It Begins: Atlantic Writer Calls on Biden to Resign

Atlantic writer Adam Serwer is calling on Joe Biden to resign the presidency in a column published Wednesday. Serwer makes the point that has been studiously ignored by wobbling Biden supporters and the media in conversations about whether Biden should drop out of the presidential race after his debate debacle against President Trump last Thursday: That is Biden is not fit to run for president, then he is unfit to be president and must resign.

Biden’s resignation would mean hello President Kamala Harris. And that’s the point for Serwer. He believes the American people would warm up to voting for Harris in the fall after seeing her as president for the previous few months in order to save the nation from the liberal nightmare of a Trump presidency.

Atlantic excerpt:

Joe Biden must resign the presidency. The last person to do so was Richard Nixon, who left in disgrace after abusing the powers of his office. Nixon had to resign because he led an assault on American democracy. Biden must resign for the opposite reason: to give American democracy its best chance of surviving.

The American right has spent every day since Biden was nominated in 2020 presenting him as an incompetent, doddering old fool, incapable of discharging the responsibilities of the office. Biden’s task at the first presidential debate, on Thursday, was to dismiss those allegations as mere smears, as he did in 2020. Instead, he confirmed that he has aged dramatically over the past four years. Biden was very old to begin with, and at the debate he appeared far more visibly diminished than he has in the past.

The Trumpified Supreme Court’s decision on Monday granting imperial powers to any president unscrupulous enough to use them has raised the stakes of the election tremendously, and they were already too high. As it stands, Donald Trump’s advisers are already indicating that a Trump victory in November would result in not the inauguration of a president but the coronation of a caesar. If Trump wins, he will have the presidency Nixon wanted, one in which nothing the president does is illegal. Kevin Roberts, the president of the Heritage Foundation, which aspires to staff a future Trump administration, has made clear that the MAGA right contemplates using this newfound imperial power to employ political violence against its opposition. “We are in the process of the second American Revolution, which will remain bloodless if the left allows it to be,” Roberts told the far-right network Real America News. Trump’s supporters seem less to wish to govern than to rule indefinitely by force, and they believe that the Court has given them its blessing.

For that reason, Democratic Representative Lloyd Doggett of Texas on Tuesday called for Biden to withdraw from the race. But that is insufficient. If Biden is incapable of campaigning because of his deterioration, he is also not capable of being president. And if he is incapable of being president, then he should resign and allow Vice President Kamala Harris to take the oath of office.

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) made the same point on X Twitter Wednesday morning, “Democrat Party elites and their media mouthpieces are now obsessed with replacing Biden on the ballot. But if he’s unfit to run for president, he certainly isn’t fit to *be* president. If he doesn’t run again, he needs to resign as Commander in Chief.”

Several liberal newspapers led by the New York Times have called on Biden to step down from the race, but none have called on him to resign.

Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-TX) who became the first elected Democrat to call on Biden to drop out of the race on Tuesday did not call on him to resign.

Yet as Serwer correctly observes, Biden’s presidency is on the line.

White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients held a staff phone call Wednesday trying tamp down concerns about Biden:

Axios reporter Alex Thompson posted highlights:

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