CNN Data Analyst Loses His Mind Over Post-Debate Polls for Biden: ‘Never Seen Numbers This Bad for an Incumbent President’ (VIDEO)

CNN data analyst Harry Enten freaked out on the air over poll numbers for Biden after the debate disaster of last Thursday night, noting that he has never seen numbers this bad for an incumbent president.

The data points that Enten seems most panicked about are the ones related to Biden’s mental health and how that relates to the idea of him running for another term.

This is why Democrats are in full meltdown mode with some of them even insisting that he drop out of the race.

Transcript via Real Clear Politics:

HARRY ENTEN, CNN: CBS News and YouGov conducted some polling post-debate. We can compare it to the pre-debate numbers, and the bottom line is, it’s not any good.

Look at this, voters who say that Biden has the mental health to be president. It was just 35% pre-debate. Look where it’s dropped to now, post-debate, 27%.

How about “not that he should be running” for president? It was 37% pre-debate. It’s now 28%.

I have never seen numbers this bad for an incumbent president during my lifetime. I mean, “mental health to be president” at just 27%? You might say, okay, that’s low, but a lot of people thought Biden was too old back in 2020. These numbers looked nothing like this back in 2020. These numbers were bad already, and the truth is, they have gotten just considerably worse, even in just a few days after that first presidential debate.

CNN HOST: Do we have polling yet that suggests voters want a different candidate?

HARRY ENTEN: Yeah, this is the whole question, right? If it’s not President Biden, then who could it be on the Democratic side? And the truth is, there are no easy answers. I went back and looked at the polling versus Donald Trump for a bunch of different Democrats that have been suggested: Gretchen Whitmer, Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris. Look at this, they all trail Donald Trump.

So the idea here that we’re somehow going to get this magic bullet, that there’s somehow going to be some Democrat who can beat Donald Trump easily, I just don’t see it in the numbers.

Watch the video below:

Even CNN can’t spin the disaster that Biden’s campaign has become. It’s priceless.

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