Gateway Eagle Council XLVII Schedule

Tentative Schedule for

Phyllis Schlafly’s Gateway Eagle Council XLVII

Friday, September 14

Noon – Registration Opens

2:30 PM – Welcome by Chairman Helen Marie Taylor, President Ed Martin, Treasurer John Schlafly, Jim Hoft

President Trump Is #Winning

3:00 PM

Ralph Reed – “The 2018 Election: A Call to Action”

Trump Wins on Religious Liberty

Stephen Moore – Trump Wins on Trumponomics, introduced by Rose Tennant

Sam Clovis – “The Search for Accountability in the Swamp”

Trump Wins on Promises Kept

James O’Keefe – Undercover Journalism

5:00 PM

Sarah Pitlyk – Insight on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, introduction by Andy Schlafly

5:30 PM

Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens

7:00 PM

Maj. Gen. John K. (Jack) Singlaub Dinner

Acceptance of Major General John K. (Jack) Singlaub Award for Service to America by Lieutenant General Michael Flynn

9:30 PM – Workshops

  1. John Eidsmoe – “They’re Back!  The Ten Commandments as the Foundation of Law”
  2. “The Long Road Back:  Has the Assault on Inventors and Patents Finally Turned the Corner?” with Josh Malone, James Edwards, John Schlafly; Showing of Josh Malone’s Invalidated documentary on bad patent decisions
  3. Cernovich Mindset: Jim Hoft interviews Mike Cernovich followed by viewing of Hoaxed documentary.

Saturday, September 15

8:30 AM – Eagle Awards Breakfast with Rep. Andy Biggs

10:00 AM – National Eagle Leader Reports

11:00 AM – Third Annual Phyllis Schlafly Constitution Trivia Quiz Bowl for high school students


“Life of the Party” Luncheon: Celebrate Life – sponsored by RNC for Life

MC Andrea Kaye          

Presentation of Phyllis Schlafly Award for Excellence in Leadership to Rep. Steve King

Keynote Address by Karen Gaffney – “Celebrating Life with Down Syndrome”

2:00 PM

Kim Ketola – “You Can Make the Case for Life”

Philip Haney – “Sovereignty & The Constitution vs. The Threats We Face”

Paul Walter – “Born Under Socialism/Communism: Saving my beloved adopted country”

Bridget Van Means – “We are The Pro-Lives Generation – Millennial messaging for the weoponized Millennial”

Renate Ferrante – “Authentic Abstinence: It Works Every Time!!”

Panel with Andrew Marcus and Dylan Wheeler

Jim Lewis – “What Happened to the Constitution?”

Babette Francis – “The Fraud of Transgenderism”

Janet Porter – Pro-Life/Heartbeat Bill

Dr. Scott Magill – “An American Compendium – America Lost or Found”

Dr. Duke Pesta – “Campus Chaos: How Universities are Undermining the Republic”

Gregory Wrightstone – “Inconvenient Facts: How rising temperatures and increasing CO2 are benefiting the Earth and humanity”

DeAnna Lorraine – “How Feminism is Failing Men, Women – And the Country”

Dr. Jim Robbins – “Erasing America: Losing Our Future By Destroying Our Past.”

Women Warriors Panel with Cristina Laila, Cassandra Fairbanks, and Rose Tennant

4:00 PM

Stefan Molyneux

Tony Shaffer – #Trump Winning on Immigration and Europe Agrees

The People’s Media Won’t Be Stopped Panel with Jim Hoft, Stefan Molyneux, Jack Posobiec, Scott Pressler

Introduced and Moderated by Pamela Geller

7:00 PM

National Sovereignty Dinner

National Sovereignty International Panel with Dominik Tarczynski, Petr Bystron

Presentation of Full-time Homemaker of the Year Award

9:30 PM


  1. Building An Eagle Network in Your State: Woody Woodrum, Tammy Kobza, Ned Pfeifer, Cherilyn Eagar
  2. How Con Con Flopped in 2018 and How to Do It Again: Andy Schlafly and Cong. Andy Biggs
  3. Chronic State Marijuana documentary, followed by discussion of state of law

Sunday, September 16


8:00 AM – Continental Breakfast


9:00 AM

Church Services

Prayer Service – Jonathan Spilger

Catholic Mass

11:00 AM

Education in the Modern World Panel with Dr. Mary Byrne, John Morrissey

           Moderated by Dr. Duke Pesta


Capstone Luncheon

Introduction of Keynote Speaker – Joe Hoft

           Keynote Address by James Gagliano – “James Comey and His Effects on the FBI and Our Partisan Divide”

1:30 PM – Adjournment