Liberal Two Step” in his clown shoes . . . oh so hoping someone will acknowledge his importance intellectual impotence.

  • fliteking

    Mr. Maturity claims someone else is immature hoping no one will recognize his own juvenile traits.

    Truthful observations about King Ob_ma angers Mr. Mature . . . and he reaches out to strike his mothers cat again . . . hatred and insecurity rule the tiny world John inhabits.

  • M. L. G.

    About racial food stamp figures, you’re right. They’re not 50 percent. It’s more like 22 percent. But guess what? They’re 12 percent of the population. Within their own demographic, the amount on welfare composes approximately 23 percent.

    A larger number of white people are on food stamps: 14.2 million. But that’s 6.3 percent of their demographic.

    About demeaned, denigrated, shamed, and degraded…. I’ve been through the same crap with my ex. I traveled across an ocean to be with her, and I ended up in a trap. I was kept under close watch to make sure I didn’t escape my prison. Long story short, I ended up with an axe blown right under my knee and remained incapacitated permanently. However, I’ve become a largely successful person. Want to know why? Because I don’t consider myself a victim. I notice that the stupid circumstances that I underwent actually gave me a new insight in my life I could learn from and was finally able to liberate myself into new horizons. I can’t say the same for people who have the wet dream of being victims day-in, day-out.

  • CGStarr

    I wouldn’t call anyone else uneducated if I didn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”.

  • John Kugelfischer

    I went to law school for 3 years. I took NO classes in which this would have been appropriate subject matter. If I went to Chicago and was “taught” by Barry Soetoro, I’d ask for my money back.

  • Isabella

    I think they were talking about white and black when they said that they wanted handouts. Please don’t take offense so easily. And, I do know that many blacks voted for Obama just because he was black because I personally know them.

  • Isabella

    They were too busy getting their hair and nails done with their welfare money to do political stuff or they were still in bed watching soap opras.

  • Isabella

    There are some white women who come from families that are welfare Moms for generations who are too dang lazy to do anything and have a multitude of children that they have used to get their checks.

  • McAirborne82

    If it was true he would have said it then. If it was true then there would be a name to this meritless, sourceless story. It is another baseless claim by the non journalistic right wing punditry machine. PS. I didn’t vote for Obama. You’re welcome.

  • Dan L

    The blind refuse to see, the deaf refuse to hear, the mute will not speak.

  • Keyser Soze

    Barack Obama is a CIA plant, just as was George W. Bush and his father George H.W. Bush, who in fact was the former Director of the CIA. Do you really think the US government hires people from the regular rank-and-file rabble of people like you and me to fill its upper echelons of power? Of course not, they only allow insiders to fill those positions, people they already know will support and further their imperialist military goals and pro-banker Zionist NWO.

  • Keyser Soze

    50% White
    43.75% Arab
    6.25% Black

    If Barack Obama’s heritage was a popular election, White would clearly win. What i want to know is how much of that so-called “arab” heritage is in fact Semitic. Even his own “white” mother has many Semitic features that ive noticed. Is it possible that “Bibi” Obama actually is and secretly considers himself one of the “Chosen People”? Is it possible that the “tribe” hes from isnt African?

  • SandyT

    Actually, Bush did release his records, and he made better grades than the men he ran against for president, Nancy. His military records were also made public. What records of Barry Soetoro’s have you seen? Oh, that’s right…NONE, except for fraudulent ones like his birth certificate, SS#, Selective Service registration card. Everything about the man/boy is a fraud.

  • SandyT

    The last I heard, Harvard is NOT in Chicago….

  • SandyT

    Martin Luther King was a Republican. Why do most blacks vote Democrat? Dems fought tooth and toenail against the civil rights act, the Reps were for it. I’m 70, so I was around during those times, too. Race relations in the United States had vastly improved, until Obama came along, dividing all of us into smaller groups, spreading hate between black and white, rich and poor, haves and have nots, citizens vs immigrants, etc. The nation won’t survive if we don’t come together again.

  • SandyT

    It’s all political, you might say she is in it for the freebies, too. Look at the life she is living, the numerous attendants, the vacations, the concerts at the WH, all the trappings of the rich and powerful and she can look down her nose at the rest of us. She probably hasn’t slept with him in years. What’s not to like about her life?

  • SandyT

    Sasha and Malia look an awful lot like the daughters of Malcolm X and there are still lots of them around. I haven’t the faintest idea if there are any relatives of FMD still around. The photos of BHO and MX when superimposed on each other, fading from one to the other, the resemblance is uncanny. Many of BHO’s mannerisms are a dead ringer for him, too.

  • SandyT

    She died Nov. 7, 1995.

  • algebra

    I saw a thing on the documentary channel, an interview with the professor who hired him, who said he offered the job because Obama told him he was writing a book on voting rights legislation. Because he wanted the book published under their aegis, they hired him. But he never wrote the book.

  • luciteehee

    He is only 3% black! But if he had campaigned on the other 97% of his heritage it would not have caused a slight breeze! He was schooled in the Alinsky Doctrine and USED the 3% of his heritage to TARGET minorities! The black communities had LEGITIMATE complaints! Which he ‘milked” in order to become their Messiah! His strategy became active by gathering small groups who could be encouraged to gather OTHER groups until he had a crowd that had grown from a few to a multitude! THEN he had POWER enough to “confront and invade” (“Alinsky goal”) the mean old rich white people who were selfish and greedy, and HE would see to it that the black Communities got what they deserved! He stayed the course, confronting Government Agencies, charity Organizations, and with the rich, black ministers in his corner started racking in MILLIONS of dollars! “They” started improving communities, schools, neighborhoods, and the black communities got what they should have gotten YEARS ago! A better LIFE, a safer community, and improved schools for their children! THEN when his “creators” considered that he had enough POWER and FAME in the black communities, he spread his wings into Politics! The improvements went from slowing down to completely stopping! Some of the projects still not finished as promised! Millions of dollars were unaccounted for, explained, but not thoroughly investigated! According to THEM it was due to “sloppy bookkeeping”! The REST as they say, is HISTORY! Except HIS history which has never been truthfully revealed, proven, or been challenged! The ONLY ones complaining (but not resolving the issue) of his lack of skills, education, experience, are the ones who KNOW that he is not qualified and he did NOT get “bought” into our White House to LEAD!
    He was part of Foreign and Domestic factions like the ones he grew up with and tutored him, radical members of a Socialist Party, and those he brought into his Administration who were the ARCHITECTS of the Agenda we NOW see playing out in Washington! He HAS no power! He follows THEIR orders or THEY will reveal who he REALLY is! Then his wealth, position, and lifestyle we gave him will be gone! Thanks to their pre-research, NSA, and other invasive data gathering they know exactly what he “sealed” when he was elected the first time! He’s checkmated! He SHOULD be arrested but it WON’T happen because of the MISFITS who are now in total control of our Nation!

  • Monty James

    You like pretending you possess information others aren’t privy to, don’t you?

  • gu

    Palin basher alert….

  • Dang

    When a professor calls you lazy, you are very effing lazy indeed.

  • Malcolm_Kirkpatrick

    Who outside the University of Chicago holds the power to dictate employment at the University of Chicago? Who plotted Barack Obama’s rise?

  • Funeral guy

    Obama is a lazy, lying, blame shifter. During his presidency I’ve never him take personal responsibility for any of the many debacles that have happened on his watch. He lied right to our faces about keeping our doctors and our health plans if that’s what we chose to do. If I’d have voted for him twice I’d be defending him too, I guess, to cover my embarrassment over how stupid I was.

  • xpatYankeeCurmudgeon

    ” The other professors hated him [ Obama ] because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings, and it was clear that the position was nothing more than a political stepping stool. According to my professor friend, he had the lowest intellectual capacity in the building. He also doubted whether he was legitimately an editor on the Harvard Law Review, because if he was, he would be the first and only editor of an Ivy League law review to never be published while in school (publication is or was a requirement).”

    Legal scholar, libertarian philosopher and prolific author Richard A Epstein was at the same university and gave the same characterization of Obama.

  • fishaddict

    SUPRISE!! well no not really.

  • NoDonkey

    I know Obama is a lefty, I didn’t know he is left handed.

  • William L. Finucan

    same way he runs his presidency

  • William L. Finucan

    …as well as the rest of the voters…. most simply wanted to cross the magic threshold of the racial divide. Unfortunately… Barak is prejudiced and so are some of his appointees and advisors.

  • ChiTownGal

    It’s too bad they didn’t dig a lot deeper to find the real despot. But, than again, the LSM did an excellent job of covering up all the $hit that makes bho who he truly is – A NOBODY.

  • phone2000

    maybe his presidency will be a lesson to other communists that American’s will not accept this Unconstitutional destructive crap-none of his plans have worked and Obamacare is falling apart in the courts

  • man_wolf

    Another surprise that isn’t.

  • Those that are destroying our country to line their pockets are winning. The have re-energized the distraction of racial divide. The truth on the value of “idiots” is proven.

  • glendaleburbank

    Clint was right…”Barack Obama is the biggest Hoax that has ever been perpetrated on the American people”. If you think those are his “daughters” then why can’t anyone find photos of these girls with him or their “mother” when they were born/young? And if you think Michelle is a woman…that’s another Hoax. It’s all a giant ruse and we are being pranked by the biggest prankster that ever lived. And WHY was a special phone call from the Board of Trustees made to put him on the payroll? If you don’t think major power brokers (bankers/the elite) didn’t put the pressure on the board of trustees…well then, you are living in la-la land.


    He let just enough slip so that those paying attention knew what he was.

  • Alleged Comment

    Yes, he is using his “negroism” to get away with EVERYTHING because he learned being a negro is the ticket to free meals, free education, free housing and a free presidency all because whitey is scared to be labeled a racist by the racist themselves.

    All the negro has to do is assert himself with the threat of “I am a negro” when threatened by whitey and they will back down.

    He has learned this skill (surprising for a negro) of being a negro very good, just assert oneself and whitey will back down.

  • MarkinScottsdale

    Sadly many Black in the US voted for Obama thinking he was one of them. They (like most of America) had no idea of his middle-eastern and MUSLIM roots and heritage. That was carefully concealed from the public until well after the elections and then only became known because the DNC could not hide it any longer. The man is not what he appeared to be and not who he claims to be. Bad traits for any president in my opinion.

  • Carl Mastromarino

    Lazy? Obama Turd, lazy? No way, based on his amazing performance as President these 6 last years, I simply can’t believe this fine upstanding human being was lazy. Nope, not Obama Turd.

  • wmscott

    He did but almost nobody cared to listen.

  • chitown

    Sounds like he’s hasn’t changed one bit.

  • 1123Marybeth

    I read a while back that the MI5 did a DNA test on a glass he used in England & concluded the white woman he says is his mother, is not.

  • barbarakelly

    This fits him to a T. Him and money.

  • S R Dewees

    Strange, I’m not reading ‘white’, ‘black’, ‘intelligent’, ‘smart’, ‘rich’, or ‘poor’, but stupidity or not ‘well-informed’ information, better yet, destructive comments in so many forms written on this page…I have to say, blowing off with words is as destructive as verbal speech. I’m French Indian myself and don’t give a rats a** what anyone thinks, If you lie, cheat, and deceive etc, I don’t care who you are, you are going to be pretty ‘friendless’. Have you seen any of this in OB?..reread again and again what you wrote as many should do. Don’t fight against each other but for whats right…read between the lines… anger?

  • Bob

    His whole life is a fraud. All along the way someone has greased the wheels for him. He has never had to work for anything or accomplish anything. Others have carried his water and covered up for him. His meteoric rise to power is nothing short of sinister, even demonic. There is something very wrong here.

  • Sandra Dudley

    Muslims have been gaining in numbers and territory by torturing and killing unbelievers since the 7th century until the Ottoman empire was broken up after WWI in 1924. They enslaved and raped captive women and children during their rein of terror. They tried to invade Europe many times but were pushed back by the Crusades. Unless we know history we are fooled into believing Terrorism is something new by Islam because of the “terrible things the United States is doing” or because ” Israel was made into a nation after WWII”. The truth is terrorist are following the teachings of the Quran just like they did during the Ottoman empire. Moderate Muslims are just the ones that don’t take Islam seriously. The radical Muslims are the ones who take it seriously because Islam is a radical belief. Islam seeks the establishment of Sharia law that calls for the submission and or death of unbelievers. Our constitution guarantees freedom of religion. Sharia law is, of its own nature, unconstitutional and can not be permitted in order to protect the very freedom of religion it seeks to destroy. The other problem with Islam is it isn’t just a religion, it is also a form of government that seeks to replace other forms of governments.

  • Sean Stout

    He may have, but the Marxist Media would have never reported on it. That’s how propaganda works. It’s not just what you say, but what you don’t say. You could have went to NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN in 2008 with a video of Obama sacrificing a child (or his grandmother the night before the election) to Satan and they would have refused to report it. Our “free press” like to keep everyone in the dark.

  • Sean Stout

    He may have, but the Marxist Media would have never reported on it. That’s how propaganda works. It’s not just what you say, but what you don’t say. You could have taken NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN a video back in 2008 of Obama sacrificing a baby (or his grandmother the night before the election) to Satan and those media outlets would have refused to report on it. Our “free press” likes to keep the public in the dark.

  • Sean Stout

    But according to Ancestory dot com (and I’m not making this up) Obama’s white mother is a direct descendant of the very first slave in America named John Casor. Even though his mother’s side is entirely white, they are somehow actually black…..and not just black, but related to the very 1st slave. Pure propaganda. See Ancestory put out this lie (probably under threat of the CIA) to appease all the black folks who claimed Obama wasn’t “down with the struggle against whitey” since he didn’t have any slave blood in came up with this elaborate lie that Obama’s white family is actually black and they said it with a straight face. Pure leftist, evil, lying indoctrination. Here is the news link

  • Sean Stout

    But according to Ancestory dot com (and I’m not making this up) Obama’s white mother is a direct descendant of the very first slave in America named John Casor. Even though his mother’s side is entirely white, they are somehow actually black…..and not just black, but related to the very 1st slave. Pure propaganda. See Ancestory put out this lie (probably under threat of the CIA) to appease all the black folks who claimed Obama wasn’t “down with the struggle against whitey” since he didn’t have any slave blood in him.Ancestory dot com came up with this elaborate lie that Obama’s white family is actually black and they said it with a straight face. Pure leftist, evil, lying indoctrination.

  • USMC 64-68

    All of this was public info in 2008. The anti-American MSM certainly didn’t want to make it public, and the useful idiots who vote “D” didn’t want to hear it, and if it fell on their ears, they attacked the source as “racist” etc.

  • post grad

    In grad and post grade, none of my professors allowed recorders or pictures to be taken, so, the last sentence was pointless.

  • Jeffrey Tallman

    COMMUNIST, COMMUNIST, COMMUNIST. To the core of his DNA, he is a C-O-M-M-U-N-I-S-T, and a M-U-S-L-I-M to boot. For all you Americans that haven’t been around since the 60’s or 70’s, this is a BAD thing. And if you think it’s NOT a bad thing, then you are not a freedom loving American. Period. You think G-O-V-E-R-M-E-N-T is the best thing to have around, unlimited, to tell you how to live. Think again. They OWN the ARMY, Air Force, Maines, Navy, Coast Guard, FBI, CIA, FDA, HS, EPA, and every other alphabet soup agency, and they WILL use guns and bombs AGAINST you if you disagree with them. I have never seen Ford, Microsoft, Nestles, Johnson and Johnson, General Foods, or any other corporation use their resources to shoot to kill people who disagree with them. Think about it.


    IT MAY BE THIS PHOTO ONLY SHOWS HIM WRITING ON A BLACKBOARD. NOT TEACHING ANYTHING TO ANYONE! ANYONE CAN TAKE A PHOTO LIKE THIS. and we all know how much his resume was fabricated. turn that camera around and you would have probably found he was “teaching” an empty classroom.

  • Louie

    The photo is obviously photoshopped. C’mon, can’t come up with anything better then this BS?

  • Kenn Daily

    It’s bothersome that Obama is too stupid to be president.
    It’s more bothersome that he’s too stupid to run for president
    leaving me to wonder: who is the puppet master behind his elections?

  • guest

    Even the chalk said “don’t get any black on me”!

  • dittoheadadt

    Black voters were going to vote for the Democrat, whoever it was. I don’t blame them.

    I blame the brain-dead, stupid-as-a-pile-of-steaming-sh*t Republicans who voted for him because he’s black. The Noonans, Buckleys, and Powells of the world. THEY’RE the ones responsible for the scourge upon America and upon the world known as Barack Obama.

    If John Edwards had been nominated – Edwards, Obama’s twin brother in EVERY way except skin color – NO Republican who voted for Obama would’ve voted for Edwards. Not a single one.

    No, we can thank stupid Republicans and stupid moderates who voted for Barry SOLELY because of his skin color.

    (my apologies! I had no idea at first that this column is FIVE years old, and that your comment is TWO years old!)

  • Bren Caprioni

    Collins powel is a traitor too.

  • Ann CuppyCake Corrado

    He does favor Davis…Obama has his Voice and dark skin tags on his face.

  • pat wenzel

    the question is this,,, who were the trustees that gave those orders ??names please

  • jenkem5

    His a traitorous f’n commie moslem Kenyan scumbag.

  • John Redman

    and where was this “highest tenured prof” during the time when the turd was running for office. Nice to know but a little to late.

  • Ron Powell

    We know that George Soros gave a million dollars to Obama’s senate campaign—why..because it was all part of the plan and Soros made the statement that he would like to see America brought to its knees during his lifetime. He has 30 billion to spend backing the Demonrats and Obama is just one of the tools of the trade. he isn’t overly brilliant and has stuck his foot in his mouth several times but the media bails him out each time. Can you imagine the uproar if a Republican candidate said he campaigned in 57 states?

  • Ron Powell


  • Badenuff

    The story you don’t hear is when the were required to hire Obama, they also had to hire into upper management at the campus a bunch of post turtles. They flaunted their positions, ruined multiyear projects, and damned near took down the entire IT infrastructure at the campus. I got out before it got bad.

  • Badenuff

    You only need one name, Vallerie Jarrett.

  • Patrick Maher

    How do we know he’s teaching? He might have been asked to draw that diagram by a real professor.

  • Will Power

    They would’ve still voted for him even if he gave full disclosure. How many Obama voters even know who Alinsky is? If they do, they certainly don’t care. He has total impunity among his supporters. He’s the biggest fraud in our nation since it’s founding. Everywhere you turn we find stories similar to tthis one. The useful idiots just don’t care! They defend him better than the Brits defend their queen. Big media simply will not let any of these stories get any traction, and if one ever does via independent media, the spin machine starts their assault from every conceivable angle.

  • Lars Skiipole

    Beck did.

  • Nancy B

    Name “the friend” or it didn’t happen. Oh, and better examine current tactics of the far right. Many are right out of the Alinsky playbook.

  • Andrew

    Believable – but – please, don’t insult us with “highest tenured faculty member.” It sounds like “fake but accurate.” Name names or shut up.

  • gehs72

    B. Hussein Obama learned that Alinsky corruption model well, though not as well as the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

  • Ytterbius

    Is it not true that corporate money goes to politicians (like Mayors)? Isn’t that actually a fair lesson to teach? Isn’t he talking about basic corruption?

    I guarantee that those involved in corrupt relations are less likely to teach about the nature of those relations in a classroom.

  • Ed

    In his defense, a lot of college professors are incompetent. He is not the first one without intellectual credentials.

  • Linda Sills

    I wish it were funny…It isn’t! It is horrendous and why wasn’t this stopped in the beginning- the media? people that knew him, investigations, even our Congress. SHAME ON YOU for taking our money and giving us this lazy destroyer of America.

  • ungabungabinga

    wouldn’t have mattered, the lemmings would have voted for him anyway.

  • Me too!

  • Yep! That’s Obama alright! Teaching young minds how to steal from the working class and give to the lazy class!

  • Sandy Eggo

    To honor the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King and the strides he made in elevating the status of minorities, it seems those meant to benefit from his efforts have too often failed him by choosing to remain victims.

  • luciteehee

    And THIS President who had never used the race card during his two terms as State Senator and US Senator was told to USE it as a Presidential candidate! His creators KNEW that most of his money would come from foreign sources so it was vital that American citizens supported him too! So guess what! His “Backers and Illegal fund’rs (he PROMISED to use the same funding ALL candidates used but LIED) pulled an LBJ! He was “funded” by radical Countries linked to TG’S and didn’t disclose the sources! But now we know who they were! He used the black communities, promising them to improve their lives, build new schools, playgrounds, neighborhoods, better jobs, education, etc.! Of course he repeated the SAME thing during the second campaign and they voted for him again! Dr. Martin Luther King was one of the greatest Civil Rights Leaders this Country has EVER seen! We will never see another one! Our Country will suffer because of it, and so will the blacks! NO ONE really cares about their well-being, success, education, and future! Only their voices of hate, discontent, rage, and, malleability! Slaves to the establishment and no way to escape without losing what little they have in way of support!

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