“His Hand Feels Cool, Eerily Cool. That’s Why They Said He Was 40% Dead” — Democrats and the White House Have Been Hiding Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline (VIDEO)

Top Democrats behind the scenes would play guessing games on how dead Joe Biden was. In public, they lied to the American public and pretended he was fine. (Photo: Bill Pugliano / Getty Images)

Cenk Uygur commented on Olivia Nuzzi’s bombshell report about the White House hiding Biden’s cognitive decline.

Nuzzi’s piece, “The Conspiracy of Silence to Protect Joe Biden. The president’s mental decline was like a dark family secret for many elite supporters,” is the first honest report on Joe Biden’s cognitive decline.

The legacy media lied to the American public for years, knowing Joe Biden was suffering from severe dementia. Now they are finally coming clean.

But behind the scenes, powerful elites and well-connected people knew that the current Joe Biden was a husk of his former self. They even played guessing games to decide how dead he was.

Below is the transcript:

Cenk Uygur: “Olivia Nuzzi has an amazing article in The Intelligencer where she’s talking about all these interactions with Biden. Donors, reporters etc.

They did a guessing game by the end of one of the interactions: ‘What percentage dead is he?’ Oof! And they landed on a consensus of 40% dead.

Now, why do they say that? I know that’s super harsh.

And by the way, before the debate, nobody’s reporting on that. Nobody’s reporting on the truth. After the debate, they have some degree of permission. Now people begin to tell you the truth.

People are shaking his hand, and it’s really warm in that room, according to the reporting, and his hand feels cool, eerily cool. Now you can say, Hey, that’s just an impression of one person, except it was the impression of everyone.

That’s why they said he was about 40% dead. Okay, you could say, Hey, maybe not everyone. A lot of people in the room, but some people thought he was fine. Okay, no problem.

I wondered, Wait, who’s actually in charge of the country? That’s what Republicans are asking.

That’s what the top Democrats who have met with Biden are now asking. They’re like, Who’s in charge of the country? Because it ain’t this guy. He has a blank stare, often sometimes just can’t talk.

Then this is the killer part of the story. So at one point, a donor comes and he’s frozen and he can’t talk, and the person says something and he doesn’t respond. And Jill Biden whispers in his ear and tells him what to say, and then he just repeats what the first the First Lady said.

Okay, well, now we know the First Lady is in charge of the country.

Joe Biden constantly lapses into freezing, literally can’t respond to you. That’s the President of the United States. He says he can’t function after eight o’clock at night.

And we can’t tell if he’s joking when he says, Oh, don’t worry, the only thing that’s at fault is my brain.

The only thing that’s broken is my brain. The only thing that’s in danger is my brain.

Okay? And that’s the best candidate you have.

Guys, also think about this. Team Biden, the dead-enders, are trying to just push him over the finish line. They’re like, Oh, if we can just get past the four months, we’ll be fine. We’ll be fine, right?

Will you? How about the next four years when he has to actually govern?

Joe Biden is 40% dead.

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