Former Obama Adviser David Axelrod Says Biden Should Drop Out of the Race: ‘Likely to Lose by a Landslide’ (VIDEO)

Former Obama adviser David Axelrod appeared on CNN this weekend and had some tough words for Joe Biden. He called on Biden to drop out of the race, citing current polling that makes it look like Biden is going to lose by a ‘landslide.’

Axelrod noted that the governors of Michigan and New Mexico have sounded the alarm to the White House that Biden is losing in these states and that he could lose other typically Democrat strongholds.

If David Axelrod is saying this publicly, you really have to wonder if Obama could be far behind him.

FOX News has details:

Ex-Obama adviser says Biden can’t beat ‘Father Time’ and is ‘not winning this race’

Ex-Obama adviser David Axelrod argued that President Biden is slated to lose the election to former President Trump in an interview with CNN on Sunday night.

Multiple media figures and Biden allies have called on the president to withdraw from the race after a shaky debate performance last month.

“There are certain immutable facts of life,” Axelrod said in an interview with CNN while discussing Biden’s age and leadership. “Those were painfully obvious on that debate stage. The president just … hasn’t come to grips with it. He’s not winning this race.”

“He seems not to grasp what the big concern is that people have,” Axelrod said…

Axelrod said that political experts he has spoken with about Biden’s candidacy are predicting that it’s “more likely” that the president will “lose by a landslide than narrowly win this race.”

“And if the stakes are as large as [Biden] says, and I believe they are, then he really needs to consider what the right thing to do here is,” Axelrod said.

Watch the whole video below, this is pretty brutal:

Axelrod is a power player in Democrat politics. If he is saying these things now, other major players will take notice.

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