Newly Unearthed Email Shows Letitia James’ Office Corresponding with Biden DOJ Hatchet Man Matthew Colangelo About Plan to Get Trump

The House Judiciary Committee, led by Chairman Jim Jordan, unveiled a report on Tuesday titled “Lawfare: How the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and a New York State Judge Violated the Constitutional and Legal Rights of President Donald J. Trump.”

The report scrutinizes DA Alvin Bragg’s 34-count criminal indictment against Trump, which was announced on April 4, 2023.

The House Judiciary Committee also obtained a December 2022 email conversation between Biden’s DOJ hatchet man Matthew Colangelo and NY AG Letitia James’ office.

“Matthew-glad to see you are back in NYC. Sounds like you and Mr. Trump’s paths will continue to intersect,” James Sheehan wrote to Matthew Colangelo on December 7, 2022.

Bragg’s top prosecutor Matthew Colangelo previously worked in the Justice Department (Biden appointee) and is a lifelong left-wing activist.

Biden sent Matthew Colangelo to New York to convict his main political opponent on non-crimes.

Why would Matthew Colangelo go from a senior position at the Justice Department to working for the Manhattan DA’s office?

It was obviously a political move to take out Biden’s main political rival Donald Trump.

In May a jury found Trump guilty on 34 felony counts after crooked judge Juan Merchan rigged the Stormy Daniels ‘hush money’ trial and allowed jurors to choose among three predicate crimes Trump committed.

We still don’t know what crimes Trump committed.

Chairman Jordan recently launched an investigation into Matthew Colangelo.

Jordan specifically called out Matthew Colangelo in his letter to US Attorney General Merrick Garland.

“The Committee on the Judiciary is conducting oversight of politically motivated prosecutions by state and local officials. Since last year, popularly elected prosecutors—who campaigned for office on the promise of prosecuting President Trump—engaged in an unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial authority: the indictment of a former President of the United States and current leading candidate for that office. New York County District Attorney (DANY) Alvin Bragg is engaged in one such politicized prosecution, which is being led in part by Matthew B. Colangelo, a former senior Justice Department official. Accordingly, given the perception that the Justice Department is assisting in Bragg’s politicized prosecution, we write to request information and documents related to Mr. Colangelo’s employment,” Jim Jordan wrote in a letter obtained by The Gateway Pundit.

Chairman Jordan said Colangelo’s recent employment history with the DOJ “demonstrates his obsession with investigating a person rather that prosecuting a crime.”

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