Missouri Republican Party in Turmoil: Grassroots Delegates Challenge Corrupt Committee Decisions

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The contested delegates and alternate delegates from Missouri have formally appealed the RNC Committee on Contests’ decision, alleging severe ethical breaches and tainted committee processes. This appeal stems from the June 28th decision by the RNC Committee on Contests which has ignited a political firestorm within the Missouri GOP.

The Gateway Pundit previously reported that RINOs in the Missouri GOP are attempting to remove the pro-Trump delegates elected at the state convention in May.

“The Missouri Republican Party must replace 54 national convention delegates and alternates selected at its chaotic state convention because of “alarming irregularities” in the process, the Republican National Convention Committee on Contests ruled Friday,” Missouri Independent reported.

“The committee holds that the State Convention was not properly credentialed and that any slate of delegates and alternate delegates adopted at the State Convention must be discarded,” according to the state’s report signed by the RNC Committee on Contests Jeanne Luckey of Mississippi.

One group out of Cass County shared the following:

The Missouri SWAMP inside the Republican Party is trying to overrule the will of the Missouri citizens!

This past spring, Republicans across our state participated in county caucuses, congressional district caucuses, and a state convention. At that state convention on May 4th, the Missouri Republican Party, led by Chairman Nick Myers, made a horrendous mistake and completely fouled up the credentialing process. As a result of this huge series of mistakes, the Republican National Committee is set to completely invalidate the grassroots delegates and alternate delegates that were voted to attend the national convention and support Donald J Trump for President.

The MO GOP screwed up, but now they are trying to get another chance to select different delegates and alternate delegates. The people they want are all SWAMP creatures, not grassroots. There is a legal argument called the “Doctrine of Unclean Hands.” It simply states that someone who is at fault in a situation cannot benefit from that situation. Clearly, in this situation, Mr. Myers and the MO GOP screwed up, and the result was the loss of our delegates at the national convention. They should not get to choose delegates different from the state convention.

We cannot allow this to happen! We must rise up and tell Mr. Nick Myers that his actions are unacceptable! Mr. Meyers can make this RIGHT if he chooses to do so. We demand that the original 27 delegates and 27 alternates be resubmitted and allowed to vote for Donald J Trump for President.

Please contact Mr. Myers at [email protected] or by phone at (573) 606-0402. Tell Mr. Myers you want the grassroots delegates resubmitted.

Missouri RINOs Pull a Fast One — Remove the Pro-Trump Delegates Elected at the State Convention in May

Now, one of the original Missouri delegates to the 2024 RNC convention, Mike Biggs, has released the following statement to The Gateway Pundit:

The Republican Grassroots of Missouri have not given up and will fight this to the very end. Pushing this message out to more people is still needed. The Gateway Pundit's coverage of our fight would be a tremendous help.

Our battle is with the RNC. They are the ones that have refused to look at the evidence provided and have empowered the corrupt MO-GOP leadership to steal the voice of Missouri for their own purposes.

It's the RNC that needs to be deluged with complaints over the next four or five days. The more this travesty is shared the better opportunity for a resolution. Unfortunately our politicians are silent. Crickets. It is appalling.

We are the constituents they say they support, but they are also refusing to help. There are less than a handful that have said anything. The RNC has turned their backs on the people of Missouri placing the fox over the hen house. The only just outcome is for the Missouri grassroots delegates to be reinstated this week!

We are appealing the RNC actions and have not stopped fighting. Please take up this story this week, as time is running out. Please contact us for additional information. We need your help to right this outrageous wrong.

Attached is a copy of our appeal and links to documents and video which providing the evidences of the corruption within the MO-GOP and the RNC Contests Committee, as well as the legitimacy of the Missouri State Convention and the delegates chosen by the people of Missouri on that day to participate in the 2024 GOP Convention in Milwaukee.

This story is much more than some folks yelling at a convention. The bigger issues are regaining the control of our party.  The election of national committee people that will stand for this nation and fight for it and our state, the delegates on the various committees that will be included in decisions, our party direction and our values we are willing to fight for.

All of this starts and hopefully ends by defeating this false contest to remove the duly elected delegates.  The next steps to vacate the entire state convention, including every decision and vote made by the delegates from every county have already begun at the MO-GOP.

All because they are upset that they lost, they refuse to let go of their power and the lobbyist money connected. They have shown they will cheat, lie and steal to keep what they consider to be "theirs".  But it is not, it is the people's.

The crux of the appeal focuses on the involvement of Ms. Carrie Almond, a member of the Committee on Contests, who is accused of failing to fully recuse herself from discussions pertaining to the contested delegates.

The Contested Delegates and Alternates of Missouri assert that Ms. Almond's participation has compromised the integrity of the decision-making process. They argue that allowing her to influence any part of the proceedings is a clear breach of ethics and has irrevocably tainted the committee's impartiality.

The appeal also challenges the Missouri GOP's handling of the state convention credentials. Despite allegations of a chaotic credentialing process led by Chairman Nick Myers and the Credentials Committee, the grassroots delegates maintain that the convention concluded validly.

They present over 300 sworn affidavits and extensive video documentation to support their claim that the credentialing process, though flawed, was ultimately fair and approved unanimously by the convention attendees.

The grassroots delegates highlight several critical points:

  • Ethical Breaches: The involvement of Ms. Carrie Almond in discussions, despite her recusal from voting, is seen as an ethical breach that undermines the integrity of the process.
  • Procedural Misconduct: The loss of the delegate list by the Missouri GOP and contradictory statements from key figures like Ms. Green, the Credentials Committee Chairperson, point to procedural misconduct and attempts to manipulate the outcome.
  • Grassroots Majority: The appeal emphasizes that the grassroots delegates had a clear super-majority at the convention, evidenced by a unanimous vote of approval for the credentials report.

According to the Procedures for Contests, the burden of proof lies with the contestants, yet the grassroots delegates argue they have provided overwhelming evidence in their favor. They criticize the RNC Committee on Contests for not adhering to the standard of a preponderance of evidence, which clearly favors the respondents.

The grassroots delegates propose that the originally approved full slate of delegates and alternates be recognized and allowed to attend the national convention. They argue that any decision to the contrary would be a denial of the grassroots majority and a reward for the Missouri GOP establishment's failures.

Read the appeal below:

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