There are MAGA Candidates Up for Election in Florida Challenging the RINOs — Why It’s Important

This article originally appeared on Dr. Joseph Sansone’s Substack and was republished with permission.

General Flynn says, “Local action has a national impact.”

We need to “STOP THE STEAL,” even in red Florida!

Florida’s divisions in the Republican Party are widening and this will likely continue over the next couple years as patriots are fighting back against the Uniparty. Eleven candidates are running on a slate for County Supervisor of Election offices in Florida. (SOE) This is bound to shake things up in the Florida GOP primary and cause a panic up in Tallahassee. SOE races are typically not primaried.

Mick Peters is a personal friend of mine and also supported my Ban the Jab resolution. I want to give my personal endorsement to Mick Peters and the other 10 candidates running for Supervisor of Election in 11 counties in Florida.

The 11 candidates below are running as a slate and have all been endorsed by Mike Lindell.

These candidates are all activists in the fight for election integrity. For example, I reported in the past on Dave Kalin’s discovery of a potential data breach at the Charlotte County Supervisor of elections.

Chris Gleason has initiated litigation to secure election integrity and has a very popular substack devoted to election integrity.

Immutabletruthelections.substack.comTom Vail also supported the Ban the Jab resolution in Lake County and has been an activist for election integrity.

Below are the candidate bios with links to their campaign websites to get more information:

ALACHUA: Judith Jensen – Christian wife and mother activated to help save our county through involvement in Defend Florida, Florida Fair Elections Coalition, and the Alachua County Republican party as Secretary. Became active in every facet of elections when unable to find accuracy and transparency. Holds a Master of Science degree in Nursing and is committed to continuous quality improvement and evidence-based practice to guide the caring.

CHARLOTTE: David E. Kalin – Former DOD contractor, systems designer and engineer experience strengthened a unique appreciation for accuracy, transparency and reliability in our elections systems. Working for a large financial institution built the skills necessary to ensure election security and integrity. Airline industry experience provided the understanding of federal regulations along with state and local election laws.

COLLIER: Dave Schaffel – Bachelor of Science in Finance and a Master of Science degree in Statistics and Operations Research. Four decades in the IT field in private sector in big databases, data analysis, business intelligence, and security. IT entrepreneur/inventor. Co-founder and Chief Information Officer of CoStar Group. Engineered and developed nation’s first industry accepted computerized commercial real estate multiple listing service, creating a new American service workforce industry.

HILLSBOROUGH: Billy Christensen – Dedicated husband, father, and proud veteran with 20 years of active duty and government intelligence, including multiple deployments. Masters’ Degree in International Relations; owner of small real estate business. Fully committed to bringing security to our elections not just here in Hillsborough, but throughout Florida.

LAKE: Tom Vail – Retired CEO of small family-owned multinational conglomerate. Degrees in Law, Business, Information Systems and Accounting. Army National Guard paratrooper veteran. Endorsed by the Republican Party of Lake County. Committed to improving election security and transparency in every way possible. Committed to the highest quality of service to voters.

LEE: Mick Peters – Serial Entrepreneur who has managed 1300+ employees, worked in the fortune 100 world with major worldwide companies involved in banking, construction and real estate along with international large balance debt recovery and loss mitigation. Has been involved with Election Integrity for over 45 years and understands the problems and how to return actual Integrity, accuracy, and transparency to our elections processes, legally.

MONROE: Sherri Hodies – Master’s degrees in Business Administration (MBA), as well as two Bachelor’s degrees in Business and Human Resources. I also have my Certificate in Paralegal Studies from the University of Miami, Florida. Mrs. Hodies brings a wealth of experience from her extensive business career, including 27 years with Honda of America Mfg. Inc. in manufacturing and corporate roles. Mrs. Hodies has also dedicated herself to public service, taking on many roles with local community and charitable organizations.

PALM BEACH: Jeff Buongiorno – former US Congressional Candidate, endorsed by Colonel Douglas A. Macgregor, Colonel John Mills, Former VA State Senator Amanda Chase, The Florida Republican Assembly and the Pinellas Watchdogs. His firm provides financial technology solutions and Cyber-Security with a “Zero Trust” stance on security and ability to review and improve Business Processes for over 26 years.

PINELLAS: Chris Gleason – Expert in technology, data and finance, a serial entrepreneur and Army Veteran. Created a search engine for lending (before most banks had websites) and a secure communications platform for content creation. Has spearheaded election integrity projects in Florida and nationwide after uncovering the largest finance violations in US history. His work has been featured in The Gateway Pundit, Epoch Times, Miami Independent, and many more. [email protected]

SEMINOLE: Amy Pennock – Has served Seminole County as School Board Member for six years. Holds an MBA and a Masters in Forensic Accounting and is a Certified Fraud Examiner. Spent the last 20 years helping businesses build strong business financials and creating awareness and policies to quickly recognize red flags and present fraud.

ST. LUCIE: George Umansky – A distinguished and decorated retired USAF Senior NCO, renowned for his extensive leadership and management experience leading large teams to achieve mission success and effectively managing multimillion-dollar budgets and resources. Has 25 years’ experience in the high-tech Security and Surveillance industry to include expertise which spans networks, IT, and cybersecurity. Recognized expert in physical security and access control and creating technical training programs.

This is a one-minute video introduction with all 11 candidates running for SOE.

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