‘She-Hulk’ Actress Says New Law Requiring Parental Approval On Students Preferred Pronouns Are ‘Absurd,’ “That Isn’t a Parent’s Place” (Video)

Tatiana Maslany/Image: Video screenshot

There is no need to parent your own children because actors know what is best for them.

Tatiana Maslany, star of the She-Hulk series, which streams on Disney+, lashed out against the Canadian Province of Saskatchewan’s Parent’s Bill of Rights, which requires parental approval to address students by preferred pronouns, calling it “absurd” and an “overreach.”

The legislation requires parental consent for students under 16 to change their names or pronouns in school.

Maslany told local reporters, “It should not be in the control of parents how a child identifies. How a child knows them self to be. That isn’t a parent’s place – it’s an overreach.”

“It’s an overreach on the part of the provincial government to legislate that. It’s absurd.”

She continued, “Children have rights. Children are human beings who have knowledge and who know themselves and we should be taking cues from them. In so many ways, we should be taking cues from them. Listening to them, empowering them to know who they are and to name that.”

“It’s their right. It’s not the parent’s right.”


After the bill was passed in October of 2023, Education Minister Jeremy Cockrill said, “We want children to have those conversations with their parents. That’s the intention.”


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