Iranian Official On Obama: "The Only Change Is That This N***er Talks About Regime Change"

Iran drops the n-bomb on Obama.

Iranian official Mohammad Javad Larijani dropped the n-word while attacking Barack Obama at a meeting with engineers.
PBS reported:

Mohammad Javad Larijani criticized the policies adopted by U.S. President Barack Obama and referred to him using a racial epithet.

“When Barack Obama was sworn into office he talked of verbally engaging Iran,” the U.C. Berkeley graduate was quoted as saying. “What has changed is that today this [the equivalent of the N-word in Farsi] talks of regime change in Iran.”

In a Saturday meeting at the Islamic Engineers Society, Larijani said, “I am not a racist, but I must respond to this man [Obama] in some way.”

Larijani’s brother, Ali, is the speaker of Majles (Parliament). Another brother, Sadegh, is head of the judiciary.

Hat Tip Winston

Boy that first year of hope and change worked wonders, didn’t it?

Do you suppose the NAACP will excuse the Iranian regime too?

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  • UncleZeb

    ha ha ha ha cough choke ha ha ha ha……
    Too funny.

  • Neo

    That’s the end now.
    The NAACP will be all over them like a cheap suit.

  • Tim H

    Boy, that thing about the whole world thinking he is the best thing since sunshine and cream cheese has gone south. Now they are realizing what a clown he really is.

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  • USMC Thomas

    The world leaders are realizing how easy it is to play SOBama for the FOOL he is. It’s like their selling him a car for window sticker price and making him believe he got a bargain.

  • vargas

    I think it must be his dialect that he uses in trying to engage them…..that turns Iranians off to him!

  • JHE

    “What has changed is that today this [the equivalent of the N-word in Farsi] talks of regime change in Iran.”

    Either he said ni**er or he didn’t. There is no “Farsi equivalent”.

  • Andrew X

    THIS is something conservatives should trumpet far and wide, as consider how exruciating it must be for “progressives” to process.

    He’s Iranian, hates America, thus must be respected and given any and all benefit of doubt.

    BUT…. He has committed THE absolute cardinal sin, I need not even discuss what would be said if any white person on planet earth said this.

    Forcing progressives to deal with the internal contradictions of their own idea system, and to deal with the fact that non-white humans sin (or “”sin””) EVERY bit as much as their white brethren, is a 24/7 duty, but it must be done, and hammered on relentlessly, if we are ever to begin replacing their twisted values with sane and honorable ones.

  • jones

    Will Michelle vouch for this guy, based on his “record”–?

  • jonyjoe101

    More disinformation. Obama talks alot of smack but not once has he ever talk about “regime change” in Iran, he must’ve confused Obama with Bush.

    More than likely the Iranian official was “liquored up” when he was going off at the mouth. Obama is a close friend of the Iranians, more and more he is going for the almadinnerjacket “tieless” look.

  • thiacyn

    UC Bezerkley, go figure they taught him “Farsi”, cough 😉

  • Nahanni

    Do you suppose the NAACP will excuse the Iranian regime too?

    Of course they will.

    The Iranian Islamofascists and the NAACP are all on the same team.

  • HarryPrimate

    Maybe it’s just me but isn’t it a little odd that when Obama’s numbers really start to tank that some ne’er do well in Iran calls him a racial slur. Almost as if someone expected Americans to become outraged that anyone would use that kind of language about “our” president. The Elle Light farce was exposed and then suddenly those nasty Iranians start calling Barry O names. Something about this just doesn’t smell quite right.

  • dallasdan

    LMAO…..calling Jesse and Al to the rescue

  • Pat the First

    OT: Why has the POTUS gone to wearing no ties? For 4 years of his life, he could at least try to look Presidential.

  • S. Wolf

    His initials are BO, of course it doesn’t smell right lol

  • NeoKong

    I’m not trying to be a party pooper here but I would feel more comfortable if we didn’t highlight the fact that someone called our POTUS the n- word like it is funny.

    I have many differences with this President but it never involved his skin color. Whatever language the n-word was used in it was wrong and offensive and I will be the first to defend Barack Obama from being demeaned by a racial slur and I hope that I have many supporters on that.
    Good day.

  • Valerie

    There is no “Farsi equivalent”.

    Yes, there is. That’s exactly how it was explained in the news article.

  • Solaratov

    I don’t know who that clown is talking about, but it’s not *our* barack. OUR barack has NEVER called for “regime change” in Iran – even when the regime was murdering their own disidents in the streets.
    As far as I can see, d’ohbama is a real pal to the Iranian regime and a great admirer of A-jad (even copying his sartorial style). And, he seems all too willing to co-exist with a nuclear Iran – even at the expense of Israel.

    Maybe Larijani got hold of some camel’s milk that had started fermenting, and was a bit in his cups, so to speak.

  • Winston

    Thanks for linking, Jim!