Furious Hollywood Democrat Megadonor Unloads on Biden and His Team for Hiding His Condition: ‘We All Should be Really Pissed’ (VIDEO)

Hollywood Democrat megadonor Ari Emanuel recently spoke at the Aspen Ideas Festival and addressed the situation that Democrats currently find themselves in with Biden.

His voice sometimes trembling, Emanuel did not hold back. He is obviously angry at Biden, his team, and the media for not telling voters the truth about all of this sooner.

He also is very realistic about the Democrats’ chances to remove Joe Biden from the ticket, noting that so much of the election machinery is already in motion. He correctly states that there are serious legal issues involved.

Partial transcript via Real Clear Politics:

HOST: Democrats are jumping out of the window. What are you thinking?

ARI EMANUEL: Well, I’m pissed off at the founding fathers. They had the start date of 35, they just didn’t give us an end date. Well, everybody dies,m so they didn’t have to give an end date.

I don’t want to deal with Donald Trump and whether what he said was true or false — it’s a given, certain things. I’m not gonna talk about CNN.

Here’s what Biden did. He said he was gonna run for one term and he was doing it to restore democracy. He now runs for a second term. That’s the first bit of malarkey, as he would say.

Then he says that this is a quintessential thought about saving democracy and it’s so important, etc. His cohorts have told us that he’s healthy for over a year, and I think it was two weeks ago, there was an article in the Wall Street Journal.

I had a father who died at 92 but at 81, I took away his car. It’s a very simple test for me. If you were driving from downtown Beverly Hills to Malibu, would you want Biden to do it at night? Would you want Trump to do it in a night? We want neither.

If the answer is neither, you cannot have them running a $27 trillion company called the United States.

And then we had a situation where he went to France for the 80th anniversary of D-Day and talked about the sacrifice that those soldiers made for us. His cohorts have said he’s the only one that has defeated Trump.

Donald Trump said, “I alone can save — make all these problems go away.” And now Biden is saying, “I’m the only one that can beat Trump.” Seems like it’s pretty similar here.

And we have a great bench in the Democratic Party. So we’re looking at a man who is saying the other guy is a liar, and he’s telling us malarkey, his people are telling us malarkey, but we’re in a very bad problem.

Watch the whole video below:

The fear and panic that you see from people like Emanuel is stunning. He knows how serious this problem is for Democrats. There is no easy fix.

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