Fireworks Launch into Crowd at Provo, Utah Concert – Several Reported Injured (VIDEO)

Several people were injured after fireworks were launched into a crowd of people attending the Stadium of Fire Show in Provo, Utah.

ABC 4 Utah reported six people were transported to the hospital, with one of those injuries being severe.

The botched fireworks show occurred shortly after a flag ceremony at the beginning of the event.

Videos of the fireworks being dispersed into the crowd show panic-stricken attendees at the event shielding themselves and running away.

In a Facebook post, America’s Freedom Festival, the organization that organized the event, wrote, “Safety is of the utmost importance to us. All pyrotechnics at Stadium of Fire are thoroughly checked before the show, and were rechecked after tonight’s incident.”

The Stadium of Fire show is an annual Independence Day event celebrated at Brigham Young University’s football stadium in Provo.


Another angle:

Per ABC 4 Utah:

Several injuries were reported at the Stadium of Fire event in Provo after fireworks reportedly launched into the crowd on Thursday night.

According to initial reports from officials, six people were taken to the hospital with injuries after the incident.

Officials with the Provo Police Department told that multiple people were injured and several people had been taken to the hospital after the incident. Later reports clarified that six people were taken to the hospital, but officials did not immediately disclose the number of injured people.

The Stadium of Fire event — an annual Independence Day celebration at Brigham Young University’s LaVell Edwards Stadium — was delayed after several fireworks went into the crowd during the flag ceremony at the beginning of the event, officials said.


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