Nova Kakhovka: Whodunit? Who Benefits From the Destruction of the Dam? ‘Cui Bono’, Occam’s Razor and Other Investigative Insights – Russians, Ukrainians, and Even Tucker and Greta Weigh In

In November, 2022, General Surovikin made the shocking decision to withdraw Russian forces from west bank of Kherson Oblast, led by the fear that Ukraine might destroy the Kakhovka dam and create a flood to trap Russian troops on the far shore, away from supplies and reinforcements.

The Ukrainian Counteroffensive Has Begun – Heavy Fighting in Zaporozhie – Kiev’s Forces Are Taking Massive Losses – Elite Troops Wait to Advance to Melitopol and Cut Land Bridge to Crimea

The much-hyped Ukrainian Counteroffensive finally gained a lot of momentum today, even if it, so far, has yielded no territorial results – in fact, Ukrainian officials are denying that it has even started, and by now, we know that they’ll only ever announce it when (or if) they capture some minimally meaningful village or settlement.

Dictator Maduro’s Trip to Brazil for South American Summit FLOPS – Lula ‘slipped on the Banana Peel’ – Criticism From Chile and Uruguay – Brazilian Congress Contacts Interpol Over US DOJ Warrant for Drug Trafficking

Brazilian socialist president Lula tried, but the presence of Venezuelan dictator Nicolás Maduro in Brasilia for a Summit of South American countries was an unmitigated flop and generated negative reactions from other participant countries and even among Brazilian politicians within his own political field.

Bill Gates’ Young Russian Lover Linked to Kremlin Spy Anna Chapman – Suspicions Arise That He May Have Been Targeted for Kompromat – Epstein Tried to Blackmail Microsoft Boss Over His Affair

The revelations about the Jeffrey Epstein trafficking ring as coming hard and fast, but so far, few stories can compare in terms of impact with the revelations around Mila Antonova, who as a young woman was said to be a ‘lover’ of billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates.

Epstein Trafficking Ring: JPMorgan Chase’s Defense Motion Reveals Shocking Virgin Island Officials’ Involvement in the Child Predator’s Criminal Activities – Former USVI First Lady Was a Paid Epstein Employee!

A string of interconnected civil suits has been raging in New York Federal Court, pitting Epstein trafficking victims against JPMorgan Chase and Deutsch bank, as well as the US Virgin Islands territory against the very same banks.

Ukrainians Attack Across the Border in Belgorod, Russian Territory – Diversion to Distract From Recent Loss in Bakhmut – Troops Concentrated in Other Border Areas to Create Panic

After the defeat in Artemovsk (Bakhmut), where they are believed to have lost between 30k-60k troops, the Ukrainians staged this Sunday (May 22) an incursion into the Belgorod Oblast, pre-war Russian territory, in what can best be described as a publicity stunt or a ‘psy-op’.

Seymour Hersh: Poland and Baltic Countries Secretly Urging Zelensky to End War With Russia – Biden Is Receiving Incomplete Information on the Conflict in the Ukraine

After revealing first-hand the US-led operation that blew up the Nordstream II pipelines, Pulitzer prize Winning journalist Seymour Hersh has a new explosive Substack article on the situation in Ukraine, regarding both the faulty information flow in the Biden administration, and a surprising development in Eastern Europe that could greatly impact the development of the 15-month long military conflict.

Charles III at an Impasse With Church of England Over His Coronation – Wants Participation of Non-Christian Clerics in Defiance of Tradition – Globalist King Previously Accused of Secretly Being a Muslim

With four weeks to go until the ceremony of Coronation of Britain’s King Charles III, the final preparations are still in a flux, as the Globalist Monarch ‘has been at loggerheads with Church of England leaders over the role other faiths should play in his Coronation.’ Daily Mail reports: “Church sources say the monarch has been told that his desire for a ‘diverse’ ceremony, including participation by non-Christians, risks clashing with centuries- old canon law, which bars Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and other faith leaders from reading out prayers during the service.” Charles has long held the desire to be a ‘Defender of all Faiths’, and wants to make a statement about it on his Coronation, but Church leaders resist him, ‘given that it is an Anglican ceremony, as well as a constitutional event’.