This is Who They Are: Pro-Hamas Mobs Burn American Flags in Dem Cities Across America On July 4th

Image: Video screenshot/@ShirionOrg/X

While Americans spent Thursday celebrating the birth of our great nation, pro-Hamas mobs gathered in Dem cities to show how much they hate us and everything we stand for.

In cities like Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and New York, pro-Hamas protestors burned American flags, set off smoke bombs to block people from enjoying the fireworks, and, in at least one case, allegedly physically assaulted a young man wearing the American flag as a cape.

Todd Starnes noted, “This is happening on Independence Day, America’s freedom celebration. At least one young American, who was wearing Old Glory as a cape, was physically assaulted. It’s time to round up every Muslim protester and their allies and ship them back to Gaza. We have graciously allowed these savages into our nation. In return, they burn our flag. Deport now!”

In Philadelphia:

In Los Angeles:

In New York:

In Washington Square Park, there was not a single American flag being held with respect, but there were dozens of Palestinian flags.


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