Is the NJ GOP Giving Trump the Shaft? Grassroots Says Party is Blocking Funds to Ballot Harvesting Group in Order to Save Money for 2025

An estimated 100,000 supporters attended the Trump rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, in May 2024.

Republican state leaders in New Jersey are blocking a statewide pro-Trump ballot harvesting group from receiving RNC funds for the 2024 presidential election.

The PAC, Fix Jersey Now, says that while they were presenting their ballot harvesting plan during a June 24th Microsoft Teams video meeting, they were told by RNC staff that the NJ GOP is focused on getting Jack Ciattarelli elected in 2025 instead of focusing on a Trump 2024 victory in the state.

Jack Ciattarelli, 62, is a former New Jersey state representative, a Never Trumper, and the New Jersey Republican Party’s failed 2021 nominee for governor.

The NJ GOP “is blocking resources now so they can instead be used for next year’s governor race,” says Mick Spadea, the CEO of Fix Jersey Now.

Fix Jersey Now is asking Republican party bosses for a $300,000 minimum to cover 12 counties or $525,000 to cover all 21 New Jersey counties.

“When I talked to them (the RNC) about it, I was told that the state party is focused on getting Jack Ciattarelli elected governor,” says Fred Bartlett, Fix Jersey Now’s Director of Ballot Harvesting.

“Any resources being put into the New Jersey governor’s race and not the presidential race is a mistake. It’s just not time. Trump is very, very popular and New Jersey doesn’t like being told what to do.”

President Trump has made it clear that he wants to win New Jersey, but he faces tough opposition from Chris Christie pals, like Bill Palatucci, the state’s Republican National Committeeman, who unsurprisingly does not support the 45th president.

A co-efficient poll released last Thursday that shows Trump up 41 percent to Biden’s 40 percent and sent shockwaves through the Garden State’s political class. This poll comes a mere six weeks after Trump’s historic Wildwood rally in South Jersey, which 100,000 people reportedly attended.

“I told the RNC that we need to have all the oars on the boat pulling in the same direction. The local, the state, and the national party pulling for everybody at the same time,” says Bartlett.

The Gateway Pundit reached out to Mick Spadea, who confirmed this report.

A copy of Fix Jersey Now’s ballot harvesting plan can be found below.

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