Here We Go… Top Democrat Fundraiser Reveals Why Joe Biden Won’t Drop Out of Race – Claims Polls Showing Biden Losing to Trump Are All Wrong

Credit: Fox News/Daily Mail

A top Democrat fundraiser who organizes wealthy Joe Biden boosters, such as LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman, gave an interesting interview to liberal journalist Ryan Grim of Drop Site News explaining Biden’s thought process behind continuing to run for president and why he feels polls showing Biden losing to Trump are entirely off.

Dmitri Mehlhorn, who claimed last week that a dead or comatose Biden is more electable than Kamala Harris, revealed Biden remains “haunted” by the fact that he let naysayers talk him out of running for president in 2016 because Hillary Clinton was supposed to be the chosen one for the Democrats. We all know how that worked out for the party in the end.

As the Daily Mail notes, one of the people telling Biden to back off was Barack Obama.

“I want to just go a little bit deeper into the decision-making process of Joe Biden,” Mehlhorn told Grim. “Joe Biden is haunted by the fact that in 2016, he listened to these arguments (against running for President).”

“And he’s (Biden) right. We were all wrong. If he’d run in 2016, we would not be here. A lot of people—not us as much this time—but a lot of people made those same arguments to him in 2020 and he stubbornly, stubbornly resisted all of them. And he saved us.”

Mehlhorn went on to tell Grim that Biden would be looking closely at polls while ignoring all outside noise.

“He’s going to listen to the Democratic voters in particular. And the Democratic Party’s voters, since mid-2020, there has never been any single person who has been anywhere close to as popular as Biden, with Democrats,” he said. “And so the question is, is there an argument for Joe Biden to step down? ”

“And the answer is, well, if he were to plummet in the polls, which would be the result—if all these arguments are correct about how he’s being perceived—that might change his mind. And at that point, we will be there to help with the transition.”

Grim then pointed out that if Biden relies on polling to make his decisions, his ability to analyze is far more critical. During his interview with George Stephanopoulos last Friday, Biden falsely claimed that the polls have him tied with President Trump and that he does not believe his approval rating is below 40%.

The polls show Trump opening up his largest lead nationally while rolling in the swing states.

“I actually think he’s right, and you’re all wrong,” Mehlhorn astoundingly claimed.

He continued:

There was a lot that Biden said that I did not like, but his answer about polling — actually, everybody’s wrong and Joe is right. The polls are tied, they’re still within the margin of error. That’s what matters at this stage. And (in 538’s weighted poll) the average was Trump up about 2.

Then there was the felony conviction—34, actually. And as the public digested that, it went to Biden up about, you know, a little less than half a point. And now it’s Trump by two and a half. And all of that remains within the margin of error of these polls.

These two men have been tied in the 270 electoral vote battlegrounds. They have been within the margin of error since inception. And so when people are saying Joe’s losing, and they’ve been saying that forever, I’ve been saying it’s tied.

And the reason it’s tied is because Joe Biden has this brand advantage. That is why, if you compare him to incumbents all over the world, he’s actually less unpopular.

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